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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Either popville has some of the most tenacious cookies (great name for a band), or I need to fix some settings on my computer. Very often, if I visit a story page once, it will keep going back to the version of that page that I first saw, instead of showing me what I can see in the recent comments, or the number of comments that show on the home page. Refreshing doesn’t always fix it. Closing the tab and re-opening doesn’t always fix it. Thoughts?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      can you email me ([email protected]) or post details here – what browser you are using? computer or phone? any other details that will help IT figure out why it’s happening to you. thanks.

      • Using Chrome on a less-than-one-year-old macbook with a pretty zippy connection. It doesn’t happen every time. But when it does, it’s persistent in re-loading one version of the page, rather than the current version. I wonder if the key is time… several minutes have to elapse before it shows me the new version, even though references to a new version are elsewhere (recent comments, comment count on the homepage).

      • This also happens to me a lot, mostly using Firefox on a Mac desktop or Macbook. Sometimes I get an OLDER version of the page, with comments I’ve already seen missing (but not ones that have been deleted – they’ll eventually reappear). I’ve even switched browsers a couple of times and it still loads an older version of the page.
        Another issue is that comments often appear in the “recent comments” box but are not yet visible on the page of the post itself, and every page lists a totally different set of “recent comments” – I might visit a post for the first time ever but the “recent comments” box lists older comments from 10 minutes ago that have all been superseded by others on the home page. If there’s going to be a lagtime in when comments appear it would be better if they were also held back from appearing in the “recent comments” feature.

        • “Another issue is that comments often appear in the ‘recent comments’ box but are not yet visible on the page of the post itself” — I too am still having this problem. There’s a lag between when comments show up in the “recent comments” box and when they’re visible on the actual page for the thread.

      • Random moderating/technical question: are you now manually approving all comments?
        For instance, when I am on the main PoP’ville page and see the Red Panda Baby post, it says that there are 4 comments on the topic. However, when I enter the posting page for the Red Panda Baby topic, none of the comments appear. The only thing I can think is that you’re now moderating all posted comments hence they don’t appear automatically, even though I know 4 people have posted on the topic.

    • When I first tried to post a comment here (a few minutes ago) this morning, The name and email fields were filled out with another users name and email. Kind of weird. Also, I’m getting a captcha when I post, and sometimes it doesn’t work when I put in the correct one.

    • Can I steal this? I’d love to front for the Tenacious Cookies! I promise to give you a lifetime supply of concert Tees in the unlikely event that we hit big! 🙂

  • Rave: I bought a spinach salad today at Streets Market for $2.99. Three dollars for a salad with house made dressing?! Yes, please!
    Rant/Rave: I am moving out of my awful basement apartment. It flooded 4 times in the year that I lived there and the last time they did not replace the floors. They are renting it out as of Oct. 1st and I am terrified for the new tenants. I can’t imagine there isn’t mold and I’ve decided the “management” company just doesn’t care. Should I do something? If so, what?

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather, gorgeous city.

    Rant: Away the next two weekends so can’t enjoy the weekend events…

    Rant: 6 year old MacBook (OS 10.5.8) making job search difficult – it lasted all year at grad school and then Safari conked out. Downloaded OmniWeb to try and have the internet function but it crashes all the time and cannot load complicated sites (like most online applications). Frustrated with having to borrow other computers to apply but not ready to give up on the comp. Everything else works just fine!!

    Rave: Get to go out to the barn on Friday to catch up with wonderful horses and friends (in that order 😉 )

    • Have you taken it to the Apple store? I have the same computer and I went in and they just upgraded everything. Works fine now. You may also need to buy more RAM. (Please don’t ask me any in-depth computer questions though- that’s all I know lol.)

      • How much did it cost you?

        • Upgrading was free (and I don’t have Apple Care) because my computer was so old that it wouldn’t be able to handle the newest operating system that’s out now unless I bought more RAM. So they moved me up about two or three versions. I’m sorry I don’t know which I have- I assume it’s named after a cat. But it can’t hurt to go in and have them look at it. It could be a really simple fix. Just be prepared to be there for awhile because it takes forever to wipe it clean, then upgrade everything. I went to the Arlington store and hung out at B&N all morning (three hours total). Oh! and be sure you’ve backed it up before you go in, just in case they screw up (which they won’t, but they “demand” that you have everything backed up to save their butts.)

