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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Alibaba IPO has been delayed. My order is in and I’m sitting here antsy, waiting to see what I’m going to pay for this stuff.
    Rave: It’s a beautiful day to start my work from home Friday outside.
    Rant: I need more motivation to get a big thing for work done. It’s complicated, boring, and kind of confusing, so it’s not going well.
    Rave: I thrifted a pair of mens loafers (my feet are too big to bother looking for womens shoes at thrift stores) a few years ago and have hung on to them in the hopes I can figure out how to make them look good and I finally did! They fit like a glove, I’m glad I didn’t get rid of them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so with you on your second Rant, that’s why I’m here. Your second Rave reminded me of the awesome mens loafers I got thrifting ages ago. I haven’t worn them in forever, they need to go back into rotation!

    • Market order of Alibaba on IPO day? I am antsy for you! Price will bounce around like a pogo stick, but I am sure you know that. I only market order when I am dumping something personally, but sounds like you know what your’e doing. Have you considered going with a limit and counting on the volatility of the IPO to hit your offered price?

      • Yes, I have a limit on it.
        I’m certainly not a pro at this, but I like to invest outside of my 401k on my own. I’ve done well so far, though the new stocks I’ve bought have been a few days after IPO. Visa and Tesla paid off really well, though man do I wish I had been more willing to put a lot of money into Tesla, it’s up like 850% since I bought it.

        • Accountering

          I just bought a tiny bit of Tesla, and should have gone bigger. I am very good at picking stocks with a lot of value, and then making 20% and taking gains. Unfortunately that often leads to missing out on way bigger gains – see Ford (bought a bunch between 9-11, sold at 13. It is now $17ish) – Chipotle (bought at 280, sold at 330. It is now $675ish.)
          Good luck with Alibaba! I don’t like investing in China because it is all smoke and mirrors, and the numbers the present publicly are simply not accurate. The amount of financial statement fraud in China is dizzying.

          • I super duper believe in Tesla and have no plans to let go of it any time soon. I don’t know if it’ll stay this high, but I think electric cars will be the norm someday and I love Musk’s open source approach.
            Actually, I think knowing when to sell is a big downfall for me. I haven’t sold anything from my personal portfolio in the 4 or 5 years I’ve been investing, but they’re all still growing.
            I hopped on Twitter after employees were able to dump their stock, even that is doing really well. Thanks to Slate for convincing me to get that!
            I agree that Alibaba is a gamble, especially because this is a Cayman Island holding company, but I think the potential is pretty good. I’m willing to risk it, at least a bit.

          • I do the same- I pick a price that I am happy to take profits and swap to something else. Often find I could have done well with holding longer, but I figure if I am happy with the price and the gain then why not take it? My company has a stock purchase thing where we can autobuy some stock, I pretty much dump it once I have turned 20-25% or so mostly just to re-invest in something different to diversify a bit. Chinese companies make me a bit nervous as well- and I generally don’t like to play the IPO game because of the crazy volatility and over hyping from the talking heads the first few weeks. I wanted to get in on TWTR after the employee sale as well, but wasn’t liquid at the time. I have been picking up some oil services companies lately and doing pretty well with them.

        • Yikes- nearly $100 already. I hope you fill and do well πŸ™‚

      • I have a lot of cash in my saving account and I want to invest in the stock and I have no idea how to start, it seems so overwhelming, any suggestion for a real novice? I am barely getting 1% back in my saving.

    • Also with you on the second rant, and that’s why I’m here, too.
      On the rave front, Julia Turner on the Slate Culture Gabfest this week “endorsed” the B-52’s song “Dry County” and it’s made my otherwise lethargic and grouchy morning a bit more bearable. It’s on a loop right now.
      And I need to pull out my loafers, too.

    • Blegh, complicated and boring is the worst combinationβ€”it’s so difficult to try to make sense of something that is impossible to feel strongly about. (This happens with my work stuff all the time.) But you can do it!
      Also, well done on the loafers. Big and annoying work things = ugh; cute and comfy shoes = YAY!

    • I have a lot of cash in my saving account and I want to invest in the stock and I have no idea how to start, it seems so overwhelming, any suggestion for a real novice? I am barely getting 1% back in my saving.

      • I’d suggest instead of stocks that you invest in a mutual fund (Vanguard, T Rowe Price, etc.). Index funds are good b/c they will have lower fees. Depending on how much you have, you might want to invest in a couple of different mutual funds. You can get a mix of conservative/risky, domestic/international, or mutual funds that fit your values (e.g., environmentally or socially responsible).

        • Another advantage of mutual funds is that they really are basically like bank accounts in terms of how easy it is to withdraw and make deposits (with some rules to prevent people from gaming the system, but as a typical investor you won’t come up against those limits). Stocks can be much more complicated.

      • Agree with above- if you are new to the game mutual funds are your best bet- let the experts pick em for you. I have some Vanguard funds that do well. They do a good job of showing you the risk of each fund and you can definitely find one that matches your risk profile, etc. Also investopedia.com is a great resource for learning about investing, and learning the terms of the trade. I use it all the time still- great resource.

