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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • skj84

    Rave: On my way to parents house with my Sister. Looking forward to seeing my family. We are all scattered so having everyone in one place at one time is rare.

    Rave: NYC next week! While I went for a work trip in January I haven’t been on a personal trip in a year. I need recommendations! Any fun, cheap places I need to check out?

  • Ally

    Rant: I am an incubus of viral plague (bad cold).
    Rave: H St Festival this weekend!

  • Hey Metro why not put a building on top of the Georgia Ave east side station or turn it into a decent park.

  • Question: What is an acceptable amount of time to ask to consider an offer? Like, you get the call, but you have other opportunities you’re waiting to hear back from or family circumstances, is it okay to ask for 2-3 days to think about it? How long is too long?
    Rave: so psyched to see my host parents from Japan this weekend. It’s been almost a year and a half since I left and they love to travel and decided to do some east coast touring this month and I’m having dinner with them!! They also invited my boyfriend along too which is going to be interesting because he knows very little Japanese haha

    • binpetworth

      I would imagine 2-3 days is quite reasonable. I think generally within a week should be fine, or longer if it’s an agency that has had an exceptionally long, drawn out application/interview period (like a federal agency).

      • Agreed. One week max, IMHO.
        You’re going to counteroffer, right?

        • I’ve always thought that for entry-level bottom of the rung kind of starters (which is what I’m going for) one doesn’t have much room to negotiate (unless they lowball really hard). I’m not sure how it is in reality as I guess it differs by field/profession.

          • Depends on the field. If you’re in IT or engineering, you definitely have lots of room to negotiate. Specialized labor ain’t cheap.

          • You have nothing to lose by negotiating. If you can’t get more salary, you might be able to get other things (e.g. money to go to 1-2 conferences per year or other professional development support).

          • epric002

            + 1 to anon @ 10:55. especially if you’re female- don’t be afraid to negotiate!

          • You might also be able to negotiate telecommuting or a few extra days of vacation. Everything is on the table when you’re starting a new job.

          • Accountering

            Agree on the extra vacation. We start at 10 days here, but give 15 to pretty much anyone who asks. If you don’t ask though, you are stuck with 10 days for the first two years, 12 third year, 13 4th year, and 14 fifth year. Negotiate!!

        • Ally

          +1 on the negotiation. I’ve negotiated every single new job I’ve had. Everything from higher pay to additional leave or a signing bonus. It’s worked every single time.

          I usually will have a little list outlining the reasons for the deserved higher pay (additional years of experience over asking experience, additional project management or IT experience outside of the job requirements, etc) and also how I think I can go above and beyond in the job to justify the additional pay (especially if you have a history of being able to cut costs, consolidate software to save money, etc).

          And don’t feel bad about asking. Typically you’re negotiating with HR and not with your boss or who would be your coworkers, so they don’t even typically know you’ve negotiated. Worst they can say is no. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ah, I have no clue how to negotiate. I’m expecting an offer, and have never really had to go through this process before.

          • Accountering

            You figure out what you want, explain your rational for why you deserve it, and you ask for it! I have been successful negotiating at both jobs. First was an extra $2,000, second was an extra $2,500 and an extra week of vacation.

          • Also, go to salary dot com and find out about comparable salaries.

    • GiantSquid

      Good question! I just received an offer as well and want time to think about it but don’t want to sit on it too long.

    • saf

      All of you who have these kinds of questions should go check out ask a manager. She’s great, and has good answers that work well.

    • Depends. Is the offer for a job, marriage, just a proposition???

  • Becks

    Rave: Ally-I love your Rant!
    Rave: Happy Friday Eve!
    Rave: Plans to go to the DC VegFest and State Fair on Saturday with friends.
    Rave: Silver Linings Playbook came out on Netflix this last week. It was really good but manic.
    Rant: Bad Neighbor really needs a new CD. I can sing along with his Shakira CD!
    Rant: Colleagues are being petty and there is nothing I can do about it. I feel pretty trapped and am getting angry about the situation.
    Rave: My back is feeling much better! Woo Hoo!
    Rave: Tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate Day! Arrggh!

    • epric002

      see you at the vegfest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ally

      You’ll have to let us know how VegFest is. I’m a vegetarian, but I already promised to go to H St Festival that same day with my bacon-loving S.O. I thought about tricking him into VegFest (he’s from Maryland and not familiar with H Street, so I could totally pull it off for a prank)! I can see him screaming, “Tofurkey?! Noooooooo!” now.

    • It looks like we have the same program for tomorrow, Becks! Exciting day, eh?

  • I saw someone vaping on the Metro last night. I assume that’s not allowed since it’s kind of a form of smoking. Not a rant or a rave, just an observation. I personally don’t care if people vape – my gf does it in my home and car and it doesn’t leave any odor or anything else negative like that.

    • I was sitting behind someone vaping on a plane a couple weeks back and was wondering if that’s allowed. While it didn’t smell, it was still gross to have plumes of her breath vapor envelop my face.

      • That’s definitely not allowed on a plane. For many reasons.
        I wouldn’t mind it in a Metro car, so long as the car isn’t crowded. The doors open up often enough to let in fresh air.

      • I was sitting next to someone on a plane who decided to use his soda cup to spit tobacco for the ENTIRE hour flight, which I thought wasn’t allowed. I was so disgusted and there were no empty seats to move into. Even if I did want to gripe about it, dude looked totally unstable. What is WRONG with people?

