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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Really needed a run this morning, but pounding rain at 4:30 made me kill the alarm and roll over.
    Rave: Extra hour of sleep!
    Rant: Bus drivers who crank the heat as soon as weather is the 60s. Just because you get to work all day in short sleeves doesn’t mean the rest of us do.
    Rave: Finally tried Three Fifty Bakery on 17th, kicking myself for waiting. Very good coffee, excellent baked goods, and really nice folks to boot.

    • Yes! Especially during rush hour when everyone’s packed in there like sardines. I understand turning the heat on in the winter when you go pick the bus up in the morning, but body heat will get it nice and toasty pretty quick. It’s not really even cold yet, just damp and cool.

  • Revel: The rain sounded amazing last night.
    Rant: was super excited to go out to lunch to get warm soup and crusty bread on this rainy fall day, but then my standing 10am meeting got pushed back to the exact time I was planning on going to lunch. No warm soup and crusty bread for me. Womp womp.

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Rant: Got my flu shot 9 days ago, and this one is kicking my ass. Thanks Obama.

    • I’ve been explaining the “flu shot hangover” to people for the past two weeks because it usually hits me hard within the first 5 days. I’m 7 days out now and luckily, I’ve been ok. Hope you feel better soon! But….I’m not sure what the President has to do with the strain contained in your vaccine and your body’s reaction to it…

      • GiantSquid

        The “Thanks Obama” is an ongoing joke, blaming him for things he has no control over. For example: didn’t screw the top on my travel mug fully and it leaked all over my sweater. Thanks Obama. Or: My boss is forcing me to take a week of vacation. Thanks Obama.

      • I believe the thanks obama is also because thanks to ObamaCare preventive services like flu shots have to be covered with no copay. so now if you have insurance, you can get your flu shot for free.

      • thatnewplaceon14th

        Yes, as they said, “thanks Obama” is a joke. πŸ™‚

        It’s weird though. I’ve never had symptoms from my flu shots, or at least never this bad. Go figure.

        • I see, I see….Now I get it!

          It is weird to hear how the shots affect people differently. I’m usually extremely fatigued for a few days, as if I’m getting sick. But this time around, I think I’m ok. I was expecting to be knocked out for a few days…like, barely able to get out of bed. Weird! Here’s to a flu-free flu season!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: my agency has not advertised our flu shots yet. I’m ready for mine!

    • If you regularly react negatively to the flu shot, ask your doctor about options for receiving partial doses. A family member of mine used to get the flu shot split between two separate doses. I believe it is a practice used regularly for the elderly, sick, or basically anybody with adverse reactions.

      • You might also be able to get it in alternative forms (like the nasal spray).

        • epric002

          nasal spray is the only one that makes me feel awful. i know other people aren’t bothered at all by it. bodies are weird.

          • The nasal spray contains live flu virus unlike the flu shot, maybe that’s why you feel worse after the spray vs. the shot. I prefer the intradermal flu shot myself. I get terrible muscle soreness after the regular flu shot, but the intradermal needle is much smaller and, in my experience, it’s less painful and doesn’t cause any muscle soreness.

          • epric002

            that’s my theory, but i know other people who feel awful after the injection, and the live virus nasal spray doesn’t bother them at all. does the intradermal cost more? i think the flu shots tend to sting A LOT, but the muscle soreness varies every year for me.

          • thatnewplaceon14th

            I’ve heard about the nasal spray. The only thing that concerns me is that I get sinus infections quite regularly, so I’m wary of doing that nasal spray. Don’t know if there’s any logic behind that, but I just don’t wanna mess with my sinuses.

          • The last time I got the regular flu shot I could barely move my arm for 3 days. That was it for me. I don’t remember the intradermal costing more, but I had to call around to different pharmacies because not all of them had it available. I haven’t had my flu shot yet this season, so I don’t know what the availability is this year.

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH tonight @ Jack Rose! See yesterday’s post for details, I’m about to bolt to a meeting.