      • I started by taking a quiz on Share Builder, I agreed with the results, and did auto investing based on that. Most of that was index funds.
        Any other stocks I picked up outside of that, I read about in the news. Slate suggested Twitter, I read about the Visa IPO somewhere and bought some that week, etc. But most of my portfolio is in index funds.

      • Thanks everyone, this is really helpful!!

  • Rave: rumor that a Hilton Homewood Suites might be slated for N. Cap. and Hanover NW and that a large condo development might be happening in the area as well. #letsgoNCap
    Rant: the track at the new Dunbar HS is not open to the public and does not plan on being open in the future.
    Question: has anyone been successful at convincing a school to change its policy on having its athletic facilities open to the public?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Weird dreams about the vote in Scotland. Time to stop taking melatonin so I can go back to boring dreams that I don’t remember.
    Rave: breaking in my new saddle shoes, I may attempt to walk home in them. I love saddle shoes.
    Funny: Darling Donna, in her attempts to wake me up, tried to walk across my shoulders and jump over my head to put her nose in my face. She’s a klutz with short stubby legs, so she did a belly flop onto my head. I could hear her thinking, “Do I stay here b/c it’s kind of comfy, or do I try and wake her up so she pets me?” Her need for love out weighed the comfy, so after I few tries she rolled off my head (her feet didn’t quite reach the pillow) and tried to wake me up a few other ways. Oh Donna, it’s a good thing you are cute!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great relaxing trip to NYC this week. Finally stayed in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan to check out all the hipster crap people keep raving / complaining about.
    Rave: NYC is always fun, but I would still choose DC to live in.
    Rant: Coming home to cold / cool weather. I like a lot of fall stuff, but I hate being cold. At least it’s good for running, and watering plants less, but not much else.
    Reminder: PoPville HH gathering next Thursday @ Jack Rose in Adams Morgan.

    • +1 on NYC vs. DC. I lived in New York for six years, two in Brooklyn. Every time I visit, which is about six times a year, my first thought is “why don’t I live here?” Within 24 hours, that always changes to “thank g-d I live in DC.”

    • skj84

      Agreed. Love NYC to death. Never got the whole “NYC is the greatest city in the world!” mindset.

      • justinbc

        It might very well be the greatest city in the world, just not for me to live in πŸ™‚ Wish I had been there one week later to see Jeter’s last home game though.

      • Greatest city in the world, if you’re stupid wealthy (like many of my NYC friends). It’s a tough town if you make less than $150K/year in HHI.

        • justinbc

          None of my friends who live in NYC make anywhere close to that.

        • Although admittedly, it was a while ago (pre-Bloomberg), I loved living in New York — Chelsea before the high rises, the Village, and the UWS. I was a grad student, most of my friends were either students or people doing arts careers and non-profit things .– as in nobody had much cash.

  • Rave-ish: Heard back from a job that I’m vastly underqualified for. I’m not getting my hopes up, but it’s exciting to know that they would even consider me.
    Rave: Seeing bands at smaller venues juuuust before they make it really big. Clean Bandit was amazing live!
    Rant: Drunk dialed my ex last night. My call log tells me we had a 20 minute conversation. I only remember snippets of it…
    Rant: This hangover.

  • RAVE: A woman has aroused feelings within me that I haven’t had in many years, and my heart is open. I’d kind of forgotten what it was like to have ones mind preoccupied by another person. It’s a little crazy, but an interesting experience when tempered by deeper self-awareness and the wisdom and maturity that comes from past experience.

    RANT: The woman who has aroused these feelings is an electric live wire, and a recipient of a great deal of attention, all the time, who seems to thrive on this attention. It seems emotionally dangerous to expose my heart to this sort of energy. It could all be moot anyway, but still, I’m stirred and shaken up.

  • Rave: Next week I’m going on my first tropical vacation since I was a kid. So excited to snorkel!
    Rave: I was on the bus next to a three year old lately who out of nowhere decided he needed to tell me everything about his trip to the zoo. He didn’t like the monkeys. He really liked the elephants! They were THIS (contemplates, then holds up all 10 fingers) big!!!
    Rant: I need to be doing work right now.

  • rant: living life as the one armed man from the fugitive. luckily i am right handed but doing everything one handed especially typing is a serious pain.
    rave: luckily its not too painful and managed with just advil. i really dont want to get on the percocets.
    rave: this weather and realizing it could have been worse. also a lot of pedestrians helped me up and to the curb after i bailed.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I was one armed for 8 wks — try putting in contac lenses with one hand or as I am a woman putting on pantyhose. Hope you heal quickly.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Friday!
    Rave2: House rented for Thanksgiving week. Thanks family from Massachusetts!
    Rant: CaBI – following our discussion from earlier this week – I left Mintwoods place (on Mintwood Pl and Columbia) at ~12:30am last night to CaBi home. Picked up a bike at Belmont and Columbia, but the station at 16th and Columbia had 33 bikes 0 docks, and the station at 18th and Lamont likewise had no docks. I rode to the station at Adams Mill Rd and Harvard (Zoo) and walked up the hill. Not a super safe walk like at night, as there is absolutely no one around. Thanks a lot CaBi and council for not going all-in on CaBi!

