“And then this jackanape comes along and just parks RIGHT in between them so the doors can’t even open”


“Dear PoPville,

Is this person serious?

We got two moving pods delivered. We weren’t there when they were delivered but the driver placed them down with the openings facing each other and enough room between them to easily load large items. And then this jackanape comes along and just parks RIGHT in between them so the doors can’t even open. Do the signs technically say no parking from 7am to 5pm? Yes they do. But where’s the common courtesy?? We got one friend to help move heavy items but now we cant and we have no idea how we’re going to get those items in. Virginia plates for what it’s worth.”

Ed. Note: jackanape is my new favorite word.

Is it possible that the car was there and the moving company placed the pods around it? Still not cool but not quite as jackanapish if that happened. Of course, this is a good reminder to please not park between moving pods.

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  • stop wasting precious PoPville space. Just get them towed…

  • This is all the more puzzling, because nobody who uses the word jackanape comes from a century when cars existed.

  • For what it’s worth… it’s actually “jackanapes” with an S (even though it’s singular).

    • Clicked through to post this.

      As for the subject of the post itself – just key the damn car and call the city for a tow already.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        People who key cars (even if under the delusion it is justified) are the lowest of the low. Far lower than jackanapes. Sadly I’m not permitted to use the word I’m thinking of here…

        • I agree POP.

        • Accountering

          I have a couple words I am thinking of as well. Keying cars is such a horrible crime. You are absolute scum if you do this. Any other crime, at least you could justify that you get something out of it – property crime for the sake of destroying property is horrible.

  • Not sure I agree. You paid for certain hours and outside of those hours people have a right to park. Those pods take up a lot of room already, and I’m not convinced that “common courtesy” means you get to take up all that room whenever you want. Seems like common courtesy here would actually mean scheduling a friend to help you move during the hours you paid for, or paying for more hours if that wasn’t possible.

    • I agree with AnonA.

      Those pods drive me crazy, I’ve seen some stay in some neighborhoods for a month at a time.

    • +1! We’re in a city were parking is scarce… If I saw an open spot, and it was outside of the hours listed on the restricted parking sign, I would definitely take that spot and be out by 7am. I don’t see how that’s not courteous. The person isn’t a mind reader… if you want a 24 hour restriction, then pay for a 24 hour restriction.

    • +1000. Just get a moving truck like everyone else and schedule a few hours on a Saturday to move your stuff in/out of your place. You can’t realistically expect people in a city to not park in legal parking spaces, and you REALLY can’t expect them to know how your “pods” work.

    • Totally agree with AnonA. In a crowded city with limited parking, it is fine to follow the signs to a tee. If it’s after 5 pm or before 7 am, then no problem here. (And on the issue of common courtesy, how about moving your boxes closer and stop blocking so much parking?)

    • I, too, agree with AnonA.

  • I’d park there, too if it was between 5pm and 7am. It’s a legal parking spot then.

  • Gee…had to look up the definition of that word.

    1. an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man; whippersnapper.
    2.an impudent, mischievous child.
    3. Archaic. an ape or monkey.

    • Be careful when using this word by the way.

        • Because of the word’s archaic meaning, it’s been used as a racial slur toward African Americans. There is also mention of it being used in writings about Black Panthers.

          “Even more dangerous than the renegades were the “jackanapes” who not only refused to become “politically educated” and follow the party rules, but also failed to give up their criminal behavior once they became Panthers.”

          Generally speaking there is a reason why funny words like this stop being used in everyday conversation and writing. Not sure the OP was just getting creative with a thesaurus for a witty write-up for PoP but it’s an odd word with not a great past.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Appreciate that. When I first googled it nothing come up like that but if you google jackanapes and racial then it becomes clear some use it in that manner.

          • I found that article too when googling for “jackanapes controversial.” However, the terms “Jackanapes, Renegades, and Agent Provocateurs” were the ones that Black Panthers co-founder Bobby Seale was using in his book to describe certain elements within the Panthers.

          • I also found this rather entertaining excerpt from “A View of the Controversy Between Great-Britain and Her Colonies,” a circa 1774-75 tract by loyalist Samuel Seabury:
            “Do you think, Sir, that Great-Britain is like an old, wrinkled, withered, worn-out hag, whom every jackanapes that truants along the streets may insult with impunity? — You will find her a vigorous matron, just approaching a green old age; and with spirit and strength sufficient to chastise her undutiful and rebellious children.”

