Thai X-ing opens new second location by 9:30 Club

2020 9th Street, NW (just north of U Street) across from 9:30 Club

We suspected the new Thai X-ing location was super close to opening. I spotted the sign below on their Florida Ave spot during my walkabout Sunday:


Note, effective 9/30, the 515 Florida Ave location will no longer be serving alcohol.

515 Florida Ave, NW

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  • prolly one of the most overrated restaurants in town.

  • I completely understand the financial motivation behind the move. Commercial Real estate costs are artificially increased because of supply and use restrictions. The associated costs of alcohol licenses are artically increased by “voluntary” agreements and the ARBA process. Zoning restricts where you can open. I get it. But it’s still sad that by far the best (and only?) BYOB restaurant in the city is closing.

    • i wouldn’t call it “artificial”.

      • Accountering

        What would you call it then? There are restrictions that increase the cost of real estate. Without those restrictions, costs would go down. Seems pretty artificial to me.

        • i mean, all commerce is artificial. the buildings are artificial. money is artificial.
          all laws are artificial too. if we didn’t have these artificial constructs DC wouldn’t even exist.

          it just seems silly to point out that one point in the line is “artificial”.

    • Every city, town, county, etc has use restriction, and costs associated with various licenses. Yes DC has a few of its own to add to the mix that might and sometimes do discourage but all of those things are the cost of doing business. Some still manage despite these things.

    • Is the FL Ave location closing? Not from what’s above.

  • Very excited for the new place – Thai X-ing is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. I’m confused by the sign though – does the BYO wine sentence apply to the new place, the old place, or both? Is the old place moving from BYOB to no alcohol at all, or is BYOB still OK? Is BYOB OK at the new place? I guess I’ll find out shortly as I plan to visit the new place soon.

  • maxwell smart

    This is the worst news EVER. Part of the charm of the old location was that it was like being invited to a dinner party at someone’s home where you brought the wine, they supplied the dinner. Not being able to BYOB to the old location is, IMO, going to mean it won’t last much longer. While I’m sure the food will be just as good at the new location, it’s going to feel like going to a restaurant, which frankly, I could do anywhere in town and MUCH closer to where I live.

  • Does anyone know if the new place is keeping the same menu as the old? Looks like they’ll have a bar to order from, wondering if they’ll have ala carte items.

  • That note clearly states “Please byo wine as always.” That makes me think that we’ll be able to return with our own bottles, but that the restaurant won’t be able to serve your it’s own alcohol. Am I missing something?

  • justinbc

    I’m curious if this means they were violating DC regulations in the past by allowing BYOB? A $3 corkage is so ridiculously low (DC standard is somewhere around $25) that it’s still quite reasonable to bring your own alcohol.

    • Yeah, I had a hunch they were violating DC regulations since no other restaurant in DC is BYOB.

      I also think the corkage fee applies to the new venue, not the old one since the top of the sign says strictly no alcohol at 515 Florida Ave NW.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        You are wrong about no other BYOB:{PromoID:370|MetroAreadID:9|MacroID:35|NeighborhoodList:459,10607,100,518,508,2738,176,293,171,2222,99,1352,5429,713,7511,8699,9881,6110,2894,1322,8843,9908,439,1308,4211,5624,543,494|RequestedRegions:35}

      • HR 57 was byob. there are a few other places too.

      • it’s frustrating when someones ignorance leads them to believe that someone else is breaking the law.

        • I completely agree. There are several places in DC that offer BYOB. Ignorance is not bliss

          • Ok, which restaurants in DC are stritcly BYOB? That’s what I meant. I am aware that many that serve their own alcohol also allow you to bring your own bottle (such as all the ones on the link POP provided).

            My apologies for not being clear initially.

      • I believe the reason there are few BYOBs in DC is because it’s relatively easy to get a liquor license, and few restaurateurs are going to pass up the opportunity to make money off alcohol sales.

        • To be a true BYOB in DC, you still have to have a liquor license.

          • In cities like Philly with a strong BYOB culture that’s the driving force behind it. Here there’s not much financial incentive to do it.

          • Exactly. Most restaurants make a significant amount of profit on alcohol sales. In Philly, the laws are so much more restrictive that BYOB makes greater financial sense. And corkage fees are so high in restaurants that also sell alcohol, because they don’t want to encourage people to bring their own wine, and at least aim to make a similar amount of profit as they would have if they bought a bottle in house.

        • tell that to swann song.

  • I understand a corking fee in a normal scenario, where you want to sell me your wine but I choose to bring my own…. but if I can’t be served any alcohol because you can’t get a permit, why should I have to pay a corking fee at all? Is there some regulation? Can it not just be a nominal charge of $.01?

    • $3 is pretty nominal in the grand scheme of things. If you are willing to pay $40 for a dinner, I doubt $3 will make you think twice about visiting. It is too bad that you can no longer bring booze to the FL Ave location though.

    • I think the three bucks is the cost of opening and serving it to you, and then throwing away the bottle afterwards. Seems reasonable to me.

    • Even with your own wine, you are still consuming resources. There is some wear and tear on the glassware, plus it needs to be cleaned. There is some small risk of breakage/spillage, and charging for risk seems much nicer than charging for actual incident. You are causing the wait staff to do something extra. It probably causes people to stay at the restaurant longer, reducing the table turnover. etc.

    • You do realize that Thai Xing Florida Ave is a house, right? There’s no bar. It should be obvious why the location has never served alcohol, and never will.

      This article is misleading because it says Thai Xing Florida Ave won’t be “serving” any alcohol. It never “served” alcohol because there would be nowhere to serve it FROM. People, use your brains, please…

  • Personally I can’t imagine drinking on top of all that food anyway. I’d be bloated for weeks if I tried to do that.

  • lol at popville doing a cost/benefit analysis on byob instead of discussing what is on the menu at Thai x-ing. no wonder Forbes thinks this city is cool.

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