Truck Stuck Under Bridge on Rock Creek Parkway


Thanks to @smallwerld for tweeting us:

“@PoPville bridge just before Virginia Ave. on Rock Creek. 4 southbound lanes forced down to 2.”

@maryedith tweets us an update just after 9:30am:

“@PoPville Truck wedged under K St Bridge on Rock Creek Parkway. Traffic is a nightmare!”


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  • I drove past that around 7 AM-what a nightmare!

  • Maryland plates?

  • Whoa. WAMU just reported that the roadway above this is the Whitehurst Freeway – I wonder if it will now be closed for awhile for inspections/repairs?

  • Deflate the tires a little and back up. Deflate the tires a little more and go through. Let’s go already!

  • Trucks like that aren’t allowed on the parkway to begin with. I’ll be the idiot was relying on GPS (I once had an interesting tour bus ride this way through the narrow streets of Columbia Heights…) I wonder where he got on it? None of the on-ramps are very truck-friendly.

    • Hm….my GPS actually refuses to put me on Rock Creek Parkway, ever. It’s ridiculous. (my GPS is the navigation on my Droid phone)

    • They make truck-specific GPS devices (and apps) for this very purpose. They don’t let you drive anywhere you can’t fit and/or aren’t allowed.

      The problem is that so many drivers don’t get GPSs from their companies, so they just buy whatever cheap ones they can find (or just use Google Maps).

      Oh, and they don’t look at the signs that could also warn them.

  • How did he get that far?

    • msmaryedith

      I guess speed? And the trailer is a lot taller than the truck’s cab–it’s not as solid, so it looked like it just buckled at the front and that the friction pretty much just ripped the top of the trailer off as it moved forward.

  • Accountering

    This guy is an idiot. When you are driving into a city as a CDL, you are held to MUCH higher standards. This is not a simple traffic ticket. My understanding is his company will be billed for all the rescue operations, as well as a hefty fine. This could easily cost his company well into the five-figures. Not a good day for this dude.

    • Try more like 6 or 7 figures. Especially if there is structural damage to the bridge.

      • Accountering

        Fair enough. Was thinking about saying 6 figures, and yes, if there is damage to the bridge it could be much more. What kind of moron to do you have to be to be driving a big truck like that, and think you are going to make it under that tiny bridge.

  • msmaryedith

    I honestly don’t understand how they managed to get all the way underneath. The top of the trailer is sheared off and totally buckled at the front.

    • RV trailers are made of plywood and aluminum and are really very flimsy. They are basically a big tin can and can easily be ripped apart.

  • Ouch. At least it looks like he was going pretty slow. Years ago on the Northern State Parkway on Long Island, I watched a semi completely sardine-can the trailer at highway speed. We were far enough behind to stop in time, but it was sudden and violent.

    • Makes me think of the “11 foot 8” website run by some guy who put up video cameras by a low bridge in Durham, NC, that trucks and campers are always getting their roofs torn off by even though there are automatic flashing lights that flash at overheight vehicles and everything. (Just google for “11 foot 8” if you’re curious.)

  • I just drove by a few minutes ago – it’s still there. It was carrying… ONIONS!

  • I see trucks down here a lot. They get on at Virginia Avenue, but nine times out of ten, they see that first low bridge and end up having to back all the way back up to Virginia Avenue. Almost as bad are the idiot tour bus drivers who swerve over into the left lane to squeeze under the bridge.

  • accendo

    This happens on the GW Parkway Southbound under the Memorial Bridge overpass from time to time too, though they don’t usually make it that far.

  • It took me an hour and 10 minutes to get to work today (usually 45) because of this genius. All the other workarounds were hosed up too. RCP is always a cluster#*k, but today takes the cake.

  • This guy should be thrown in jail. Effin idiot.

  • At 1 pm the traffic report is that he’s still there and will be for at least another couple of hours. Good luck getting home, people!

  • Drove past that in opposite direction today. its a disaster. I didnt think trucks that size were allowed on Rock Creek at all.

  • You know how to get it unstuck? Let air out of the tires.

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