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  • At around noon the line went down the block and wrapped around all the way to RFD – clearly everyone’s excited for a new Cava!

  • Boy do I wish the Bethesda location had community day…

  • I stood in that line today and it moved really super fast, due to an ever so efficient staff; they hand out menus while you’re in line you get in order up and before you know it you’re on your way. Stood in line less than ten minutes, they did ask for a small donation that would go towards community development, so that seemed a pretty small price for the free salad and drink. Worth it.
    Just so happen to be in that area, Gallery Place to get the cold medicine Breathe Natural from the Chinese store across the street; $4.50 for 24 pills, noticed CAVA line across the street and said ‘why not’.

  • One of my coworkers did wait on the line (it wasn’t horrible, she said about 30 min) and said it was amazing. The line lasted past community day ending after 2:00.

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