Robbery Gun 6:15pm Last Night at the corner of 25th St and K St, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 6:15 PM today [Monday], a complainant reports being approached by a male subject at the corner of 25th St and K St NW. The male suspect presented a black handgun and demanded property from the complainant. The lookout for the suspect is as follows:

Black male, approximately mid-20’s, approximately 5’10” in height, dark complexion, wearing a dark gray hoodie with a black T-shirt underneath, dark color jeans, and with a goatee facial hair style. The suspect was armed with a dark color handgun.

If you witnessed the offense or have any information, please call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099.”

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  • Woah, that’s a super busy street that time of day.

  • There is always some scumbag trying to rob the GW kids. 6:15 on K Street is pretty bold though, even for them.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    That’s crazy!

  • If I hadn’t had plans last night, I would have been walking past there, to the metro from Georgetown, at precisely that time. I never even considered the possibility of street crime at that time, in that neighborhood. Yikes.

    • You should definitely consider crime if you have to be in Foggy Bottom after hours. It is not as safe as it looks. University police report a lot of armed robberies, some break-ins and some attempted rapes in the area, especially at night.

      • 6:15 on a Monday night is real brazen. I’m not surprised about there being a lot of robberies in this area. I mean, if you’re going to make the choice to rob people, going for clueless, rich GW students seems like a “smart” strategy.

        • @anon we’re not all clueless, and we’re not all rich!

          • True obviously not ALL GW students are rich and carrying around a bunch of Apple products daddy bought them…but if you’re trying to rob people, the odds are pretty good in that area that you will find some rich college kid (even if they’re not clueless) to steal from. Plus, if they’re a freshman and have never lived in a city before, it’s logical that they might not be the most street smart yet.

          • True as that may be, it’s undeniably a what one might call a target-rich environment.

      • That’s good advice, but I’m not sure I’d consider 6:15 “after hours.”

  • I used to live in that corner. It is not as busy as 25th & Penn, and if the actual location is one of the access lanes to the Freeway, it is actually a very empty street with lots of service alleys and dumpsters. The entire time we lived there, we avoided K St, even if it mean going the long way. Not surprised.

  • I would wonder how on earth someone could possibly expect to get away with an armed robbery in daylight during rush hour on one the busiest streets in DC, but then again, he did get away with it, didn’t he?

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