    • They have gone all-in on CaBi! I think we still have the largest number of stations (not docks or bikes, but stations), even more than CitiBike. Just like a bus or the Metro is not designed to take you to your front door, CaBi is not designed to 100% available for your specific needs 100% of the time. That doesn’t mean it’s not working extremely well. And they aren’t re-balancing 24 hours a day (but those crews are out and hard at work at 4 or 5 in the morning to get ready for rush hour).

      • Absolutely right. Transit can not always meet everyone’s specific needs at all times. It’s fine to be frustrated when things don’t fall your way, but taking it a step further and blaming CaBi and the Council is off the mark.
        Also, there is a metrobus that would have taken you straight from here to there. Maybe the solution is being more flexible and creative when it comes to transportation.

        • Accountering

          I feel comfortable at this point blaming Muriel Bowser for virtually all that goes wrong in the city. Slowly but surely willing myself to believe that the city will be fine with her at the helm when she inevitably wins..
          Of course I can blame the council for a lack of stations. Who would be a better target for my blame?!?

    • I’ve never rode a CaBi before so forgive me if I’m way wrong here, but aren’t the stations you were trying to drop a bike off at 12:30 AM some of the most popular morning rush hour stations? If so, wouldn’t those stations all being full at that hour be a sign of CaBi and the Council responding to the majority of the people’s needs?

    • I’m not sure what the solution is to your rant. Does “going all in” mean installing enough docks in Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant (and elsewhere) to ensure that there are always open docks everywhere, no matter the time? Not sure that’s feasible, or even desirable.

      • “I’m not sure what the solution is to your rant.”
        A $5 Uber ride.

      • Accountering

        No, it means having an open dock at 12:30am on a Tuesday morning. Not exactly prime-time. I agree, it can’t work for everyone, all the time, especially morning rush in the fall/spring, but last night was a bit ridiculous. 2 Bikeshare stations for all of MtP is simply not good enough tbh.

        • If there were 3 Bikeshare stations in Mount Pleasant, wouldn’t it just mean you’d get three stations with no empty docks at 12:30 a.m., rather than two? πŸ˜‰

    • Did you not check availability of empty spots at the docking stations before you left Mintwood’s? My guess is that they would have been full (or very nearly full) before you left. Bikeshare 101, my friend.

  • Rant: I am almost six months pregnant and the pregnancy pains are starting to kick in and sleep is starting to get uncomfortable. My back and legs have been achy, and the round ligament pain had me almost doubled over the other day.
    Revel: I can feel the baby getting stronger – she is getting a lot of good kicks in!

    • Oh yeah, round ligaments. Isn’t it weird how pregnancy makes you very familiar with all sorts of body parts you didn’t know you had?
      Mine just sort of went “pop” one day. I dropped the grocery bags I was carrying and leaned against a wall and gasped til someone came along and walked me the rest of the way home.

    • Do you have the snoogle pillow? That made sleeping comfortable for me until about 37 weeks. Definitely worth the $75 price tag (although paying that was tough).

    • Or any body pillow will work. There are some great ones on Amazon in the $30-$40 range. It helps a lot.

    • Build a nest of pillows. Between your legs, on either side of you (so when you roll over, your tummy is always supported), and where else pains you. You’ll be a fortress of solitude if you sleep with your partner, but you’ll be (more) comfortable.

      • Or your partner might move to the guest room. I was pretty clear: If it was a choice between the six pillows and him, pillows won. He didn’t even grumble, bless him.

    • Are there photos of these bunnies…?
      I like the idea of fostering, but I get the impression that it’s a big commitment. Having to take the critters for the vet care, for adoption events, etc, basically trying to find homes for them yourself. I’d be happy to have some baby bunnies (or kitties) dropped off at my house for a week or two. I’ll feed them and socialize them and keep them safe and happy. I’d even buy their food myself. But If I’m going to haul all over town for an animal, it’s going to be for one I’m keeping.

      • epric002

        you don’t have to bring your fosters to adoption events, and a lot of them don’t require any/much vet care. you can also be a short-term foster where you do exactly what you want- feed them and socialize them and keep them safe and happy for a week or two! there are definitely special needs/medical fosters who require a lot of extra attention/work/training/vet visits/etc, but there are also plenty of animals who are just plain stressed at the shelter and only need a home to crash in until they’re adopted. and you can help them get adopted by ways other than hauling them to events every week. i’d encourage you to talk to some different organizations and find one who will let you foster the way you described above. i personally know that the Washington Humane Society is always looking for foster sitters and short term fosters. good luck!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: Arrr, it’s International Talk like a Pirate Day and the only thing I have on me shoulder is a chip!

    Why did the pirate go to see a proctologist?
    Because he had a pain in the Aaarrrrrrrrrrse!!!

    Rave: H Street Festival.

    Rant: In asking friends to go to the H Street Festival I basically get two replies:
    1. What’s the H Street Festival?
    2. H Street is too far away.

    Life is tough when you are a Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body.