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I’ve seen that also. Is it banned?

    • don’t be fooled by the lack of odor, those things still have noxious chemicals in them.

  • RANT: irrational clients and demands. Whatever weak, pathetic glow I had of my job 6 years ago has turned into a dark black whole of my patience and sanity.
    Rave: Finally submitted a job application over the weekend. I’m not carpet-bombing open positions, but this job seems like a perfect fit for me.
    Question: What’s the regular turnaround time from submitting a job application to getting a call back? I’m extra antsy because this job is amazing, but its the first job application I’ve submitted in 6 years!
    Rave: C’mon vacation. It is so close I can taste it!

    • Turnaround can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a year.

    • Ally

      Depends on if it’s a federal/govt job or private. I can only speak to the fed, but generally when you apply, it’ll list the closing date. After the closing date, most of the agencies I’ve worked for almost immediately begin looking at resumes and start calling within 1-2 weeks (at most). And, if by some chance you don’t get a call back, don’t think it means you weren’t qualified… a ton of fed spots get snapped up either by internal applicants or veterans (the latter of which get legal preference). Good luck! If nothing else, you got your resume and cover letter all in order for the next good fit that comes along.

      • Calling within 1-2 weeks of the closing date, for a federal job?!? I’ve received calls a good five months after the closing date, and usually around two months afterward.
        One time I got a call about a week after the closing date, but that was because the person seeking to hire was a political appointee who had the clout to expedite the process.

        • Ally

          Most of the time we’re hiring (at least in my IT department), it’s because we’re sorely understaffed. So, we tend to try to bring people in relatively quickly.

      • This is a state government job with no closing date.

  • Rave: Going to see Clean Bandit tonight!
    Not sure: Talking to the ex in Minneapolis a lot. Can’t tell if it’s as friends or something more.
    Rave: It’s almost the weekend. This week has felt SO LONG.
    Rave: Super motivated and applying to a lot of jobs.
    Preemptive rant: Will probably need a pep talk in a couple weeks when I’m feeling discouraged about not hearing back from places.

  • Rant: The DC real estate market… Still far from LA or NY. Things move so slowly in sales and buying despite all the press reports of a housing boom…

    Rave: Got my dog back from the groomers, but instantly my allergies return… I’ve had him for 15 years, but shedding seasons are the worst with him! ๐Ÿ™

    Rant: Got to get rid of some junk in my basement for cheap (a futon, an old tube TV, a treadmill). I know guys, but they never show up on time. Anyone have any recommendations?

    • Freecycle to get rid of the stuff. I often do “porch pickup” so I don’t have to wait around for the person to come.

      • I’d love to use freecycle, but I need to get everything moved before my weekend open house ๐Ÿ™

        I’m thinking of renting a u haul pickup myself, but this stuff is a 2-3 man job. Called 1-800-got junk and they quoted 300 frickin dollars!. The only thing really salvageable is the treadmill, it’s barely been used, very dusty, about 7 years old. Got it as a gift, but I lost the magnetic key for it… *sniff*

        • Still do Freecycle and put ads on CL for free stuff. People come out of the woodwork to take salvageable stuff. Its kinda crazy. I live in CoHi and there’s guys who drive by in a large pickup truck right before garbage collection, taking any furniture or random household stuff that may be salvageable from the alley.
          There’s an entire underground economy that you don’t know about.

          • I can imagine… The guy I usually have hauling stuff also has a massive salvage yard, he’s just not reliable to show up on time.:(

        • You could try taskrabbit.

      • Re. Freecycle — Are there any sewing types here who would want a (free) sewing machine that appears to have some kind of problem with the tension? (I recall that there are several people in the PoPulace who sew.)
        Usually my luck giving things away via Freecycle has been better, but I’ve already had two no-shows and am getting tired of dealing with flaky people.

        • Hi textdoc,
          Are you still giving away the sewing machine? I would definitely take it! Let me know.
          Thanks! anitindc at g mail dot com

    • Things move slowly here? Are you talking about after you get to contract? My neighbor listed his house and had 3 offers over asking after the first open house. I’ve heard similar stories from several friends who are selling and a couple friends who are buying who lost out because they wanted to think for a few days after an open house but it went under contract the following day. At least from the anecdotes I’m hearing, things seem to go pretty quickly if they’re priced right.

  • Rant: the fool riding his bike the wrong way on R (riding east on a busy one-way west road) last night, during rush hour, on the opposite side of the road from the dedicated bike lane, while all the cars were driving west into the blinding sun. Salmoning is ill-advised as it is but doing it inside the bike lane at least is safer than trying to squeeze yourself the wrong way past fast-moving traffic that lacks good visibility. Ugh.

    Rave: great weather and not having hit that fool or seen him hit by another driver.

    • GiantSquid

      There’s some guy who I pass many mornings on Independence SE, biking in the street, going the wrong way into traffic. As a fellow cyclist, I want to stop and spray him with a water bottle saying “BAD! BAD! NO!”

      • Wait, we’re not allowed to do that? Um…I owe people some apologies.

        • Of course you’re not allowed to do that. DC law stipulates that bikes and autos are to be treated the same for purposes of road access, right of way, and rules of the road. If a car can’t drive the wrong way down Independence then neither car a bicycle!

