Strange Structure on Mass Ave near Union Station?


“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what the big wooden enclosure is outside the Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Building, on Mass. Ave next to Union Station? It’s pretty elaborate — the wood panels even have decorative trim — and building-sized, and it’s been there at least a month. The one time I saw the gate open, all I could see inside was a few parked trucks. Any ideas?”

The Hill is Home reported back in June:

“According to one of the workers installing the fenced area late last week, the [Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary] building needs roof repairs. The fence will hold construction materials, machinery, and trailers for about 17 months.”


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  • So ridiculous to use up green space in front of an architecturally significant building to housing supplies. Why not use some of the big parking lot across the street or some of the area where the Capitol Police officers store equipment?

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