Stan’s Gets a New Sign

1029 Vermont Avenue, NW

We judged Stan’s back in 2009. For those not familiar with Stan’s:

““Meet me at Stan’s,” has been the tradition for three generations of devoted customers who gather for happy hour, watching sporting events, celebrating special occasions or just to chill with friends after work.

Washingtonians and visitors alike come to Stan’s year after year hoping to enjoy the legendary cocktails and warm, friendly atmosphere that makes Stan’s a DC favorite. Stan’s originated in upper northwest 38 years ago with the same great food, outstanding service and awesome drinks you find today. Today’s owner, Cathy, has maintained many of the traditions that made Stan’s a DC classic and added a few new touches of her own since she took over 14 years ago.

Stan’s is open for lunch, dinner and late evenings Monday through Friday; evenings on Saturdays and Sundays during football season.”

You can see their menu here.


From 2009:


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  • I like It ! I’m glad that Stans exists.

  • Oh Stans. You’ve facilitated some of my best bad decisions.

  • Stan’s is where you go when you’re having more than 10.

    Where was the original location in upper northwest?

  • Shoulda been: “STAN’S – Cocktail & Courage Lounge”

  • Did they buy this sign pre made at Staples or something? It looks almost as bad as the last one.

  • I prefer the old 70’s looking sign. So has anyone ever eaten here?

    • yeah, it’s not bad. The wings are gigantic and are not “pre-sauced,” so its like eating fried chicken. I like the burger. I mean, it’s good enough to level you out enough for multiple 14 oz cocktails.

      • Try the baked wings. They’re better than the fried ones. It’s a good spot for bar food. I’m a fan of the catfish nuggets as well. But, let’s be real. We all go there for the wings and glasses of straight alcohol with optional chasers. At least, that’s why my friends and I do. 🙂

    • I go there for lunch every few months. Food’s alright.

      The main attraction is the complete lack of bros and college students.

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