          • Maybe it wasn’t clear – I was joking about spraying people with a water bottle. Rational human beings shouldn’t go either.

          • To be fair, in small towns the rule is generally that you ride against traffic to give cars a better chance to see you. I agree it doesn’t make sense in the city, but there is some reason these people are doing it.

  • Rave: PoPVille tech support! You guys are awesome – thanks so much for the help yesterday.

    Rant: Loooong to-do list that has nothing to do with finding a job.

    Rave: NYC this weekend to visit old friends.

    Rave/Rant: Brother is now engaged to a seemingly lovely woman and I’m supportive but just have reservations. He seems to be making tons of compromises (without her asking for them) about their future that don’t coincide with anything I know about him. I’ve spoken to him a bit about what he wants and all but I still feel like he’s not himself. Maybe he’s changed and that’s a good thing! I just need to accept it and support without reservations. But it’s hard…

  • RANT. I’m full of rants today, feeling undermined by a micromanaging owner in my co-op who is not on the board. Had to make it clear to the management company answers to the board not an individual owner. Also stressed about hosting 13 friends to bring in 5775.
    RAVE: hosting friends to celebrate the holiday together. And I like my co-op.

    Random question – I’m getting a white/gray film on my dishes in the dishwasher. I’ve cleaned the hard water deposits, run it empty with vinegar, and it doesn’t have a filter that needs to be cleaned. I’m at a loss of what do next other than call a service. Any other ideas out there?

    • Hydrogen Peroxide is usually good at removing clingy film from stuff. run it and pause the cycle half way through for 10-15 minutes. Don’t mix other chemicals in with it though!

    • I had that. The green and blue cascade pods work to clean them up. The film goes away slowly, but eventually they get back to shiny and so does your dishwasher.

  • Rave/Rant: Finally joined the 21st century and bought a smart phone. I like it, but I’m still learning how to use it. Sometimes I feel like Daniel Holden from Rectify, mystified by modern technology. Sometimes I want to go back to the flip phone and play Sonic the Hedgehog in my attic.

    I’m not sure which cycling GPS app I should add. Seems like there’s lots of good free ones available. Any suggestions?

    • Google Maps is the only GPS app you need, it’s not great, but it’s trust worthy. There is one that maps speed cameras, but I haven’t tried it yet… There are a lot of sketchy apps floating around, don’t install stuff you don’t need, and stuff from unknown publishers!

      • Thanks. Does Google Maps work as a bike GPS? I’m looking for something that tells me speed, mileage, elevation etc. and can save maps of rides. My Garmin bike computer already does this (with no map display until I download my ride to my computer), but I think with the phone I can find an app that can provide bike related data and turn by turn directions.

        • I dunno, never used Google Maps in that way, but I don’t think so, you want a GPS app with speedometer functionality i guess.

      • Waze! it is a great interactive GPS app but not sure how it works with cycling.

    • If you want an app that records the route you’ve ridden, check out Strava. Mapmyfitness apps are also fine.

    • I like strava for cycling and running. i’ve only used the free version (on both iphone and android). the premium (paid) version will calculate watts and other stuff that i’m not a serious enough cyclist to find useful. you can also manually input other workouts like swims, treadmill runs, gym workouts, etc.

    • GiantSquid

      I would suggest Strava or MapMyRide.

    • Welcome to smartphoneland. Those things are a blessing and a curse. Don’t forget to look up every now and then. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use Runtastic (mainly for running), but you can choose other activities to track, like cycling. Unsolicited recommendations: If you use public transportation, there are some nice apps for the Metro and bus services. I like DC Next Bus to find out what bus lines are around me and when the bus is coming. MetroMinder is great for seeing how the lines are actually running.

      • I’m trying to mainly use it for talk and text and the occasional email. I have added Netflix, Hulu, Skype and some other apps, but I’m pretty much (for now) as a phone. A phone with some very nice extra features, but still a phone. When I commute I leave it in my backpack and only check it if there are Metro delays (I get text message alerts on the Green and Red lines.) I still read books on the Metro and I don’t walk and text (never did that with my dumb phone either.)

    • +1 Rectify reference

    • palisades

      omg people other than me watch rectify. So glad to see it referenced

      • I’ve seen most of the first season, plan to watch the season finale tonight. Netflix only has season one. I guess I’ll have to wait for season two to be released on dvd or streaming.

  • epric002

    rant: mpd’s “policy” regarding the ATV/dirtbike gangs is essentially to do nothing other than maybe some aerial surveillance. not an acceptable answer.
    rave: finally taking care of some things on my to-do list…
    rant: but with every item i cross off i seem to add another. blarg.
    rant: after a 3 day weekend with my family that i have still not recovered from, my dad is coming to stay with us one night next week. i couldn’t think of a polite excuse why he couldn’t.
    rave: but i did make it clear that we were (legitimately) really busy that night so he’d pretty much be own his own.
    rant: the j crew wedges i ordered on ebay are actually j crew factory wedges (not leather, not as comfortable, and just not what i thought i was buying). has anyone had any luck disputing an item/getting a return based on that kind of description?
    rave: almost the weekend.

    • From what I’ve heard, eBay/PayPal usually sides with buyers on most everything these days. If the buyer didn’t disclose the Factory label or misrepresented the item in any way, you will get a refund. You might have to pay return shipping, though. I think they encourage you to work it out with the seller before involving them so I would try to negotiate return shipping.

