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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    I was out of commission most of the day on Friday, so just wanted to say thanks again to all those who attended the happy hour(s) on Thursday. That was quite the turn out!
    I kept hoping the streetcar would be done by October so that we could fittingly schedule that one at Biergarten Haus, but it looks like I’ll have to find a different venue. I love Dacha and Garden District, but neither really caters to large groups well, so it may have to be at Sauf Haus. I’ve done there happy hour before and it’s pretty solid price-wise, but it can get crazy packed, making getting a drink a challenge if you’re not resilient.

    • Thanks for organizing! We had a great time – including my daughter who enjoyed running around and trying to steal sips of my beer. Hope to make another one next time it’s in our neck of the woods!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanks for organising! The HH are super fun!

      • justinbc

        Sometimes a bit too much ๐Ÿ™‚ Very glad the next day that I skipped the shots…

        • Emmaleigh504

          One should never skip shots ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • justinbc

            (and yet I still managed to leave my umbrella behind)

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s why I was living dangerously and did not take an umbrella. I would have left it whether there was drinking or not.

          • Accountering

            I am pretty sure I did not skip the shots. The end of the night with SparklyKittyTacos and Andie was my favorite. We were at Duccinis, and Andie and I had already finished our slice of pizza. We had called an uber, and said we would happily give SKT a ride home. She was insisting that she pay us, and my comment of the night was “you can pay us in pizza!”
            We then demolished her slice of pizza. SKT, we may owe you Duccinis – though I suppose with the ride home we are even? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Accountering

            I just don’t even bother buying/bringing an umbrella anywhere. I am going to wind up losing the umbrella the first time I use it, so even a $5 umbrella is a horrible investment, if I know it is going to wind up being single-use.

          • justinbc

            I texted the bartender on my way home and had him set it aside for me, perks of knowing folks where you drink!

          • Accountering — Andie texted me the next day about eating my pizza and I sadly had no idea what she was referring to. :/ Haha I don’t know if you saw my rant from Friday but I blame drinking vodka on an empty stomach! But yes, consider us even and thanks for the ride! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • justinbc

            That sounds a lot with my one and only encounter with Jumbo Slice after a night at Dan’s Cafe. Photo evidence is the only reason I believe it happened.

          • Accountering

            Duccinis is actually good jumbo slice. I have had it sober (multiple times) and actually enjoy it. I did swear off Dan’s Cafe after the last time in there though. I am much too old for that place.

      • Thanks for organizing, Justin! The HH was great (especially on the heels of my long-awaited lease-signing)!

    • justinbc

      Oh, and Rave for Crafty Bastards! They’ve fixed a lot of the organization issues at the Union Market location that were upsetting in the past, had lots of new vendors that I had never seen there before, and it seemed like lots of parents left the double wide strollers at home this year.

      • +1 The event was super well-run this year and the vendors were much better than they’ve been in the past. We had a great time even though it was super packed.

    • Becks

      Thanks for hosting! I didn’t stay long, but it was fun!

  • Rave: Friends’ wedding this weekend. It was a blast and marks the end of this year’s wedding season. I’m looking forward to an unscheduled fall.
    Rant: I forgot to ask for a decaf coffee during dinner, so I was up all night.
    Rave: At least this means I will sleep well this evening, right? So tired.

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend! Breakfast at the Diner, followed by a trip to the zoo Saturday morning (including seeing the sea lions get fed!), a run with the kiddo when she didn’t want to nap, and playing in the back yard. Sunday was fun-filled with more biking around the neighborhood to practice riding with the kiddo, then got to the last 4 innings of the no-hitter Nats game, followed by a trip to Yards park. We’d never been, and kiddo LOVED the water park. Finished off the day with delicious mango-habanero ice cream from Jubilee ice cream (the first ice cream my daughter has ever shown an interest in, believe it or not). All in all, a great weekend!
    Rant: sleep troubles. Most of the last several days have just involved trouble falling asleep. Last night was a 5am wakeup with trouble falling back asleep. Ugh. I want my excellent sleeper back!
    Rave: glad to have finally gotten in a run over the weekend. Must get back into that this week for real. Have a 10k race in a month!

  • Rave: Happy National Coffee Day! I hope you’re enjoying a cup (or twelve).

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Friend had to bow out of the Nats game yesterday at the last minute and I got his ticket. What a game to watch live!
    Rave: Finally got a mistake with the DC Tax Office resolved this morning, after two years of trying to get it fixed.
    Rave: Vacation! No rants when my week has started off this well!

  • Rant: Feel a cold coming on. Anyone else?
    Rant: Was charged $4.40 for Caramel Apple Cider Grande when all I wanted was a hot apple cider. Was I charged incorrectly?
    Rave: Apple cider, goooooooood.

    • Did it have caramel in it? Then no. 16 ounces of apple juice is a lot, how much do you expect it to cost?

    • If you ordered an apple cider, they should have given you an apple cider. IIRC, Starbucks offers both regular hot apple cider and a (more expensive) caramel apple cider.

  • rant: crazy stressful funeral weekend with services entirely in korean therefore mystifying to me, but I was able to say good bye and support my cousins so that was actually pretty good.
    rave: brunch yesterday with my old HS friend who moved to vegas, she came back to town for a funeral too coincidentally and I’m so glad I was able to see her.
    rave: came to work early today to catch up from missing friday and it was so quiet and peaceful and I got a lot done! now it is 10 and everyone is here and stopping by my desk (which is ostensibly the reception area) and I’m getting less (but still work) done.
    ???: waiting to hear back if I’ll get a second interview at the firm I saw last week (thu). If I don’t hear back by today I’m going to get really nervous :/ (because before I left they said they would reach out to schedule it)

  • epric002

    rave: great time at cousin’s wedding. i love my extended family. also got to love my my chunky-monkey baby nephew. squeeee! he is getting so big!
    rave: lovely dog sitters who watched the pups while we were gone.
    rant: had a temporary mail hold while we were gone and yet the mail was delivered at some point.
    rave: yummy tacos from taqueria habanero- both of the carnitas options (one has pineapple?) were delish. chicken was ok. husband loved the barbacoa.
    rave: dragged my tired butt to yoga yesterday afternoon.
    rant: it was yoga instructor’s last class ๐Ÿ™ and they don’t have a replacement for that time slot. double drat. i was really enjoying my sunday afternoon practice and the other offerings of that class are not convenient for me.
    rave: sticky fingers cupcakes. i’m not even vegan and these are the best damn cupcakes around!

