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  • Thanks for posting this picture.

  • Rant – The crowd at Bullfrog bagels this morning.
    Revel – The yummy Bullfrog bagels

    • I was there Saturday morning as well. While the bagels are beyond amazing (I had whitefish on everything) they obviously have kinks to work out. They’re numbering system went haywire and when they load the bagels from the oven to the baskets, some of the bagels fell to the ground and were wasted.

  • Rant: Cold weather on the way…mourning summer!

    Rave: Kabocha squash galore at stores and markets…loving fall produce (:

  • Rant: Stressing about a work thing, I think we made a big mistake and the client is the one that discovered it which is NEVER good. Now I’m waiting for non responsive people to answer me on a Saturday afternoon :-/
    Rave: Weather is better than I expected so we’re going to go walk around outside and enjoy it!
    Rant: Just want to rant again about work anxiety. I think maybe my job is just too hard for me, I wish I could take a step backward without giving up any salary 🙁 I don’t feel like growing anymore, I’m tired of being in charge (and responsible for every single mistake, whether it was my fault or not, because that’s what a manager does.)

    • Yes, I hear that. I just want to be managed. I want someone to tell me what to do, do it well, and then move on to the next task. I’m tired of being proactive and seeking out problems to be fixed and having more work to do than one person can do resulting in the need to delegate to subordinates and then oversee said subordinates and then fix any mistakes they make and then take the fall for said mistakes if they can’t be fixed.

  • Rant: My oven door is jammed open. The bottom rack is attached to the door and the rails that attach it have somehow become bent and now the door won’t close. And I can’t get the rails off. Not only does it make my oven non-functional (and make me have to toss the food I was just about to bake), but it makes my kitchen VERY small. Plus, I was planning to cook a bunch of stuff to eat all week at work and now that plan is out the window. Ugh.

  • Rant: Was anyone on the Mall this morning? I could swear the entire stretch from 14th St to the Capitol smelled like wet dog. Rotting leaves? Fertilizer? It was really odd.
    Rave: Great run!

    • I jogged on the mall today (in my PoPville T-shirt!). Definitely smelled “musty” everywhere. I think leaves are getting caught in the new drainage system they installed along with the new grass. I wonder if they have a schedule to clean those out.

    • Gingko trees? They’re super stinky right now.

  • Wow, great photo!!

    And Lets go Nats (and O’s for those of you out there)!!

  • Rant: Spending this gorgeous day inside doing work 🙁
    Revel: Making progress on said work so that tonight I can relax and get in a long run and lots of relaxation tomorrow!

  • Rave: Baby Doc is dead
    Rant: he died without going through real trial for his crimes and lived out his life in a high-end hotel with the stolen $300 million still stashed away in some Swiss bank

  • Rant: Nats
    Rant: Matt Williams
    Rave: Jordan Zimmerman
    Rant: Cabrerra/Williams – I know it’s a bad call, but you absolutely cannot get yourselves tossed from extra innings in a must-win game in the postseason. Under no circumstances is that OK. Idiots.
    Super Duper Rant: Nats fans (if they’re worthy of the title) who leave a must-win game in the postseason while it it tied in extra innings. It’s a Saturday, most people don’t have to go to work today, and the stadium still started emptying out at 10:00. It’s the freakin’ playoffs, people!

    • I wasnt there but it did get really cold which im sure most people didnt expect. Also 18 inning and 6 hours…how many meals did people eat while at the game…maybe 2 or 3. Got drunk sobered up got drunk again sobered up and probably left.

      • I left at nine innings.. I had my two year old out past bed time, so I really couldn’t stay. But it looked like all concessions (except Ben’s?) were shut down when I left. So there may have been some cold, tired, disappointed, and also hungry fans by the end of that one.

        That said, one of the best games I’ve been to.. the energy at two outs in the top of the ninth was intense.

    • Yeah, but it was COLD!! I wasn’t at the game, but I doubt I would have stayed for inning after runless inning while freezing my buns. It just wouldn’t have been fun any more. And I go to games because they’re fun. The game is there for the fans, not the other way around.

  • Found a pair of glasses Saturday evening a little after 10pm on the 1800 block of 5th Street, NW. Follow up with a description and I’ll make sure they get back to you.

    • Can you turn them in at the local police station? PoPville’s D.C. readership is extensive, but not universal. 😉

  • Rant-ish: I can’t find anything about when the Cardozo pool is going to open to the public. It was supposed to open in October. It’s October.

    • It’s October 5. Still 26 days for the pool to “open in October.” Have you called, emailed, or tweeted anyone about it?

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