  • Becks

    Rave: I tried out the new restaurant, Taquero Habanero on 14th last night. The tacos are amazing! I tried a beef tongue, a chorizo and a pork carnita. The carnitas were amazing! I will be stopping by the ATM on my way home so I can get another tonight! They also had Carne Asada steak and pork or chicken soup that was not on the menu. The flan was almost as good as my mothers.
    Rant: Staff meeting on the new changes and structure of the office today is adding to my already frazzled nerves. I just want to go home, hide my head in the sand, and hope it all goes away.
    Rant: I have a full bag of garbage and it was raining heavy this morning so I didn’t get the garbage out! Arrggh!
    Rave: Happy Friday Eve!

  • Rant: I’m on a conference call at home because I’m waiting on an appliance tech and I cannot hear anything. I feel bad for our international staff, if this how bad it always is?
    Rave: I don’t feel so bad looking at fall outfit inspiration on Pinterest while I’m on this call.
    Rant: I loaned out a one of a kind vintage item and I’m disappointed in the condition in which it was returned to me. There were apologies and promises to return the lost button if it ever turns up, but that’s unlikely.
    Rave: almost 8 hours of sleep! Silly rain took some away, but it wasn’t that bad.

  • Rant: Morning radio. Who listens to it? What kind of person is entertained by 4-6 strangers laughing at each other’s jokes and reading the internet out loud?
    Rave: I only have to drive two mornings a week.

    • Morning tv news is just as bad. They all think they’re comedians. I just want to know what the weather’s going to be like and if there are any important stories. Enough with the banter and tweets of the day!

    • This! I don’t understand who finds it entertaining. I usually end up switching to NPR, but sometimes I just want music.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Sometimes NPR has terrible jokes too and I have to turn them off. Quit trying to be funny y’all, you aren’t! Just talk about the news and be normal.

        • I cringe daily at Steve Inskeep’s forced, lame humor. I wish he would just stop.

          • Steve’s OK! The humor is brief, and a good segment is never far off. My beef is with Writer’s Almanac. Garrison Keillor is like a tranquilizer dart just when I’m trying to get going!

          • Huh, I kinda love it. To each their own, I guess.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m ready for Steve to DIAF so we can have Mr Green all time. I much prefer his voice. I really hate Steve.
            Thank goodness I miss writer’s Almanac most mornings. I enjoy it, but it makes me late for work b/c I stop to listen.

          • I love Writer’s Almanac.
            I still miss Bob Edwards.

          • LOL to sproc re: Writer’s Almanac. His voice reminds me of a hypnotherapist.

          • Garrison Keillor in the morning makes me want to put a pillow over my head.
            I loved Bob Edwards and wish he hadn’t been treated him so poorly by WAMU.
            I don’t care for the schedule changes they’ve made, and not made. For example, repeats of old Car Talk shows twice on the weekends. Too much Click and Clack!

      • saf

        WETA has lovely music in the morning.

    • DC101 in the morning is AWFUL. I hate Elliot (yeah, I said it). There’s no way I’m going to listen to some jackhole Howard Stern wannabe when I’m already cranky from getting up. And it’s just them – no music – for three hours. Kill me now.

    • Some mornings I listen to WAMU – I like Morning Edition – but I’m starting to turn more to WETA for classic music. It’s not a coincidence that I feel less stress in the a.m. hours.

    • Being very much NOT a morning person, those kind of shows just make me grouchier… I can only take nondescript news radio, like WTOP, which at least will get me up without me hate morning more.

      • I only want music. The first thing I do every morning when I get to work is read our analysts’ roundups of the news of the day, so I don’t want to pre-depress myself by listening to NPR.

        • Assuming you have a smartphone, check out the KEXP music stream (I think they have their own app, but I use TuneIn). Great music programming in my opinion.

          • Yes! And commercial free. If you’re on a desktop computer, you can just stream it directly from their webpage, kexp(dot)org.

      • Emmaleigh504

        seriously. I am so not a morning person. I wake up pretty close to homicidal an it’s pretty easy to make me homicidal. Steve Inskeep will be the reason I wind up in prison one day.