    • epric002

      forgotten rave: after the phone interview and writing sample submission, husband got an in-person interview!
      forgotten rant: interview is in CA (even though job is in DC) and he’s going to have to smush it in b/n a bunch of work trips. ugh.

  • Rant: End of year self-evaluation for work. These things are such a waste of everyone’s time and yet, here I am.

  • Rave: Great birthday weekend trip to Indiana with my dad and two brothers, got to see UMD beat up on IU in their first big 10 match up. Got to see the Colts beat up on the Titans (wow their stadium is so much nicer than FedEx field) We got to meet andrew luck after the game and chatted for a few minutes (my dad is good friends with his dad). He complimented my “hipster shoes” – holla
    Rave: Seeing my lady friend tonight, she’s making me dinner ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: I am 26 now..whoa

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Your rave is my rant LOL (IU/MD not your lady friend). Otherwise, how was Bloomington?

    • Wait, so you and Formerly Broken Jaw are both 1) from Indiana and 2) members of the AB-Y? Or are you not from Indiana but were just going there for other reasons?
      Happy birthday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday!

    • Accountering

      This sounds like a great weekend! Making you dinner, that sounds like you are making some progress with this one!
      RE: UMD, I am super excited for this weekend. OSU is going to give Maryland a very rude welcome to the B1G, and it is not going to be pretty.

      • justinbc

        I wonder if there will be more OSU or UMD fans in attendance at College Park…

        • Accountering

          I would say it will be something like 50/50. I went to the OSU/CAL game at Cal last fall (seems like forever ago) and it was probably 30% OSU fans, and CAL has a bigger stadium than UMD.

          • Cal is also a lot further from OSU. I suspect that OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin will have more fans at games than MD, they all have huge numbers of alums in the area.

          • Accountering

            Agreed. DC is as much of a tourist destination for people from Ohio as the Bay Area is as well. Was thinking if OSU drew 30% of 63,000 at Cal, then 50% of 54,000 at MD is very doable, perhaps a bit more, as Columbus is only about 6.5 hours away. Either way, people who work downtown will be seeing a lot of red Os this week and next.

          • Accountering

            Too early, and hadn’t had any coffee yet: people will be seeing a lot of “Scarlet” Os.

      • No I am a UMD alumni, not from Indiana haha. The school looked nice although we didn’t really have time to explore the downtown, which apparently is really pretty. And i think the terms could give ohio state a run for their money, our offense is putting up big numbers as long as our defense can somewhat contain. But yeah, it will be a tough game!

  • Rave: Startled myself by making Brussels sprouts with bacon. Yup, it’s fall.
    Rave: Bigelow pharmacy lemon body cream. It’s the best!
    Rant: Sometimes I feel like DC and maybe the entire world is being taken over by people who peaked as college sophomores whose sole goal in life is to be captains of their insular debating teams. I feel like an anachronism. Fortunately, there are still a few havens where I can pause to sip a nice cup of tea and revere kindness, compassion, empathy and other gentler values.
    Rant: I hate it when I find a quiet out of the way spot, and someone else finds it too — and decides that because it’s a quiet out of the way spot, it’s a perfect place for a loud cell phone conversation.

  • Rave โ€“ The weather and the team parachuting into the stadium at Howard. Somebody must have taken pictures of them circling and then dropping in.

  • gotryit

    Rave: upgrading to HD security cameras – got a couple of them up and running this weekend. Now catching the prostitutes on video may be NSFW anymore. So much for sending PSAs to PoP.

    • What brand did you get? I’ve been thinking of doing this myself.

    • dumb question, but what are you aiming for with the security cameras? we’re going to install a fake security camera & motion-sensor light to try to deter drunks from leaving bottls/cans/trash & urinating in our driveway. my guess is that this isn’t worth putting together an actual security system, but it would be nice to stop the trash and stench in our driveway!

      • gotryit

        -On one side of the house, it’s very quiet – tends to get prostitution / drugs. (PSA – if you’re a prostitute, don’t drop your used condoms on the sidewalk because then we KNOW what was going on).
        -Package / theft from the front porch was a big one when I started.
        -I got someone on video who hit-and-ran my new car during last year’s big snowstorm.
        -Several car break-ins. I swear they prefer to do it right in front of my best cameras. A couple of those made them onto PoP.
        -Video evidence of a car crash (tow truck hit parked cars) on a street that’s busy / dangerous (helpful for getting news attention to pressure DDOT).
        -Getting good shots of people who are doing things suspicious, like checking out the house to see if windows are locked.
        -Video of someone who tried (and failed) to break into a front porch window when I had recently moved in.
        -Video of people who clearly stole stuff from a house down the block, stashed the goods on the side of my (former) house, then came back for them a few minutes later.
        -A worse felony that put away a couple of people for a long time. Not going to say more about that.
        This is a mix from my previous house and current house. Current house is much quieter.
        Based on what people do right in front of my cameras, I’m not sure how much of a deterrent a dummy camera would be.

  • Rave: spent the gorgeous weekend with my husband brainstorming fun entrepreneurial ventures and have a few ideas that seem viable with some elbow grease, luck and the right supporting cast.
    Rant: I’m risk averse through-and-through, and can’t imagine quitting my job to put in the requisite elbow grease. Entrepreneurship is scary and my job, while not perfect, is quite good and pays the bills. I really wonder how entrepreneurs make this leap of faith.

    • justinbc

      I think a lot of them tackle both at once, or wait until they’ve saved quite a lot of a safety net.

      • “I think a lot of them tackle both at once.”
        This is usually what happens.
        #2 most common: Or you take the entrepreneurial risk when you’re 25 and don’t have any bills to pay/real responsibilities.
        #3 most common: Or your millionaire family member bankrolls you. It takes money to make money.

  • skj84

    Rave: a very PoPville weekend! Had a blast at Happy Hour on Thursday, then the Nats game with binpetworth on Friday, and PoPville brunch on Sat at Bar Pilar. Good seeing everyone!

    Rave/Rant: I did end up bartending Saturday evening. It was a long night but fun. My fellow bartender got on my nerves though. He was really over the top and kept trying to correct me on things I knew. And interrupting me when I was dealing with customers.

