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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Went to see Mortified with the girl on Wednesday night and it was so hilarious. Props to the people who have the guts to get up and read/perform!
    Rave: This weekend’s weather. I would really love it if we could just slowly slide into a nice, long (REAL) fall (does that make me a basic bitch?).

  • Becks

    Rave: This picture is beautiful.
    Rave: Had a great time at the Popville HH last night. I love putting names to faces. I wasn’t able to stay a long time, so next time I’ll have to stay longer.
    Rave: I never get a chance to wander U street area and wow, there are a lot of new restaurants that look fun to try out. I think my Saturday may be filled with wandering about U street.
    Rave/rant: I talked to one of my college buddies last night. We have been talking about once a week for the last few months. She told me that I was being too negative and need to be more positive. I needed that advice.
    Rave: It’s Friday and the weather is lovely!

    • Becks

      Forgot a rant: The Bad Neighbors kids threw a ton of rocks from my front yard down my basement steps. It’s dark when I go down the steps but I luckily didn’t step on any last night. If I had, I could have fallen down the steps and really hurt myself. I have told the kids not to throw the rocks in my yard before, but I am really angry at the parents for not controlling their kids. I know they are in the back yard drinking and having a party and the kids are on the front porch just being bored, but come on! Take responsibility for your kids!

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      It’s fantastic that you have someone who can give you such honest feedback and great that you accept it without being defensive!

    • Dont let people tell you that you are being too negative. You should be able to express how you feel and not need to sugar coat everything. That being said sometimes looking up at the sky helps put things into perspective, the world isn’t all doom and gloom

      • I have to disagree with you. If a friend comments on something you do or don’t do, I think you should always take a step back and think about it.

        • I would agree. I tend to get pretty negative when I’m overly stressed and it’s helpful if someone else brings it to my attention for me to consider. I might not love hearing it at the time but generally I’m glad they brought it up.

          • Becks

            I know I have been negative lately, I just hadn’t realized how much. It was great that she pointed it out so now I can try to put a more positive spin on things. It’s too easy to only see the negative in life.

  • Rave: I had to go down to Franconia Springfield this morning to get picked up to head to a funeral and I was 3.55 short on exit change and I had only spare change on me and as my anxiety mounted at never being able to leave metro hell and/or ask my mum to come into the station to give me money or turn to begging, I noticed this dude standing really close to me and I look up and its my friend who lives in va and commutes to dc from Franconia. He was on his way to work and bailed me out (not without ribbing me for good measure). Anyway, this was also like 9:30 and he normally goes to work at 6am so talk about #blessed

    Unfortunately I’m still going to new jersey for a funeral

  • Rant: Sad I had to miss last night’s PoPville HH!

    Rave: It’s almost the weekend!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Bizarre scene this morning; I heard cars honking and people screaming at guy who had his head down at some street light intersection in Florida Av., people start getting out of their cars, grabbing their phones and I guess calling 911, reach at the guy and start to shake him “are you ok? are you ok?” for like a minute or so…. then the guy wakes up….
    Rant: DC employee who sent my project through unnecessary reviews, I finally went to his supervisor and when confronted about it, he “didn’t remember”….
    Rave: This has been the busiest year of my life. My calendar looks mostly clean in October and that makes me happy.

    • pablo .raw

      I forgot, is everybody here migrating to Ello?

      • skj84

        I know a few people who are on it. I want to give it time before I create an account.

      • Doesn’t seem like a good business model. I’d rather have ads than pay features.

        • But then there are those of us who would rather have a relatively great amount of privacy and security than ads and frequently changing, often inscrutable “privacy policies.” I realize that I’m in the minority, but I don’t even have a Facebook account — because several years ago, I actually read through the entire Facebook privacy policy and was appalled. I’ve looked at Diaspora as an alternative, and would welcome other options including Ello. A major problem, of course, is not the issue of payment — since features that I feel strongly about are worth paying for — but utility. It’s great if there’s a site that meets my needs for privacy, but if the fees or other issues (yup, Facebook was, indeed, there first) mean that the people that I”d like to interact with are not on the site, than it’s pretty useless.