    • I still listen to Howard Stern every Mon to Wed (the only days he’s live on the air)
      I love his interviews and the comedic bits are fun. Some days I’m laughing my ass off. Though, I can’t wait until he’s done with his stint of America’s Got Talent so he will STFU about it.

    • When I listen to morning radio now all I can think of are “Crazy Ira and the Douche” from Parks & Rec.

      • I used to listen to NPR in the morning and still wake up to it, but since I got a new car with satellite radio I now listen to first wave while driving to work. I love the music, but when Madison starts talking, I want to reach through the radio and strangle her.

    • I have a 40 minute walk to work every morning that I spend listening to the Kane show on Hot 99.5. It’s pretty entertaining. The whole laughing at themselves constantly thing you bring up is the very reason I stopped listening To The Bob and Tom show decades ago. I couldn’t stand it either.

  • Rave: Day 5(?) of bra talk! Coup de Foudre was a success and while I admit I was a little skeptical I’m a convert now! I spent over an hour there trying on different bras and walked out with a fun Fantasie bra. I went from a 38B to a 34F and I haven’t been this comfortable since I hit puberty. And maybe this is a coincidence but the upper back/shoulder pain that I’ve had for I can’t even remember how long is gone after just half a day in the new bra. GONE, I tell ya!
    Rant: Those loose sidewalk tiles/bricks that don’t look loose so you step on them and there’s a giant puddle waiting for you underneath.
    Rave: Looking forward to meeting everyone at HH tonight! Are y’all an easy enough group to find?

    • Love this — bra-vangelism is working! Which Fantasie bra did you get?

      • I got the Fantasie Abigail in black. It’s not really practical for everyday use, but I couldn’t resist! I’m definitely going to check out Sylene’s next. πŸ™‚ I’ve already convinced three of my friends to go get fitted!

    • I am so happy to hear this! It is such a misconception that the straps of your bra should be holding up your boobs. This is NOT true. If you’re out there and the straps are doing the work, go get yourself fitted! Don’t think just because you have huge boobs that’s not true for you, it is. The band does the holding and SparklyTacoKitty, it sounds like you switched the work from the straps to the band. I’m happy you feel better!

      • epric002

        +100 jeslett! that is why so many women go down in the band and up in the cup. the band has to be snug enough to provide support. if it’s riding up in the back, it’s too big. you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the band and your back, and you should start a new bra on the loosest hook so you can tighten it as the bra stretches with wear.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh goody! We can talk about our bras tonight! I love small clothes so much!
      I think we are easy to find, look for Justin with the beard.

    • It’s likely NOT a coincidence. Hmmm. Does that mean that we can write off pretty bras as health care expenses? If so, I’ve got some serious shopping to do!

    • Did anyone else get the Coup De Foudre email this morning about jewel tone bras? Thought it was interesting after the discussion on limited color choices. Also, the loose bricks are the bane of my existence. I’ve actually started altering the way I walk to work to avoid brick sidewalks. I’ve gotten splashed one too many times.

      • I got that email an immediately thought about buying a jewel tone bra! I want to wear burgundy -everything- right now, including my underthings!

    • Last week people ranked the various places to get fitted based on expertise and selection. Can someone remind us of the places to go?

      • I think that Sylene’s in Friendship Heights (about 3 blocks from the Metro) is great. For extreme circumstances, and/or the very picky, the Town Shop in NYC is about 100 years old, and very good at what they do — i.e. someone very full busted who needs a backless bra for a wedding dress would be very well taken care of.

      • The places we discussed in DC were, in no particularly order because all are excellent:
        Coup de Foudre (small selection, but located downtown)
        Sylene (near Friendship Height metro, large selection)
        Trousseau (Vienna, VA. They customize bras. Big selection, I think? I’ve never been.)

        People also mentioned that Nordstrom has good fittings. I may be forgetting others, but those are the ones I remember coming up most often.

        If we start talking about New York, I could really get going, but will limit myself to my single favorite, Journelle. I love trying on bras there in their luxurious dressing rooms.