          • This is so helpful to know – thank you! Yea, I’ll need to back up everything before heading over. Arlington store is looking like the best bet now (with that proximity to B&N!).

          • “Having to back up” implies you’re not using Time Machine. Seriously, do yourself a favor (ESPECIALLY if you’re using an older machine, but any computer can have a HD fail at any moment) and spend $100 on a HD and 45 seconds to set up Time Machine.

          • @Anon 10:32: Does it need to be an Apple-brand harddrive to back up the MacBook? sorry for the dumb questions… but this is super helpful!

          • It does NOT need to be an apple-branded HD, though if you can afford it, get the “Airport Time Capsule” from Apple. It doubles as a wireless transmitter that automatically backs up your HD.

          • No, any harddrive. I would recommend going to cnet and just buy what they tell you to buy.
            I put this off b/c I thought it would be a hassle, but I am really not exaggerating when I say it takes <45 seconds to set Time Machine up, and then you never think about it again. Until your HD dies, but you just replace it and are without a computer for 24 hours max and have lost no files at all.

          • Question: I just got an external drive and used it for the first time after a computer scare. I did Time Machine. But how can I tell what’s now on the hard drive? I.E. Do I just trust to the computer gods that EVERYTHING is on there — or is there some way to check?

          • If you go to the little Time Machine symbol in your app bar at the top of your screen (next to the clock) or launch Time Machine from your apps, you can “Enter Time Machine”. You can then see all the backups it’s made, laid out in little windows stretching aback into the distance.
            This can be useful. Like if you stupidly updated a file and also need the original version, you can go back two days (or 2 months, whenever) and get the version that was on your computer then.

    • I had a 2008 MacBook and never upgraded the OS. All my programs started failing cause they were no longer supported. What you have to do is a) purchase more RAM, and install it yourself (costs about 40 bucks all told, if you do it yourself), and then you have to purchase Snow Leopard for about $19.99. It’s an actual CD that you can purchase from Apple. From there, you can begin to download the next versions from the Mac App store ( I believe they’re free). Now my laptop works probably as well as any new MacBook, albeit the battery life is terrible.

    • Try using Chrome or Firefox. I gave up on Safari b/c it can’t handle lots of websites.

    • You guys are incredible! Thank you for the info. I took it in last year (to the Georgetown store) and the guy laughed at me, called my computer “vintage, bordering on obsolete” and then sold me a new battery. But, I’ll give it a try again – not sure if I can do it myself but if the Apple Store scoffs at my MacBook one more time, I’ll try it on my own!
      Seriously, thank you!

    • Seconded on taking it to the Apple Store. IIRC, a six-year old MacBook should have no problem supporting Lion (10.7). From there you should have no problem using the modern browser of your choice.

      • The old MacBooks might not have the memory for the new systems. UDPie, when you update, make sure you have have the memory the update requires. I didn’t.

        • Excellent point. Lion needs 2GB, but it looks like Snow Leopard (10.6) will work with 1GB. Chrome and Firefox still support 10.6. Assuming the machine is fine otherwise and okay on storage, on a shoestring budget, a small memory upgrade and 10.6 might be the smart play.

        • Good call. I’ll be sure to ask. Stupid question here: do I need to worry about losing any files or anything in the transition (adding RAM and updating system)? I back up a lot of things on dropbox but alas, cannot figure out how to back up iTunes or photos (husband has a PC so our external hard drive accommodates my files but doesn’t automatically back everything up…)

          • Use Time Machine. Get your own hard drive instead of trying to share one. It will take a while (few hours to overnight) to do the first backup, but it will capture EVERYthing. When you have to replace your computer (either in this visit or when it inevitably fails), it will then take you about 35 seconds to have everything back exactly like it was before the loss. Even your program preferences and bookmarks will be there.

