Zabver Thai and Asian Cuisine Carryout Soft Opens in Mt. Pleasant – A Look at the menu

3211 Mt Pleasant St, NW

That was fast. Zabver in the former Adam Express space soft opened on Sunday. Like Adam it’s still a small carryout space but the menu looks good. In a brief chat I was also told that the owners are the same folks from Asian Spice in Chinatown. Though the menu is likely to change a bit you can check out the soft opening menu after the jump. Anyone stop by for an early taste?











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  • I’m all for new business in the neighborhood, but we already have a fantastic thai place.

    • Agreed. I am happy also- new business! But unsure whether I’ll take out from here over beauthai. Maybe the price point will change my mind.

  • Do they deliver?

  • i love a shop that just sells soup dumplings. if i knew how to run a business/restaurant/cook i would totally do it b/c it would make a killing

  • I went yesterday evening and enjoyed it! They were operating cash only since Comcast hadn’t installed their phone lines yet. I had Bangkok chicken and some wantons. Although I’ll miss the owners from Adams Express, I’m happy to have a new take-out option.

  • I hope they re-do the front facade – looks so bad and I think it’d help things look nicer/start turning things around for Mt P

    • If/when the DC council passes a pending bill to include Mt Pleasant St/U St in the Great Streets program then small businesses could apply for grants for improvements like re-doing the facade. This would be a boon to the many small businesses on Mt Pleasant St.

      • Mtp is a historic district. Does anyone know if/how this affects the grant process? Has this been an impediment to improving the facades?

      • The major issue with Great Streets grants is that you have to have the money upfront. My guess is that many of the businesses on Mt. Pleasant street don’t have access to the kind of cash necessary. The businesses often in the most need for the grants can’t really use them because they don’t have access to that much cash. I just spoke with someone yesterday who received one and they haven’t really done anything with it because they don’t have the upfront money.

  • Any word on the Bistro to replace Tonic?

    • I’ve been snooping when I walk by and I don’t see anything going on. I thought the concept was questionable (vegan/vegetarian in a neighborhood that just needs a food joint). Maybe it’s being rethought.

  • I was there on Sunday and had a bento lunch box of green curry chicken. The fired rice was perfect and the curry was good. It’s tough to be better than beauthai but the family was friendly and I hope they figure out their place on the street.

    My wife suggested they should do vegan and vegetarian dishes which they seemed very responsive to. They also mentioned they were hoping to turn the upstairs (apartments?) into what sounded like a Thai-crossing type restaurant – which would be amazing!

    Any, best of luck to them.

  • I stopped by today and they now take credit cards. I also LOVED Adam Express but I am glad to see other Asian options in Mount P. The owners seem very nice and excited to be in the neighborhood. They are doing a soft launch – I was told they are deciding if the current menu works or if they should focus on “Pan Asian” rather than mainly Thai dishes. I asked for “Thai style” on the dishes I ordered and received some authentic Thai heat in return. The dishes were good and came out in 10-15 minutes.

    I like Beau Thai but am happy there’s a faster option when I don’t want to stand in line or have a full sit-down meal. I also think I’ll appreciate the breadth of the menu, which is more comprehensive for Thai options.

  • I stopped by today – the owners are really nice and said how much they appreciated the warm welcome from neighbors.
    Oh and the food – delicious! Looks like there will be enough for a second meal from the leftovers.

  • as long as it’s better than beau thai

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