  • Mike

    Rave/rant: Pup has been sneaking into bed at night. Last night was the 4th night in a row. Sneaky, adorable, cuddly little thing.
    Rave: Seeing Aziz Ansari tomorrow night! Really looking forward to it, too.
    Rave: It’s so good being back in school. I forgot how much I enjoyed being a student.
    Rant: Working full-time and doing law school at night is… challenging.
    Rant: Broke my pledge to go 30 days without shopping (hello new iPhone accessories).
    Rant: Broke my pledge to go 30 days without drinking (got out of class on time last night and enjoyed every drop of an adult beverage when I got home).

    • Re your last 2 rants, I’ve been trying to limit both of those activities, too. I found a friend who also wants to go the next month without drinking so hopefully we can help each other! I’m looking forward to more money and more energy.

      • At 3 months of not drinking myself and while reasons were a bit more strict, I can certainly attest to FAR more energy and money. Give it a shot!

  • Rave: I had a great, albeit not terribly long, time at PoPville HH last night. I’m happy there’s a late crew.
    Rant: this two day meeting has taken a turn to the high level, existential, confusing, why am I even here? this morning.
    Rave: Dinner was better than I expected. I had crab cakes last night, but today I eat crow.
    Rant: I think I need to learn to talk less in social situations.

  • Rant: Speaker phones. If your arm is not paralyzed, pick up the damn receiver. Your insipid conversations are of zero interest to us.
    Alas: My commitment to non-violence means I won’t be shoving said receiver down someone’s throat.

    • +500, it is so rude to do that in a shared office.

      • Even without shared offices. The person with the office next to mine is on speaker phone ALL the time and never closes her door when she does so. It’s obnoxious. Thank god for teleworking, so I only am around her once a week…

    • I used my mighty purchasing power to order phone headsets. I handed them to the offenders and said “Your speaker conversations are very distracting to others in the office. Please use this from now on.” All three insisted they hadn’t realized, they were very sorry, etc etc.
      Lesson being: just talk to them. Don’t sit in passive aggressive silence. Most often, people want to be good neighbors.

  • Rave: It was so good meeting everyone at the HH last night! I had a lot of fun.
    Rant: End of the night is fuzzy. I should know better than to drink on an empty stomach. I hope I didn’t do/say anything too embarrassing!
    Rant: Reading the Tinder messages that Mintwood sent from my account! I’m totally going to end up on one of those “this is why people on Tinder suck” blogs. Haha.

  • alissaaa

    Has anyone applied for temporary disabled parking before in DC? I am having surgery in a couple of months and will be on crutches for 2-4 weeks (although I have heard of people on them for longer, but hoping that won’t be me). It’s my left side that is going to be operated on, so I will be okay to drive, and fully anticipate either driving myself or Uber to be my main mode of transportation for a while until I can talk again.

    It looks like I can get a temporary disabled parking placard, but it’s not totally clear on how difficult the process is–has anyone tried before? I will have to have my doctor fill out part of the form, which isn’t a problem, but what isn’t clear is if it’s easy to get approved or not. I would like to have the placard for a month or two, and hoping that I’ll be a bit more ambulatory after that period and that it won’t be as much of an issue.

    • It’s pretty easy/straightforward. I’d definitely do it if your doc is on board.

    • I haven’t done it here. But, I once tried in New York and, after several frustrating weeks, just gave up. Good luck!

    • It is REALLY easy. Get your doctor to sign the form and say how long you’ll need it, mail it in, then you’ll get your placard in the mail in a week or so. I had to do it twice for leg surgery and it was really easy both times. My doctor had the form in his office, but just in case it might be good to go in with the form. Note that you might need to placard for longer than you’re on crutches because even once you’re off crutches you’ll probably still be healing and have some restrictions on how far you’ll be able to walk.

