What the Helen of Troy is the Mysterious structure at 625 T St, NW by the Howard Theatre?


“Dear PoPville,

What is the mysterious structure that they are currently building on the 625 T street, NW lot (facing the Howard Theatre) ? a few days ago, they fenced the lot and brought wood – some painted green and a few people are working on building something: since then they have been working on a mysterious structure.”

and @AlexMurray1 tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville any ideas what they are building in front of Howard theater? I thought it was going to be a small park?”

Anyone know if this anyway related to the possible HR-57 development or more of a temporary unrelated pop up?


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  • Hi! It’s part of the 5×5 Project, from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities: http://www.the5x5project.com/justine-topfer/marley-dawson/

  • It’s an art installation, part of the 5×5 project. More info: http://www.the5x5project.com/

  • “This fabrication process will recall what he has observed of the rapidly constructed, wood-framed housing developments that are reconfiguring DC’s neighborhoods. These developments, sometimes clad cheaply in brick veneer, appear as material illusions that fit in with the surrounding architecture even as their existence undermines it.”

    I’m not an expert, but I don’t think building new homes using the materials and methods of the late 19th century is really an option. So fitting in with the surrounding architecture is just about the best that new developments can do.

    • This reminds me of why often it’s better just to look at art and not read the descriptions written by artists and/or curators.
      And I think there’s a flaw in the artist’s argument. A lot of housing developments in D.C. _don’t_ fit in with the surrounding architecture; we’re not really talking simulacra here.

  • True, but the lack of quality means that some of these new places are going to start falling apart well before their residents have paid off their mortgages.

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