        • epric002

          and once you’re fitted, these are excellent online sites with a wide range of sizes: figleaves.com, barenecessities.com, herroom.com. most also carry bathing suits and sports bras in real sizes too- which is a whole ‘nother level of amazing, let me tell you.

    • Do you mind if I ask how much bras from these magical bra store usually run? I’m thinking I should probably check it out…

      • The one I bought yesterday was $66, so not that different from a bra at VS!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I think $70 is the most I’ve paid. I don’t want to creep into the $100+ category, but it would be easy to do.

      • They’re mostly in the $50-$80 range, but there are occasional discounts, especially for discontinued colors and styles. I think Sylene has a loyalty program of some kind. If you are on a tighter budget, you can ask the people at the store to bring you the most affordable options, or look online for sales on any styles you like.

      • Oh! And a Very Important Point is that these bras really, really last! The magical fitters tell you that you should buy a bra so the band is snug on the last (furthest out) hooks. As you wear the bra and the band slowly stretches, you then move to the middle hooks, then the tightest ones. If cared for properly, they can last years!

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 my favorite Wacoal bra style lasts for a good 3-4 years. It’s the bra I use the most b/c it’s so comfortable and it still lasts for ever.

          • Wacoal is excellent and they produce a lot of the Calvin Klein and DKNY bras. If you’re not in need of a large projection bra, I recommend those.
            I used to sell bras at Nordstrom and really enjoyed it, you guys are making me miss that. I once made a woman so happy she cried and it felt great, that’s how you know you’re doing a good job.
            But on the flip side, a woman once started yelling at me because we didn’t have anything for her. Sorry, 42B is not a size that is normally carried. She made a real impression because I remember that size 10 years later.

      • msmaryedith

        When I went there, I managed to spend about $350 on three bras and a pair of pretty underwear that matched one of the bras. But seriously, it’s life-changing. I ended up buying two more of my favorite one (for less, online), so that I had two nude ones and a black one to switch out. Those three can easily carry me through a couple of years.

    • Yay bra-vangelism!

    • Bear

      That’s it, I’m making an appointment. I’ve been holding off because I am trying to lose some weight, and I don’t want to sink a bunch of cash into bras if they won’t fit me in a couple months. But my go-to basic bras are all stretched out and driving me nuts.

    • epric002

      hurrah, bra-vangelists! i had a lovely bra-vangelism convo w/my fabulous hair stylist and her other client last night. they were already part of the movement, but i’ve been harassing my stylist to get herself a legit sports bra. don’t forget about those ladies! those cheap elastic compression things you are buying (and even wearing 2 of) are not doing the trick! i love that the internet is making us feel and look better πŸ™‚

    • I hope the group will be easy to find, too! I have been told that my red hair makes a good beacon for others, haha…

    • Accountering

      For pete’s sake… The only benefit I have garnered from the endless lines of bra talk (which I have skipped over continuously) is now, at POPVille HH, when I mention how sometimes I just skip over things I am not interested in, I have a concrete example! Haha, carry on, carry on.

      • Imagine how us non-cyclists feel. The recent bra talk is approaching levels previously only reached by cycling discussions… endless, on-and-on cycling discussions.

      • Ally

        I don’t know…seems like most men would enjoy a bunch of chicks sitting around and talking about their breasts. Just sayin’…

        • I know, right!? Especially since most bra conversations lead to women wanting to look at each other’s bras, and maybe touch the fabric very gently, and maybe take one off to inspect the stitching on the inner seams… and then pillow fights.

        • That’s like sitting in a great restaurant with tons of food in front of you but you can’t eat it!

          Also, we think of you as “women” or I’ll get killed.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m fully expecting everyone to be staring at our tits all night to see who has the correct bra size etc. There will probably be some cute bra reveals. (that sounds gross but I can’t think of the right word..fashion show?)

  • skj84

    Rant/Rave: We are having the bathrooms renovated in my house. Which is well needed. However it’s all a bit loud and distracting. I’m holed up in my room with headphones on. And I can’t take a shower until they leave(the water is off). I hope they finish up quickly!