    Rave: NYC bound! Looking forward to exploring and just chilling.

    • justinbc

      Correcting coworkers in front of customers or other employees is always so unprofessional, even if what you’re doing is wrong (caveat: unless what you’re doing poses an immediate threat / concern to someone).

      • skj84

        Exactly! We had different work styles and I think he wanted me to do things his way. I was doing fine and really didn’t need his “advice”. Plus he undermined me in front of a guest which is one of my biggest work pet peeves.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: Rhea Perlman as Dannyโ€™s mother in โ€œThe Mindy Project.โ€ Brilliant!
    Rave: I was impressed that my new neighbors had ten (TEN!) pumpkins on their porch.
    Rant: Noticed the uniform sheen and realized that they are fake! #Michaels
    Rave: My leftover โ€œSouthwestโ€ stuffed eggplant Iโ€™m gonna have for lunch in a few minutes.

    • I agree with ALL OF THIS

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Wait! You’re gonna eat my lunch????

        • I would like the recipe!! So. much. eggplant in this year’s farm share…..

          • Formerly Broken Jaw

            No recipe, just dump and stir. I sliced lengthwise two eggplants, hollowed them out and chopped up the eggplant I scooped outand mixed it in a bowl with a can of tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, sautรฉed green pepper and onion, black beans, fresh corn and a small can of green chilis with some taco seasonings.

            Sauce, cheese, sauce. I baked for about 50 minutes and then topped with cheese and baked for another 10.

            โ€œSouthwestโ€ is in quotes for a reason.

    • justinbc

      She was great in that role! Side note: I recently saw a Workaholics marathon and Anders Holm is great in that show too.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My apartment is in upheaval.
    Rave: Because I’m getting new windows later this week!
    Thinking: Perhaps after the windows are done I’ll finally get a dishwasher.

  • Rant: work is kicking my butt
    Rave: had a lovely brunch Sunday with some of the popville women
    Rave: checked out the trampoline park in Springfield yesterday
    Rant: everything is sore
    Rave: had a great date over the weekend. I hope this one sticks

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Just found some gummi bears in my desk! That weren’t stale!

  • Rave: joined an online dating site for the first time. I’m shy, so I think this is a good step for me.

    Rant: received way too many messages from the online dating site. Over 30 messages in 24 hours is frightening. A few good ones, and I don’t know how to handle this. It’s overwhelming.

    Do guys like it when ladies message them first? I have no idea what I’m doing.

    • epric002

      congrats! if the messages are insulting/of no substance/you’re not interested- you don’t have to respond. start with the good ones, and go from there. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks, all! Surprisingly no lewd comments. A good number of genuine (a.k.a I read your profile) message and some template/boring messages. I’m just not into a lot of the guys. I have learned something though – I have NO type. Perhaps way too open minded…

        • epric002

          i think open-minded is good! decide what your 3ish must-have/must-not-haves are but otherwise be willing to try new things/people. and it’s totally fine to develop your own boring/template- “thanks for the message (date) but i just don’t think we’re a good fit. best of luck to you, no hard feelings” enjoy!

    • skj84

      It’s totally ok the message guys first! Go after what you want. Just be personable. Oh and polite. Don’t worry about rejection, it happens but just look forward.

    • Accountering

      Guys DO like it when you message first. Some initiative is awesome. The numbers can be so skewed on some of those sites, and as such, you have to send a lot of messages to even get one response. I think in a city like DC, you are oftentimes better off meeting in person, as the numbers (straight guy/straight girl ratio) is so skewed in guys favor. Good luck – keep us updated!

    • justinbc

      It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed with messages, especially if it’s a site that shows you as a new user (as OKC does). For lack of a better term guys will view that as “fresh meat” that hasn’t been tarnished by all the inevitable barrage of template messages you allude to. It will likely taper off (unless you’re just really attractive) and become more manageable over the weeks as new people enter the queue. And yes, some guys definitely appreciate women taking initiative, both in messaging and while on a date. If you’re actually into a guy there’s no reason you shouldn’t express that to him. Use the Outback motto when in doubt, “No Rules, Just Right”.

    • Well done! Yeah, all the messages can be overwhelming, but soon enough you’ll be able to identify the legit ones from the creeper/generic ones. (There is a subset of dudes out there who have an obviously boilerplate message that they send out to a zillion women hoping that sheer volume will yield results. These are not dudes who should be in the dating pool.) One thing I’ve learned from online dating is never feel obligated to respond to anyone. If you don’t feel super enthusiastic about a guy and his message or if you start to get weird vibes after exchanging a few messages, there’s no need to write back. It’s the internet, it’s relatively anonymous, you don’t owe anything to someone you haven’t met. And if a guy needles, pesters, or negs you for not responding, block him and move on.

    • not sure what site you’re using but on match you can use a filter for your emails. If the person who sent you a message doesn’t meet your criteria it automatically gets filtered out of your inbox. As a male I got tired of sending short personal messages, so I put on my profile that I wouldn’t send an email unless we both sent a wink to each other, then I would initiate the email process. Saved a lot of time and effort. Good luck!

      • I used OKCupid. My friend recommended it after she met her boyfriend of 3 years on it. Hit or miss for a lot people, but I figured it’s worth a try.

    • Yeah, online dating sites usually spotlight new people who join so it can be pretty overwhelming the first week or so – it should drop down to more manageable levels though.

      Good luck! It takes a lot of patience, but it can be fun. I was on OKC for a year and a half before meeting my last boyfriend, starting to use it again now.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Missing all the PoPville events
    Rave: Working on correcting that!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: What a great weekend. Perfect outdoor drinking weather friday, Nats game on Saturday, and picked up plenty of whimsical and twee items for both home and baby at Crafty Bastards on Sunday.
    Rave: Responsible people at Upshur Dog Park. Took the dog Sunday, and when several gods, including mine, started to get a little too aggressive in playing, every owner was reasonable, separated their dogs and calmed them down. No freakouts, no yelling, or conversely no one allowing their dog to attack others and cause an incident. It was great.

    Rant: I think I’m done with food trucks. I keep trying them, and they keep churning out mediocre or worse food. The diversity of options they provide doesn’t mean much when the food consistently sucks.

    • Send them to where I work! I forgot my lunch this morning and am reminded anew of how limited our food options are. When Subway is far and away the most interesting and tasty option, even mediocre food truck found would be welcome.

