Bing getting in on the Street View Photography Action


Thanks to Wayan for sending:

“Spotted on Florida Avenue at 19th, the Microsoft Bing Maps camera car updating their street view of Washington DC. Gotta say their photo rig is not as impressive as the Google Maps version.”

Just curious – does anyone use Bing?

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  • I was in a meeting a few months ago, and there was a lawyer from microsoft at the table. At one point, she said “oh, let me just Bing that real quick!”, and everyone just sorta looked at each other like… “ummm… what?”

  • I saw the car driving around last week, and it took me a second to remember what it is and to realize that they must have maps.
    It just sounds like some wacky start-up that Chandler would have been behind, if Friends had lasted into the dot-com era.

  • Bear

    I believe I am going to be on the Bing map in Riverdale. And no, I don’t use it.

  • I often need maps and aerial photos for work, and my experience is that Bing aerials are much better. I still don’t go to it first out of habit, but impressed. Also have gotten search results that cut through the crap and get me the info I needed.

  • I use Bing because they have a pretty decent rewards program that gives you gift cards for searching. Yes, I need to be paid to use Bing.

  • Saw it in Bethesda over the weekend

  • The google street view car caught my cat hanging out in the window. I was really, really excited when I saw him.

  • Bing Maps has a feature I haven’t seen on Google Maps, which is the bird’s-eye view that lets you view a property from four different angles from above – invaluable for checking out real estate. Of course, some of the images are 5 years old.

  • I’m still waiting for the Alta Vista car to drive by.

  • I use bing for birds-eye aerial views in maps. That’s it. If Google maps ever gets decent bird’s eye perspective views, I will have bing’d my last bing.

  • I use Bing, news, maps and searches. It doesn’t sound as good to say as google, but I like the results more. -And Bing Rewards are pretty sweet, usually go for the cash option, 5 bucks at GameStop or Burger King.

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