  • Sad rant – My sister had a miscarriage. It was very early in her pregnancy and she hadn’t told many people yet, but still it’s so sad. I don’t know what to do for her or say to her, having never been pregnant myself and I can’t really understand what she’s going through. I just decided to make the trip home this weekend to see her.
    Rave – Glad I have the financial means to make last minute trips home. Glad my sister is physically ok.

    • Accountering

      This sucks. I certainly cannot relate either, but this definitely makes me sad for her, and you. Here is hoping she can recover mentally and physically. Good call on heading home to see her. Just sitting and being there for her/crying with her will be helpful. That sucks..

    • Emmaleigh504

      You are a good sibling to go be with her. safe travels.

    • I had a miscarriage earlier this year and think the very fact that you’re going home to see her is the best thing you can do. I think everyone who goes through this processes it in a different way — some people just want to move on and get back to trying, and others really grieve for a long time. Either way, I think Accountering is right. Just being there is the most important thing.

      If I can offer one piece of advice, it would be to let her feel whatever she feels without suggesting that there is a “right” viewpoint or offering truisms like “well at least you know you can get pregnant now.” That particular phrase drives me nuts because everyone seems to say it, and while I know I get get pregnant, I don’t know that I can -stay- pregnant, and that’s almost worse.

      • Thanks. I’ve been worried about saying the wrong thing or saying something unhelpful. I will try and shut my mouth and just listen and be there. She already has a kid, so I’m thinking I’ll be able to help out with my nephew so she and bro in law can have some time to themselves.

        • That sounds like a really nice plan. Again, everyone is different, but I know that all I wanted to do the week after my own miscarriage was spend quiet time alone or with my husband, without much talking at all. But the -presence- of other people who care, like you, could make a big difference, especially if it also means having a bit of freedom from childcare time. I wish I had a sister like you! πŸ™‚

    • I have a good Friend who earlier this year told me she was pregnant (she was around the 8 week mark). She was clearly very excited and needed to tell someone else other than her husband and sister. She also trusts me deeply and knows I’d never tell anyone before she “officially” announced.
      A few weeks after she told me, she moved to another city. All the recent pictures I see of her on Facebook clearly show a non-pregnant Friend (she would be 5 or 6 months pregnant at this point). I suspect she miscarried, but we haven’t talked about it. I have no idea what to say to her, I definitely feel awkward even mentioning the pregnancy.
      I’m sure she’s in a lot of emotional pain and will continue trying, but I have no idea how to be there for her. If you’re reading this Friend, please know I think about you a lot and wish the best for your health. There’s no shame in your loss. Xoxo.

      • I had a similar situation with a couple of friends, who I just haven’t been able to tell about my miscarriage yet for one reason or another. Putting myself in their shoes, I would tell you not to worry that you’re not properly “there.” It may be really hard for her to bring up out of the blue (or even in context) and my guess is that if you’re the kind of person who would put such a positive, compassionate message out here on PoPville, that she already knows she has your support. When the time is right, she will bring it up.
        One thought is that maybe you could do some ‘random act of kindness’, such as sending a card or small gift “just because.” Even a cute text message (not about a miscarriage) might go along way, just to raise her spirits and let her know she’s loved.

      • As a previous poster said, let her control when (if ever) she tells you and don’t ask her about it. I miscarried too and it would have been no comfort to me to talk to anyone. The few people that knew (my well-meaning family) never said anything that made me feel better. Even after two kids later, six years later, it is only now that I can talk candidly about it. It is still the saddest thing that has ever happened to me. Knowing that most of my gfs have had a miscarriage or that I did end up having two kids eventually does not make the memory any less painful. Being told that it is common or that it happens all the time certainly didn’t make me feel better. Women deal with it differently so it’s important you just be there and let her decide how much to share or not. And it’s probably not shame that she feels. But you are such a lovely person though for being so concerned. Best of luck.

      • It’s very possible that she is not really showing. Some women don’t show until month 6. I would certainly send a note, see how she’s liking he new city, etc, and see what she responds with. I give this advice under the auspice that her FB feed is not full of pictures of her eating sushi and doing keg stands.

        • She’s too classy to post pics like that (or even do a kegstand) πŸ˜€
          Great idea on the “random act of kindness” – I will do that. Whether she miscarried or she’s simply not showing until the 6 month mark (however, she never made an official “we’re pregnant!” announcement), she will be happily surprised to get a gift πŸ™‚

    • I’m so sorry for your sister and cannot even begin to imagine what she is feeling. Thank you for sharing this, though. Miscarriages are very common but not widely talked about.

  • Rave: Woke up around 3:00 this morning and went to my 24 hour gym. Workout got me going for the day and I got to work at 6:30. I need to start doing this at least once a week.

    Rant: Dirt bike punks:


    • I admire how you actually got out of bed so early to work out. When I can’t sleep, the thought crosses my mind to get up and do something productive, but I usually lay in bed tossing and turning until the alarm goes off.

  • skj84

    Rave: always good to home with my family.

    Rave/Rant: I found out that my Great Aunt left me a player piano in her will. I’m flattered but not even sure what to do with it or even get it. Plus it’s willed to my sister as well.

    Rave: we also got all sorts of flatware and dishes. Which I need. Gosh this post is so macbre. I sound like a scavenger.

