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  • huge on coffee shops. not huge on coffee shops ( / cocktail scene, in this case) with table service as you’re constantly hustled to keep consuming OR leave the space.

    • On one hand, I like being able to leisurely sit at a coffee shop while reading something and sip on something. OTOH, when I can’t find a seat at lunch and someone who ordered a single americano has been entrenched since 10AM on his/her laptop…#firstworldproblems

    • These restaurants have to make money somehow, or else they’ll go out of business and people will inevitably complain that there are no decent places to get a cup of coffee or a cocktail here. I went to Slipstream a few weeks ago and had a very leisurely small meal and cocktail … stayed for at least 2 hours and was only slightly rushed, which I consider to be a good thing. Vibe is a lot cooler at night when the place is a bit darker. Would definitely be back again.

  • I REALLY love this place. Had an interesting and really good coffee “cocktail” (but not alcoholic). It took forever to make but there’s lots of space and they don’t rush you (unlike the experience ^)

  • A bit pricey, but hey, they gotta pay the rent. Cocktails were spot on.

  • Pretty place. Decent coffee. Service was still ironing out a lot of things but they’d only been open a week so they get some slack.

  • I’m looking forward to trying this soon. Their pre-open promotions really emphasized their high-level service. Not an alcohol drinker so I’m wondering what interesting “cocktails” they may have. Anyone know what they have food-wise?

  • The space looks great and can’t wait to try it out.

    Does anyone know if the owners of Fathom Creative still live above their office space in this building? It was profiled in the media a few years ago.

  • It’s a bit portlandia-ish in that the expensive coffee comes in rather small containers and the menu is intimidating for the non-connoisseur, but it’s a nice space and the staff was friendly.

  • All three portions of Slipstream’s holy trinity (coffee, cocktails, and food) were spot on. Definitely try the gnudi (gnocchi-like pasta made from ricotta cheese) it is to die for.

  • I’ve loved it! Great drink combos (alcoholic or non). The tea is amazing and you get 2-3 “infusions” per order when you sit. The food has been great and I’m glad to hear their expanding the menu. Looking forward to checking out brunch (lunch and dinner have been fab). So glad it’s opened!

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