    • justinbc

      Re: trucks, there are a lot of terrible ones that got on board once they realized the profitability with little barrier to entry. The variety has gone down a lot too, with seemingly half of them consisting of some take on halal/shawarma/burritos with very little ingenuity. Prices seem to have gone up too. A few years ago the standard for a “good deal” from a truck used to be around $7, now it’s more like $10. A 40% increase is definitely outpacing inflation. I used to be one of their biggest advocates here in DC, now I honestly just don’t even care.

    • I’m loving the typo in your second rave. From your mouth/keyboard to the gods’ ears!
      –I think you have to pick your food trucks — just like you have to pick your restaurants. I’m pretty stuck on PhoWheels for their sandwiches and tacos. The’ve been consistently excellent — and add creative options to my unadventurous neighborhood. Also, if you make it over to Baltimore, I can highly, highly recommend the Gypsy Queen food truck.

    • Which ones have you tried? I only like a few: Pho Wheels, Far East Taco Grille, Sundevich, Fire and Rice, and Sate. The latter two are a bit overpriced IMO though.

  • Rave – Had a great weekend in Toronto, what a fun city!
    Rant – Still in vacation mode and don’t feel like doing any work today.

  • Anyone know when West Elm is opeining in Logan Circle?

  • Rant/Rave – disappointing second date yesterday – guy was a bit of a jerk, but we were both honest and realized we want entirely different things and would not be a good match (very different views on children/where to live).
    Rant – sometimes I feel like one of the only women in the world who doesn’t want to have kids and move to the suburbs but DOES want a long-term relationship.
    Rant – it’s freezing in my office and open floor plans are the worst – everyone around me talks constantly.
    Rave – Some fun plans this week including a reception at the W and Happy Hour with a good friend.

    • Accountering

      DCU fan: Totally hear you on that one. I was kind of the opposite. I had absolutely no interest in moving to the suburbs, and that was a deal breaker for me when I was meeting women. Parents and friends thought I was ridiculous, but hey, whatever is important to you, is important to you, and no reason to try and suppress that.

      • Yup, that’s my thought – I’m not going to give up what I want/change for someone. he was kind of a jerk about it, but hey, it’s good to be honest and realize what’s a deal breaker.

    • You are absolutely not alone. On my end of my block (in DC) there are three of us with no kids, no desire to move out, and happy in long term relationships (in our particular cases, all with men. )

    • skj84

      My best friend does not want children. She’s never has and never will. Her boyfriend is on the same page. I’m glad she found someone who shares the same ideals.

    • justinbc

      You’re definitely not the only one, my partner is right there with you (thankfully, since I share that point of view). I don’t think I’ve ever had those conversations as early as a second date though, so good you got it out of the way early on I guess.

    • epric002

      definitely not alone says this fellow no kids/staying in the city curmudgeon!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Another child-free, city chick here! I kind of want to move to the country so I can have a million pets, but I would be miserable. I’ll just have to wait to inherit my parents’ city house with a huge yard (when they retire, not die).

    • Kids? No thanks! I like having my cake and eating it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You are not alone. There are plenty of both women and men who don’t want kids nowadays but who also see the value in a long term relationship with the right person. Better to weed out bad fits early on.

      • +1.
        Usually dating sites have something where you can answer “Yes/Maybe/No” to the question of whether you want kids. Kserasera, had either of you specified this in your profiles?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I wish they had a spot for step-kids. I have no problem with kids from a previous relationship, I just don’t want to make any more.

          • justinbc

            To me that would be even worse. If it’s my own hellspawn causing trouble, that I can deal with, but if I have to get a list of pre-approved disciplinary actions from the other parent who’s not even part of your relationship that’s just way more complications than it’s worth (in a city overflowing with potential candidates).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah, but you aren’t birthing them! I’m a-ok with other people creating life, just not me. I’m sure it would be difficult, but in my head I could totally do it. In my head, the step kids are tweens or older and live mostly with their mom. See, totally doable.

          • justinbc

            It’s good to ID your target demographic scenario in advance for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Another childfree, looking-for-a-long-term-relationship, city dwelling lady here. Solidarity, my sisters!
      Good for you, kserasera, for dodging a jerk/incompatible bullet early. Dating is so rough. Best of luck to you!

    • why are you talking about having kids on a second date? I mean….peoples minds change over time, it seems silly to have that as a deal breaker. I don’t know how old you are though so maybe it is more important

      • Anonymous, I’m guessing you’re in your early to mid-20s. Some people’s minds do change over time, but if one person definitely wants kids and the other definitely doesn’t, it’s better to get that out in the open early so that they don’t waste each other’s time. As far as deal-breakers go, this is one of the most important ones there is.

        • justinbc

          Yeah. While it’s not something I would normally discuss on a second date, I would still know either way. The only way that more time with that person might change my previous mentality about it was if I found out she happened to be a millionaire heiress and we could both just be unemployed with a nanny running along to clean up the baby mess.

          • With all of this talk of long term childfree city dwellers not wanting to clean up baby mess or interrupt their drinking time (maybe I added that last one), I’m tempted to make the next popville hh. I used to have a crew of similars but then they all had babies or moved (some to the burbs, some to other cities). Proof that people do change their minds unfortunately, but hell, some of us stick around the hood and enjoy our babylessness in all its glory.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You should come to the next HH! Everyone is super nice and very entertaining.

          • justinbc

            There are quite a lot of baby owning PoPvillagers as well, if they ever have suggestions for places with HH that are more kid friendly I’ll gladly take those into consideration (as long as it’s not a chain). I’ve just never really looked for that aspect in a bar so I wouldn’t know where to begin.

          • Perhaps the patio at Right Proper for kid friendly? I’ve also been to Dacha mid week and it isn’t too crowded early and is kid friendly.

        • One man’s opinion since we are offering them here…

          I was sure that I did not want to children for most of my adult life. The thing I ended up realizing after becoming a father was that I didn’t have “a child”, I had “my daughter” and understand the difference was what I was missing.

      • epric002

        kids/no kids seems silly as a deal breaker?! are you serious????

        • That’s why I think this person has to be really young and is assuming that their next relationship isn’t going to last long enough for kids/no kids to be an issue.

