16th Street NW Bridge to be replaced over Military Road, “Residents should prepare for major impacts on traffic”

From DDOT:

“District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the start of a large-scale project to make roadway improvements to Military Road NW near 16th Street and replace the 16th Street NW Bridge over Military Road.

Residents should prepare for major impacts on traffic on Military Road and 16th Street NW during this project, which is expected to take 11 months to complete, weather permitting. The first phase of this project will last from October to March 2015, during which DDOT will focus on making improvements to Military Road NW.

These improvements will include installing a new, stone-faced median barrier on Military Road NW, between Oregon Avenue and 14th Street; improving storm drainage along the roadway and installing traffic signal and street light enhancements.”

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  • Dammit! That’s my commute: east on Military and south on 16th Street. This is going to blow.

    • Can you just head to 13th or 14th instead? I used to commute down 16th until I discovered the alternate routes. They tend to be slightly zig-zagged, but it sure beats sitting in traffic!

      • I would imagine the overflow onto 14th, 13th and even Georgia is going to stink, too. Getting back to Columbia Heights after dropping my daughter off at school in Petworth just got a whole lot longer.

  • I commute on 16th Street every day too. Ugh. Serenity now.

  • maxwell smart

    Awesome. The 2 buses I rely on – E and S both pass over/under this bridge. That should make commuting fun.

  • eesh. not a road that can withstand a lot of traffic without realllly slowing things down.

  • Crap, there goes my commute. Looks like East-West Hwy, ugh.

  • I wonder how this will affect the S buses.

  • This would be a great time for NPS to commit to keeping Sherrill Drive clear and open in all weather, instead of closing it at the drop of a hat with no notice, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Note to self: Move out of DC before October 2015.

    • Actually, it’s starting this month and one phase will be done in March. Yikes! Glad I don’t travel that way, but I feel sorry for those who do.

  • I’ve tried going down 13th or 14th instead of 16th, but there are far too many stop signs and traffic lights that slow things up, plus all the bicyclists who are avoiding 16th Street. Maybe I can just go across below the Military-16th intersection…

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