    Rave/Rant: I may have the opportunity to work a freelance gig on Sat. It pays decently but would mean standing for 8 hours outdoors. It’s a bartending gig so I would get tips. But have to deal with people.

    • How in the world can you be a bartender and not like to deal with people? That’s like 80% of the job. Plus, event bartending is usually pretty easy – pour this or that – no blender drinks or consultation on 50 different beers or wines.

      • skj84

        I know. I worked in service industry for years, but my tolerance level has crashed down since I left.I actually don’t bartend on the regular, this would be for an event. I’m a bit scarred from the last time I bartended for a special event. It got incredibly busy and a bit out of control real quick. It was more the organizers fault than anything, and that’s what I’m afraid of in this situation.

      • I’d say most bartenders tend to be misanthropic introverts. It’s weird how they get pulled into that job.
        Secretly, I think bartenders as a whole are a group of masochists.

        • skj84

          LOL. I mean I’m usually pretty friendly, but my BS meter is on high alert. I don’t think I would be the therapeutic bartender. I mean in a slow to moderately busy situation i’m cool, but in hectic, lines as far as the eye can see situations? I go into hyper focus mode. I’ve been told I come off as icy, when I was just trying to be efficient. Gotta work on that skill.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: A great website http://www.athlinks.com provides a summary of all my timed runs.

    Rave: First 5K in 2010 I ran was 32:29 (10:27 a mile). Last 5K this summer was 23:28 (7:33 a mile). Major progress in my running.

    Rave: Shout out to Fleet Feet running group and fantastic friends who have encouraged me in the past and present!

    • binpetworth

      That site is so cool! Just registered myself. Your progress inspires me…I started running just a year ago and have already gotten my 5K pace down to 9:05 from a starting point of 11:00.

      Thanks for sharing the link.

    • Way to go, and thanks for the motivation! I’ve been bored by running, maybe working on improving my time will help get me out there more days.
      I checked out my results, and there is someone one year younger with my name running tons of races in and near my very small home town.

  • Rave: I just got some positive feedback from the fed client on work i am doing
    Rant: The work i am doing is not my passion
    Question: Does anyone know a good place that makes silk screen shirts? I have been talking with a local DC artist about marketing one of his famous logo’s for t-shirts and poster and other art, i think it would be cool to use a local store if possible!

  • my uncle- who was in hospice for over a week now- passed away this morning and I had to scramble to coordinate with my mom about attending the funeral in New Jersey. I’m going and I’ve already come to terms with that, but it is out of support for my aunt and my cousins because in all honesty I never really knew my uncle who was distant with our family for unknown (to me) reasons. What sucks is – losing a day of work b/c contractor, might be missing out on seeing an old friend I haven’t seen for a few years now, but I feel bad about complaining about those things because this is a big loss for my family and so that’s why even though I was told I didn’t have to go, I’m going.

    rant; got this news this morning and I have an interview this afternoon. any tips for clearing out my head? I’m not going to reschedule it (the firm rescheduled it once already) but I feel like I need to somehow block out all this stuff and focus on being professional. Meditate? Coffee?

    • I’m sorry for your loss. Google Qigong breathing exercises. They don’t take much time at all, and are a great way to relax and clear your head.

    • Sorry about your uncle. And it’s good that you’re going to the funeral. If it’s not too rainy out, go for a walk. That’s my go-to for clearing my head and relaxing. If it’s too rainy for a walk try reading something funny and enjoyable for a few minutes, like celeb gossip, blogs, whatever, just to shift the focus on something else and give yourself a break from the stress. Good luck with your interview!

    • I’ve been pretty stressed recently and my husband found an article about Navy seals doing 4x4x4 breathing before missions – breathe in for four counts, out for four counts, and do it for four minutes. It’s actually been very helpful – if you focus in on your breathing for four minutes, it really clears your head.