      • epric002

        that sounds promising. i’ve never disputed an item/tried to return one before. i went back and re-read the entire description and it never mentioned that they were j.crew factory. and if i didn’t already have a pair of j.crew wedges at home to compare them to, i probably wouldn’t have noticed, but the differences are pretty obvious when you do a side by side. thanks for the info!

        • Accountering

          Yes, talk to seller, let them know what you want (refund, price difference etc) and if they wont do it, Ebay will refund you. What a crappy move on the sellers part!!

        • If you try to work things out with the seller first, keep the time limits for filing an official dispute in mind, in case they don’t follow through. Only use eBay/PayPal messaging. I negotiated with a seller once but initiated a dispute as a formality since it was on the cusp of the filing deadline. So shady that they didn’t disclose the Factory status! If I remember correctly, two diamonds under the logo indicate a Factory product.

    • Man, I’m worn out on the dirtbike boys discussion after 2 days… I’m gonna give it up and let fate decide it all… The good thing is that it’s beginning to get cold and at least you won’t really have to worry too much about incidents until next spring after 2-3 more weeks. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • epric002

      rave: heard back from ebay that the seller agreed to a full refund including original shipping. i’ll have to pay to ship them back, but i’m fine with that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Accountering

        I wouldn’t agree to pay to ship them back… You didn’t do anything wrong here, and you should be made whole. Granted, its only a few dollars, but the principle of the matter is important here (or would be important to me!) – glad it is working out though!!

        • Oops, didn’t see this reply. Is it still eBay’s policy that you had to pay return shipping even if the seller misrepresents a product? That was the case when I had a dispute with a seller but that was a few years ago. I also think it’s unfair to the buyer. I would try to negotiate with the seller. They should be afraid of negative feedback.

        • epric002

          meh- usually i would totally agree with you- i’m a very “but it’s the principle!” sort of person, but this one’s not really bothering me so i’m just gonna let it go.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: I love Cosi! More specifically I love sampling Cosi’s Multigrain Freshly Baked Signature Flatbread while waiting for my order.

    Rant: I was enjoying the Multigrain Freshly Baked Signature Flatbread with the Cosi Spinach Artichoke Dip they had out when the counter guy turns around and says “Sir, you’re eating someone’s order.”

    Rant 2: In my panic, I somehow thought an agreeable solution was to take the Flatbread #3 that was well on its way to my mouth and frantically smooth out the dip while smiling reassuringly at the counter guy as though this would solve the problem.

    I should have left but had already paid. It was a very long wait as he re-made the dip order and gave me side eye the entire time to make sure I wasnโ€™t Hoovering someone elseโ€™s meal as he assembled my Adobo Chicken with Avocado Bowl.

  • Rant: My boss cannot communicate with me for the life of him. Not sure how to address this issue.

    Rave: Went to Le Grenier on H street last night for the first time and really enjoyed it! Got to hang out with my favorite former colleague whom I never get to see anymore.

    Rant: Is it Friday yet!?

    • skj84

      Le Granier has a great Happy Hour.

    • Ally

      What variety of bad communicator is he? Too introverted and doesn’t communicate at all/well? Makes decisions without checking in with you first? Histrionic and stressed out? My boss and I don’t exactly communicate 100% effectively either, but it’s gotten better, especially after we both realized it had gotten to be a bit of an issue.

  • Rave: Having a vast and sophisticated network of friends to rely on when I need a casual (ish) but tasty restaurant in the AMUCHIP* sector that isn’t Room 11 or Maple for dinner. Something where four people can talk without yelling and eat without gagging. (GiantSquid: I thought Masala Art SW was better than Tenleytown even. No shoe-eating necessary).

    *Adams Morgan/U Street/ Columbia Heights/Petworth

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Had a dream that I moved to Sweden with my sister and bestie and got a bonus hook up with Sid (really, Brain? Sid not Tony or even Chris? wtf)
    Rant: not really going to Sweden with favorite ppl
    Rant: woke up grumpy again
    Rant: Have to order navy shoe polish b/c no one has it, and when did shoe polish get so fucking expensive?
    Rave: Donna is super soft and loves me the most.

    • Have you tried calling Phillips shoe repair shop on Upshur? They might have it if you’re pressed for time .

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m not pressed for time, but I thought someone in my neighborhood would have it. It’s cheaper online too, so I’ll be lazy and have it delivered.

  • RAVE: Bravo Bar happy hour last night. Got pretty hammered and had a few food items for $20. Love it.

  • Rant: How can I lose a shoe in my bedroom? My house elf is being mischievous again.
    Rave: Cooler weather = soup making time. I’ve bookmarked a recipe for sorrel soup to try this weekend.

    • skj84

      I swear my room eats shoes. I have at least two pairs where I’m missing one half. There is no logical place for the missing shoes to be.

    • saf

      If it were my house, the explanation would be “the cat took it.” She loooooooves shoes.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I lost a mop recently. How can you lose a mop?

    • I’ve looked under and behind and on top of everything to no avail and my dog is indifferent to shoes.
      I’m sure it will turn up eventually – like when I couldn’t find my mother’s wedding ring and it turned up tucked into a pair of boots. Because isn’t that where jewelry should be stored?