    • I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe anyone under 42 who says they don’t want kids. I mean, yes, I believe that you don’t want them NOW, and that NOW feels like FOREVER to you. But having seen every. last. one. of my loudly anti-kid friends from HS, college, and graduate school eventually become parents, all the objections sound empty. It’s just really trendy to say you’re not going to do that thing that everyone else is doing, especially once you missed out on being the first one to do it.

      • epric002

        gag. i guess it’s easier for you to lump everyone into this “trend” you’ve imagined than to contemplate actual, individual people making well thought out decisions about whether they want kids? your dismissiveness of people younger than 42 (so arbitrary!) is insulting.

        • No, it’s based on experience. Which many people declaiming about their childfree forever don’t have. (“Have my cake and eat it too”? Gag indeed.)

          • Just because you’re bitter doesn’t mean you know anyone and why they made the decisions they did. Don’t hate on me because I did what I wanted (not having kids) instead of what other people thought I should do.

          • epric002

            anecdote =/= data. again, how dismissive to assume that *you* (or anyone over 42, i suppose) are the sole possessor(s) of experience.

      • I’m sure you realize that just because your particular friends changed their mind doesn’t mean that many others won’t. I’m one of the posters above, under 42, and I’m willing to bet cash money that my mind won’t change unless I become insanely wealthy.

        • Hey, that’s what *I* said! ๐Ÿ˜€
          (I shouldn’t have been so sure about things I didn’t understand.)

        • My ears (eyes?) just perked up at the mention of bras. And since I’m here, I’ll throw in my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth. I’m in the camp of people who thought “no baby for me ever,” but that did change over time. It changed -completely- for me as I met my friends’ and family members’ awesome kids and realized that for me, parenthood was an essential part of (my) life. But not ALL of my friends have made this decision as we approach our 40s, and more power to the friends who decided that parenting -wasn’t- for them. There is no one right way to do things, especially when it comes to a decision as important as becoming a parent.

          So in sum, there’s a chance the OP might change his or her mind, but there’s a change s/he won’t. We could all speculate on that subject but s/he hasn’t provided us enough info do do so with any kind of certainty and frankly s/he doesn’t have to.

          • justinbc

            I think you bring up an interesting point (whether intentionally or not), that some people simply shouldn’t be parents whether they want to or not. Some people are just terrible at even being themselves, there’s no way they should have control over another human.

          • Haha justinbc I hope you weren’t implying that I shouldn’t be a parent ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I didn’t mean to imply that, actually. All I meant was that people who make decisions not to be parents are probably making the right decision because they are the ones who most have to live with it. Not the relatives, friends, or strangers who might think they’re in a position to judge.

      • justinbc

        That’s unfortunate that your friends either can’t make up their minds or lack the ability to stick with their commitments. Please don’t associate the rest of us with people you went to school with. Assuming that you are over 42 (the only reason I can imagine you came up with this arbitrary number), then you’re from a different generation than many of the posters here, likely with different values, views on long term income, perception of where you live, things you want to accomplish, etc.
        Maybe just accept the fact that some people don’t need their mind made up for them?

        • “Thatโ€™s unfortunate that your friends either canโ€™t make up their minds or lack the ability to stick with their commitments.”
          Ha! You’re joking right? So you would pass up the opportunity to do something to make your life happier simply because you once said you wouldn’t do that thing? This has nothing to do age or generation, this is simply about the fact that humans beings often change their minds, sometimes about “big” things. You may in fact be right about all your future preferences but chances are you’re not.

          • justinbc

            It was an attempt to revert the cynicism back to the OP. Of course I believe that people can change their mind, but I’m not foolish enough to think that all of us will.

        • Great link, Justin — thanks!

      • If your friends changed their minds, that’s fine… FOR THEM. It doesn’t mean you can make generalizations about everyone else.
        Enjoy your life, and let other people enjoy theirs. We don’t all have to arrive at the same destination — happiness — the same way.

      • I sort of hear what you are saying since a lot of my anti-kid friends (when I was in my 20s) ended up with a kid in their 30s (most stopped at 1). I think some people were just going along with the flow of the conversation by agreeing, whatever … people were young. But some remain contently childless and not a single person thought they “missed out” by not being the first one to do it. That is just weirdly competitive.

      • binpetworth

        41 here and am pretty sure my opinion isn’t going to change in a year ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Funny how many people feel personally attacked by the idea that they don’t know everything, right this minute. “Bitter?” Ah, no. Very glad to be able to laugh at my 25 year old self! We went around TELLING people that we would *never* have children, that we wanted to travel and eat out and enjoy the honeymoon forever. We must have looked so stupid! ๐Ÿ˜€ “Can’t make up their mind or lack the ability to stick with their commitment?” That’s insane. And inane. (Do you have a random insult generator?) Since when is rigid adherence to one set of ideas a *good* thing? Being capable of changing one’s mind with new information (even if that new information is just a different set of circumstances, or a different outlook on life, the kind that comes with time and experience) is a solid definition of intelligence.
        Why are folks so eager to make the kind of “I WILL NEVER” claims that SO MANY people end up having to eat? Not that it matters, of course. Everyone is thrilled to see the babies of the 40-something career couple who swore up and down for 20 years that babies gave them hives. So I guess there’s nothing to lose!

        • You changed your mind – you had a baby. I guess you’re just a better person than anyone else. Whatever.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think a lot of the problem is that when someone says they don’t want kids, it is immediately answered with some variation of, You’ll change your mind when you’re older, meet the right partner, etc. It’s pretty condescending and always seems to come from someone who has children and think they know better what the other person wants. It is very frustrating. Let’s just assume people are able to make up their own minds for once.

          • Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I was just about to type the exact same thing. Someone get this lady a shot ๐Ÿ™‚

        • epric002

          you seem really stuck on the idea that until you hit the magical 42, you couldn’t possibly have an understanding of what you want in life. that’s nice if it worked out for you, but to assume that’s how it will work for everyone else is really pretty sad. are you this dismissive of people who honestly answer that they *do* in fact want kids? or is that kind of “rigid adherence to one set of ideas” ok in your book?

          • having kids and wanting kids are not the same thing.

          • epric002

            anon @ 4:39- i know. how is that related to my comment?

