AccuWeather Predicts this Winter’s Weather


Your predictions are in – now for the professionals from AccuWeather:

“After record-shattering temperatures and high snow totals last winter in the Northeast, a similar theme will continue into the 2014-2015 season.

Cold air will surge into the Northeast in late November, but the brunt of the season will hold off until January and February. The polar vortex, the culprit responsible for several days of below-zero temperatures last year, will slip down into the region from time to time, delivering blasts of arctic air.”

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    • maxwell smart

      -1 million. Snow is fun exactly once a season, at Christmas. January and February last year were the worst. THE WORST. It didn’t help that I had to work EVERY snow day last year while everyone else was binge watching TV and drinking hot chocolate.

      • Same, the snow really loses its charm after a few days. Especially when my boss does not believe in snow days, regardless of how little of the city has actually been plowed. It’s one of the few downsides of living walking distance to work.

  • So they have just as good of an idea as the next person.

  • I love snow in the city. It’s simply the best.

    I hope we get some real snow this year.

  • Accountering

    Yes! Snow!!!

  • “Blasts of arctic air”. Make sure to keep your hands, face, and lips greased up real good with Vaseline or Aquaphor! Dry winter wind is a killer on skin. It will make your skin raw and age you fast.

  • Brought to you by people that have trouble providing an accurate weather forecast five days out

  • Just the push I need to sell the unused and unneeded 2nd car. Cleaning it on the street was more trouble than it was worth. Time for some new boots, though.

  • maxwell smart

    considering that usually when I look outside and it’s pouring buckets and then I check accuweather and it says it’s clear and sunny, I’m not putting any stock in this prediction and will blissfully pretend that it’s actually going to be the warmest winter on record.

  • I predict 0% chance of my neighbors chipping in to help shovel the alley way in which 50+ of us use to get to our private driveways/parking spots…sigh. On the up side, hopefully Vendetta on H Street will stay open for more snow day shenanigans this year 🙂

  • NO, no, no….please no!!!!

  • Mike

    Amusing. Now we can all reference this report when it’s 40 and gray all winter long 🙂

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