          • Agree with Anon 10:35. Large external hard drives are so cheap these days that there’s really no reason not to have one to back up your computer at least occasionally. In the unlikely event that your hard drive crashes or your computer is lost/stolen/destroyed you will be very mad at yourself for not having a relatively recent backup of your data.

          • Thanks for the push – I’ve been just manually backing up because I didn’t want my husband and I to have to manage two hard drives but alas, I think you’re right! I need to get on that.

  • Rant: confused by the RIF/non-RIF happening at work. I was told my position is going away, but I can’t technically be considered for job preference since there’s not a RIF in place. Which screws me for now when there are other jobs I’d like to apply for with preference (it’s not worth the time to apply to most, because I’m not a veteran). It’s so frustrating.
    Rant: Was told I’m selected for the RIF because, “other people in the office can do my job” but clearly, it’s not the case and my workload increases all the time
    Neither: DC State Fair ice cream contest – learned about it too late to really put forth the effort. Have something else scheduled at that time, and there’s no real prize….so, not entering. Even though I would TOTALLY win with my kick ass ice cream!

    • Looks like you’re screwed, unless you can convince the decision makers that you shouldn’t be included in the RIF.

      • that’s not the problem – the problem is at what point am I considered CTAP/ICTAP. No one can tell me. And no one can tell me if there is actually a RIF at our agency or what the process is. That’s my beef with it. I’m not broken up about my job – we don’t want to live here, anyway. I’m annoyed at the process. When you say these things to a group of people, rumors fly. And instead of confronting the truth and meeting with the group slated to be RIF’d, no one is saying anything so rumors grow. There are a number of – mostly women – who are too young to retire that are really worrying. I feel bad for them.

  • Rave: (supposedly) seeing my dad for dinner after work in downtown. Pretty excited!! Hope he actually remembered.
    Rave: Got a call from a firm yesterday and offered an interview. Waiting to get it scheduled, but excited to see what they are about.
    Rant: I’m still pretty green as far as interviewing goes, but I am good at answering certain questions now that have been asked a lot. Only downside is now I think they sound sort of rehearsed / mechanical? I hope that isn’t a super negative thing, I just already know the words in my head.

    • I’m also fairly green in the interview process but had some successful interviews last spring. I thought through my answers to the pretty generic questions ahead of time and then combined those answers with my knowledge of the company. It showed that I had researched the organization and the role but I had consistent answers to general questions that I was comfortable with if I did get nervous for any reason.

      • god bless you alice. I am currently interviewing people for a position and folks are completely unfamiliar with our organization, have no enthusiasm, and/or have typos in their writing samples or resumes.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Employees that let process and personal vendetta get in the way of progress/solutions that make the most sense. (Needless to say I’m working in my government office today.)
    Rave: I didn’t have time to deal with this guy and I told him as much after hearing him out. It’s not something I’d normally do because it feels rude, but I know he could go on for at least another half hour if left unchecked.
    Rave: I’m on a plane in less than 24 hours, and not back to this office until Tuesday of next week. WOOHOO!
    Rant: I’m guessing that the pace at which the day has gone so far, there are going to be a few things left undone…but I’ll get to the critical items today.
    Rave: Walked home yesterday…it was gorgeous!
    Rave: Fun date last night! (Sorry guys…accountering and I are wondering when our raving about one another is going to get old 🙂 ) Biergarten then pie on H St. I’m STILL full!

    • +1 to your first rant and first rave. Good for you!

      Also, I like hearing the dating raves! It was fun to meet accountering at the last happy hour and I hope you’ll be at the one next week. 🙂

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Having second thoughts about one of the tattoos I got yesterday. Definitely freaking out. Need to calm down, give it time, and then see how I feel.
    Revel: Mr. Squid being supportive even though he could totally be saying “I told you so”
    Rant: Sometimes I’m totally confident and comfortable with who I am and sometimes I have no idea and completely second guess myself. Wish I could figure it out and stop making stupid mistakes.
    Question: Anyone else do anything you thought you were sure of and then afterwards realized it may not have been the right thing? How did you deal with it?

