Uncle Chip’s applies for Liquor License in Truxton Circle

1514 North Capitol St, NW

Uncle Chip’s opened up on North Capitol between P and Florida Ave back in Jan. 2012. A liquor license placard has been posted that says:

“New tavern serving bakery items. Social Meeting place. Occupancy load is 8. Sidewalk Cafe.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Saturday 7 am – 10 pm.

Any fans of Uncle Chip’s? Would you get a beer here?


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  • Cookies and beer? Um, no. That’s weird.

  • This place is a gem. Her cookies are the best and her sandwiches are tough to beat. Beer and wine will be a great addition! Now if there was only a bit more space to enjoy them when the weather makes the patio unusable.

  • Uncle Chip’s is amazing! Cookies, coffee, and sandwiches are the best. Having a beer on the patio on a Saturday would be great.

  • Yeah I say more power to them. Perhaps a stout and cookie combo?

  • I had their fantastic cookies at GRUMP! last year but i admit i’ve been remiss about checking out their actual location. They seem super awesome

  • I wonder if she will add an addition to the back (currently a parking spot back there) to push everything backwards, so there is more space in the front of the store for seating. Right now, there is like 3 tables inside, so during the winter months, there is not much room for patrons.

  • The sandwiches are really good and I always forget about them as an option when thinking of something for lunch. A sandwich and a beer on the patio sounds pretty good right about now.

  • This is great! I’ve only used their delivery, but they are very tasty. Can’t wait to check out their patio.

  • A fine beer would go exceedingly well with those delicious sandwiches. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it.

  • I think this place would benefit from a slightly raised patio as was done at Bacio. Somehow being a foot above the sidewalk and a slight divider gives you a more separated experience from those milling about on North Capitol. As the cost of the build can’t be prohibitive I imagine it’s the permitting process.

  • That is a horrible idea. There are so many drunks and crack heads who hang out on that block. If they all start coming in there to get their booze fix I will NOT be going there anymore.

    • I would assume it’s a different type of liquor license–they’d be serving poured drinks there, not selling carry-away drinks (six packs, bottles, etc) . The former attacts people who want to sit down and have a drink at the restaurant, the latter attracts people who want to take their drinks to enjoy at home/on the corner/in a brown bag.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yeah look what they did to Le Diplomate, it’s an outrage!!!

    • You’re totally missing the point here. Those drunks/crack heads aren’t buying their beer to legally drink at a sidewalk cafe.

    • I live in this neighborhood and don’t see a problem with it at all. “Crack heads and drunks” won’t be going in there. Get a clue.

  • Two thumbs up on this — I love the place, and a beer would be great alongside their tasty sandwiches. This’ll also be key when the other places coming to the NW side of North Cap are ready. Imagine starting your evening with an Uncle Chip’s sandwich and a beer, then ending it with drinks at Pub and the People!

  • The food at Uncle Chips is great. I love their sandwiches. They just recently started earlier hours again with coffee and breakfast items. It makes sense that they have dinner/happy hour. They have been ahead of the curve on N. Capitol. This will give them a little jump start with the Pub and the People, The Firehouse and Lot 1644. I might be taking my friends on a pub crawl on N. Capitol byChristmas!

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