          • I can’t find anything definitive online about “jackanapes” being used as a slur — only a blog post from someone who had noticed a blogger calling President Obama a “jackanapes” and was trying to figure out if the blogger had been using it as a slur.

          • +1 Thanks for informing people.. I was wondering why this word was used. I thought it was just par for the course here.

          • Breaking News: Dan Snyder just announced he is changing the name of his team to the Washington Jackanapes. Claims it has no racially charged meaning and will start selling Jackanapes jerseys October 15.

          • I don’t agree that the term has racial connotations. I think you’re crying wolf here. Have you found an actual racist use of jackanapes? There are many non-racist uses that come to mind (Simpsons episode 261, used in Game of Thrones). I haven’t heard anyone upset about those uses nor I have I found an actual racist use of the term.

        • Its archaic meaning is ape or monkey. Used extensively by Europeans to refer to Africans when colonizing the continent. In America it had dual meanings: referring to the supposed “rascality”, “mischief”, and “thievery” of slaves, and the animal apelike nature of African slaves.
          But by all means keep using the word, it sounds clever and sophisticated.

  • If the car was parked there during legal hours (i.e., 5:00 PM to 7:00 AM), then this seems the OP’s problem, not the owner of the Camry. Stop whining.

  • People: respect the “EMERGENCY — NO PARKING” signs. They are not easy or cheap to get, and parking where they are posted can delay the work of a whole crew. I don’t get a thrill out of towing my neighbors, but delays can run into the $1000s.

    • they are in fact incredibly easy to get. you go online, request one, then when the request comes in you go to your wards police office, print them out, and then place them on the street. real easy.

      • My experience — which includes a DCRA building permit, a DDOT Open Space permit, and a DDOT Occupancy permit for a roll-on/roll-off debris container — includes a lot of hard, expensive, and time-consuming tasks. Crossing the finish line is easy if you’ve already run the marathon. And of course, the finish line of the bureaucratic marathon is actually the beginning of the construction/renovation marathon.

        • building permits is another story, but getting the emergency no parking permits is as easy as logging into TOPS, paying the fee, and going to the police station to print them out. Ive moved every year for the past 10 years. I have never, not even once, had the process take more then a few days.

        • I agree that it is a super easy process and it is also pretty cheap if you only want a day (like for a move). That said, I do agree with the general sentiment that people should pay more attention to the signs. When I moved, I had to get like 3-4 cars towed, which is annoying on a weekend (you need to have the cops ticket it and then get a tower to come tow separately). When people pay for a moving truck for x hours, it does cost them money while they are trying to get your car towed so they have room for the moving truck.

          In this case, however, I have little sentiment if they did not get 24 hour permits like they should have for pods.

          • I was worried about this for my move so I went over ahead of my movers. I was surprised to find my reserved spots wide open! However, while I was waiting for the movers to arrive a guy in a Suburban tried to park in the spots. So I went out front and said, “Sorry you can’t park here–the spots are reserved.” I’m happy I was there or I probably would have had to call the police.

    • But if I read the post correctly, this person IS respecting the signs. S/he is parked there outside the hours posted on the signs, 5pm to 7am.

      • Ugh, just got these about two weeks ago for a move this past Saturday. They were REALLY easy to get, so easy I was surprised. The only annoying thing was they were $55, but I secured parking for my movers so well worth it. Also, the office printed them upside down, BUT they still worked. No one parked in my spot and my movers were gone by 11am so then I took them down!

    • These signs are way too cheap and way too easy to get.

      • The alternative is having moving trucks park in the middle of the street for a few hours while they get unloaded, so no, they are not too easy to get. I would rather have people who move get a place to put their truck than block an entire street.

  • I had no idea the pods opened up like that so I would have parked there too not knowing it would inconvenience you.

    • Ditto — I wouldn’t have parked there unless it was outside the posted hours, but I too didn’t know that the doors opened in such a way that someone parked like that would be preventing them from opening.

    • justinbc

      Not only that, but even if you did know they appear to be sealed up so that the side with the door isn’t even visible.

    • I wouldn’t have known that either. I also like the poster’s vocabulary, but I think it’s a little unreasonable to expect people understand the set-up.

  • Accountering

    Get him towed, fairly easy, but also a poor move on the delivery companies part. He took WAYYY too much curb space for your two boxes. The fact no one is mentioning that a full car space is needed (in addition to your moving boxes) is a bit ridiculous. Put them 8-10 feet apart. Still easy to load, no chance for a car to park between them. With that said, this guy (dude parking there) is a jackenape.
    I also have issues with the dumpsters, and how they often block off way more space than they need (often illegally, and overnight. Be a good neighbor!