      • No,no,no! Jewelry should be stored in the underwear drawer! It’s CASH that should be stored in the boots! And the freezer is for the most recent hard copy of the dissertation — swaddled in at least two zip lock bags. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hahaha, I had copies in the freezer, at work, at my parents’ on the West Coast (bc what if something happened in DC) and at my nana’s in Chicago (bc you never know). Why, yes, I am a little OCD, why do you ask?

        • That reminds me of a (perhaps apocryphal) story from the Philly days… When Allen Iverson moved from one mansion to a bigger mansion, he couldn’t be arsed to actually move. So he just left most of his stuff at the old mansion. The new people found 20+pairs of new, unworn Timberland boots in the shoe closet, and inside one of them was an actual roll of cash, something like $10k.

        • A friend told me a story of when he was a newly realized gay teenager back in the days of old Venetian blinds he made a couple thousand dollars in cash – providing certain services. Having no way to explain the cash to his parents, he stuffed it all into the hollow bottom rail of the blinds. Then he came home from school one day to find out his mom had redecorated – nice new curtains – old blinds to the dump!

    • epric002

      i lost a dog collar in january in the house. i was carrying an armful of leashes/collars/harnesses and i heard it fall to the floor in the front hallway. went back for it and it was gone. it’s never reappeared.

    • Yay for sorrel soup! That sounds just perfect for this weather. Do you buy sorrel at the farmer’s market or do you have another supply?

  • RAVE: kitty Prozac finally seems to be kicking in and helping my satanic cat chill out
    Too early to tell if rant or rave: first experience with DC jury duty today.
    RANT: the jurors lounge has the sound up on CNN. I never watch tv, so hearing the conversations which accompany the crazy headlines is going to drive me batty very quickly.

    • Is there still a quiet room to the right of the main jury waiting area? It’s been awhile since I’ve been summoned (but I just received a summons so I’ll find out for myself in October)

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I really enjoyed my jury duty. I never posted much about it here because at the time i was having PoP problems but i was picked for a jury and it was a fascinating experience. I’m also now, in my circle of friends, the go-to expert on PCP and its usage.

      • Ally

        Same here. I was on a grand jury and absolutely loved it. And I do am the local go-to expert now for dime bag trivia.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I hate you all. grumble I never get called to do my grumble civic duty grumble grumble

          • Accountering

            Agreed! I have only been able to do it once. So badly want to go again. Almost got put on a jury last time (was the last panelist left when the jury was finalized.
            I would love the opportunity to give a victim some justice and send someone who deserved it to prison.

          • epric002

            even if you get called that doesn’t mean you’ll get selected. i wouldn’t mind serving on a jury (NOT grand jury!) and got called once in another jurisdiction but wasn’t selected b/c i worked for a commonwealth attorney’s office at the time and the case involved they hospital system my mom worked for.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I never even get called. It’s like I don’t exist. DC, why do you hate meeee?? sob

          • I thought I was the only one! I really value my jury experience, which was 6 weeks on a rape, murder, and burglary trial. I met some really great people and was proud of our work and ability to hear everyone out.
            Now I am proud(?) to be the person at the company who caused the change to our jury duty leave policy. Before my service there was no maximum for jury duty leave payments, now it’s 4 weeks.

          • Sheesh. It’s not as though people have any control over how long their jury duty is going to last — seems as though if the company is going to pay you, they shouldn’t impose a limit on it.

          • Emilie I’m surprised you haven’t been called. Seems that most people I know get called every year for either Grand Jury or Petit Jury.
            I’m happy to serve one day/one trial but Grand Jury would be a real hardship (I’m self employed)

          • I meant to add that friends get called for jury duty as soon as they got a DC license and/or registered to vote

          • Emmaleigh504

            MPinDC I always hear that it’s 2 years like clock work. Some how I got left off the list. I don’t have a DC license since I never drive, so maybe if I do that they’ll finally notice me? Registering to vote didn’t do it.

          • Sometimes you just don’t get added to the roll. My husband and I got our DC DLs and registered to vote together. I get called every two years (have never served… only even made it to selection ONCE); my husband has never been called at all. At the 10 year mark, the record is four calls for me (expecting my 5th any day), zero for him.

          • I think I became an official resident in 2008…..have never been called for jury duty. I want to go! DC – can ya hearrrrrr maeeeee!

    • Oh man yeah I was there last week, similarly trying to ignore CNN. If I had to hear one more reiteration of the Ray Rice story I was going to go bonkers. I thought it would be weird if all the jurors listened to that all day and then had to go do a domestic violence trial or something, and how that might affect them. However, no one was impaneled as there was no need for a jury that day.

      • Unfortunately the quiet room (officially the business lounge, I think) was closed today for unknown reasons. I ended up putting my headphones on and blocking out the inane “counterterrorism experts” trying to come up with new acronyms for ISIS with some loud Ani DiFranco music ๐Ÿ™‚ and then they let us all go home before lunch!

        There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when/how often you get called in DC. I’ve had a DC license & voter registration for 3-4 years now and this was my first time. Did anyone else really enjoy the jury duty orientation video? I loved the patriotic/superhero music and giggled almost the whole time.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Dinner at Brewer’s Art tonight with a good friend
    Revel: Mr. Squid is back! Really missed him. Panicked, anxious feelings slowly subsiding.
    Revel: Mr. Squid likes my bee tattoo but agrees the DC flag one isn’t really me.
    Revel: Support from friends, talking me off the panic ledge, especially Andie302. Got bigger things to worry about like…
    Revel: official job offer! Kind of strange to find a job through friend network and not do a super formal interview process. Does this mean I’ve leveled up?