    • I once took a job that paid 50% more than I had ever earned before. It wasn’t any kind of fit for my professional (or personal) interests, but I was qualified, and MONEY! I convinced myself that money would make it all better, and that I probably had the wrong idea about the industry anyway. It didn’t. Turns out loathsome consulting firms leeching off the government are loathsome from the inside, too. I quit in two weeks.

      • GiantSquid

        Money is surely a huge factor. My grad certificate was kind of like that. I came home after the first day of classes and was sobbing to my husband that this wasn’t a good choice. But we had signed on the loan and he thought it might be nerves. In retrospect, we were both right.

    • Andie302

      I like your approach of taking a few days, let it set in, and then revisit. The tattoos aren’t going anywhere, and they don’t make you a different person…so what’s the worst case scenario? You have tattoos that you aren’t crazy about? That’s not that bad…I’m sure you aren’t alone. And at some point you thought this was a good idea, so you can’t hate them, right? I’m betting if you tell us what you got there will be a few people who are jealous that they don’t have the guts to pull the trigger! I think it’s better to have made the mistake than be paralyzed by fear of making a mistake. Congrats on the new ink!

    • And this is why I can’t ever get a tattoo. I’d drive myself crazy.
      I have a few friends who have tattoos they regret. They’re constantly vacillating between getting them removed, getting new tattoos to cover up said regrettable tat, or just letting it be and living with it. It sounds like way too much mental stress/neurosis for me.

      • I once saw a tattoo that I LOVED. (Saw it here, actually, back in the day when tattoos were a regular feature like doors and transoms.) I was sorely tempted. Then I saw a gal on metro who had apparently ALSO seen the lovely tattoo and gotten herself one. A bad one. The realization that you can find a design or an image that you love and want to live with forever, and then have someone do a half-ass job of it and still live with it forever… I was cured of wanting any tattoos.

        • DC Flag tattoo? 😀
          Those always make me roll my eyes. I have a friend who got a DC tattoo after living here for three years……she then eventually moved back to San Francisco. Oops.

          • No, it was a dandelion puff on the upper back, with the seeds blowing away across the shoulder. Also, seeing it a second time (the badly done one) made it much less interesting to me. I would be ok with being one of two people, but *seeing* it on two people meant that there were probably lots more. (this was before buzzfeed lists of coolest/ prettiest/ floweriest tattoos. Yes, I was naive.)
            I used to feel all exclusionary about DC flag tattoos. Then I met someone who moved around a lot and hard started getting an anklet of postage-stamp-sized flags for everywhere she lived. DC was #3. Followed by Spain. And I realized that it’s cool to pay homage to a place you loved, even if it was a temporary arrangement.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I remember that tattoo. It was really nice!

      • Me either. Plus now there are a lot of these 20-year-old tattoos out there and they’ve got fuzzy edges and different colors fade differently and skin ages, and they just don’t look so great. Which is too bad, I think crisp, fresh tattoos can look so awesome.

    • What is the tattoo, if you don’t mind me asking? I have a few, some I’m still in love with, some I would like to have covered up. When I got my last one, the artist who did it was telling me she has tons of tattoos that she’s had done over, etc. It’s perfectly normal, and not the end of the world. My favorite was her advice that it’s perfectly ok to have a tattoo not steeped in meaning or emotional significance…it’s fine to have a tattoo just because you like it and it’s cool.

      • Besides my first tattoo, none of mine have really deep sentimental or emotional meaning for me. I just like them and I think they look cool. But I get my tattoos for myself and my own enjoyment, not for anyone else. As soon as anyone opens their mouth and starts saying, “That’s why I don’t get tattoos . . . You’re just going to regret it . . . Think about what it will look like when you’re old” I know that’s not somebody I care to be around.

