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  • Am I missing the funny joke in the apology? Some type of inside joke? I don’t get it.

    • “There’s some good stuff INSIDE. Please read it.” I think that’s supposed to be the funny part, or at least a valiant attempt at trying to lighten the embarrassment of the situation and get the public back on track about the voter guide. I think it’s fine. They shouldn’t have lied when they first responded, but I just think in the grand scale of life this is an innocuous first-world problem that hasn’t hurt anyone.

    • Pretty sure it’s the over-the-top flag design in the background.

      “DCBOEE’s apology is pretty funny with this giant right side up flag superimposed on top of…”

  • Any flag flown upside-down is considered a sign of distress… Perhaps this was an honest glimpse into the government.

  • This letter is awkward.

  • I’m not sure if it’s hilarious but it is honest – which is refreshing.

  • Whoa whoa whoa. They didn’t “fumble” their handling of the issue. They outright lied to the general public. Anyone involved in that decision needs to lose their jobs. End of story.

    • I doubt anyone will get fired, but trying to play it off like they did it on purpose was foolish. They should’ve just owned up to their mistake the first time.

    • Yes. Lying was a terrible idea because it suggests that we should view anything this agency says with deep skepticism, including the actual results of elections.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yep I was coming on here to say the same–that lie was ridiculous.

  • Did anyone explain how this happened?

    Was it an artwork mistake or did the printer screw up?

    • They were about to explain but oh look at that – it’s 2 pm on a Thursday – QUITTING TIME! Our tax dollars hard at work.

  • Georgetown misspelled “University” on the cover of its 2011 commencement book. I will treasure my copy forever.

  • I also think the apology is hilarious. Love it!

  • “If that weren’t enough…” Grammatical mistakes on a letter that intends to apologize for other careless work they just put out. Pretty classic DC government right there.

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