    • You’re not a scavenger,! You need the items and they will remind you of your aunt. My grandparents died right before I graduated from college, and I was soooo grateful that I got all of their crappy kitchenware (my grandmother was not a cook!). All of my cousins were married so the last thing they needed was an incomplete set of flatware, but for me it meant starting out with a more complete kitchen and some of it a step above the “starter” stuff I might have bought at Kmart. I’ve replaced/upgraded most of it over time, but I still use her pyrex casserole dishes and a few other things and I think about her every time I do!
      The player piano is either a really cool bequest or a total pain in the kiester. It sort of reminds me of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where someone gave a shirt missing a button: “This isn’t a gift, it’s a problem!”

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 When my grandmother died my grandfather was allowed to keep the brown towels, the white dishes, and the kitchen stuff. When he died I had just moved into my first apartment with no roommates. I got the white dishes and a lot of the kitchen stuff b/c I was the only one who needed it. The white dishes are way nicer than anything I would be able to buy for myself. And the kitchen stuff is full of gadgets I would never buy myself, but are useful. Not only are these things useful, but it’s part of a long standing family joke that if my grandmother died first my mom and aunt were to leave the funeral in a Uhaul so my grandfather’s next wife couldn’t have her stuff. My grandmother allowed him the brown towels and the white dishes. πŸ™‚

    • binpetworth

      We has a player piano in the family for years and ended up donating it to a nursing home. They were grateful to be able to use it for music, especially since it didn’t require having someone who knows who to play.

    • I think you can be happy about the stuff without it being macabre (as long as this wasn’t a situation of waiting for the relative to die so that you could get the stuff, which it doesn’t sound like it was).
      My uncle died suddenly and unexpectedly a few years ago. After the memorial service, my aunt (his ex-wife) and my cousins were clearing out his place. They couldn’t take much themselves, as they all lived several states away and shipping is prohibitively expensive.
      I had driven there, so I could more easily take things. I ended up with two DVD/VCRs, a vacuum cleaner, a bunch of books, a guitar stand, and two long-sleeved button-down shirts that I’ve used for gardening. It was bittersweet, as I would have much rather have had my uncle still around, but it’s nice to have things that I use and that I can remember him by.

    • My great grandmother lived in her apartment until she was 95, she died at 99 only losing her sharp mind and incredible memory the week before. I was 24 when she died. We used to go to her apartment and if you complemented her on anything she would say “take a piece of making tape and put your name on it, it’ll be yours soon.”
      I think I acted horrified because it felt like the right thing to do as a late teen/early 20 something, but really, she was being funny and realistic. I have a number of her items and they bring me a lot of joy.

      • Emmaleigh504

        If you compliment something in my Grandpa’s apartment he sends you home with it. Have to watch what I say when I visit!

        • special_k

          My mom does this!
          You: What a pretty vase!
          My Mom: Do you want it? Take it!

          • This is my dad, too, except the conversation is more like:
            You: What a pretty vase!
            My Dad: Take it!
            You: Oh, no, really, I couldn’t.
            My Dad: What, you don’t like it? I give you a present and you give it back?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I wish my mom would do that!
            Me: I adore that cocktail ring!
            Mom: You can have it when I die.
            Me: But you never wear it.
            Mom: I’m not ready to give it up.

          • My grandparents gave my mother a beautiful strand of Miko Moto pearls that she has never worn. I keep offering to take them off her hands, but she won’t budge!

          • Omg, my grandmother has started giving away all of her jewelery. She fainted in church and decided that it’s too risky to go to the ER with her crazy, blingy jewels.
            This has landed me with her upgraded engagement ring (it’s not in my possession, however). Much to my relief and joy she still wears the original engagement stone in a ring that looks like a tree branch with one stone for each kid. It’s the only ring she still wears.
            I have the blingiest grandmother ever, she has leather pants in 5 colors, wears rhinestones on her fingernails, and had a ring with three orbiting rings or diamond chips on top. I have her okay to reset the engagement ring.

        • Formerly Broken Jaw

          Same with my family. Of course my sister lived near my parents house so she usually got the good stuff. “My” desk is featured prominently in her living room. I give her a hard time about it but there is no way it would fit in in most DC rowhouses since it’s a two man partners desk.

          We are curently negotiating the sterling silver. Neither of us wants it (too fancy of a design) but she refuses to let us sell it.

  • Bear

    Rave-ish: Had a long talk with my boss about work stuff. He freely admits he’s not interested in doing any of the management tasks and he pretty much just wants to get back to the field. I kind of knew all of this already, and it doesn’t change the fact that I’m doing all the work, but just getting it out in the open makes me feel a little better. I was very tempted to go straight to my VP and complain about things, but I’m glad I addressed it with my boss directly. I’ll still be talking to my VP about some of these issues, because it’s just not a sustainable situation and at the end of the day he’s the one who makes the decisions. But I’m glad I put on my big girl pants and addressed things directly with my boss first.
    Rave: Worked my way into a good partnership with another firm that could result in work that my organization would not have been able to bid on on our own. Small opportunities, but very strategic.
    Rave: Finally slept last night. Man, it has been a rough week…lots of ups and downs, not much sleep.

