It’s Tuesday – Time for another Taxi Strike


@JasonCollinsDC tweets us:

“It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for #DCCabs to not pick patrons up and honk horns.”

Over/under on how many more weeks they’ll keep it up?

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  • The council meeting in which they will vote on the taxi issue is this morning. Going on right now, in fact. So this is probably it. Unless there’s a protest protest, to protest a vote that goes against them?

  • The only people this strike hurts are the non-uber users — i.e., the people who actually rely on taxis. these guys are a joke.

  • We’ll show Uber who is the boss … by forcing potential customers to use their service!

  • time for a counter-protest: #notaxituesdays

  • I Dont Get It

    Taxi Tuesday?

  • Just yesterday, I took a taxi for the first time in months (since I hate the taxi experience I bike, walk, metro, or uber as a last resort) and it reaffirmed why i hate taking cabs. I arrive at the destination and realize I don’t have enough cash for a short trip and start to pay with a credit card. Cue the scolding from the cab driver saying why I don’t carry enough pocket change and it’s not even worth it for him to pick up a short fare because of the credit card fees.

    • It’s not just about credit card fees. Many taxi drivers prefer cash so they can keep the income off the books and then complain about how they make so little money. Next time you pay with cash, see if the cab driver writes down your fare on his/her mandatory manifest, and if they do, see if they write it in pen (as required by law).

      • and if they do, see if they write it down while they are still driving you. I have actually asked drivers “could you please put down your clipboard until you’re at a red light or something?” because I am nervous they’re going to hit a pedestrian or something.

  • That’s like my vhs player protesting netflix.

  • Every time taxis do this, it disrupts my work (I’m at the Commerce building ) and drives me NUTS. I take an Uber home just to be spiteful because they legitimately ruin a good part of my day. Definitely the result they’re looking for!

  • Why doesn’t MPD (or whoever) ticket these guys? It seems like they are completely disrupting traffic and I doubt (though maybe I am wrong) that they have a permit to block the street.

  • lol @ dctc #fail

  • DC1

    “Great idea! Let’s protest and force people to use the service we are protesting against!” -DCTC Mafia

  • I used to be all about Uber > Taxis, but I got hit this past weekend by an Uber driver trying to take an illegal left on Penn Ave (the intersection is actually in the top right of the photo above). Granted I’ve seen taxis ignore DC traffic laws for years, but the driver that hit me seemed like he legitimately did not know what the no U turn/no left turn signs on Penn meant. Maybe before we unleash more and more of Uber drivers on the road it would not be the worst thing in the world to have them pass an extra certification beyond just a driver’s license.

    • I agree. I still think Uber>Taxis because of their app, price, speed, and the digital paper trail you have with every ride. However, Uber is a taxi company and should be regulated like one! It’s pretty silly to call it rideshare.

      • Since you agree with the previous post, which said that “I’ve seen taxis ignore DC traffic laws for years,” I’m not sure why you think regulating Uber like a Taxi will solve anything.

    • I agree re: extra certification.

      However, I’d rather have a driver make an illegal u-turn because he didn’t know it was illegal (a-la the uber drive you encountered, who can then learn that it’s illegal and not do it anymore) vs the taxi drivers who know their behavior is illegal, and keep doing it anyway. Of course, Uber drivers could do the same thing, but in my anecdotal experience, taxis are particularly dangerous and unpredictable drivers.

    • So you just completely changed your mind on how much you like Uber because one of their drivers made an illegal turn? If that was the case, I should be petitioning congress to banning taxi cabs in DC due to the number of times a cab has nearly killed me on my bike.

      • I still think Uber is a better concept for all of the reasons MMMkay listed above. It was the subsequent conversation I had with the driver about why he broke the law (in this case, did not know he broke the law) that made me pretty nervous that this guy is going to be on the road for a large portion of the day, and why I think Uber drivers should demonstrate some additional understanding of DC traffic laws (he was also a VA driver picking up passengers in DC).

    • So one incident changed your mind on everything? Despite that cab drivers are constantly doing this sort of thing? The cab drivers in this city are awful, and it’s only companies like Uber that are forcing them to up their game. If Uber is to be treated the same as taxis, then the taxi industry in DC will become complacent again, and revert to their regular sleezy practices.

  • This is just making me want user Uber even more. Every time they strike like this, the chances of me using a cab again go down.

  • Why are cabs not ticketed for this sort of crap? Do they actually have a protest permit or whatever from the city? I’ve never seen a cab pulled over by a cop, but I see them break more traffic laws than anyone else in the city.

  • austindc

    Better to have them striking downtown than striking pedestrians! I like having them all corralled in one place. Makes the rest of the city safer!

  • Looks like the uber law passed. Get ready for more protests.

  • Ignorant question – why don’t DC taxis just adopt all of uber’s practices … implement an app etc. ?

    • I took a cab last week, and during his rant about Uber, he actually said that DC cabs are launching their own app in January.

  • I really want to be sympathetic to their plight, but not if they don’t commit to improving their service.

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