the Diner reopens in Adams Morgan

2453 18th Street, NW

From the Diner’s facebook page:

“HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE! The Diner is officially back up and running! We’ve missed you so come see us and our new shiny space! There’s some new menu items mixed in with some old favorites. Come check us out!”

Photo via Diner DC

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  • The popped out bar, larger kitchen and extra TV’s looked fantastic went I went by this weekend. Very excited to have my Sunday breakfast spot back in play!

  • I think it looks nice, but there used to be a row of two-tops down the middle (between the bar and the booths). It looks like those are gone. I guess that means a longer wait for my Saturday breakfast now.

  • I agree, it looks like they’ve reduced seating capacity. Then again, I haven’t been there in years. Maybe the place is no longer jam packed 24/7 like it used to be, and they don’t need those two-tops anymore.

  • they have added the patio this past year so those 3 missing two tops aren’t a huge loss. i checked it out, looks amazing in there. i am an old school diner fan and hoping to see it make a comeback!

  • They did do that, but they increased the bar seating and replaced the windows so they have more space in the front. The host said they had a net gain overall.

  • @Mintwood (in case this doesn’t thread) – thanks! That’s good to know!

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