Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

14th and V Streets NW

This rental is located at 14th and V Street, NW. The listing says:

“Huge, beautiful 2bd/2ba apartment for rent in the Union Row building at 14th and V Streets NW. Includes 24-hour concierge, granite and stainless steel kitchen, in-unit laundry, 9 foot ceilings, custom lighting design, and beautiful hardwood floors. Spacious open floor plan living room and kitchen with additional sitting area/den. Two extra large, private balconies with panoramic city views. 1 block from U street metro! Garage parking available for $250 per month.

$45 nonrefundable application fee
$300 nonrefundable move-in/move-out fees are required by condominium”

You can see more photos here

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $4,250/Mo.

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  • Big standout here is the parking fee! That’s actually cheaper than it was in that building, when I lived in the union row warehouse a few years ago. Spots then were averaging something insane, like $325 which I’d never seen in DC anywhere. I wound up paying 150$/mo in another condo a few blocks away and walking up the 14th street hill every day.

  • hammers

    drool. this place is gorgeous, and I love the decor.

  • I hate nonrefundable move-in/move-out fees soooooooooooo much.

    • My father was the president of his HOA one year and found out that in VA, at least, condominiums are required to provide the tenant with a breakdown of the costs for the move in/move out fees. They have to be able to explain why the fee is so high. Not sure if was a new law or what, but it was in response to the price gouging of tenants to fill the coffers of the condo association. Also not sure if something like this is applicable in DC but it might be worth exploring.

      • There’s no law that says the tenant has to pay the fee. The landlord can always cover it, and never tell the tenant about it. That’s what I do.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I live in the low rise Warehouses and I love it. I looked at units in the Flats but I prefer the low rise more European style. Its a great community and BTW no breed restrictions on (dogs) pets!

  • My friends lived in this complex and loved it. I move there in a heartbeat if I could afford it.

  • That’s going to go pretty quickly. I was going to say $4,500 after looking at the photos, but I guess parking not included.

  • so, these places go for about $700k, so $3200 in mortgage+condo fees?

    • Assuming that they would sell, perhaps. But I would guess that if they tried to sell this unit for that price, there would be a bidding war. It’s really lovely and well appointed.

    • Its almost 1500 sqft with two decks. It isn’t going anywhere near $700K. That’s way under $500 per sqft, and U St is approaching $700 per sqft. This place is probably close to $1M.

  • Exposed duct work just screams “cheap as hell” to me. I know some folks are all drooly over such imports from NYC, but it makes the space look half finished and secondly, it makes the airflow through the duct work louder because it isn’t hidden behind drywall.

    • maxwell smart

      not true if done correctly. Yes, cheap ducts will make a ton of noise, but the inside of the duct can be lined to reduce noise and vibration and be very quiet.

  • As a unit owner in Union Row, that’s what we are charged by the condo when we move in and out to cover wear and tear and reserving the elevator for the move.

  • Not sure what this one in the flats is going for, but a similiar square foot in the warehauses with 2bed, 2.5 bath, den and patio (or two patios for some) is closer to 950K. I would be shocked if this would still sell at 700K.

  • This place is gorgeous and the parking is really inexpensive.

    This place is so far out of my price range that I can’t even imagine the types of jobs people must have to be able to afford $4,000+ a month in rent.

    • Lawyer Big Law, 30 making 180
      Accountant Big 4, 30 making 150

      • What about his or her student loans? Nearly everyone at Big Law making $160-plus (as a first year) has a serious amount of Sallie Mae debt (at least $1,100/mo. on a moderately aggressive payment plan.)

  • My condo has exposed duct work (near this place, but not nearly as spacious). I’ve never noticed the sound of the airflow, guess I have gotten used to it, but I love the extra vertical space I get. Everything can be just a bit “higher” which helps to save some floorspace– vital in these tiny urban spots.

  • I know a few people who live in here. Here’s the secret: $300K downpayments from their parents/family/trust fund/etc. That makes the PITI much more affordable. They also bought 4 years ago at the the worst of the Crisis, so prices were significantly lower.
    Most folks I know living in here are vanilla lawyers for the government.

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