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  • The hairs on the back of my neck are now standing up! Creepy! What exactly was he doing? It look liked he stuck his hand in a honey jar and took a quick taste.

  • I think he’s upset you’re using bottled water, rather than installing a reverse osmosis system.

  • How did you know he was there? Was he making noise?
    To me, it appears that he’s looking for hidden packages/valuables or perhaps a hidden key to get into the house.

    • +1,000,000…so he can come back during the day and break in.

    • Saw him checking out the house on another camera. Then saw him start coming up the steps. That’s when I ran to the door.

      • Holy crap. Do you have a bank of monitors in your house with different camera angles? How many cameras are on your property?

        • Exact number of cameras must remain classified. 🙂 Let’s just say one camera is never enough. And the technology is so inexpensive today.

  • The way he approached…zombie.

  • Nice good quality video. Much better than we normally see in bank/store robbery videos. Can you share details of your setup?

  • Too bad that even if identified it probably wouldn’t be enough to arrest him. No way is this the first time he’s done that.

  • Is this the same house a few months back that had a pkg stolen–remember all those water bottles. Looks like the security camera is paying off for the owner.

  • A man in my apartment building who left his door open a crack reported that someone crawled on his stomach into the apartment. Seems to be what this guy was doing.

    • I’m guessing that this is an attempt to evade motion sensors, which are usually positioned higher up.

      • Ugh. I was wondering why he was crawling up the stairs on all fours, especially since you’d think that would look extremely suspicious to any neighbors who happened to see him.

        • Although I was thinking of indoor motion sensors here, it’s possible that this guy could also be crawling to avoid them outside (?). My first thought when seeing this video, though, was that he was trying to avoid being captured by a security camera, which he expected to be positioned on a different wall.

          • Or that he knew exactly where the camera was and figured that he’d be harder to trace if the camera only captured the top of his head.

      • Probably. In high school, my parents house had an alarm that was set each night. Almost any motion on the first floor would set it off. I used to crawl down the stairs head first on my stomach and into the kitchen whenever I wanted a drink or a snack because: a. setting the alarm was really noisy – it involved a lot of beeping; b. I was too lazy to set and reset the alarm; and c. doing that move made me feel like a total bad ass.
        I’m only 5 feet tall and back then I weighed 100 pounds, so I always got away with it. This guy’s moves are bush league!

    • The cat burgler!

  • Drugs… he took a lot…

  • I’m curious, has anybody considered using a camera self-view screen as a deterrent? Just like when you walk into a large retail store and there are screens at the entrance showing you you’re being recorded. It wouldn’t have to be garish, just a small, cheap LCD screen pointed outwards at the top corner of a front window, or something like that.

  • I can’t see the video! There’s just a blank white space!

  • Sh*t!! He looked like Gollum when he first started crawling up the steps. Creeeepy. 🙁 What was he fiddling with there before the homeowner came to the door??

  • maybe you should stop leaving barrels of methylamine on your porch.

    • No, Jesse, those are polycarbonate containers, not high density polyethylene. Methylamine reacts with polycarbonate. That’s why we always keep it in HDPE or steel. I wish you’d pay better attention.

  • Did you call the cops? What did they say?

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