          • I’m going to put this out there because I haven’t seen it raised here and can speak very personally to it being an important point — there can be a time when it’s too late to have kids of your own and sometimes the realization you want kids can come when times really is running out. I’m a lady in my mid-late 30s and -desperately- want a baby. After trying with my husband for more than a year and having a miscarriage, I’ve learned that I have multiple issues that could prevent me from ever having a viable pregnancy. It’s terrifying and especially maddening because several of these problems are age-related and wouldn’t have been issues if I had tried earlier. Also, my own experience (which I realize may not apply to others) is that some of the options that seem silver bullets, like IVF and adoption, come with really big costs, both financial and emotional, that are especially tough to take on when dealing with the realization that you can’t just get pregnant the old fashioned way.

            I am 100% for people making their own decisions, whatever they may be, but do wish I had been more informed in my early 30s about what I might expect when I tried to have kids a bit later. It would have changed a lot of my decisions or at least my thought process.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yep, DifferentAnonymous, this is the other thing people say to people when they say they don’t want kids. I’m sorry you have had to deal with these things, but these are not issues for me at all. I know I don’t want kids, so no one needs to educate me on this. Besides, every time I go for my annual check up, my doctor, who is the only person who should be “concern trolling” me on this topic, brings up the subject. She trusts me to make up my mind, why don’t other people?

          • epric002

            differentanonymous- i’m sorry to hear of your struggles with something you want so badly. it is important for men and women to understand the limits of natural fertility, which can be really hard when you often don’t know of any issues until it might be too late. i hope this works out for you.

          • I meant to stress in the second part of my point — and didn’t do as well as I would like — that my comments don’t apply to people who are certain they don’t want kids. I realize exactly how insensitive my comments could sound in that context. And that I sound like a total stereotype (which sucks for me too, believe me).

          • Emmaleigh504

            DiffAnon, that reads harsher than I intended. I just wanted to point out that concern for diminishing fertility does come up, and often. Maybe not here so much, but face to face conversations. It’s definitely a concern for women who aren’t sure yet if they want kids, but not much of a concern for women who don’t want them or don’t want to be pregnant.

          • Emmaleigh504

            DiffAnon, I think we understand each other ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s def something to think about if you aren’t sure.

          • Good Emilie504 ๐Ÿ™‚ For whatever it’s worth, I totally support your decision to not have kids if that’s what you want.

        • justinbc

          That’s great that you can now identify insane and inane ideas. Now go back and read your original post and apply that same rigid logic to it and maybe you’ll get my point about being so blind to possibilities.
          “Why are folks so eager to make the kind of โ€œI WILL NEVERโ€ claims” … I can’t answer that, but I also wonder why folks are so eager to tell them that they’re wrong.

        • @Anonymous 2:35. So you changed your mind. That’s cool. Some people don’t change their mind. That’s also cool. No need to insist on some arbitrary deadline for when people will realize they were wrong. Maybe it’s you who will be wrong about these total strangers.
          People do and don’t have kids for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes people get to choose whether they do or don’t have kids, sometimes life happens and they do or don’t have kids regardless of what they wanted.

          • Emmaleigh504

            “People do and donโ€™t have kids for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes people get to choose whether they do or donโ€™t have kids, sometimes life happens and they do or donโ€™t have kids regardless of what they wanted.”
            Precisely. Now let’s not judge people on their wants and desires that may or may not happen.

          • +1. Live your life and let other people live theirs.

          • The tone of Anonymous definitely leaves something to be desired, however the numbers actually agree with what Anonymous is saying. As of 2014, 19% of American women age 40-44 are childless. However, this has been relatively flat since 2000. So in last 15 years, 19% of women have consistently gone childless. It’s not becoming a more prominent, despite what we perceive.
            That said, history shows that most people who claim that they want to be childless in their 20s change their mind at some point in time. Some will continue to stick with their decision to be childless, but most will not. I respect everyone’s decision, even if they change their mind one way or the other. For the last 15 years, I didn’t want kids. Now that I’m in my early 30s and have dated a ton of people, I think my decision to have kids would depend on the temperament of my partner. Some would make great parents…..others not good parents. I guess I’m a “swing voter,” when it comes to kids.
            Being childless is still considered to be a socially subversive act, though much of the negative connotations have gone away.

          • Anonymous 4:34, I think you’d need to do longitudinal studies to be able to make the argument that “most people who claim that they want to be childless in their 20s change their mind at some point in time.” And I suspect that there are a lot of people in their 20s whose stance regarding kids is “maybe” or “don’t know” or “not right now,” as opposed to “no.”
            The reasons that people are so irked with the original Anonymous are his smugness, his conviction that people under 42 who say they don’t want kids will change their minds, his attitude that people without kids are envious of those with kids, etc.
            There are many people on PoPville who have kids, but don’t share Anonymous’s apparent belief that’s what right for him is right (and practically inevitable) for everyone.

      • i’ll admit that it does makes sense that your anecdotal experience would taint who you trust.

      • what does “trendy” have to do with it?

        • There’s nothing “trendy” about being childless. If anything, the biggest upward trend toward being childless came from the period of 1984 to 2000. It’s been consistently 19% of women for the last generation.

      • I’m 40, sig other is 47. Both of us don’t want kids – he is vehemently against them; I fall into the “meh, really don’t care to have them, find small yappy kids annoying”.

        I’ll check in in 2 years if I’ve changed my mind.

  • Rave: New love of beets (roasted), grew kohlrabi for the first time and roasted some along with beets. Delicious.
    Rave: Garden is still going strong, especially tomatoes (Lemon Boy is the star of this year’s garden).
    Rave: Started a grove of native trees this weekend. I’m growing them from seed which is not a process for immediate gratification.
    No rants : )

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: another great weekend!
    Revel: Listening to the Sunday Nats game on the radio. May have teared up a bit. They’ve come a long way in ten years.
    Rant/Revel: If the Nats make it to the World Series, that’s the week we’re supposed to be on the west coast. DILEMMA!

  • Becks

    Rant: My office is moving to another office. All desks have been assigned and people are moving boxes right now. I think they forgot about me. I don’t have a desk. I expect at any moment for them to confiscate my redline stapler.
    Rave: I have leftover Chinese takeout for lunch.
    Rant: The squirrels have found the backyard and have started digging in the potted plants.

  • Rave: The weekend, the weather was simply awesome.
    Rant: Watching all the bicyclists go by, enjoying the weather, with puppy dog eyes.
    Rave: PoPville HH was awesome. Glad to meet everyone, not so glad to meet them shots.
    Rave: Pulled double duty and did HH on Fri with gf’s coworkers at Dacha.
    Rant: Not as many biker-related vendors at Crafty Bastards this year. Way too many ironic onesies.
    Rave: Life.