    • Accountering

      The fact you said “leveled up” means that you have, in fact, leveled up (assuming this is a reference to a character in the littany of video games where your character gains levels and more powers etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave – Scottish Independence Vote! I grew up in Edinburgh and I’ve been following the campaign closely. Personally I’m in two minds about it, and since I don’t live there and have no plans to do so, I’m happy that the Scots have this opportunity to decide their future. If they vote “no” I’ll be happy with that since the Union, for the most part, has been mutually beneficial.
    If they vote “yes” it will be intriguing to see what this holds for the country of my birth.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how to feel about it either. I feel like much of the impetus for the Yes movement seems to be in wanting to free Scotland from the rise of conservatism in the UK by breaking away from the Tory government in London. But I’m of the mind that politics knows no borders. Many of the pressures that are fueling the rise of conservatism across Europe will still exist after Scotland becomes sovereign. Some could even be exacerbated by its move towards sovereignty. I certainly support Scotland’s right to determine its own future, but if you want to fight against the rise of conservatism, I don’t know that breaking away is the answer. You have to convince folks that there is a better alternative.

  • Rant: Woke up at 4:30am, couldn’t get back to sleep. Won’t get home until at least 9pm tonight. I need more coffee (or all the coffee).
    Rave: Blues/blues seem to be lifting, so that’s somewhat inspiring
    Rave: Did yoga for the first time last night after a bad second degree burn a few months. Forgot how good it makes me feel. I need more of that in my life.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I’ve used and recommend Junk-in-the-Trunk. You don’t even have to be there.

  • Rant: on the metro after Snallygaster on Saturday, train was packed with people in the aisles. Punk kid with his legs up on the seat next to him, playing his music out of his phone with no headphones SUPER loud. I leaned over and said “Excuse me, sir, could you please turn your music down or put your headphones in?” he shouts “YOU DON’T GOTTA BE RUDE ABOUT IT” back at me. When we stood up at U street to get off the train, older man yells at me “Why you gotta pick on that kid??”

    I love DC but dislike confrontation. Makes me want to move someplace where I can put my exorbitant rent towards a mortgage on a massive property where there are no people.

    • People like that are looking to pick a fight… which is probably why a lot of people don’t like to speak up when they encounter jerks like this spitting sunflower seeds or turning their music on really loud in a public setting. It’s just aggressive behavior from an alienated/angry individual. The idiot who chimed in when you got up is just an older version of the same kind of loser.

      • Accountering

        I am going to +1 this. This is someone who feels the need to exert what little power he has, and he took it out on you. Ditto the older dude. Don’t let it bother you – at the end of the day, they are bitter angry people, and you, presumably, are a well adjusted, successful adult.

        • “at the end of the day, they are bitter angry people, and you, presumably, are a well adjusted, successful adult.”
          -1. I don’t think you really have enough information (nor any reason) to judge the character of the people involved.

        • Accountering

          Meh, I think I have plenty of information to judge. I can be wrong, and perhaps the young kid was having a bad day, but I have bad days too, and would certainly not: A: Play my music the way I was – and B: Create a conflict when someone politely asked me to turn it down

          • FWIW I was referring as much to your judgement of caity’s character as of the jerky guys on the metro. You’re guessing on all counts, and for no useful reason. Jerks have good days just like nice people have bad days. It’s enough to say that caity acted well and they acted poorly without guessing what kind of people they all are.

  • Rant: couldn’t find my work ID at 5Am before practice and since it’s one of the days where I go straight to work (shower in the gym there), I had to stand in the lobby in tight spandex rowing “trou” begging for a temp ID while my respectable co-workers wander by and looked over, wielding my suit on its hangar like a high school boy with a three-ring binder.

  • Rant: Cat sick – pancreatitis, apparently. Extensive (and expensive) treatments required.
    Rant: Feeling like you can’t trust the vet – that the expensive treatments aren’t *really* required. I have absolutely no basis for this feeling – we like the vet a lot, and have no indication he’s scamming us – but still can’t shake it. I feel the same way about car repairs.
    Rave? Rave?: I always swore that I would never, ever spend a lot of money on medical care for animals, yet here we are, without a second thought. I could (try to) blame it on my wife and daughter, but the simple fact is that, against my better judgment, I really adore the little furball.
    Revel: Thankful that we can afford expensive treatment for pets – I realize this is a quintessential first world problem.

    • Ally

      Hope your kitty gets better. What vet are you using? I use the Capitol Hill vet and have similar thoughts sometimes, but overall they’ve been great with my FIV-positive cat (who has a lot of health issues).

      • Which Capitol Hill vet? My neighbor, a long-time dog walker, tells people to avoid the Capitol Hill Animal Clinic that used to be on 8th St. and is still nearby. She advises that clients (and her own cats) go to Union (which I love!) or her personal favorite, Atlas Vet. Apparently, the vet at the Capitol Hill Animal Clinic is known as a pill pusher and isn’t very good. Another neighbor, whose cat was dying, had a bad experience over there, which kind of confirmed things for me.

