“Twelve potential locations for future Capital Bikeshare stations”

Twelve potential locations for future Capital Bikeshare stations via DDOT.dish

From a press release:

“The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Capital Bikeshare system has experienced a record-breaking year of ridership, with over 1 million rides taken since June 1. With so much demand for bikesharing, we’ve received many questions about when we will be able to add more Capital Bikeshare stations and bikes in the District.

Recently Installed Bikeshare Stations

In June, our Capital Bikeshare operations contractor was able to obtain some much-needed hardware to address our immediate expansion needs. We have installed three new stations in the past few months (at 24th Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW; 34th Street and Water Street NW and at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library). We have also added docks to several existing downtown stations to accommodate rush-hour demand. Our Capital Bikeshare partners in Arlington County, Montgomery County and the City of Alexandria have added new stations as well.

In The Queue

We still have approximately 10 more new stations to install in the District this year and we are working through our placement list to identify 10 of 12 potential locations, which we developed based on member input, user demand and other demographic criteria such as population and employment density.”

Future locations being considered next include:

“1st Street and K Street NE
5th Street and Florida Avenue NE
Division Avenue and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE
11th Street and S Street NW
14th Street and Irving Street NW
15th Street and L Street NW
17th Street and G Street NW
18th Street and R Street NW
19th Street and G Street NW
Connecticut Avenue and McKinley Street NW
Georgia Avenue and Missouri Avenue NW
Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue (at St. Elizabeths Campus)”

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  • Desperately need more in RIA, Brookland and Michigan Park area…downtown has more than enough

    • And Takoma DC, Manor Park and Lamond-Riggs. Everyone in a row house or semi-detached neighborhood should have a station within a 15 minute walk from their house. The expansion into northern and eastern ward 4 has been incredibly slow.

      • Agreed. I’m sure they’ve selected these locations based on current demand and I’m sure that downtown actually DOES need more stations (I often see stations that are totally empty), but Ward 5 is badly underserved by transit of all kinds. Most of the area doesn’t have easy access to Metro. A lot of the available buses run between PG County and Metro stations in D.C., rather than to downtown. The ones that run in D.C. are often unreliable. The streetcar isn’t coming any time soon. More CaBi stations would really help to fill this gap, especially in the short-to-medium term.

    • Downtown does have a lot, but at 9:30 on a weekday morning it’s very difficult to find an empty dock near Farragut/the White House to return a bike to. So clearly the demand is there; I’m hopeful that these new stations will make a big difference.

    • It may seem like they’re just giving more to already served areas, but they’re actually filling pretty holes in the network. Looking at a heatmap you can actually see 15th/L, G St in Foggy Bottom, 11th/S, Union Market, 1st and K NE, and a 18th/R NW are all at least a couple of blocks away from the nearest station. And filling in holes in those areas serves more potential customers than expanding to less dense areas (though, note, a lot of the new statios above are expanding the system to less dense areas and not just infill).

      Heat map: http://bit.ly/1smg5Pk (links to a google fusion table)

  • Woo to more options in CoHi!

    • I’m all for more options in Columbia Heights, but 14th and Irving could be a minor disaster with the automobile and foot traffic at all four corners.

    • I wish they would focus on restocking the existing stations during peak times. I also don’t know why they don’t just extend the 11th & Kenyon station down the rest of the block along the Tubman field, which has plenty of space for both bikes and pedestrians. Still, maybe a station at 14th & Irving will help during rush hour. It’s so frustrating that there are no bikes in all of Columbia Heights after 8:00 am.

  • I thought there was a proposal to put one nearish Capitol South (not AT Capitol South, because the AOC sucks) around NJ Ave & D SE. What ever happened to that?

    • Yes, this is needed badly. If not at Capitol South metro, then within a block.

      • That location proposed would work only if it was on that strip of land with grass that sits over where the train goes underground but then whoever owns that land (CSX? the city?) would have to OK it.

        Unfortunately in one direction there is no place that the Capitol Police or the AOC will allow a station and there is a lot of residential close to that station with no place to put one. Of course if you go NE, then you get to the PA and 2nd/3rd area and there is one there already at the Suntrust on PA and 3rd.

  • We need one by the Takoma Rec Center/Coolidge High and the Takoma Safeway.

  • They need one near the National Arboretum!!

    • this times 1000

    • In my dreams they have 4 or 5 stations spread around inside the arboretum. Bikes are such a good way to get around the arboretum, but you don’t want to have to go back to the entrance every 30 minutes or to worry about what to do with the bike while you’re exploring the trails.

  • There is HUGE bikeshare desert near Rose Park. There are several really big apartment/modest condo buildings within 2 blocks, and it’s exactly the distance from Dupont Circle metro and Wisconsin/M St business districts to be best served by bikeshare, plus near access to Rock Creek Park. Plus some tourist spots, Stachowskis. They would be well used stations, I’m sure of it.

  • So glad they’re putting one by Union Market.

    If you want one in your area, you can request it on the Bikeshare website.

  • requested one months ago on their website along with at least 10+ other people that have requested one on their website in the same location – by O street market (8th/9th and O St NW) in Shaw. Particularly with all the new apartments and the new Giant grocery store right there.

  • For CoHi how about one block over at the corner of Irving and Hiatt???

    • There was supposed to be one there – on Hiatt between Irving and Park. It was announced in December 2012 along with 53 other stations. I’m not sure how many on that list actually became reality. I posted something similar in response to a previous comment, but I included the url for the CapBI page that had the list but it’s not showing up now…

  • We could use some in Park View. The Georgia and Columbia station is empty every morning, and the next station north is all the way at Petworth metro. And it’s empty every morning, too.

  • YES to the two in the NoMa area!

  • Rosedale. Recreation. Center.

  • So potentially one bikeshare station in Logan? There needs to be about 6.

  • Petworth generally, and northeast Petworth specifically, is completely underserved. The massive triangle between Missouri Ave. on the north, Georgia Ave. on the west and New Hampshire Ave. on the east has like one station within it. Tons of people in this area, which is underserved by Metro too and therefore a prime opportunity for Bikeshare.

    • Agreed. It may be frustrating for a user downtown to have to hunt around for an available bike, but certain parts of the city have no stations, no nearby metro, and much less frequent bus lines.

    • Why not on one of the triangles along Kansas Ave NW in Petworth/Manor Park. There’s a bike lane there and so many bikers in the area that commute downtown or want a faster route to Metro/bus.

  • For the 11th and S one, I feel that area is served pretty well with the 11th and U and 12th and U (formerly 13th and U). If they moved that down to Q/R/Rhode Island, I think that would still serve that area well, but fill in the gap much better. Either way, nice to get another station in the area.

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