What ever happened to Parcel 42 in Shaw?

1707 7th Street NW – 7th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

A reader succinctly asks:

“do you know what ever happened with parcel 42?”

After naming a developer in April 2013, it looks like there was a Public Surplus Meeting in March 2014:

“The surplus meeting is held in order to receive feedback from the community on the District’s finding that the property is not required for public purposes. Comments collected at the public meeting will be submitted to the D.C. Council for their review. The surplus meeting is conducted pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 10-801.”

I’ve emailed the project manager and will update when/if he responds. Anyone else hear what’s going on?

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  • I’ve been curious about this too. In fact, I just did a Google search on this yesterday. Weird.

  • Meanwhile, a bunch of nomad-y tent people haven’t had a place to live…

  • No construction permits have been filed, but as of now here is the following proposal from developer TenSquare LLC & R2L Architects. If I were to make an educated guess there will be a ground breaking on this project in 6-12 months.

    From online resources:

    Shaw 42 Developers proposes 7 floors of approximately 15
    residential units each, totaling 105 apartment housing units. In
    accordance with industry best practices, the 21 units dedicated
    to affordable housing will be evenly distributed throughout the
    building on all floors and among all unit types. These units will
    be available solely to households having annual incomes at or
    below 50% of Area Median Income (AMI). These market rate
    households will join the new residents of Progression Place and
    CityMarket at O in patronizing local small businesses and
    revitalizing the 7th Street corridor in Shaw.

    • I won’t hold my breath on this actually breaking ground. If this project falls through it will be the third time (that I’m aware of). Even from their website it looks like there has been very little design development.

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