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  • Austin Healy 3000, not as cool as the ‘Bug Eye’ Sprite – but still cool.

  • That’s a low undercarriage – watch out for potholes

    • The low undercarriage is why they stopped importing them to the US. It was too low to pass inspection. i like the bug eyed Sprite too, but this was a better made car.

  • The “Big Healeys” can now fetch some serious money – over $50k for ones in good condition, and over $100k for show quality cars. This one looks like a 10ft car that has some issues but is a decent daily driver – probably worth in the $35-45k range. The two-tone paint (Healey Blue with White Coves) is a popular and authentic color choice, however it looks like it might need a new paint job in the not too distant future.

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