  • epric002

    rave: it’s finally friday. this week has been long and crappy for reasons i can’t really articulate.
    rave: trousseau! going to pick up my custom tailored strapless bra on saturday. πŸ˜€ did you know that they will do a complimentary (i’m almost positive this is correct, but of course their website is blocked at my office so i can’t confirm) alteration on any bra you buy there? and when you stretch out the band on a bra you bought there months ago you can bring it in for alterations too! now i don’t have to ration my hook usage b/c i know i can get the band tightened.
    rave: bringing the foster puppy to the vegfest this weekend. this will be his first festival. fingers crossed it goes well and makes him incredibly tired.

    • Emmaleigh504

      custom tailored strapless bra! They make bras to specification? I need to go there, I have a dress that needs a more specialized bra than I can find off the rack.

      • epric002

        my understanding is that they’ll tailor an off-the-rack bra for you (they’re adjusting a band for me b/c my band size is hard to find/it fit except for the band). call them and tell them what you’re looking for/what the problem is and see what they can do- they have excellent customer service.

      • Have you tried Sylene’s in Friendship Heights? They have more specialized stuff as well as people who know how to do fitting. It could also be a nice excuse to go to NYC — for the Town Shop. I haven’t been in years, but they have everything, and it’s the kind of shop where they “size you up” when you walk in the store. They also have a website.

        • I love Sylene and have also had good experiences at Coup de Foudre on E St. Both do an excellent job with fittings. I learned from Coup de Foudre that I had been buying a radically incorrect bra size for my whole life – 36A instead of the correct 32D! It makes -such- a bit difference in terms of comfort, and looks better, too.

          Now I want to go to Trousseau, though. A custom-tailored bra sounds pretty wonderful.

          • epric002

            shawess- we are practically bra twins πŸ™‚ same experience- was wearing a 34B up until about 12 years ago until i got fitted at a legit place- and i currently wear a 28DD/E. i’ve never tried sylene (do they have much stuff in stock?) coup de foudre knows what they’re doing fitting-wise but they had exactly nothing in my size in stock. admittedly, it’s a hard to find size, but trousseau always has at least a single thing that fits me or something they can alter. and, they’ll order stuff for you if they don’t have it in stock. i am a total “get measured at a legit place!” pusher now and i gotta say that almost everyone is shocked at how wrong their bra size has been for so long. i think you’ll love trousseau. i got my first piece of lingerie that legitimately fits me and makes me feel fabulous from trousseau.

          • epric002, I love that we’re bra twins! Even if that sounds weird.

            I’m with you on bra measurement evangelism. I’m convinced every woman should be properly fitted at least once in their adult years, and not at Victoria’s Secret where the staff just aren’t properly trained.

            Sylene’s selection is huge, especially when compared with Coup de Foudre. It’s also pretty accessible from the Friendship Heights metro, which is nice for me. I love all of the bras I’ve gotten there, too.

            Will definitely check out Trousseau!

          • epric002

            and i will have to check out sylene’s, esp since they’re metroable! as a fellow bra-vangelist, i’ve really enjoyed following bloggers fuller figure fuller bust (not just for fuller figured ladies- she’s a bra-vangelist for all!) and thin and curvy, and if you haven’t discovered bratabase yet- it’s kind of amazing what you can learn/buy on there.

          • As a former lingerie sales person, and not at VS, I highly appreciate this convo.

          • I hadn’t heard of Bratabase and wow, is this a good resource! And I had no idea that there were actual bra bloggers out there. You just expanded my bra horizons considerably! Thanks, bra-vangelist!

          • epric002

            oh there are quite a few bra bloggers out there! if you follow FFFB you will learn of many of them. there’s also a sub-reddit called something like abrathatfits that is really helpful if you’re trying to figure out your breast shape, root, projection, etc., which i had to do IOT to figure out why bras weren’t fitting me/how to find sizes/styles/brands that would. boobs are surprisingly complicated!

          • I’m very tempted to spend time on these sites right now but have an open office, so it could get very scandalous very quickly. That said, I’m very curious about what a boob “root” is!

          • epric002

            the root of the breast is essentially where it connects to your chest. you can have a wide or a narrow root. it’s important when you’re trying to figure out cup spacing/underwire issues. for example, i have a wide root which means my breast tissue actually starts under my armpit, so i need a cup with a wide enough underwires to enclose all the breast tissue. too narrow wires are uncomfortable/can lead to side boob spillage. a narrow root might be only on the front of the chest so a bra with underwires that don’t extend under the arm would be fine.

          • We most definitely are boob twins! I wonder if I’ll be able to recognize you by site at vegfest tomorrow. Now that I write that I realize it sounds kind of creepy, but I’m going to just go with it and hope you won’t take it that way. I’ll be the other lady with the extra wide boob root.

          • epric002

            @shawess- hahahaha! i’ll know it’s you b/c you’ll be staring at everyone’s chest looking for the wide root!