    • Condolences on your loss – but you are right about going to support the living. I’m more of a party while you’re alive kind of person, but most people really do care a lot about having people show up for a funeral. For many, it is a real validation of the worth of the deceased’s life, and sometimes a social “status” statement as well. You don’t have to agree, just play along. And for clearing you head – a rainy day in nature is about the best you could want. Can you get to Rock Creek park for a walk? Or even any little park or your own yard with plants and trees dripping with water – very soothing.

    • So sorry for your loss. When I was an intern in law school the morning of my first day in court I found out I had lost a cousin unexpectedly. I remember just focusing on the professional stuff as much as I could, and then faced a real flood of emotion afterwards. I’m pretty private, so I tried not to talk about it beforehand, but be prepared to share or if you need to, find a private place, immediately after the interview. Good luck with it, and great for you for going to support your family!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: I fear I severely damaged my personal brand in a meeting this morning.

    Rave: Then I remembered I don’t have a personal brand to begin with.

    Rave: Beard-vangelism!

    Rant: I’m exhausted today. I had a long anxiety dream that I was trying to teach Barbara Bush how to use a computer while my father and GHWB went off fishing. How can you be a former FLOTUS and not grasp the concept of using a mouse?

  • Rant: Got up very early — for me — to go to a tai ji class. Class was cancelled for Rosh Hashana.
    Rave: Got to do some errands in the unexpected chunk of time.
    Perplexity: Reading through some of the comments from yesterday. It’s amazing how different our world views can be. And it startles me how little empathy people can have for others whose life experiences are very different from their own.
    Rave: Joey Alexander — an extraordinary jazz piano player. At 11 years old, he takes “gifted” to a whole new level. It’s joy to listen to his music.
    Rant: Soggy pants hems. I guess this finally, officially means that Summer’s Over. πŸ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was listening to NPR and was disappointed in people’s empathy. They were discussing the children coming from Central America. One lady said she was Christian (Catholic I think) and was taught that charity starts at home so all the kids should be sent back as soon as they arrive. I guess for her charity begins and ends at her house. I just don’t get people who protest children.

    • +1 on your perplexity. I wonder how much of this is due to workday rage and how much has to do with the shield anonymity provides in online forums. For some reason, I’ve been especially rankled by the negative comments about justinbc’s espresso maker deal — why begrudge the guy for getting something that makes him happy at a deep discount?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Crappy sleep last night b/c of crappy dreams.
    Rave: Working from home so I’m snuggled on the couch with my kitty, my computer, and my fancy tea (Cream Earl Grey from Vancouver).
    Decisions: which shoes should I wear when I leave the house?

  • Rant: I have a funeral (grandmom- DC) and wedding (friend- Richmond) a couple of hours apart this weekend and no dresses for either occasion. I’m thinking I need to just get a black dress and wear black shoes for one and gold shoes for the other.
    Rave: I bought, and ate, cinnamon toast crunch because I am under the weather. It is really freaking good.

  • Rave: Rain was so lovely overnight
    Rant: Second trimester woes – major Charley Horse in the middle of the night along with a lingering respiratory infection did not make for fun sleeping. Sad panda. Anyone got any home remedies they want to share?
    Rave: Am I the only excited about Scandal returning tonight??

    • skj84

      I’m not a Gladiator but my mom and sister are. My sister is freaking out because Scandals timeslot changed from 10pm to 9pm. In Minnesota where she lives this means Scandal comes on at 8:00pm. Which is the time she takes her silks class. She has a DVR, but likes to live tweet on twitter with the rest of the Gladiators. I’m looking forward to How to Get Away with Murder.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m looking forward to it, but I always watch in on Friday, so I’m not super excited yet.
      Valentina, do you have your wine ready??

    • My mom got me hooked on Scandal. I’m psyched about How to get away with Murder too.

    • If you’re getting muscle cramps, especially in your legs, it might mean that you’re not drinking enough water. Drinking lots of fluids will probably help both the cramps and the respiratory issues.

  • Rant: Unless you are on fire and or penis has fallen off – not every email needs that red exclamation mark.

