CrossFit Petworth now open on Upshur

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From an email:

“Located at 1240 Upshur St NW, Crossfit Petworth shares the same building as the recently opened Annie’s ACE Hardware store. At 9200 square feet, CrossFit Petworth is one of DC area’s largest CrossFit gyms and is unusually large for a CF gym located in the city.

Thanks to it’s size CrossFit Petworth will be able to offer more flexibility and variety of classes than most CrossFit gyms in DC. These include, in addition to regular CrossFit classes, Ladies only classes, Kids Classes, Open Gym access (at all hours) for members and classes for Seniors as well. The ability to hold multiple classes allows CF Petworth to bring new members up to speed in a gradual and controlled manner. These options help with anyone concerned or timid about jumping in and trying out CrossFit. CrossFit Petworth has worked to remove some of the barriers of entry to make starting CrossFit a little more accessible. Additionally the gym will be building a strength and Conditioning program to specifically work with local athletes at the High School and collegiate level.”

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  • Im really excited about this place after two years off but the schedule really doesn’t have a lot of WOD classes on it. Most of the evening classes are Foundations, She Fit (maybe thats like a WOD?) or core training. All of those are important but for us working parents, we really need some options later in the evening, like after 7:30.

    • A few weeks ago Allison said they are working on filling out the schedule. They require the foundations then core training before newbies can start in on the WOD classes. So maybe once they get the batches of newbies through those it’ll move to more WOD classes.

  • maxwell smart

    Kids Crossfit?? Seriously? Ugh.

  • What is the programming like for the Kids Only classes? Is it strictly cardio and/or calisthenics? I can’t imagine kids doing overhead squats, snatches, and RDLs (that’d be a lawsuit waiting to happen).

    • Here’s a timely article on kids and Crossfit: If that link doesn’t work, it’s a New York Times article from 10/1/14 in the Sports section. Sounds like it’s mostly (expensive) play time.

      Does the website list the monthly prices? My work computer won’t open the link….

      • No, the website does not list prices for the Kids classes. The article you posted though mentions that kids programming is essentially playing on high bars (like a monkey), small box jumps (like a superhero) and doing air squats (like a frog). So yes, it’s pretty much expensive play time. Oh yeah, and you start out with duck, duck, goose.

    • Before you haters take the kids crossfit too far, I’m going to weigh in with a positive experience. My sister is a serious cross-fitter and occasionally bring her children to her gym for classes. Her kids are in the pre-teen/teen range, so this is valuable work out for them in a controlled environment where they can begin to associate exercise with fun. It’s also a way (one of many, they are close) for her and her kids to bond with each other. I can’t speak to how this gym will run kids crossfit, but it can be a valuable introduction to exercise that can help children create positive habits.

      On a related note, when I was in high school I had a “lifting” class that has been a huge boon to me as an adult. It made me comfortable in the gym and taught me the right way to lift weights and how to develop my own training program based on my fitness and goals. Young high schoolers are “kids” too and they benefit from specialized courses.

      • “Her kids are in the pre-teen/teen range, so this is valuable work out for them in a controlled environment where they can begin to associate exercise with fun.”
        Sorry, but I have to stop you there. This sounds insane to me. We should not be teaching our children that to get exercise you need to head into an indoor space full of machines and objects that you manipulate in a controlled way. Kids should “begin to associate exercise with fun” by, um, doing fun things that require movement. Like flying a kite, playing frisbee, riding a bike, playing tag, running around, playing sports, and so on. An active lifestyle doesn’t start in a gym, it starts everywhere else. Later on when they find out that adults don’t get to do all that fun stuff anymore, that’s when the gym will be there for them. (Disclaimer, I can think of some special cases that might be exceptions. But not that many.)

  • The schedule reflects being open for less then 4 weeks and working with many brand new to CrossFit. Classes will continue to evolve and be added to balance member growth and needs.

  • Does anyone know if they have tread mills or ellipticals? My friends and I desperately want to see a new gym in Petworth, but not interested in a strict cross fit type of workout.

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