        • Union Vet is the best. The entire staff is so caring and so sweet with my dog and cat. I cannot recommend them enough. And they are very good about allowing you to make your own decisions and provide you with a wide range of options for care. Hope your kitty gets better – sending good vibes.

        • Ally

          I got to Capitol Hill Animal Clinic, but have so far only been twice so I have limited experience with the pros and cons. My vet seems to be a pretty straight shooter, though, and is good at getting back to me relatively quickly when I have questions. So far I don’t have any major issues with them. Only small issue: My cat had a cyst and they said they were going to take her away to examine it and they drained it and biopsied it without telling me they were going to do so. I’d have signed on for that anyway, but for anyone who goes there…be sure to ask specifically what’s going to be done if they’re preparing to take your pet off to another room. My experience has been mostly positive; however, it’s good to know there are other nearby options. Thanks for the Union and Atlas recommendations!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your vet isn’t trying to scam you. They care about animals or they wouldn’t be in that field. You are paying for their expertise, which is expensive. And may not work, just like the human doctor. The only difference between the cat doctor and human doctor is you don’t normally see the entire bill with the human doctor b/c of health insurance. Trust your vet to do the right thing for your sweet kitty. I hope the furball gets well soon.

      • Of course most vets aren’t trying to scam anybody, but they are terrible about presenting costs and explaining possible outcomes as well as the costs of treating those possible outcomes and the realistic lifetime enhancement.

        As in – we don’t know what is wrong with your cat – the diagnostic tests will cost you $2000. They might show condition XYZ, which is 85% curable with medicine that will cost you $100.
        Or they might show ABC which requires surgery that will cost $5000.00.

    • This is why we don’t get a pet! I’m afraid of facing an agonizing decision of how much to spend on vet care.

      • Do you have pet insurance? I highly recommend it. We’ve used it twice for very expensive, very unexpected treatments for our dog and it’s been great. We’ve been reimbursed quickly with no hoops to jump through. It’s about $35-40 a month, but has paid itself off many times over.

      • But if you’d like to “try out” a pet, you could always foster one! Any vet care is taken care of by the rescue organization. I know Homeward trails is right now desperately looking for fosters for a couple of cats that need to be in a home with no other pets.

    • You could get a second opinion about the cat. We’ve used Bradley Hills Animal Hospital for…probably 10 years or so by now. Dr. Weiss is awesome. I’m not sure how expensive/inexpensive they are since we haven’t shopped around in a while, but I trust their judgment and advice.

      I agree that most vets want what’s best for the animal, but I’ve also had friends pressured into expensive procedures. (This was a few years ago at Friendship.)

      • epric002

        +1 a second opinion is always a good idea (person or animal) if you’re just not sure about the recommended diagnosis/treatment/prognosis/cost.

      • Ally

        Yeah, I’m actually thinking the same thing with mine (she had a cyst biopsied and, even though results came back negative, vet wanted to do a bilateral mastectomy, which I opted out of since my cat had advanced FIV when I adopted her and she doesn’t heal up well). I think I’ll swing her by Atlas, though, and have a different pair of eyes on it. Couldn’t hurt. Thanks for the vet recommendations!

      • I’d recommend getting a second opinion at City Paws. They’ve been amazing with my off-the-street cat and her laundry list of medical woes.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, all. I have to admit that I don’t know the vet – my wife has covered all the appointments thus far – and so I obviously have no basis whatsoever not to trust him. It’s just the neurosis of a borderline control freak who has to spend a significant amount of money without any independent knowledge of the situation myself. That said, a second opinion is a good idea, and thanks for the recs.

  • Rave: I was going to buy new sneakers last night because the ones I usually wear have long laces which could get stuck in my bike pedals. I asked a Footlocker salesman about casual sneakers with short laces or velcro straps. He suggested getting shorter laces. Simple solution saved me some money! I ended up spending around $3.75 instead of $60, $70 or more.

  • Rave1: Going to see The Replacements tomorrow night in NY.
    Rave2: Caps gave me free tickets to the preseason game against the Flyers, even though I’m a flyers fan, because they’re trying to sell me season tickets. It may be a little awkward when I go pick them up at the sales desk.
    Rave3: Hockey in 2 weeks!

  • Rant: I’ve been sleeping really poorly, and keep waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.
    Rave: Feeling better now than I was earlier this morning.

    • I’m so sleepy I forgot a rave!
      Rave: Two prospective tenants came and looked at my rental unit in Adams Morgan last night. One of them seemed very interested in it, and she also seemed like someone who has her act together. Fingers crossed!
      Additional rave: Another prospective tenant (actually, pair of tenants) coming to look tonight. I had a positive impression of the guy over e-mail; will see what happens.

  • Rant: Braked too hard avoiding a car that pulled out in front of my by the Mall. Went over the bars and fractured my left clavicle.
    Rant: no biking for like 6 weeks and doing everything one handed. ๐Ÿ™
    Rave: in and out of GWU ER in hour n half.
    Rave: coulda been worse… didnt hit my head even tho wearing a helmet.

  • Query: I think JustinBC is away (or not on PoPville) this week, but does anyone remember the (tentative? definite?) date for the next unofficial PoPville happy hour? My recollection is that it’s Thurs. 9/25 in Adams Morgan — I think at Jack Rose? — but I’m not sure.