      • Oh, and just ask the doc for a guide as to how long you’ll need it. I was on crutches for 3-4 weeks both times, but had the placard for 3 months. I probably actually needed it for 2.5 of that because I couldn’t walk far, even if I didn’t need crutches.

        And, most importantly, good luck with the surgery!

    • Alisaaa, if public transit is an option, it’s not as bad as you think. I was on crutches for about 4 weeks in the city and it forced me to learn the bus system (versus metro, since bus stops were closer). The bus drivers were incredibly nice to me and it gave me the freedom to get around the city without walking much. I also never had a problem getting a seat either at the bus stop or on the bus. One nice thing about crutches is that they are really obvious (versus some other temporary and permanent disabilities) and people were generally very nice. Metro worked okay, but was not nearly as comfortable. I hope others will have helpful information about the parking placard for you.

      • alissaaa

        Awesome–this all makes me feel a lot better that the process is actually very easy! Thanks, everyone!

        I work out in Tysons Corner, so normally public transit could work, but it’s a long walk from the metro stop to my office, and it’s up-hill, so it’s going to be a no-go.

        I think this way it will be a lot easy for me to get from home to PT and to the gym and the office since now I won’t be able to walk to those places. I’m still anticipating some higher than usual cab/uber bills!

      • just a psa – the metro tiles are AWFUL while on crutches. I was on crutches for 12 weeks and even going slowly had wipeouts on those tiles so be careful.
        more importantly, best of luck with the surgery!

        • Yes! And another PSA – if it is a hip surgery – the unsteady/jerky way buses and metro cars are driven can be really painful even when you’re sitting for the first few weeks. You feel every jerk of the car/bus in your hip.

          • alissaaa

            Ugh, it is hip surgery.

            My plan is to take a week off from work and see if my boss will let me work from home for a week and then go back to work on the 3rd week. I’m hoping I’ll be okay enough for the drive to work (~30 minutes each way, sometimes 45 minutes) by then.

          • Don’t know what surgery you’re having, but 30 mn of driving was fine for me. I did have a hard time sitting for long stretches for about 3 weeks after mine. It helped me to have a set up at my desk where they put a platform so if I needed to stand and read or use my laptop, I could (not a standing desk, just something there to elevate the stuff I was reading). I’ll be honest – after my first surgery I took 2 weeks off, then did 2 weeks of ever longer partial days. I was just SO exhausted. I likely could have worked from home the second week. But a friend did the same surgery as I did and took one week off and was fine. Good luck and I hope your surgery goes well and you feel better afterwards!

    • They lost my paperwork. Repeatedly. Since I couldn’t drive at all and was being driven, we gave up and my dad would drop me off at my medical appointments then go find parking. Honestly, there’s very little handicap street parking in DC so it wouldn’t have helped much anyway. If you live somewhere where you do most of your parking in lots, you’ll probably want to be more persistent than I was.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Walked by a horrible looking scene at 15th and Mass Ave this morning, with an SUV flipped over and hood crushed. Hope the occupants got out OK.
    Rave: Nats Nats Nats Nats! Great day for a game (or two)!

  • Rant: Missing Popville hh because I was stuck at work. Stuck at work really late too often these days.
    Rant: In-country donor freaking out this morning because they have no clue how to use their own systems. Not what I wanted to deal with Friday morning. sigh.
    Rant: Sort of over my job. Been here a year and a half and feel ready for the next thing. Feel increasingly frustrated by senior leadership making dumb decisions. Also really want to spend more time in the field which is getting reduced.
    Rave: There’s a few interesting jobs out there to apply for. Would it be bad to apply for a lateral job just to travel more? Considering it…
    Rave: Going for a spa weekend with my mom. Will be good to get away for a few days.

