Reader Reports Lockers Broken into at U Street Vida over the Weekend – Any Other Gyms Hit?

1612 U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Was just heaving the u st vida [Sunday] and several women were standing at front desk with a police officer – the locks had been cut off their lockers while they were using the gym and all their stuff stolen.

The lights are all in the locker rooms because of an electrical issue – not sure if related or not.

Any one else hear of other gyms bring hit?”

Ed. Note: We used to get regular reports of similar occurrences from the Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights but it’s been a while since I’ve received a report.

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  • I know a couple yoga studios got robbed last week too.

    • you’re not kidding …. someone stole my Karma…..

    • My friend had her credit cards stolen and it was around the time she was at the WSC on CT Ave, not far from Vida. She wasn’t sure it happened exactly at the gym but this is an interesting coincidence.

  • msmaryedith

    A woman in my Pilates reformer class last night told me a bunch of lockers had been broken into at MINT yesterday morning. It’s only a couple of blocks away.

  • reluctant to share this because they’re always readily available and seem to be little used, but for a quarter you can use a far more secure lock box at most gyms. Most combo/key locks are useless in preventing theft. I use a standard combo one for my clothes and bag, but leave my wallet, phone, jewlery in the lock box which is also next to the front desk.

    A bolt cutter can be easily stashed in a gym bag. Your thief was probably in the pillates class with you

    • Do you know whether VIDA has this, as well? I know WSC has it, but I’ve never seen this at any of the VIDA locations.

  • Ugggh. That sucks. Sure, I know there’ll be plenty of ‘you shoulda known, don’t bring your wallet to the gym, you’re living in the big city, etc.’ but this just sucks. Often, I work out on the way home from work, and I feel like such a goober hauling my purse around the gym with me, but guess it’s either that or the lock boxes another poster mentioned.

  • Does anyone know whether those lockers that don’t require that you bring your own lock (the ones where you select a PIN for the time you’re using it) are less susceptible to break-ins? I’ve been shocked that VIDA, as expensive as it is, still requires members to bring their own locks. Not sure what to do when I go to the gym tonight…

  • I got robbed at the LA Fitness in Silver Spring in April. Within an hour she had used my credit cards to the tune of 5 grand!

  • Always shocked by this. Are there some new ninja style stealthy bolt cutters out there these people use? If not – I can’t believe there was not a single person I the lockerroom during this time that didn’t notice or hear anything.

    • I haven’t been in a woman’s locker rooms since I was about 4, but I know locker room etiquette can vary. Some places are pretty serious about the whole ‘avert your gaze’ thing, in which case, if you just do this while you are naked, then nobody should be looking…. except, of course, for the clueless 4 year olds….

      • Honestly? You think the thief pulled out bolt cutters and did this nude?

        Has it been confirmed that everyone had a lock cut off their locker with bolt cutters?

        Reason I ask is that, years ago when this was Results, a friend has his wallet and phone stolen from his locker. He admitted he didn’t use a padlock on the locker because he thought it was a “better class of people who belonged to the gym”…..

  • The new my ymca at 14 and w has built in combos that you set when you use them. Great gym better than Vida and wsc.

  • I tried to ask the front desk person at Vida U Street last week and he denied any knowledge of this happening. I guess next step is to call the management.

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