    • At my previous job, having the red exclamation mark was the DEFAULT SETTING on email. I just hid the column, it contained no information whatsoever.

      • Thank you. I am now hiding this column and taking a walk for a coffee. Folks need to chill…its the end of the FY, but good lord, get yo s%#t together.

    • YES! One colleague I work with has it on EVERY e-mail. WTF is the point of doing that? Stupid.

    • One of my colleagues re-forwards emails that I’ve sent out to the office and adds that red exclamation point… It’s infuriating, and they’re never that important.

    • Emmaleigh504

      um I hope if you are on fire and/or penis has fallen off you use the phone! email is too slow.

    • I do not miss Outlook at all. The red exclamation wore on me over time when people used i for reminders.

  • Rave: After their summer vacation outside, I was able to get most of my houseplants in yesterday. How did I get so many plants? Does over 50 = crazy plant lady?
    Rant-ish: Missing the HH but visiting family/farm time.
    Rave: Very excited to work with the natural resources, forestry folks there to plan for for planting trees etc for erosion mitigation and look at ways to preserve the wetlands.

  • So out of curiosity I tried to order the frozen In and Out thing and they sold out within a half hour. Maybe it was a sign, I was a bit wary of the frozen thing but obviously there was a market for them.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Trying to find a pair of black, low-heel (1.5in or less), ankle height boots (booties), preferably wide, and haven’t seen anything that matches what I want. Most are either too casual or the heel is too high. Born had a pair that seemed perfect, but they’re notoriously narrow.
    Rant: Not really feeling baseball tonight.

    • have you tried camper? I have a pair of boots from them that I get endless compliments on, and they are SO comfortable. a bit spendy, but I’ve had them for 5+ years and they still look great. I ordered mine from zappo’s (yay free shipping!) but i think there is a store in georgetown if you want to see them in person.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I love camper! The twins series are my favorite.

      • GiantSquid

        I have a pair of Camper heels and I love them so I tried to buy a pair of ankle boots from them two years ago. They came, I excitedly tried them on, and…they didn’t fit across the top of my foot. Like my arch was too high or my foot too fat. I was so sad. I like some of the Cobb Hill ones but they’re not dressy enough. I love my pair of Sam Edelman’s Petty boots but they’re a little tight across the wide part of my feet (thanks bunions). So the front-runner right now is Clarks with several styles that might work.

  • Rave: Found an apartment! Hooray! I’ll miss Colombia Heights though, will be moving to Van Ness. Roommates seem really nice though and the building seems great too.
    Rant: Bit stressed about the cost. My current place, where I’ve been for over 2 years, is well under market value. Moving to a more typical-DC cost (1050, all utilities), but it’s well over half my takehome salary. At least I don’t have student loans, so it should be tight but doable. But I should be much happier at least, my current roommates drove me nuts… And I’m on the hunt for a better-paying job anyway.
    Rave: Looking forward to PoPville happy hour tonight, should be fun. If you see a lost-looking redhead wandering around, please grab me.

  • Rant: It was ridiculously hot in my bedroom last night so I kept waking up and when I was sleeping I was having awful anxiety dreams.
    Rave: Had breakfast with two very good friends of mine. It’s so nice to have a fun, relaxed start to the day.

  • RAVE: Specloos Cookie Butter ice cream from TJs. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    RANT: I think I’m developing a lactose intolerance in my old age (early 30s). After eating ice cream or a large amount of cheese, I start getting gas cramps πŸ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh no! I am sooo sorry! I think I would lose the will to live if I developed lactose intolerance.

    • I’ve been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember. Lactaid pills used to work pretty well but now I just take a probiotic pill (Align is my go-to) every day and it’s done wonders for me! In fact, I just ate a bunch of Brie and I’m not even worried about it. πŸ™‚

    • skj84

      I’ve been lactose intolerant for a while. I can handle cheese, need to be careful with ice cream, but I can’t drink milk by itself. I do like Lactaid Whole Milk.