  • rave: shots?
    rant: shots.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: This weather.
    Rant: Almost everyone on my team at work is going to Oracle World in SF next week. Everyone on the team I’m matrixed to is going to Dream Force in SF later this month. I’m going to a one day workshop in Reston in November.
    Rant2: Only one citation issued last night at the AB-Y for unwanted gym ‘splaining.

  • Rave: finally seeing someone with the potential to become a long term relationship
    Rave: fall weather perfect for new relationship dates/cuddling
    Rant: stayed up way too late with this person last night and really dragging today
    Rant: can’t find boots that fit – I don’t have skinny legs, but every pair of boots I try on make me look like I’m standing in two stovepipes! Any suggestions from popvillians about brands to try?

    • Have you tried David Tate wide-calf boots? There are some really cute styles – I have the ‘Ranger’ boots and I really like them. They have some elastic in the side that stretches well, but still holds shape.

      • I think the way I worded my Rant may have been misleading – I need narrow calf boots! My problem is that even regular sized-calf boots seem to gape, so wide-calf would be even worse. I’m just looking for tall (perhaps 15″) boots, not over the knee – I don’t think I could pull that off! I’m looking for some that have the stretch panel in the back with the hope that they’ll be more form-fitting, just haven’t found any I like yet.

        • You might want to try Boden. I haven’t tried their boots on but if they are anything like their pants, they will be cut pretty narrow in the leg. I’ve tried on some pretty narrow Frye, Michael Kors, and Vince Camuto boots.

        • epric002

          some of the less expensive brands/styles often are made with a stretchy faux leather that will fit your calves more snugly. have you tried off broadway/DSW?

          • Yup – I was at DSW earlier this week. I got three pairs of shoes and a great Hobo purse (retail $188 – I got it for $64!), but none of the boots did it for me.

        • GiantSquid

          Duo will let you customize shaft width and foot size, so if you need narrow, you can order narrow.

          • Thanks! I checked out the Duo website – beautiful boots! I always prefer to try shoes on before purchasing, but if I can’t find anything I like from a brick and mortar store, I may do the online route.

        • Try reading the reviews for regular calf boots. They usually mention if the calves run narrow, wide or true to size. I’ve definitely noticed some boots that receive a lot of reviews mentioning narrow calves.

    • GiantSquid

      It’s about the boot’s style/height. Not everyone looks good wearing knee-high boots. I’m a big fan of Duo Boots out of England. They’re not cheap but they have custom sizes and the widest variety of styles for wide calves. Also, it’s a mental thing. It took me a while to get used to seeing my legs in tall boots, especially since I don’t have thin legs. Think that you look awesome and rock them out.

    • Aquatalia by Marvin K and Duo boots from the UK.

  • skj84

    Rave: Fun times at Popville Happy Hour last night! Glad people were still out when I arrived.

    Rant: Feeling it this morning though.

    Rave: Phone interview went well.

    Rave: Baseball game today! My first game this season. Better late than never.

    • binpetworth

      Yay to the game! At least you don’t have to worry whether they’ll make it through the season OK.

    • Bummed I missed the HH last night—a combo of a long day and early SAD setting in–by the time I got home around 7:45 it was already pitch black and I was so sleepy….now had it been DC Reynolds I would have shuffled over, but I’ll try to make it next time!!

  • Rave – Leaving work early today to spend the weekend with my friend in Toronto!! So excited to see her and to explore the city.
    Rant – Missed the PoPville happy hour because I had get ready for my trip and find my passport.
    Rave – Passport located and packed!

  • Rant: Listening to some guy on the bus give the woman sitting near me unsolicited advice: “you really should travel more.” Thanks for mansplaining that concept to her, dude.
    Rave: Competent customer service with my credit card company. God, I love actually being able to talk to a person.
    Rave: Friday! Oh sweet end of the week, I feared you’d never come.

    • What exactly makes that ‘mansplaining’?