    • Accountering

      With that said, if your signs said 7am-5pm, and it was past 5pm, I would have parked here as well.

  • So unload a heavy dresser on the hood of their car and then have them towed! If the person blatantly disregarded the signs then they did so at their own risk!

  • Yeah, I’d probably park there too if it was ok according to the signage, especially if parking was scarce. And that person may not be aware that they are blocking entry to the pods. Maybe you can ask your neighbors if anyone knows the owner of the car.

    • Especially for pods. When I see a truck on wheels I know it’s likely to be loaded or unloaded imminently and would avoid parking right at the door. But a pod could be sitting there for weeks. A car from VA especially is not from the neighborhood and wouldn’t know that particular block and how long they’ve been there.

  • gotryit

    To all those saying to get the person towed – please read again. The poster recognized that the no parking signs don’t cover it 24/7.
    As far as common courtesy – I don’t think it’s that common for people to have used PODS before, so many people may not know that they’re blocking you. Or what your unloading schedule is. So get a sign for 24/7, or park your own car (or a friends’ car) there from 5pm – 7am when you’re not unloading.

  • epric002

    i’m in the “i’d have parked there too” camp. b/c if they parked there outisde the hours of 7-5, they’re legally parked. and i also didn’t know how the doors open (i assumed they’d roll up) nor would i know that you hadn’t already loaded/unloaded the pods.

  • Wait… There are signs saying No Parking 7am to 5pm, right? Was the picture taken between 7am and 5pm? If yes, the driver of that car is a jerk and deserves to be towed. If no, why are you wasting space on PoPville? There is no violation, either of law or of courtesy (unless you’re in violation for taking up three car spaces with your pods and the space between them).

    • Wait, am I missing something. Don’t you send a question or post to Popville and he decides to post it online. So really, Popville is wasting space on Popville.

      • justinbc

        Given the seemingly endless amount of webspace available I think the concept of “wasting” any of it is a bit overstated.

      • K — Yes, and LOL. I was thinking the same thing — “PoP decided to post this as a thread unto itself. So evidently HE didn’t think it would be wasting space on PoPville.” 🙂

  • I’m going to have to side with the jackanape, whatever that is. Sounds like he/she parked outside of the 7 a.m.-5 p.m. window. Can’t fault the person for following the posted signage and occupying the publicly available parking space.

  • alissaaa

    Worth noting, the placement of the two pods is actually pretty terrible in addition to there being so much space between them. The one to the right side in this picture is actually sitting partially past the zoned parking and right at the edge of the curb that goes into the alley. I park in that alley and almost got hit by another car while pulling out because my view is completely obstructed by the pod’s location being on top of the curb (and I was going super slow but still just couldn’t see anything coming from the left side).

  • I agree with AnonA. Its sounds like the person who parked there was outside of the hours you had posted on the signs. So it sounds like they were well within their rights do to so and you guys are the “jackanapes”. If you needed more time to load your stuff you should have asked for it. You can’t just take up spots indefinitely without a permit.

  • Yeah, I look for a legal parking space. If the OP’s statement is read the way I think it is then there was no parking restriction at the time during which this person parked there.

    I have never used moving pods, nor do I really know how they work. Nor would I assume that a random pod sitting on the street would need to be unloaded during the 1 hour period I lawfully parked beside it. I have seen those things sit somewhere for days at a time…

    If the street was wide open full of parking I’d probably avoid it just because I’d rather not get out of the car and read the minutiae of the signs if I don’t have to. But if the street is full yes I will park there if it is outside the no-parking hours!

  • I always assumed thos pods opened onto the street or onto the sidewalk. Maybe the driver thought so too?

    I have seen an increase in people leaving friges, overns, diswahsers, and other such appliances with openable doors on the sidewalk. A reminder this is very dangerous because children can craawl into them and hide and suffocate! I always try to tip these items over door down to avoid this happening.

    • justinbc

      Of those items, the dishwasher is the only one with a latch that would lock. The others you should be safe to leave as is.

      • NOOOOOOOO!! Even though there’s no latch, it can be difficult/impossible to open a fridge from the inside, especially if you are 3 and/or it has tipped over when you crawl into it. Every other place I’ve lived, it would be illegal to put a fridge outside for trash pickup without removing the door from its hinges.

        • justinbc

          If your 3 year old child is out wandering the street you’ve got much bigger issues than what appliance they choose to climb into.