          • Other than having a wide boot root, I’m tallish with brown hair and will be there with a gorgeously pregnant lady at some time near the opening. I will also be the one trying to pet all the dogs. If anyone else recognizes me, feel free to say hi, but maybe don’t stare so much at the boobies, thank you very much. πŸ™‚

          • epric002

            i will probably be there later (around 1ish?) and i have a blonde pixie cut and will be with another lady with a blonde pixie cut, and a brown pit-mix who will probably being wiggling and wagging all over the place and would love to get all the pets from you. πŸ™‚

          • skj84

            Also a fan of Sylenes. I’m slightly biased, I worked there in college. But great stock and the sales women are incredibly knowledgeable.

        • Emmaleigh504

          i have not! I haven’t worn the dress in a while b/c I haven’t had an event that required it, but it would be nice to have the proper under garments for when I do get to wear it again.

        • I had a great fitting at the lingerie department at the Pentagon City Nordstrom. Turns out, like most women, I was wearing the wrong size. The ladies were totally nice to me and they actually had my weird size in stock in a variety of different styles and colors. I also went Coup de Foudre, it’s a nice store but they didn’t carry anything in my size.

          • epric002

            nordstrom is usually pretty good in the fitting dept, though i’ve found they don’t stock as many brands that offer really hard to find sizes, but they will special order sizes for you if they carry that brand!

        • What does a proper fitting at a legit place entail? I keep meaning to go to Sylene’s but I’m really intimidated because I have no idea what to expect.

          • A lot of it is done by sight, actually, so if you’re squeamish about a stranger measuring you, you don’t have to be. They can usually get pretty close to the right just by looking at you.

            That said, if you are okay with a stranger measuring you with a measuring tape and/or checking you out in bras while trying them on, then the staff at places like Sylene and Coup de Foudre will definitely be willing to do that. In my experience, it’s a far less intimate experience than, say, waxing is, but if you’re not used to strangers getting up close and personal, you might just ask them to do a sight-based measurement..

          • I’ve learned that the most important measurement when buying a bra is the band measurement, NOT the cup measurement. It’s pretty easy for experienced fitters to guess the right band size, then you can try on progressively larger cup sizes until you find the right fit.

          • epric002

            sometimes a measuring tape, but often the fitters can eyeball you and get a ballpark size correctly. then you try on bras in that size/sister sizes and styles until you find something you like/that fits. they can show you how to properly put the bra on (swoop & scoop) and once it’s on can tell you how it fits/doesn’t fit. it’s mostly different from VS in that they won’t force you into the wrong size just b/c they don’t carry your real size. VS has convinced most of the american public that D cups are HUGE and anything above that practically doesn’t exist, and that band sizes don’t go any smaller than a 34 (or 32 if you’re lucky). you can also try and measure yourself- the butterfly collection has a really good guide/info on how to measure/fit yourself.

          • Thank you! It sounds a lot simpler and far less uncomfortable than I had imagined. I didn’t realize any of it could potentially be done by sight! I’ll check out the Butterfly Collection guide when I’m back at home too.

    • Neither rant nor rave: You’re a woman?!? I always imagined you as a gay man, for whatever reason. Enjoy your custom bra! πŸ˜€

  • em

    Rant: Nats pre-sale. Co-worker and I both tried getting tickets, but no matter what we were selecting (best available, allow scattered seats, standing room, specific sections, one seat, four seats, two seats) we got errors. Obviously some people people were getting though, since we’d try logging off and logging back on and the sections in which we could get seats kept diminishing.

    Revel: We have a 32″ tv, a radio, and beer is cheaper at Safeway than at Nats Park. The park is less than a mile from the house, so it’s possible that we could just walk down there and watch from outside the gates (as we did for one of the games in 2012).

    Neither: The games are probably going to fall on Yom Kippur anyway.

  • Rave: Mayoral debate at American U last night
    Rant: Starting to really lean towards Catania, and he has serious work to do
    Rave: this great cool weather
    Rant: fall allergies

  • Rave: Stressful week led to a migraine yesterday, which I was able to control with one medication and my PT exercises. Hallelujah.

  • Rave: Got a BOSU ball. It was a special present to myself after enduring a pretty significant event this summer. Pretty excited to see what it can do for my fitness regime.

    Rant: Dreaming of Chipotle burritos right now. When I restrict calories during the week, by Friday, my mind gravitates to and stays on food. I am so getting a burrito tonight!!

    • Omg, I have one of those! The workouts were fun, but I literally haven’t taken it out of the box in 5 years because I’m lazy. I finally put it back in the box and then in a closet so I wouldn’t have to feel shame at the sight of it anymore.

  • Rave: Went to hear the Pete Muldoon Sextet yesterday at the American Art Museum. The music was wonderful, and I loved the space, and I’m totally tickled that they provide board games! One highlight of the concert was when the toddler daughter (?) of the trombone player walked over to him and started tugging him — while he was in the middle of a solo. It was a very cute moment, and I’m hugely impressed that he didn’t miss a beat, or seem upset with her. Awwww.
    Rave: Phowheels pork tacos for lunch today!
    Rave: All of my rants are fixable.

