Visitor Parking Passes set to Expire Sept. 30th are now Valid until Dec. 31


From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced today that the Visitor Parking Passes (VPP) that will expire September 30, 2014, will continue to remain valid until December 31, 2014. District residents will not be ticketed for proper use of their 2014 VPP. The VPP program is designed to allow guests of District residents to park for more than two hours on Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zoned blocks.

“As Washington, DC, continues to gain more than 1,000 new residents a month and economic development is on the rise, DDOT is striving to implement a VPP program that will offer guests and contractors with the temporary privilege of the RPP program, while minimizing the potential impact on neighborhood parking supply,” said DDOT Director Matthew Brown.

To better serve the needs of District residents, DDOT is focused on providing passes to those eligible residents who register for passes. Residents can register for 2014 VPP at or call (202) 671-2700. This registration process will assist DDOT in managing the effectiveness and proper use of the passes. Each pass will be tracked and assigned a unique address identifier with a reference code that will minimize fraud and misuse.

District residents who do not have 2014 VPPs may also obtain theirs at a Metropolitan Police Department station or substation in the ward in which they reside. The 2014 passes are currently available with only one pass allowed per household by going to or calling (202) 671-2700.

Residents can pre-register for the 2015 VPP on October 1, 2014, by going to or calling (202) 671-2700. DDOT will send the 2015 VPP passes to residents in December 2014.

The VPP passes can be used for temporary RPP privileges in the following eligible wards:

  • Ward 1 – all Ward 1 residents
  • Ward 2 – 2F only.
  • Wards 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 – all residents who live on RPP blocks

Residents living in commercial zone blocks are not eligible for VPP or RPP. Non-residential addresses are not eligible for VPP/RPP.

For more information, please visit or call (202) 671-2700.”

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  • justinbc

    Never did receive my 2014 pass, maybe 2015 will be my year!

    • Is your ANC one of the covered zones? A lot of ANC’s don’t qualify for the pass.
      Also, the parking pass office is a mess. It required 5 or 6 phone calls over the course of 4 months to get my pass.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, it is. I really only have a use for it when I have contractors doing work on the house, so I wasn’t going to go through the hassle of fighting with them to get one when it never arrived in the mail. Still, would be nice to have.

        • did you apply for one online? my zone wasn’t one of the ones where they sent it automatically… you had to request one. it took a while, but it finally showed up.

          • I got mine through the online process and it went really smoothly. Maybe two weeks from when I applied to when it arrived.

  • The parking pass looks just like my prom dress – purple and sparkly!

  • note that you can still get a parking ticket for being a visitor even if you have these passes on your dashboard….unfortunately they don’t specify when and where the apply, so they are close to useless (in my experience)

  • I live in 2F and had to apply online as well – I didn’t get one sent automatically.

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