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  • Good news… Love the place but it was always too packed. Now if they could only work out more parking somehow.

    • Isn’t there a garage just half block away?

      • There sure is. It’s just that folks seem entitled to free parking for some reason.

        • There is a garage, it frequently gets full and the parking spaces are extra tiny in it. Adam’s Morgan is notorious for not having enough parking on a nightly basis. Just because you had a DUI and now need to ride a bicycle doesn’t mean everyone else has to, or that they should be forced to pay 20$ for parking 1 hour just to go to a restaurant. (since we’re being insulting online today, no offense, I don’t really know you)..

          • I have a car and don’t mind driving around to find a spot if I’m too lazy to drop it off at home before heading to Adams Morgan. I just don’t complain about a lack of parking when it’s clearly there.

          • @Anonymous
            September 30, 2014 at 3:05 pm

            Not everyone is you. My parents love the place and they come in from Maryland to go there. They are too old for me to take them on metro and then walk 10 blocks in the dark. Stop being so self centered and self assured. It’s a major problem lately in DC, the prudishness is daunting here.

          • @Anonymous 3:58
            Your choices of insults is confounding. That aside, if walking from the Metro to Adam’s Morgan is too much of a burden you can easily board one of the regularly running Circulator buses at either the Woodley Park or Columbia Heights metro stops.

          • +1 to what Ryan said about the Circulator, and about Anonymous 3:58’s perplexing choice of insults. Perhaps he/she is the same person who called someone a “prude” the other week with regard to satellite dishes? “Prude”/”prudishness” do not mean what you apparently think they mean.
            Yes, it’s hard to find FREE parking in Adams Morgan after a certain hour… but on a typical weeknight, it’s not particularly hard to find metered parking, which costs $2/hour. I’ve had to go to Adams Morgan multiple evenings recently because that’s where my rental unit is, and on the occasions I’ve driven, I was always able to find metered parking in front of the CVS/Safeway with no problem.

    • More parking? Inside the restaurant? That’s ridiculous.

  • This is awesome! Wonder what they mean by “lounge space,” though…

  • I would love to see Sakuramen expand into Petworth. With Crane & Turtle being a huge hit, ramen would be an excellent compliment to the area. Congrats on the current expansion!

  • Yesss I love this place! It’ll be awesome to have more space.

  • AWESOME. Good for them.

  • Just in time for my wintery noodle cravings! I can’t wait to get my cozy on!

  • justinbc

    Good for them. Kinda surprised to see Taan closing shop and these guys doing well enough to expand though.

    • the story is, cashion folks offered taan a very generous buyout to vacate so they could open up pop’s sea bar. i preferred taan over sakuramen, so was sad to see they closed. but did feel a bit heartened when i heard this side of things.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Every time I pass the seafood place there are lots of people there. Looks like they are doing well in the old Taan spot. I think it really helps that they opened up the front of the building so you can see inside.

        • Oops.

          kken – that makes sense. From what I’ve been told, the Cashion’s folks had been discussing the old Foot Action space, but the landlord was pretty firm on price, and a fair amount of work would have been needed to add a kitchen, so they couldn’t make the returns work. But, they really wanted that space to try a new concept.

    • not really. Sakuramen had a superior location as well as a superior product. Taan was extraordinarily pricy and quite inauthentic imho. I don’t want to pay $20 for a bowl of ramen that has duck confit in it, just give me more down home ramen and I’m happy.

      • It’s all subjective really. I feel the broths at Sakuramen are sub-par at best. Shrug.

      • justinbc

        I was trying to avoid bashing Sakuramen, but since you brought it up, the bowls I’ve had there have been mediocre at best. Taan prepared a different style, sure, but it was vastly superior in my experience. For the Sakuramen style I would actually rather take the train / drive up to Ren’s for a much more satisfying bowl and a better understanding of how to properly salt their broth.

        • I was wondering about Ren’s in Wheaton… Are they that good? Thus far Sakuramen has the best broth I’ve experienced thus far. I’m afraid to go to Toki because I feel I may get run over by a streetcar.

          • justinbc

            Sakuramen and Toki are very different styles, so just keep that in mind if/when you ever go. I liked Ren’s quite a lot for traditional Sapporo style ramen, it’s definitely the best I’ve had in this area. They also make a spicy broth that’s quite good. The only thing I found it lacking in was quality of the meats, but they were still plenty good to enjoy.

          • Ren’s is so so good! It’s definitely worth the trek. Their tonshio is my favorite. IMHO, Ren’s > Sakuramen > Toki/Daikaya > Taan.

          • justinbc

            My personal order would be:
            Toki >>> Ren’s / Taan, depending on mood > Sakuramen >> Daikaya / short lived People’s Noodle House
            The upper and lower echelons are far apart from the middle.

          • Another spot I would add to the list is Temari Cafe up in Rockville. I actually prefer the place because of their curry but their ramen is pretty good too. Out of all the spots, this place is the most Japanese.

        • Yes I’m not one to tout one place over another, especially when it comes to taste. Everyone is different with different tastes. The times I have been to Sakuramen, I found the service lacking and inattentive. On the other hand, I liked Taan as the place was warm, inviting and always got great service. So much so it became our regular Monday night get-together spot. Neither place are legit ramen by any stretch of the imagination so I don’t like comparing one to the other.

          Love Ren’s… the parking situation and cash only policy, not so much.

      • +1 sakuramen. MY GF and I agree Taan was trying too hard

  • wonderful! Great place. Maybe now it will be possible to get a table there after 5:15 😀

  • Yay! Such good news

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