  • Such misery, don’t know how to cope. Incessant whole-body coughing that ends as gagging. Agonizing headache that advil, sudafed, and tylenol aren’t touching. Congestion that even Afrin hasn’t relieved. Nausea as a result of all the meds.
    Saw a doctor earlier in the week and got five doses of magical cough syrup that fixed the cough and the head/ body pain. After going through the five doses, they treated me like some kind of junkie when I asked for a refill.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I spilled my magical cough syrup once. I had a refill and tried to get it. I swear the pharmacist was about to call the cops on me. Luckily, my doctor oked to early refill. Get well soon!

    • GiantSquid

      That’s because that cough syrup had codeine in it. Shit’s good, right? I started having gross drainage with coughing and gagging earlier this week. Started up my allergy meds and it cleared up. Any chance it’s fall allergies?

      • Yes, codeine is very effective. It pisses me off that the actual junkies have made it so hard for legitimately sick people to get the treatment they need. The right medication for my illness exists, but I’m not allowed to have it. Do the doctors think I’m faking this wracking cough? That I’m selling my cough syrup one teaspoon at a time? That five doses is safe, but another five and I’ll probably start raiding my kids’ piggy banks for heroin money?

        • It’s probably a liability issue. I’m sure they trust you, but they’re not allowed to refill certain medications because of possible consequences.

        • Abuse of prescription medicines is a serious issue — there are restrictions for good reasons.

          • epric002

            absolutely true. it’s still really frustrating when you have legit need/RX and it’s such a battle to get what was prescribed (not necessarily narcotic cough syrup).

    • epric002

      whooping cough? dead serious. lots of outbreaks going on, including one in a MD school system IIRC. is it a dry or productive cough?

      • Huh. That kind of fits. I have had a day or two of fever, but not consistently. It definitely started out slow and got significantly worse over the last 10 days.

        • epric002

          i’m actually surprised your dr didn’t test for it. mine did when i went in with a very dry, almost only at night, non-productive cough. you may want to do some googling on symptoms and make another appt. the “whoop” that most people associate with whooping cough is almost never present in adults, who typically have much milder cases than children. and we’ve recently discovered that our childhood immunity is wearing off, which is why they’ve started encouraging adults to get the TDaP now instead of just the TD.

          • I just spoke with a doctor friend on the phone, and he said it sounds classic for an adult. So I’m headed back to the clinic, as of course I would never ask a friend to prescribe for me.
            Thanks, epric002 for the diagnosis! I honestly never considered it was anything but a bizarre cold.

          • It could absolutely be whooping cough (pertussis). I had it a few years ago despite getting vaccinated as a kid and only had the characteristic “whoop” a few times. It was more like I just has to gasp for air a lot because I could barely breathe while coughing.

            As epric002 said, it really has made quite the comeback lately, but some doctors aren’t aware of this for some reason.

            (P.S. I guess epric002 and I are on a roll today)

          • Oh wow. My bf and I both had terrible, persistent colds with awful coughs earlier this summer, and the cough didn’t respond much to the typical over the counters we used. Reading this I’ll bet anything we had whooping cough. The good news is that it will go away — hang in there!

          • epric002

            good luck anon! if they suspect it you will likely get an RX for some antibiotics, possibly some for household members as well, while they await test results.
            @shawess- we really are twinsies today πŸ™‚ i had an uncertain diagnosis- my results were reported to the DC DOH, who called me and terrified me, i couldn’t get a hold of my doctor over the weekend to clarify, had to get the on-call doc over the phone to call in the antibiotic RXs for myself and my husband, only to have my dr on monday tell me that i *didn’t* have it. i was suspicious so after she sent me my test results i had a family friend who’s a dr review them and he told me i *did* have it, and to find a new dr. husband and i both finished the course of antibiotics just to be safe- but good lord it was an ordeal.

          • epric002

            @anon 3:06- it’s very likely you both did. adult cases often go undiagnosed b/c they’re atypical of what people assume whooping cough is/they’re pretty mild, considering. i had about 2 days of general malaise, and then a dry non-productive cough almost exclusively at night, but fits of it where my eyes watered, i gagged, couldn’t catch my breath and sometimes i though i’d vomit from coughing so hard.

  • Textdoc you asked a question yesterday about overwintering perennials (didn’t see until late in the day). Most winters perennials will do just fine in pots. If you have room (and for insurance) you might divide the plants and put a few in the ground. But you’d want to do this rather soon so the plants have time to get established before it gets too cold.

    • Thanks, MPinDC! I wasn’t sure if you’d seen my post, so I was going to e-mail you directly.
      The perennials in question are a bunch of dianthuses, two knockout roses, two daylilies (different colors than the ones I have in the front yard, which was why I dug them up and potted them), three “rose vervain”s (verbena canadensis), and a lantana. Will even the knockout roses do OK? (I know roses in general are supposed to be fussy… but knockout roses are supposed to be less fussy than traditional roses.)

      • I’ve had dianthus in a pot for many years, daylilies will be fine too. Verbena hasn’t been reliably perennial in the ground so I expect having it in a pot would also be questionable.
        The rule of thumb for winter hardiness in potted plants is your zone -1 so if your roses and lantana are winter hardy to zone 5b they should be fine too. Put them in a sheltered spot/out of the wind.
        For more protection, bury the pots in the ground.

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