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  • It’s funny. The patio at Town will make it actually possible to have a conversation for once, outside of the quiet room anyway.

    Whereas the enclosed rooftop at Nellie’s now makes it near impossible to have a conversation on crowded nights since all that sound just bounces around in there without any sort of sound dampening.

  • I liked Nellie’s better before 🙁

  • It’s not really a roof deck anymore if it’s completely enclosed, is it? Or does it have a retractable roof? Do they allow smoking in there?

    • I think the original plan was for the roof, or at least the giant sunlights, were going to be retractable, but alas, they are not.

      Smoking is not allowed inside, but it is allowed in the outdoor decks on either side.

  • the nellies roofdeck really ruins the space. And it’s embarrassing that it took this long to finish….and that it came out looking like this!

    • It does look terrible. Not to mention, for some reason this place seems to attract nothing but the worst of the stumbling, falling-down, can’t-hold-their-liquor drunks.

      • A lot of spillover gawkers from the Brixton across the street who want to see something crazy and different.

  • I can deal with the ugly roof. It’s the gangs of shrieking straight girls that have ruined Nellie’s for me.

    • Yup. They don’t really understand the concept of a safe space for gay people. They come over in large groups, without any gay guy in tow, and then their straight guys follow them there. And then they complain about their drinks being too weak, and wonder why everyone is giving them funny looks.

    • Yea, and the straight girls really ruin it for us queer women. We can’t even go to Nellie’s without weird looks anymore because they assume we are gawkers too.

  • that nellies addition looks horrible, how did that get approved?

  • Well, at least Nellie’s is done. Really they were not being a good neighbor for months and months. Ridiculous.

    • neighbor to who?

    • For months and months? They’ve been open for six years. How long have you been a neighbor of their’s?

    • As far as the roof goes, they’ve been bad for years. I’ve been a neighbor of the property before Nellie’s was there, if you consider being a neighbor as living within 2-3 blocks which dozens of people do and hundreds soon will. I have hated hearing party music, bingo numbers, trivia nights, etc.

      Great job on enclosing the roof Nellie’s! Now try to keep those windows closed and noise inside your property.

  • The loss of Nellie’s roof deck is…just so sad. What a wonderful place it used to be on Sunday funday afternoons, a quick drink afterwork…I felt like I wasn’t in D.C. for an hour or two. RIP Nellie’s roofdeck, you’ll be missed.

    • Nellies lost the permit for the tent on the roof. There is a reason it is now enclosed: no tent in the winter = no clients and nellies is loud as shit = neighbors complained.

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