“complainant stated to the officers that he believed he had been shot in the vicinity of 11th & Monroe Streets NW”

From MPD:

“On Sunday, October 12, 2014, at approximately 3:00 a.m., officers responded to a radio run for sounds of gun shots in the area of 3500 New Hampshire Avenue NW. After officers canvassed the area, nothing was found. Shortly thereafter, an individual arrived at a local hospital suffering from a single gunshot wound to his left foot. The complainant stated to the officers that he believed he had been shot in the vicinity of 11th & Monroe Streets NW, however no suspect information was provided. Anyone who has information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099. Thank you.”

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  • And to think, the Mayor just signed a bill allowing more handguns in the city? America has a big problem on its hands with this whole gun thang!

    • You, no doubt, realize that this bill is a response to challenges that DC gun laws are too restrictive. And you likely realize that the challenges were brought by people who are not DC residents. I agree, America has a big problem on it’s hands, and its unfortunate that people who are not DC residents get to meddle in DC’s efforts re: gun control.

    • You also realize the criminal who shot this person isn’t someone who could, or would, get a permit to carry under the new law? The people who might be able to get a permit under the extremely restrictive new law won’t be committing crimes.

      • But guns are bad. People don’t kill people guns kill people. Guns are immoral, wicked, bad, no-good killing machines. Only bad people have guns. And cops.

      • Ugh, I hate this rationale. Of course criminals aren’t going to get permits, and gun control wouldn’t have an overnight effect. But if you can start to control the supply, over the long term, there will be far less guns to obtain illegally. Lower supply results in higher prices on the black market, pushing many consumers out of the market.

        But criminals are criminals, so we might as well just do nothing, right? Yeah, that makes just as much sense.

        • I’m perfectly comfortable with armed law-abiding citizens. Why? Because when seconds count the police are only minutes away. I’m not a gun nut, either. I don’t own one, and don’t really want to own one.

    • I’m sure lots of criminals, who were otherwise willing to commit crimes but were totally dissuaded by fear of breaking the handgun law, will now be taking up arms and running riot through DC. No, wait, that doesn’t make any sense.

      • But police could actually take proper action if a handgun was witnessed or visible, if the law is passed that will be much harder and there would be fear of profiling or discrimination suits.

        I for one would like to be able to call the police if any old Joe is standing on the corner with a handgun and not try to make the distinction if it is registered or not.

        • You still can, and should, call the police if someone is standing on the corner and holding a gun. The new law is for the carrying of concealed weapons. Key word: concealed. Failure to conceal your weapon in most states with concealed weapons laws is punishable.

          • I highly doubt the prosecution rate on a weapon that someone saw. Police show up and whatever it is will be concealed right away

  • Damn I heard these shots, it was 3:13 am woke me up, I heard 6 shots quickly, then another 5 or six. crazy stuff.

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