  • Rave: I went to Tyson’s last night to make a return at West Elm. Yes, I would rather go to Tyson’s than Georgetown.
    Rave: a dress I had had my eye on at Nordstrom was on sale!
    Rant: and I bought it, even though I don’t need it and I’m find it increasingly difficult to rein in my clothing spending. I might need to go back to a year of Jeslett Stops Shopping, where I can only go thrifting twice a month with a tight budget. I did it in 2012, maybe I can do it again in 2015.
    Rave: I am upgrading my winter coat though, I need a serious one. I found a great one at North Face, it fits perfectly, and has long enough sleeves!

    • I bought a North Face puffer coat 5 years ago and still love it. It’s amazingly warm on cold days and doesn’t make me feel overheated when it’s not as cold out. It barely looks used even though I’ve worn it nearly ever cold day since I got it. I think it’s a good investment even if you’re trying to radically curb your clothes spending.

      • I agree that it’s an investment. And it’s certainly one I’m willing to make. I’m terrible about being cold, as in I freak out and act like a small, cornered animal. I love my wool coat, which I have had for years, but it’s not well lined and it’s just not warm enough. I happened upon a Kenneth Cole puffer after Christmas for $38 and it’s nice, but the sleeves aren’t quite long enough and don’t have cuffs inside, and the length of the coat isn’t quite what I want. I figure I can sell it on ebay for at least what I paid, so it’s a wash.
        My go-go-Gadget arms need some serious sleeve length and I am willing to pay for that for outerwear.
        My real spending problem is trendy items. I feel like I need leather (or faux leather) pants, a skirt, and top right now. And everything plaid. EVERYTHING plaid.

        • Maybe I should lay off Pinterest for a while.

          • Me too, now that you mention it. Between the clothes ideas and recipe ideas I get there, it’s definitely ramped up my discretionary spending. “Shawess Stops Shopping” sounds like a good antidote.

          • The desserts are also killing my waistline.

          • Oh, me too. I think that half of my food board is desserts. Now I’m thinking that “Shawess Stops Using Pinterest” might be a more direct route to “Shawess Stops Shopping” (and “Shawess Loses 10 Pounds”).

            That said, I’m sticking my my banana “ice cream” and my newish peasant dress obsession. Pinterest hasn’t totally failed me, I guess.

          • Shawess — Are you an ice-cream maker? The D.C. State Fair has an ice cream contest!

          • Now that you mention it, Textdoc, I am an ice cream maker and I think I make the best vegan ice cream out there ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re tempting me to enter because I’ll be there anyway.

          • Agh! I missed the registration deadline! And I was just dreaming up for flavors too. I was thinking about maple ice cream with poached pear and toasted walnuts. Or earl grey with lemon cake chunks.

        • epric002

          i lurve my marmot coat- i think it’s the chelsea. it has a detachable hood and ruff, buttons & a zipper, AND those cuffs so the cold air doesn’t go up your sleeves. i bought it on sale at the end of winter a couple years ago so i’d have something warm to wear when walking the dogs in the winter and i wear it constantly whenever its cold. i can’t believe i relied on wool coats for so long before getting one of these.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I got an LL Bean barn coat last winter, it is guaranteed to keep you warm to 20 below zero! Not too expensive, either.

          • I know! I went to LL Bean to try their 3/4 length down coat, but I’m very much between sizes. Theirs is $100 less than the North Face one, but my shoulders don’t fit in the medium and I could wear the large as a maternity coat.
            I did see that they make the Bean boot in a white and black buffalo plaid, so of course now I want that too.

        • I’m in New York right now and have spent the last two days swooning over leather/faux leather pants, skirts, tanks, sweatshirts, etc. I need all the leather! It’s a problem.

    • I feel like I need to make friends with someone like you. You can go shopping for me so you have an outlet for your shopping without having to worry about your own budget, and I won’t have to shop at all.

    • msmaryedith

      I hear you on the needing-to-rein-in-clothes-spending thing, but sometimes I think it’s much better to buy something that a) you like b) you’ve thought about/had your eye on and c) found on sale, than to wait until you actually have an occasion and have to rush out and purchase something. Things that I just purchase hoping that I’ll find the right occasion to wear them often end up being much better investments in the long run! When I *need* a dress and don’t have much time to find something, I feel like I’m more likely to “settle” and spend more than I like on it.

  • So a small unit of a government agency where I have wanted to work for 5+ years has a few new vacancies and I really want to apply for one or more of them. But it’s been almost as many years since I applied for a Fed job and I’ve never gotten an interview. I think I could be very competitive for these positions — I do the same work now in the private sector — but I know there is an art to writing these applications. Do any feds (especially recent-ish hires who understand the more streamlined USA Jobs) have any words of wisdom for me on the application process?

  • Rant: offleash dogs
    Double Rant: offleash, not neutered dogs
    Rant x100: Idiot owners who shouldn’t even own a goldfish, much less a 75+lb muscular dog.

    Third time my dog has been bitten or attacked by offleash pitbulls that idiot owners don’t fix. Bonus ass**** points for running away instead of helping separate the dogs or checking if my bleeding dog was ok (luckily she’s fine, poor beast)

  • Rave: JENS VOIGHT. goosebumps
    Rave2: his bike says “Jens Voight doesn’t like to ride in velodromes, because when he does he laps himself”

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