    • If you don’t try anything, then you’ll always be sitting around thinking about the thing you didn’t try. I moved clear across the country for grad school in a field I reallllly wanted to be in. Hated it. Hated the people. Hated the city. Hated the field. Hated the program. I stayed 10 months to give it enough time to be sure, moved back and never regretted it for a second. Don’t regret going. Don’t regret coming back. *No harm in trying, even if something sucks.*

      • Emmaleigh504

        I did the same thing for grad school. It was an interesting experience but not a good fit, went back to New Orleans and tried a different program that I loved. Then I moved again for a job b/c I thought it would be fun. Loved the job, hated the town. Stayed 18 months before moving here. I love it here and I usually like my job. I’ve found my good fit…for now. Who knows what wild hair I’ll get next week.

  • Becks

    Mega-Rave: This weather is glorious! I have had the windows open and been enjoying the cool breezes. I am sleeping so soundly!
    Rave: I have two jalapenos, 11 tomatoes, and flowers growing in my garden! I think I will just eat the jalapenos fresh!
    Rant: Lady Carlotta was sick last night and had a hair ball. I feel bad for her, but she seems to be doing fine.
    Rant: I know people have brought this up before, but..Don’t eat on the Metro! This morning a lady ate her yogurt and orange, leaving the peel and container on the seat next to her. The yogurt container spilled on the seat and she didn’t bother to wipe it up. This is why we can’t have nice things!

    • I had to clean fingernail clippings off my seat yesterday in order to sit down. I wouldn’t have but the baby weight is getting to me. I hope they didn’t belong to the guy sitting next to me. Gross.

    • It’s not the eating, it’s the ignorant people who leave their trash of every kind in their wake. Ugh. But YAY to japapenos!

      • Ditto on the litter being the real problem. Every time I go to London I’m envious of how it’s OK to eat and drink on the Tube… but I see enough empty bottles, etc. on the Metro even with the eating/drinking ban that I know that there would be MUCH MORE litter if eating/drinking were actually allowed. Sigh. As Becks said, this is why we can’t have nice things.

        • I can’t remember, do they have trash cans on the tube/buses? I am in no ways condoning the littering we see on metro, but when there are no receptacles available it is bound to happen.

          • Very few. They initially removed them because of the threat of IRA terrorism. They’ve reintroduced some trash receptables, but they’re not universal and they’re clear plastic bags that are held up by metal frames (so that you couldn’t put a heavy bomb in one, because 1) it would fall to the ground and 2) it would be visible.
            I do see some litter on the Tube and bus in London, but no more than on D.C. Metro trains/buses. Possibly less, in fact.

          • Correction: receptaCles, not receptables.

  • Rave: NATS! NATS! NATS!
    Rant: Sitting on a couple of mortgage payments worth of post-season tickets
    Revel: Friends knocking down my door for said tickets, so I’m only temporarily in the poor house. And if we advance far enough I might be able to flip some of those seats for a profit and be a mortgage payment in the black when all is said and done

    • jim_ed

      My wife and I spent a mortgage payment on tickets in 2012 for the home games. We’ve decided to hold off unless they make the World Series. If that happens, all bets and fiscal responsibility are off.

    • I received a presale invitation to get post-season tickets. About what can I expect to pay for them (ish)?

      • In 2012, I was surprised the tickets were pretty affordable. Think I spent $50-ish for one game, then stubhubbed the last game (waah) and it was less than $100. This year, I’m joining in on some season tix. We paid approx a thousand bucks each for a ticket to every possible game. You get refunded any extra if you go this route and all the tix aren’t needed, but you only get refunded into a season plan for next year.

  • Rave: Making pickles for the first time. I’m using the Alton Brown dill pickle recipe. I started my first batch last night and there were bubbles on the surface (indicating that fermentation is happening) this morning.

    Rave: I got my “crock” (actually a ceramic plant pot) from IKEA. Very cheap, and just about the right size. When I was at IKEA I found out that they are now selling Daim bars again. Daim is probably the best candy bar (at least the best chocolate-coated toffee bar) in the world. They stopped selling them there a couple of years ago. I might go back this week and buy a few more bags.

