Bloomingdale Dining and Drinking Updates: El Camino aiming to open end of October, Costa Brava real close too and Showtime adding patio seating

108 Rhode Island Ave, NW

It’s been a while since we heard about El Camino coming to Rhode Island Ave by Boundary Stone – but I took a peek earlier in the week and they are nearly finished with the buildout. I was told if all goes well they should be able to open by the end of the month. El Camino is the:

“full-service restaurant featuring traditional-style Mexican food with a variety of Latin cocktails, by the partners behind 1905 Bistro & Bar as well as Tony Lucca and Phil Rodriguez also of Sticky Rice DC.”


and around the corner is Costa Brava.

1837 1st Street, NW

The even longer wait for Spanish tapas serving Costa Brava looks to be coming to an end too. Sign is up and construction seems to be wrapping up as well. Their facebook page says:

“Barcelona meets DC Lounge!”

113 Rhode Island Ave, NW

And across the street from El Camino is Showtime who have applied for “a sidewalk café with an occupancy load of 6 seats”.

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  • Great news for the ‘hood. I took a peek inside El Camino a couple weeks ago and it is looking really nice. Can’t wait!

  • Good news all around although I’m not totally sold on patio seating at Showtime. But, it’s just 6 seats so I guess we’re not at risk of them trying to convert to a beer garden or something.

    • I get the sense that its where all the smokers will hang out instead of the little roped off section now

      • Ah, yeah, you’re probably right. Although I kind of love that their roped off section is with fancy red velvet rope and gold posts. It’s so weirdly perfect.

      • Makes sense, except they will be able to take their drinks with them.

        • Yup. It took me a second to realize why they’re doing this, as they already have tables/chairs outside, but alas no alcohol allowed. Here’s hope that this goes through without a problem!

      • how is it that there are so many smokers these days?
        do kids today not care about the connection to cancer? or smelling nasty?

    • Also has either new place (Costa Brava or El Camino) released anything about the menu, price point, etc? I’m hoping at least one of them is reasonably priced. I’m particularly wary of tapas restaurants (same price, half the food) but hopefully we are all pleasantly surprised.

  • Don’t forget that the Washington Firehouse on N Cap has its soft opening tonight. Official opening next week.

  • great neighborhood gets better

  • So, I stopped by with a bunch of friends, and the Washington Firehouse folks totally missed the mark on just about everything. Guess that should’ve been expected given their history, but OY!

    • I’d give it a B+. Granted it was the first night a soft opening so didn’t expect everything to be perfect. Pros: Great space, some really friendly staff. Cons: Didn’t get the bar tab right. Couldn’t quite figure out the vibe they were going for – Suited bouncers and women at the door in tight red Stoli dresses? Is this some kind of club? Yet food seems to be very casual? And talking to staff they didn’t seem to have much of a clue what menu would be next week. It’s a block from my house so I’d love for it to be good, and I’m willing to give them time. What didn’t you like?

      • “Suited bouncers and women at the door in tight red Stoli dresses?”

        sounds unappealing.

      • What’s a Stoli dress?

      • They had a really strange K street club vibe that seems completely out of place in Bloomingdale. It will be hard for the owners to convince the STK/Dupont-set to come out to the corner of North Capitol and Florida and I can’t imagine that too many local residents have been clamoring for a club of this sort around the corner. Eventually? Maybe, just not there yet.

    • That sounds awful. There’s still hope for The Pub and the People.

      • I’m hoping it was just going a bit OTT for the opening. They are advertising wings and beer specials now so it’ll likely end up a bit more low key

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