Building Demoed at North Capitol and P St, NW – What’s Coming?

North Capitol and P St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

In the last day or so (maybe since yesterday morning), the building on the corner off North Cap and P was completely demolished (picture attached). I think I read somewhere a while ago that it was owned by Douglas, but I could be making that up. Any idea what is going in here? First, Uncle Chips adds alcohol, then DCity Smokehouse beautified itself; even Firehouse is finally opening next week. Does this mean the revitalization of North Cap has finally arrived?”

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  • Off hand does anyone know what corner of the intersection this was at?

  • North Cap is the new 7th is the new 14th is the new Georgetown

  • Pretty sure this is the SW corner of N Cap & P. The NW corner is the falafel joint.

  • This part of the city won’t be revitalized until the huge lot on the NW corner of Florida and N. Capitol (across from Dcity Smokehouse) is developed. That’s the alpha and omega of revitalizing that section of the city.

    • +1 Really wish that would start moving

    • brookland_rez

      Also don’t forget about Sarsum Corda. That’s got to go too. And Big Ben’s liquors.

      • I don’t think that will impact development on N. Capitol north of NY Ave. There are much bigger housing projects at several spots along 14th street between Thomas Circle and Columbia Heights.

    • Farther north there seems to be some movement – Firehouse, Pub and the People and the new wine bar…all in one block.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Perhaps “here” was the wrong choice of words. What I meant was has it begun. It will take years and of course that park is the worst spot. But progress seems to be happening.

    • That redevelopment is coming, it’s a Joe Mamo property I believe (old gad station). The developers have already started showing up at ANC and community meetings to show (probably hilariously optimistic) renderings and plans for retail. BUT: it’s happening. When this, the old ice warehouse across N Cap and some of the other smaller storefronts all turn around it won’t be very recognizable.

    • The lot on the NE corner of New York Ave. and N. Capitol needs to be developed as well. The neighborhood would be much more appealing if New York Ave. was completely built out from Florida Ave to N. Capitol.

      • +1 The two lots on the NE corner of North Cap and NY are ginormous. Does anyone know if there is some existing master plan, or is a developer or the city just sitting on the parcels?

    • The demo’d building and huge parking lot at n.cap and NYA are both owned by Douglas Development. The lot further north at N. Cap and Fla is Joe Mamo, pretty much the usual suspects all sitting waiting for someone else to make the first move.

  • Maybe the DC city sold lot across the street from 10-18 ish Florida will put some pressure on it? Wishful thinking?

  • just an FYI, yes this is a douglas property, but i couldn’t find any building permits or plans associated with it. some more info on this location was shared with the bates area civic association:

  • What’s odd about the demo’ed building on NCap and P is that there were considerable repairs made to that building in the last year from what appeared to be damage from a car collision.

  • its yet another demolition because of neglect.

  • Super exciting to see this building go down, and hopefully something new and positive go up! It would be super amazing if the city would FINALLY let a developer take care of the two abandoned schools caddy corner from it (unit block of P st). So sad to see those huge gorgeous buildings just sit and deteriorate and fill up with trash 🙁

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