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  • Note: Omitting vintages from your wine lists doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in your passion for and knowledge of wine.

    • I know this is a long lost concept in today’s digital world. But maybe going in and asking is a good way to figure that information out. Just a siguestion try talking to someone for a change.

      • suggestion

      • I think you misunderstand Anonymous 12:02, this isn’t about interacting directly. The whole point of a wine list is that it gives you the information needed to select a wine. For people who know something about wine, the vintage can matter as much as the name of the vineyard. I don’t want to have to remember 8 pages of vintages recited by a waiter while I’m deciding what to drink. A wine bar that leaves that info off its list suggests to me that it either doesn’t think I know anything about wine, or worse, that they don’t know anything about wine.

        • +1.

          Doesn’t matter much anyway – as much as I love wine, I rarely find myself at wine bars. Good wine is expensive enough without having to pay the markup at a bar. And wine markups are usually more than beer markups (plus wine’s rarely decanted or served at the right temperature, even at wine bars).

          In short, I’m an insufferable wine snob and cannot be satisfied if I want to order wine while I’m out. So I drink Natty Boh instead.

          • If it is that difficult for you to remember the vintages I don’t believe you are the “wine snob” you clame to be . And if you can’t be bothered to even order wine while out I struggle to see what need you had to comment on this post in the first place. The post is geared to new food menus says nothing about a wine list.

          • Because I’m a wine snob, I must have a good short-term memory? Sounds like you need to brush up on your knowledge of what alcohol does to the brain.

            And I looked up their wine menus because I’m a wine snob. And because it’s perhaps the most relevant thing about a wine bar. I’m willing to pony up when a spot offers something funky or esoteric.

  • It’s kind of a small, boring-seeming, over priced menu. I’m kind of not sure what demographic they are going for here. Also, $14 for a mini bottle of prosecco is kind of outrageous for brunch, since basically every other place in the area has bottomless for about that same price.

    I don’t see this place lasting a year.

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