  • Rant: I feel like I’m becoming really desensitized to my job. I wanted my passion for the work to be enough, but the non-functional organizational structure, the constant micro-managing of my boss, and the additional administrative work that I have to take on because other departments don’t have the “bandwith” to do their jobs, is not really what I signed up for. I’m really unhappy – does anyone have any advice? I’ve applied to a ton of other jobs but am not even getting interviews.

    • The word “bandwidth” always makes me cringe ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Is there someone in your org you can talk to about structure and making sure work is aligned to your interests? Often if you don’t communicate those things, they don’t notice them, but if they know it’s an issue they might try to shift some things?

  • Rant: SO’s mother was in town all weekend and I spent most of it on edge and internalizing/worrying about their communication issues, and then thinking about how they currently and in the future will impact me/my relationship with my SO. It’s causing me massive anxiety and I need to let a lot of it go.
    Rave: Baseball game yesterday was fantastic.
    Rave: I made curry this weekend that didn’t suck.

  • lindz0722

    Rave: Was in attendance with great seats for yesterday’s Nats no-hitter!

    Rant: It was bound to happen sometime, my building was the victim of a package thief. (Fortunately I had only one package waiting for me, and the contents were relatively inexpensive and easily replaceable.)

    I’m sure there’s been talk on here before — any advice on how to get my $$ or stuff replaced? I highly doubt the management company will take any steps to help us since they have not proven responsive for anything else, and their lack of attention to things like security led to the incident in the first place. Has anyone had luck with their credit card company, etc. in these situations?

  • To people who make hiring decisions out there: When there are more than one option to submit a job application, such as to fax or submit online, is there one that is preferred? Secondly, if you do choose the paper method will your application get noticed more, or just thrown in the pile with the rest of them? Thanks!

    • I prefer the online submission option. And I honestly don’t pay any more attention to a paper resume and cover letter than one submitted electronically (with the caveat that you should PDF your files before you send them in electronically — that way your margins and alignment aren’t messed up as they sometimes may be if opened in Word). Good luck with the job hunt.

  • Rant: I jabbed my eye lid with my fingernail while washing my face this morning. Who does that? It hurts.
    Rave: went to the eye doctor this morning and picked out cool new reading glasses.
    Rant: going to the dentist this afternoon to get drilled for a crown. Ugh.
    Rave: At least I don’t have to go into the office and the sensitivity in that tooth should be fixed soon.
    Wishy-washy: I thought Crafty Bastard was well organized and easier to browse this year, but I wasn’t foaming at the mouth over a lot of items. Usually I have to hold myself back, but I only bought two things and would have bought two more. I guess a lot of things just weren’t my style this year. But, very importantly, I got to tell the ladies at Paisley Fig that I love their bygone chocolate chip zucchini bread and I want them to bring it back….apparently I was the second person that day to request it. Maybe it’ll be back next year. If it is, eat it, and thank me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I feel the same about Crafty Bastards this year. I’ve been every year since it started and it’s always fun but I didn’t end up buying anything this time. There were definitely still moments when it was too crowded but in the end I’m happy it’s so successful.

    • This was my first time at Crafty Bastards in awhile. Nothing appealed to me and there seemed to be a bunch of folks making very similar items. Ironic screen-printed t-shirts? It was well-organized, however. Maybe next year, I’ll sell some wares.

  • Rant: I finally tried Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, which so many PoPvillagers had raved about… and found it rather disappointing. From all of the hype, I was expecting it to be even better than Nutella. But I think I actually prefer regular peanut butter.
    Rave: Tried something new and sated my curiosity.
    Rave: Sold a bunch of stuff via Craigslist over the weekend. I had moved most of the staging furniture from my rental unit in Adams Morgan to my house, and it was WAY too crowded. This is inspiring me to think about getting rid of other things too, like floor lamps I don’t really need any more.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You know what is like Nutella but a million times better? Nocciolata!

    • I had the same reaction to the TJ Cookie Butter – I’m glad I tried it, but it’s not something I’d buy again.

    • justinbc

      I like it OK, for certain purposes, but no way I would ever choose it over Nutella. Le Pain Quotidien actually makes their own version of Nutella called Noisella which is pretty awesome (but obviously more $$).

    • I’m decidedly in the minority — but I find cookie butter to be disgusting. Take cookies. Crunch them up. Mix them with more sugar and grease. Munch. Ugh. So real peanut butter, sprinkled with a few semi-sweet chocolate chips and warmed for a bit is my vice of choice.

      • Do you like coconut? If so, try the coconut peanut butter from Earth Balance (at WF or Safeway, probably the other stores) with your chocolate chips!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Coconut peanut butter sounds good!

          • I’m totally addicted, it’s awesome with chocolate! Plus I often cheat and make a Thai stir fry using peanut butter and salsa, it’s even more awesome with the coconut peanut butter!

        • I LOVE coconut. This sounds potentially life-changing! Like cramming a mounds bar and a justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup in my mouth all at once. Yes, I will be running to WF before the day is out to look for this! : Thank you!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Enjoy!! My current vice is to spread it on those little tea cookies that are half-covered in chocolate.

          • justinbc

            What are these Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups you speak of? Have you been watching me double dip my spoon in the peanut butter and Nutella together?

        • If you like coconut – and cashews – you will KILL for the coconut cashews available at Costco. Seriously – they are like crack. Sweet, salty, crunchy, with a layer of vanilla. Not always available, so buy lots when you can.

          • Those sound seriously yum. So, first I run to Whole Foods, and Then I butter up my Costco card carrying friends! Whee!

        • In that case, you need to try coconut jam. I grew up eating that, and it’s pure bliss (if you like coconut and sugar).

    • Yeah, I’m not crazy about it either. I DO like it when spread on granny smith apples as a snack, though – the tartness of the apples really cuts the sweetness of the cookie butter nicely.

  • Rant: Two of the five staff in my office left last week. Later today, one more will go. It’s going to be tougher to get out of my crappy office now.
    Rave: I think I may have a new job by the end of the week, if not the end of the day.
    Rave: done with work travel for the foreseeable future.
    Rave: need to figure out what to do with two weeks of vacation this year. Ideas?

