Smoke and Barrel celebrating 3rd anniversary – All draft beer will be $5 from 5-7 tonight

2471 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“Smoke and Barrel will be celebrating our third anniversary Monday, September 29 starting at 5 p.m.

All draft beer will be featured for $5 from 5-7 including some cellared rarities.

We will also be offering $3 Old Crow all night plus lots of specials on whiskey and food.”

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  • $5 Beers are a DEAL? haha .. what world is this.

    • Bizarro world!

    • If it were only mass-market beers I’d be right there with you, but to S&B’s defense, they have a rather excellent tap and great bartenders. I’ve never gotten a bad recommendation there, and $5 seems quite nice for everything they’re pouring.

      • Beer in this town is ridiculously over priced. The same taps in Seattle would be $3.50-$4.00 regular price.

        • Ha. I was just out there are found that city to be more expensive than DC (or NYC for that matter). Which is a joke because it was fairly lifeless and mediocre.

          • i’ve been to seattle a bunch of times and can’t agree with you that it’s more expensive than dc.
            or that it’s lifeless.

            where were you?

          • Granted, I’ve spent limited time in Seattle, and was last there in 2012, but whaaat? I can’t think of any city on the west coast that has more expensive beer (or food) than DC and NYC- not even SF.

          • SF is just as expensive for beer as dc, at least based on the 3 trips i took there this year.

          • Been to Seattle more times than I can count. Nice town, but it’s lifeless in a lot of ways DC isn’t. Little diversity, a bored ennui vibe (half goths, half yuppie techies), and the neighborhoods while nice are not really stitched together like they are here. About the same food and drink prices. Better music scene over there and certainly better for outdoor activities on the rare occasion it’s not raining, but that’s about it.

        • Hahaha yeah, right.

      • You’ve been in DC too long I’m afraid to say.

  • This just serves to remind me of the Asylum anniversary parties that Smoke and Barrel effectively laid waste to. I’d take those $1.[number of years in business] tall boys and the grungy basement atmosphere any day over this.

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