      • A few things: the fact that she clearly was reading her book and didn’t invite him to engage her in conversation, his attitude was incredibly condescending, and his lack of awareness of the fact that traveling is often a privilege (as Anon explains below). Many of us would like to do it, yes, but can we all afford it? She was clearly irritated by his unsolicited advice and conveyed that in her response, but he continued to talk to her, saying “you should….” about other topics. All of that, in my mind, makes it mansplaining.

        • Agreed. And from what you say, it also sounds like the guy may have been awkwardly trying to hit on her.

        • I think you could have made your point without injecting your own condescending attitude towards men. Sounds like someone just being a jerk in a way which is not exclusive to men by any stretch.

          • I agree. Mansplaining is an excellent term, but too-often used to mean “overbearing and arrogant”. That’s not right. To be mansplaining, it would have to be somehow gender specific. Like, “you should travel before you start popping out kids. Then you’ll never go anywhere.”

          • topscallop

            Out of curiosity, do you think the term “mansplaining” is evidence of a condescending attitude towards men, or is it the way she used it that you object to? I think of mansplaining as when a man explains something to a woman with utter conviction that he is correct, even if he is not and even if she actually knows as much if not more than he does on the subject. But I agree that being a jerk is not exclusive to either sex.

        • To reply to a poster below, it doesn’t have to be overly gendered in content for it to be mansplaining; it’s mansplaining because it TENDS to be (#notallmen) men who make the assumption that their conversational partner, particularly when the partner is a woman, is uninformed about the topic at hand, and then feel they have the authority to advise or inform that particular woman without needing to know many details about the woman’s circumstances, experience, or background.

          • If that’s the definition, then my mother mansplains ALL THE TIME. 😉

            I thought it was when a man offers unsolicited advice about something gender- specific, like the previous popping out babies reference, but also when he explains something he doesn’t think I understand simply because I’m a woman. Like my BIL did yesterday when he wrenched a giant knife out of my hand as I cut my butternut squash (because knives are big and scary and I am clearly not strong enough to handle it.)

      • This seems like a good opportunity to point to the Rebecca Solnit essay from 2008 that seems to have been the kickoff point for the term mansplaining. As she says in the newer introduction, “Young women subsequently added the word ‘mansplaining’ to the lexicon. Though I hasten to add that the essay makes it clear mansplaining is not a universal flaw of the gender, just the intersection between overconfidence and cluelessness where some portion of that gender gets stuck.”


    • It is so aggravating when people do that, like it has somehow never occured to other people to want to travel. And like everyone has unlimited vacation time and travel funds.

      • Emmaleigh504

        or maybe they don’t even care about traveling or traveling to the “right” places.

        • Or maybe they have other priorities. I have a limited amount of discretionary funds. So I’ve decided that at least for now, I’d rather have free-ish time and flexibility, and regular things like fitness and arts classes on a weekly basis than a grand, expensive-for-me trip every year or two.

    • Maybe I’m just sensitive, but any sentence that begins with “you really should” ruffles my feathers. It just implies that they think they know what’s best for you more than you do. And how often is that -actually- the case?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Exactly! Unless it’s my doctor or someone who really does know what’s better for me, “you should” is a terrible way to tell me something.

  • Anyone know why the helicopters were flying around NoMA at 9pm-ish last night?

  • Rant: After a few weeks of truly solid sleeping, my infant daughter has decided the past few mornings that 5:30 am is an appropriate time to wake up for the day. Crossing my fingers that this is a short-lived phase. Related question: do any parents out there have tips about transitioning to the end of daylight savings? I realized it is about a month away, and if this 5:30 am thing isn’t short-lived, it will turn into 4:30 if we aren’t able to easily transition her.

    Rave: Crafty bastards and baseball this weekend. I can’t wait, especially for the game on Saturday.

    • Have you tried slightly altering your daughter’s sleep/nap schedule so that you can deliberately keep her up a bit later at night (maybe in 10 – 15 minute increments if she’s on a regular sleep schedule) in the hope that she’ll gradually sleep a bit later in the morning?