    • justinbc

      This year as in before December 31st?

    • go to iceland to see the northern lights? there are direct flights to Rekyavik from Dulles…

      • Gracias! I have Norway on one of my lists, but I hadn’t had Sweden. What do you recommend?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I haven’t been yet. The west coast is supposed to be quite lovely, Gรถteborg is a city I want to visit in the west. You can also go freeze your butt off in the north. There’s a big Sami (indigenous people of Sweden) market you can visit. I have no details on the market; it may be seasonal or annual.

          • Gรถteborg (sometimes anglicized to Gothenburg) is home to a lot of Swedish bands. Not sure, but I think it might be Sweden’s second-largest city.
            Sadly, I did not make it there.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think you are correct that it is the 2nd largest city. I also want to see Uppsala, but that’s mostly b/c of the @sweden account. Oh and there’s some old timey village you can tour, but I don’t remember where that is.
            I would also visit Sweden in the summer b/c it’s all music festivals all the time in the summer over there (according to my twitter and instagram feeds which are full of Swedes). I’m pretty sure I would be cold no matter what time of year it was.

          • Emilie, for serious, you’re going to have to start swing dancing. I’m not kidding, it’s become hugely popular in Sweden and they cleaned up at the International Lindy Hop Championships this year. Just search youtube for Pontus Persson.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Jeslett–I will look it up when I can watch video (not at work). I just got some “swing saddles” from Muffy’s Saddle Shoes b/c they are red and white, and every time I look at them I think I should learn to dance.

        • Recommendation #1 – go in summer!
          Stockholm is lovely, I also recommend Uppsala and heading north to see the midnight sun. I went to Kiruna which is one of the northernmost towns in Sweden and part of Lapland (where my deep ancestors the Saami live)

      • I would not recommend going to Sweden this late in the year. I went in late August of 2010, and it was awfully chilly even then.

    • What do you enjoy doing? If you’re interested in traveling, do you have a part of the world/part of the US that you’d like to explore?

    • Sorry – I should have narrowed it down a bit. I hit Iceland last year, but would love to see the Northern Lights. I’ve been to a lot of our country, for fun or for work, and almost always enjoy wherever I go. I’d prefer to go somewhere new. Thailand and NZ are off the list as I’ve promised my gf to go there with her.

      I’d also prefer to leave the country. I’m happy backpacking and seeing natural wonders. South, but not Central, America is off the table.

      • Still a wide world of possibilities! Guatemala, Mongolia, Jordan, Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal, Norway (if you like the cold).

      • justinbc

        South Africa? Really nice during our winter. Costa Rica is great for budget friendly ecotourism in Central America. Belize is beautiful too but a bit more $$.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 South Africa, go to Kruger and see some rhinos!
          If you go to Belize you have to go to the World Famous Chicken Drop. It’s on Thursdays, plan accordingly.

      • Emmaleigh504

        In Sweden you can go hiking where ever you want. There’s this thing where it’s not trespassing if you don’t destroy anything and, I think, you don’t spend the night. So you can go tramping all through people’s land to see the sites, just don’t hurt anything. And you have to wear clothes. Apparently the Germans like to hike au naturel. Go to Sweden! Let me live vicariously through you!

      • I was going to recommend Argentina (or at least Buenos Aires), which would be nice this time of year (their spring)… but I see you say South America is off the table?

    • Thank you for chiming in! Does anyone have any recommendations for Eastern Europe (I’ve been to Prague twice, so something else!) or Spain/Portugal?

      • I’d recommend Hungary (especially Budapest) and Poland (Krakow). Two sets of friends went to Slovenia and absolutely loved it. It would also be easy to say yes to Spain and/or Portugal – and if I had to pick one it would be Portugal.

      • I’ve heard you can get really good deals on beach vacations in the Crimea!

  • houseintherear

    Rave… I am fostering two kitten from WHS right now and it has been amazing. They came to me Wednesday, scared s-less, hiding in the corner of their carrier, hissing at me and the resident dog and cat. Probably had never met a human before, or at least one that wasn’t mean. I freaked and requested them to be transferred to someone else, but luckily ended up getting great advice about how to socialize cats. Cut to 5 days later, and the kittens are friendly, happy, purring, and playing with my pets all over the house. Gives me chills! Crazy how quickly living things can adapt and change.
    Anyway now they are almost ready to be adopted. ๐Ÿ™‚ So if you or anyone you know has been looking for a pair of kittens, they can check out “Kay” and “Hera” on the WHS website. Their names will soon be changed to Mork and Mindy. They will have their altering surgeries Monday and can go to a new home next Tuesday or after! They are about 10 weeks old and bro/sis littermates, and seem to be fully bonded because they sleep curled up together and are always playing with each other. They seem to like kids, cats, and dogs that don’t chase them! Email me for more info or to visit… enotsnil (at) gmail

    • houseintherear

      I should add- they are fully litter box trained, not destructive, and have no health issues.

    • Emmaleigh504

      They are super cute and make me want to move to a farm so I can adopt them. Good luck finding their forever homes!

      • If you move to a farm there’s a pretty good chance the cats will find you (after being “set free” by their owners)

        • Emmaleigh504

          I am ok with that! I want a glaring of cats and a pack of dogs. I’ll take any and all cats, but I want my pack to be mostly sight hounds (Irish wolfhounds, greyhounds, some salukis, and maybe a borzoi) with a few yappy lap dogs (Chines Crested ftw!). Who am I kidding, I’ll take all the dogs. My mother will make me have a couple of horses to ride and at least 1 miniature horse. My pal Sarah will make me keep her hissing roaches and any goats she acquires. I’ll need farm hands.

    • epric002

      yay you! yay for fostering! yay for WHS! just yays all around!

    • Yay – as you discovered, it can really take 4-5 days for the kittens to settle in. I just picked up my second foster batch yesterday – teeny tiny little girls – one with a little Charlie Chaplin mustache. The first set had one that wouldn’t come out for 4 days, but at her new home yesterday, she just pranced around meeting her new family.

      And I don’t want to compete with Kay & Hera – but mine are on Homeward trails website – Sabrina & Sky.

  • I know it’s just NHL preseason, but Braden Holtby is on FIRE. He still hasn’t allowed a goal through about 110 minutes of play (parts of three games). I hope this is a sign of things to come for the Caps.

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