  • RAVE: Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Amazing!
    RANT: I think I am developing a lactose intolerance as I age (early 30s). I’m getting gas cramps every time I eat ice cream or a large amount of cheese πŸ™

  • RANT: Project at work that I am managing that is a complete set-up for failure. Why do I keep getting the “clean-up” duty for projects that have failed previously, or no one else wants?? Unfortunately there are audit requirements that mean I have to figure out how to succeed one way or another!
    REVEL: Love rainy mornings… and this cool weather!
    RANT: Wish I could have stayed in bed this AM, snuggled some more, and read a book with a cuppa tea instead of going to work.
    REVEL: Nationals game tonight! (hope the rain stops in time)
    REVEL: Working on the MS Making Strides Soiree event on Saturday at Eastern Market! Think it will be fun, and hopefully enough people come to raise money!

  • I’m going to rave about this a second time because it deserves it. LOVE Compass Coffee. It’s a big, bright, friendly place with great coffee (and even better chai, made from scratch). If I were still in a place in life where I sat in coffee shops to do work, I’d do it here.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Great morning run – finished training for Tough Mudder. 10-12 miles on Saturday, and I am excited!
    Rave2: Taking tomorrow off and going to Caps training camp, apple picking out west, and then Rappahannock Winery with the parents. Then pasta dinner and early to bed.
    Rave3: Life is good, great call with St. Paul today, work is going well, excited for HH tonight, and Tuesday is officially 6 months. Time has flown by, and I couldn’t be happier!

  • Rant: I went into a Hobby lobby for the first time in my life this morning. Not to buy anything, but to be all guerrilla and screw with the alphabet stamps and write “I <3 my BCP." (Not my original idea- props to some other rebel online.)
    (Also, I'm clearly a goody goody when I consider this rebellious.)

    Wasn't until I was in the parking lot and about to send the photo of my vandalism to the bf when I realized I had arranged the stamps into this brilliant political message: "I my <3 BCP."

    Rave: I laughed so hard I may have peed my pants. This is why I am not a criminal. My brain doesn't function on adrenaline.

    • I do agree that at first glance this is funny, but the reality is that the FU you’re sending is not to Hobby Lobby but the minimum-wage employees (2/3rds of whom are women, according to a 2013 BLS survey) who will have to fix it. The people who bear the greatest burden of these terrible corporate policies, with the least access to recourse or alternatives, should not also have to bear the additional burden of cleaning up after people’s statements of “resistance.”

      • I agree, although that place is so Christian I wonder if some of the employees agree with their policy. Not trying to be political on here. I did something silly, didn’t desecrate anything, and given that the stamp letters were in complete disarray beforehand, I don’t think I left a mess for anyone to clean up.

        • I definitely agree that in the grand scheme of things, there was not costly or difficult-to-clean damage. However, given that HL IS so Christian, as you point out, I think as a store manager I’d be really quick to have that message cleaned up. Thinking about when I was at a point in my life where I was working minimum wage, I was not in a position to be choosy about the larger corporate policies of my employer; I just try to encourage folks to remember that people at the bottom of the corporate totem pole aren’t the ones making policy decisions, and to be sure my actions or reactions are fairly and effectively reaching the people who ARE πŸ™‚

      • Heh, I used to work at Blockbuster. I had a customer who had a personal beef with Sandra Bullock, and would come in and turn the movies around (so the back was facing front, instead of the cover) for all of her films. I would have to go turn them back again. I was just glad he didn’t do worse.

      • It means “I love my birth control pills”. Because of HL’s legally-upheld objection to providing health insurance to its employees that covers contraception. Assholes.

  • I can’t find a “search” feature anymore on Pop – (I am signed in) any clues?

  • Rant/Rave: Canceled the procedures I had scheduled for tomorrow. They said I would be responsible for a $1200 deductible. My doctor said I don’t need them and I was only going to go through with them because I already paid $50 for the prep kit and took tomorrow off. Also, I might get fined $100 for canceling.

    Rave: I can eat solid food again and I’m still taking tomorrow off.

    Rant: Still won’t be able to make it to happy hour tonight. Should be able to make it next time.

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