          • There’s been a real uptick in this activity. It’s dangerous. I saw a large freezer on a Mount Pleasant sidewalk recently and politely got the neighbor to lock it somehow. It doesn;t take much effort to secure the door or, if you’re passing, at least turn it doorside down. Something! Though that was hard to do with a freezer the size of a car… not sure what they were thiinking. Maybe a Craigslist pickup?

        • Decades old fridges are a problem (late 50’s/Early 60’s and earlier). New ones had to follow the law and open from the inside with very little pressure exerted.

      • No, fridge is harder to open from the inside. It’s the way the seal is designed. That said, I think it’s some pretty silly pearl clutching to worry about children climbing into abandoned appliances. They’re gross, and unaccompanied children are all but extinct anyway.

      • I think you are grossly overestimating the ability of small children to avoid or remove themselves from dangerous situations (especially ones they don’t realize are dangerous).

      • DPW’s guidelines for bulk trash collection specifically say to remove the doors of (presumably) all major appliances: “Major appliances, e.g., refrigerators (doors removed)”
        And I have to say I’m tired of the term “pearl-clutching” — it’s dismissive and vaguely misogynist.

        • Some people deserve to be dismissed, and to call the term misogynist is to diminish actual misogyny. As a woman, I cringe whenever anything that could possibly be connected to femininity gets defended on that basis alone.

          • I think you mean “opposed,” not “defended.” And having civil discussions with people means being respectful even of those with whom you disagree, not being dismissive.

          • Oh, come on. You can’t pretend that you’ve never dismissed someone’s completely overblown “problem”, especially in the blogosphere.
            Also, I could argue that civil discussions entail resisting the impulse to nitpick others’ language, but I suppose I’ll have to respect your right to do so, whether or not said nitpicking adds to the conversation, hm?

        • I’m tired of the term ‘Pearl Clutching’ too. It’s totally dismissive. It’s not vaguely misogynist it is misogynist.

          Several of the people commenting above had the exact ‘pearl clutching’ response to a comment I made regarding the post about broken glass being purposefully left in a tree box.

          • I, the person who raised the issue to begin with against which “pearl-clutching” was used, am I man. I just don’t want kids to die needlessly and it’s not difficult to prevent.

          • men can totally pearl-clutch. “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!” isn’t gender-specific.

          • Ahh, but it’s “pearl-clutching,” not “tie-clutching” or “cufflink-clutching,” eh? It’s meant to conjure up a very specific image, and it implies that the person’s concern is unnecessary or overwrought.

        • That is interesting considering that it simply describes the action of a Southern woman, socialite, wealthy or well to do someone who would actually clutch their pearls and gasp. Since men didn’t wear often pearls, at least not in public, it does bring to mind a lady but not all ladies just those who are shocked by whatever it is.

          If anything it sounds as if this use of the term is what is vaguely misogynistic but if used as originally intended it is perfect. A friend uses it when she means to say that she is shocked. The fact that people have let it mutate into meaning that it is in reaction to something that should not actually labeled shocking might be dismissive but are you saying that there is never an appropriate time to deem someone’s complaint as excessive?

        • It is gender specific but is the lack of gender neutrality really that terrible? Are most people really sitting around thinking that despite the lack of a term for man who frets over something? I don’t see anyone trying really hard to make up a word for the man who a married woman sleeps with and yet we all know when a guy is the mistress.

          Guys tend to not grab for their necklace when surprised. I guess we could try to make the phrase “eyebrow raiser” or some equally sexless phrase more common.

  • i’d park there.

  • The other consideration is that it looks like you’ve taken up three parking spots. At least when I was moving 2 years ago, the city would only allow me to reserve two parking spots at a time. Even if you string your signs out more than that, you’re still only allowed what the city gave you. Maybe they’ve changed the rules, though.

    • It’s still 2 spaces. A few months ago jackawhateverit’scalled spaced his signs out so they took up half our block. One call to DDOT and they had an inspector out who kindly resized the guy’s No Parking zone for him, much to the guy’s chagrin. It seems to me that OP could suffer the same fate should he or she continue to whine about someone legally parking outside of the restricted hours. And if that happens a ticket will likely be issued for improperly storing belongings on public space. So, OP, maybe it’s best to leave this one alone.

      • When I moved a few months ago, the minimum I could get was 4 spaces (that is what TOPS made me put in there even though I didn’t need it).

