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  • a parking garage for the hill.

  • They lead to an underground parking structure for the capitol complex.

  • I grew up around there. As a kid, they didn’t have the bars/plexi-glass around it. Just concrete steps that went down to a water fountain, and a big-brass service door. If my memory serves….. Pretty cool when you’re 6

  • Old, closed since 9/11, access and ventilation to underground Senate parking lot.

  • In addition to the parking garage, the “basement” of the Capitol has a footprint several times larger than the building above. There are also tunnels and a small tram between the Capitol and several Senate/ Congressional office buildings.

  • Khazad-dûm

  • Probably the Senate garage, as others have said.

    But back in the day, a streetcar went along C street and through a tunnel under Senate Park. I wonder if these gazebos went down to a platform where the streetcar stopped. Anybody know?

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