    • I’m concerned about this too. We are going to try moving his bedtime a few minutes later each day. Hopefully this works!

    • Do not indulge the 5:30 wake-up. Keep the light off, engage her as little as possible. When my daughter woke up in the early morning, I would feed her without any talk, and more often than not, she would coo a bit and then go back to sleep for another two hours.

      • We are desperately trying not to. Normally if she wakes up at any point before 7 am, we can just put her pacifier in and she will go back to sleep, but the past few mornings she has been wide awake. Not necessarily hungry yet, just wanting attention. I really am crossing my fingers that it is a phase. We were doing so well on the sleep front!

    • As for the daylight savings thing – you can try the incremental adjustment. What we ended up doing last year (sort of by accident) was going to bed REALLY late Saturday night and then trying to work from the new schedule the next day. But she was a pretty bad sleeper at that point, so we weren’t necessarily trying to preserve anything. What we might do this year is shift bedtime 30 minutes later Friday & Saturday night and let the chips fall where they may. But she’s now 15 months so it’s a bit different and we also just managed a 10-day trip to the west coast/3 hour time difference. We had night waking issues when we got back (that seem to be resolving?) but her wake-time shifted pretty smoothly.

  • Rave: My guy turns 1 tomorrow and we all made it through, mostly unscathed! We have years to throw kid-filled birthday parties, so tomorrow will be more of a victory party for my husband and I 🙂

  • epric002

    rant: i still haven’t packed for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, partly b/c i haven’t a damn clue what i’m going to wear.
    rave: took care of most of the other pre-travel chores.
    rant: except mailing a return- got all the way to the post office and realized that the label is for UPS. doh!
    rave: foster puppy’s brief obsession with chewing/tugging on his leash appears to be over- my god that was annoying. he has been much more polite on walks the last few days 🙂 and it’s so much easier to tire him out now that he knows to return/drop the ball for fetch! yeah dog training!!!

  • Rant/Question: I recently went on my husband’s Maryland-based health insurance. I (foolishly, now I realize) assumed that birth control regardless of type would be covered under Obamacare, as it was under my old insurance (based in Massachusetts). Nope. Because I’m not on a generic, it isn’t covered, which is total crap (see: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/08/22/342400717/insurers-refuse-to-cover-some-contraceptives-despite-health-law). The health insurance company says talk to their pharmacy department; pharmacy tells me to talk to insurance company. I’ve emailed and called and been told, “too bad, we don’t cover it.” So in addition to a pharmacy deductible of $100, I have to pay for BC for another $120. W.T.F.
    Question: Since the health care company isn’t following the law, who can I contact? Is the Maryland Healthcare Exchange the right group?

  • Rave: Signed lease last night with my new tenants! So pleased (and relieved) to finally have my condo rented out.
    Rave: PoPville happy hour. I couldn’t get there until 8, but was there for a couple of hours and had a good time.
    Rant: Owww, my back aches. I’m assuming it’s from moving the staging furniture out of my rental unit and into my car. I managed to sell the bed and the sofa, but had to move (and in most cases, disassemble) everything else. It was more of a hassle than I anticipated.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m a bit of a moron.
    Rant: FBJ hates fun.
    Rave: Have super awful picture of some folks from the HH last night. It’s adorable. If you’re in it I’ll email you a copy, emmaleigh504 gmail.
    Rave: unofficial HH was fun as usual. Thanks a million Justin!