        • Interesting. If things have changed, word hasn’t gotten out because I’ve been told by both MPD officers and DDOT staff that it’s 2 spaces. In my case it didn’t matter, as the DDOT inspector reduced the guy’s no parking zone to about 4-5 spaces, instead of the 10 or so that he originally claimed. But it would be good to get some consistency across the enforcement spectrum.

    • exactly…..3 spaces

    • But what is the definition of a space? Is there a set length that is designated as a space? I don’t think so…

      • Yes, there is. MPD defines one legal space for these permits as “nine feet wide and eighteen feet long.”

  • What does the sign say? Is the car parked there during a time that sign says “No Parking.” If so, it’s illegal and you can get it towed. End of story.

    If not, then he/she’s following the law and you should suck it up. How’s the driver supposed to read the pod owner’s mind? I’ve seen pods parked in the same spot for days if not weeks. Stop being a whiny brat and accept the fact that you live in a city and have to share the street.

  • I have no idea how these pods work. I’ve never used them. I do however know how to move cones out of the way when someone “reserves” a space on a public street, how to parallel park with a couple inches in the front and back of the car, and how to read signs and take photos of the signs so I have proof that i was compliant when ticketed or towed. Everyone who is siding with the OP shouldn’t assume that the person parking there was inconsiderate or knowledgeable about pod doors. They saw a legal space, read the fine print, and parked there.

  • what time was the photo taken?

  • What about the common courtesy of sticking to your reserved times?

  • Wait till 7AM and get him/her towed. Right at 7:00AM on the dot. LOL.

  • I agree with PoP’s Editor’s note: the OP wasn’t there when the pods were delivered, so s/he doesn’t actually know the sequence of events, and, therefore, neither do we. So before I whip myself into a frenzy of outrage, I’ll go with the assumption that the car might have been there BEFORE the pods were put down. I agree with others who have said that it’s asking a lot to assume that other people both know how pods work, and should out of the kindness of their hearts, assume that an apparently available parking space should be left open just in case the pod-renter might want to use the space during a time other than the one posted. I also concur with those who have said that if the OP wanted to reserve the space for 24 hour periods and had the option to do so, s/he should have paid to do so. Rant over.

  • brookland_rez

    Have it towed.

  • I’m surprised people seem to have had luck towing based on these signs. I moved last year, ordered the signs, placed them along the street exactly to specifications etc etc and… they were completely disregarded. I went to get the UHaul in the morning and came back and my reserved spots were occupied. I called for a tow (and again after about 45 minutes) but the city NEVER came. We initially parked about 50 feet down the road and just lugged everything. After about an hour a car moved and we were able to get in front of the house. Have people had an experience other than “being fleeced by the city” with moving signs?

    • Did you call 911? It happened to my friend and she called the non-emergency–they told her to call 911. So she did and the police came, ran the plates, ticket, and towed.

  • Not sure how these permits work. Is it even legal to have the pods there without a 24 hour permit?

  • Where’s the poster responsible for this post? We have questions! Perhaps poster is cowering in shame, when he expected righteous validation.

  • Is this a joke? The OP is whining about a lack of “common courtesy” when his/her obnoxious pods are taking up half a block’s worth of parking (and the car is legally parked). Next time do a better job moving.

  • Actually, if the no-parking signs are only in effect 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., then it’s illegal for the moving containers to be there during that time.
    But apart from that, people, don’t get so upset about moving containers if they’re there legally. People pay money to keep them there, so they’re essentially renting that spot.

    • Wow. So inconveniencing people for an indefinite amount of time is just fine — as long as people are paying money to do so? I recognize that nobody “owns” a parking spot, but many, if not most, people would be upset by having someone commandeer multiple parking spots with a dumpster or pods — and the inconvenience of this in a residential neighborhood with limited parking would hardly be mitigated by the knowledge that the city is making some cash from this.

    • You mean they pay a daily fee to the city for 24/7 “parking”?

  • I’m always surprised by posters who expect validation from this forum. Popville, hear me whine. Anonymous masses, fix my problem. Did they not follow the Tabard Inn saga? Sorry, this is not how the interwebs works.

    • The couple complaining about the Tabard Inn did not come across very sympathetically, especially with the additional context from their Yelp reviews.

      • Ha, yeah Bridezilla, that was a fun one. And then when posters say things like “technically the sign says 7am to 5pm”….do they expect that the lawyers and wannabe lawyers on this forum are going to just ignore that?

  • jackanape – to enter the zoo with no apes and leave WITH an ape

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