Uptown Tap House (Temporarily) Closed “Due to unforeseen events”

3412 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to a couple of a readers for sending emails. Uptown Tap House wrote on their Facebook page Friday:

“Due to unforeseen events, Uptown Tap House is closed this evening. Apologies for any inconveniences might cause.”

I stopped by on Sunday and this was posted to their front door:


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  • Too bad it isn’t permanent.

    • Yeah, that place is weird. It can’t decide if it’s “fancy” with white tablecloths and oysters, “dive bar” with top 40 and dancing or a neighborhood place. I miss 4 Ps.

  • Guess they didn’t think folks passing by would look any more closely at the Department of Heath notice if they wrote “Water Main Break” in a bigger letters. Says it’s closed for a food code violation. Yuck.

    • Broken water main means no running water, which is a HUGE health safety violation. I don’t care about this place one way or another, but you’re grasping for straws here champ.

    • That is so shady! I saw the water main break sign when I was walking by and totally believed it. Shame on them!

      • No water is a food service violation. I’d rather it be no water than rodents. Speaking of which , does the Uptown Theater still have a rodent problem?

        • I’m not proud of this but I’m pretty sure I saw a mouse in that movie theater once (I guess it was 2008 because the film was Quantum of Solace) and I freaked the F out and have never gone back. Have no idea how that movie ends (something about no running water though, ironically) because I spent the last 2/3rds of the film holding my knees and staring at the floor ready to jump and run.

        • According to the inspection report, it was rodents. And roaches. And flies, and many other critical violations. Again, it’s unconscionable that they lied about it with their “Water Main Break” sign.

    • One would think that a restaurant without running water would close down without having to be shut down by the Department of Hearth for a violation, champ.

  • I think this link should work, but tell me if it doesn’t. This is the Health Department report from Thursday that shut the place down: http://washington.dc.gegov.com/webadmin/dhd_431/lib/mod/inspection/paper/_paper_food_inspection_report.cfm?inspectionID=404464&wguid=1367&wgunm=sysact&wgdmn=431

    Be prepared. It’s bad.

    • Just read the report, never going back to that place.

      • Yeah, this is bad. It’s not just little dinky stuff that a lot of places get dinged on (no paper towels at one of the sinks – someone may have just moved them and didn’t put them back – that’s easy to fix) but rodent droppings on food prep tables? yikes. Holes in the wall? Keep the place shut down.

  • Of course it’s something that would NEVER be allowed to happen in a city like DC, but I would love to see restaurants be required to display a letter grade given by health inspectors, like it’s done in other cities. It’s a very effective way of weeding out the really bad, unclean restaurants, of which I believe we have many in this town.

    • They do this in California. Places have to post the big red sign with their letter grade in their front window. I agree it’d go a long way in weeding out the dirty places. Of course, we always joke about a places being 90% with an “A” rating and a place being 89% with a “B” rating.

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