  • Rave: PoPville happy hour! Had a great time meeting people/seeing people again. Amused at how many Japanese speakers/Japan-related people there were. Thanks for organizing, Justin! I couldn’t stay too late though, hope I didn’t miss out on anything too fun…
    Rant: My work computer is so old and slow and crappy. It keeps freezing/crashing all the time adhasjkad.
    Rave: FRIDAYY

  • Rave: Had an absolutely great time with a friend from a far-flung state. I truly appreciate having a friend who will make our friendship a priority along with the business meetings.
    Rave/Query: Sauna time! I always forget how much I enjoy saunas — until I get to relax and shvitz in one. At the same time, it seems extravagant to join a health club just for the sauna. If anyone knows of a way to get inexpensive access to a sauna and possibly an indoor pool in the Friendship Heights/Tenley/Downtown Bethesda areas I’d appreciate the info. I’m thinking/hoping that maybe there’s a hotel that I don’t know about it that will allow guests for a reasonable fee.
    Rave: Chantelle bras! (just wanted to let that topic spill over into another day…. 🙂 )
    Major Rave: Finally went to the Phillips Collection — and absolutely fell in love with one of the pictures that’s on temporary loan. I’m planning to go back soon to stare some more.
    Rave: Happy Weekend!

  • Rave: HH last night.
    Rave: IPAs
    Rant: IPAs on an empty stomach
    Rant: This hangover. My gosh. I should know better
    Rant: I hate cigarettes. But apparently not enough to not want one after a few drinks. Ugh.
    Rave: It’s finally Friday!

  • laduvet

    Rant: work
    Rave: we get these things called personal hours, so i am leaving early to go to El Chucho for margs!

  • Rave: Crafty Bastards this weekend. It’s the best show of the year.
    Rant: I never let myself enjoy the process so I’m going to make an attempt to because I’m feeling like this might be my last.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather for a fun weekend celebrating my brother’s wedding.
    Rant: Dad in the hospital after a scary event yesterday – he’s been treated and doing better since a stroke but yesterday had scary symptoms. Now I’m balancing elation for my brother and his fiancée and worry for my father. Hoping he can be at the events as well to be a part of this. Hoping he’ll be ok.
    Rant: Incompetent banks that lose my money through a wire transfer and then blame me, don’t take responsibility and waste my time while I sit here with my money somehow dissolved in thin air. UGH.
    Rant: Family friend passes away five weeks after finding out he was sick…and I had just found out he was sick and had been meaning to connect with him…
    Rave: Love and family and getting together to celebrate that. Trying to remind myself…

  • Rave: I had a great time at the HH! I will definitely stick around longer at the next one.
    Rant: Had to leave pretty early and didn’t drink due to the LSAT that will be happening tomorrow… +1 for responsibility, -1 for fun.
    Rave: Feeling great about the test and it’s almost behind me!
    Rave: Wearing jeans and suede shoes today. Casual Fridays are so much more fun in fall-ish weather.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Gave notice to my boss. Cried. It was tough because it’s a good place and good people. Mostly.
    Revel: She was understanding. Co-workers have been understanding.
    Rant: Contacted landlord about water damage in bathroom. First meeting he was going to replace all the tile. Last night, was saying he was only replacing floor tile. So what about the water damage behind the tub surround wall tile? So done dealing with him and our place. Worried I won’t be civil the next time we see him.
    Revel: Dinner tonight with two good friends, one is bringing her weeks-old daughter. I’m not big on babies, but she’s a cutie.

  • Ally

    Rave: Gorgeous weather and a (hopefully) short work day.
    Rant: Mother ignoring any and all emails from me having to do with future plans with my significant other (whom she has never met nor has any reason to dislike). Going to make for an awkward trip home in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I long for those mothers who harass their daughters for grand-kids.
    Rave: DC United tomorrow!

  • major rave: really fun time at the HH last night. Justin thanks for organizing these (and apologies, as I didn’t even get to say hi last night). Also fun scheming about trip to Millstone Cidery…..I think we will have to have a Popville excursion.
    rant: super late to work due to plumbing problems.
    rave: plumber is great and teaching me quick fixes so (hopefully) I can fix myself next time. If anyone needs a plumber rec, this guy is great!

  • How should I respond when the person I am dating tells me that she loves me but I am not ready to say it back? I don’t *not* love her, but I’m just not sure enough to say it yet.

    • Look them in the eyes, smile, and say Thank You! followed by a kiss.

      • Ehh, I personally cringe at the thought of “thank you” since something similar happened to me, and it didn’t end well.

        Personally, I would rather hear something along the lines of “I’m not there yet, but on my way…blah blah blah” if it is indeed true. And reassure her that its okay that she said it and its not awkward. The last thing you want is for her to freak out and regret saying it. I pretty much guarantee that she went straight to her phone to text/call all her friends about the disaster of saying I love you and not being reciprocated. That cannot feel good.

      • I’ve been the person with the enthusiastic “Thank You, I totally adore you” response — and it did NOT go well. I don’t have any good suggestions re: what to say — but I strongly recommend avoiding “Thank you.” I’ll be avidly following this thread for suggestions as well…..

      • I was leaning towards the “I’m not quite there yet.” Thanks for all the replies. I will update on how it goes.

    • I’ve gotten (and given!) both the “thank you” and the “I’m not quite there yet.” Frankly, I think the words are less important than the context of how they’re said – be sincere and communicate that you care for the person (either verbally or with a caress or whatever seems appropriate), maybe how your own feelings are changing, etc. The worst thing you can do is just pretend it didn’t happen.

  • Bear

    Rave: So glad it’s Friday, this week has been lame. We have some super fun house plans for the weekend, including painting our laundry room/walk-in closet (next step is Elfa!) and building raised garden beds for fall veggies. I’m super late planting (as usual) but I’m going to get row covers that will hopefully extend the growing season enough.
    Rant: Slept funny last night and now I have a weird pain in my neck. It doesn’t feel like a muscle spasm, it feels like one of the vertebra at the base of my neck is off. I can pretty much only hold my head up perfectly straight without it hurting.

    • Ooh, Elfa. Can’t get on board with that. Anything fabric will get pressure stripes on it within a day, and they aren’t strong enough to hold multiple bottles of detergents and whatnot. Though maybe they’ve gotten away from those wire shelves?

      • Bear

        Oh, we’re not using it for the laundry room part of things – it’s a small 4th room upstairs that happens to have the washer dryer in it. We’re going to convert it into a walk-in closet since the closet in our bedroom is so small it won’t even hold half of my clothes, much less my boyfriend’s! I put in Elfa in my old place and loved it. Especially the shoe racks.

      • I LOVE my Elfa systems. They offer wood shelves in addition to the wire ones. I have not had problems with lines on my clothes and I keep sweater on the shelves. I also have not had problems with heavy items. I installed the system in my utility closet myself and it holds all of my linens, laundry items, tools, craft supplies, sewing projects and random crap. If yours isn’t holding multiple bottles of laundry detergent it may not have been installed well.
        The mesh metal drawers are a life saver. I think they have a 30% off sale around December though, so it might be worth waiting.

        • Bear

          They just had a 25% off sale on all shelving, so we went ahead and bought most of what we wanted even though we hadn’t planned on doing it just yet. It makes a huge difference in price, Elfa ain’t cheap!

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I re-did my reach in closet when Elfa was on sale at The Container Store the end of December. I had it professionally installed. I’m sure it was a selling point for my DuCi condo and I miss it terribly. I have a walk-in closet with shelves and the first time the cats did a joy ride in the closet the shelves came down (part way). Sigh.

  • Rave: great to meet a bunch of folks last night at the happy hour! Wish I could have stayed and chatted longer.
    Rave: my daughter slept a lot better last night; hopefully this is a trend rather than a blip.
    Rant: need to get back into running. If the second rave continues, I’ll be able to do so.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Couldn’t figure out who Anonymous with a crush was last night or if they even showed up. What’s going on Anonymous??
    Rave: Lots of fun people.

  • JRPenguin

    Rave: Last day of the fiscal year! The end is in sight…

    Rave: The weather!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Having a job where I get Fridays off, meaning I can sleep in til 2PM. Thanks to everyone who showed up last night!

  • Rave: That picture is beautiful.

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