    Rant: Guy turning right onto N Capitol honked and yelled, “It says Don’t Walk, asshole!” at me when I was in the crosswalk, while the Walk sign was lit (flashing, but still didn’t say Don’t Walk.)

  • Rant: When your boss reminds you of a meeting (that he never told you about) and you are dressed like a schlub with no makeup on. Good times.

    • Piling on your boss rant: My boss yelled at me on email this morning for leaving out information in a report, which just proved that he doesn’t read his emails. Like the email he was replying to, in which all information was accounted for. (It couldn’t be included in the report, because it’s not finalized, and that’s against HIS policy.)
      That’s why I always ASK my direct reports if I’m missing something, instead of yelling at them for leaving something out. I’m always willing to assume that the error is mine. Which might sound passive aggressive sometimes, but still better than the alternative.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Speaking of direct reports, this chick who is supposed to report to me randomly called my boss to say she would be late this am. She knows she’s supposed to tell me, has done it hundreds of times, why did she skip me this time. It’s really not a big deal, but it totally pissed me off. And it’s stupid for her to do it, b/c there is no need for the bosslady to know she was late. grr stupid people!

    • Ally

      This happened to me one too many times. Now I keep a spare suit in my office and some minimal makeup in my desk. That being said, I’m slightly worried I’ve dressed like a floral couch today (crazy printed dress) and I have a presentation at 1:00.

    • Bear

      I’ll pile on this rant: when your boss like to voice lots of opinions on what needs to happen and how it should be done, but doesn’t contribute any actual work towards achieving our objectives. I take some consolation that it’s recognized at upper management levels that I’m carrying the entire load of managing our team, but it’s not enough to just be given a pat on the back. I’d like to know what they’re going to do about it, because this just isn’t going to work in the long term.
      Rave: I’m being recruited by other firms. It’s not the right time to leave my current job (just got my promotion 6 months ago) but if things continue for much longer this way I’m glad I’ll have some options if I decide I need to jump ship.

      • Why does just getting a promotion 6 months ago matter? If you’re unhappy and can get a better job for more money right now, I think you would be crazy not to take it.
        Besides, it’s not like you’re going to be promoted again or given a raise any time soon at your current gig.

        • Bear

          It’s a little more complicated than just the promotion – my organization created a new program area, at my urging, to go after a new line of work. I have a lot of skin in the game and would ruin some professional relationships if I were to decide after 6 months that it wasn’t worth it after all.

    • So, you went to work dressed like a schlub with no makeup because you had no meetings? I have no meetings today, which I knew would be the case, and I got ready the same way I always do. It wouldn’t occur to me to leave the house for work in an unpresentable manner because of my Outlook calendar.

      • Maybe Artemis is exaggerating when she says she’s dressed like a “schlub”?
        I guess I assumed she was wearing business casual (maybe a less carefully thought-out business-casual outfit than usual?), and that she would’ve been in business dress for a meeting. Or maybe (depending on what her workplace and meetings are like) dressed casually rather than in business casual.

        • This. I’m embellishing a bit on the schlubbiness. I’m wearing business casual clothes (which are totally appropriate for my office on a normal day) but had a meeting where I really should have been in a suit (not the norm for my office on an ordinary day). I’m going to be prepared next time and just keep a dress and blazer in my office.

      • Nope, I definitely pick my outfit based on what’s on the calendar. Small office, I know what everyone is up to. If there are no in-office meetings scheduled, I’m not going to bother with a skirt and makeup. I do my job just as well (perhaps better) in jeans. And if something same-day crops up, I just carry on like the professional I am. “Unpresentable” is an attitude.

        • Ditto! I keep about 2 outfits (winter and summer) in my office and about 4 pairs of dress shoes in my desk. Regular clothes are slightly business casual but comfortable. No sense breaking out the “dry clean only” clothes if I’m not meeting with any clients.

          • Mea culpa, I didn’t realize the difference lots of people have between office clothes and meeting clothes. I work in a large, conservative office and I kind of thought our standard dress code was the norm.
            I still think I would do my makeup because it’s not involved and it’s a daily routine.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I try to do my make up every day, but some days (like today) work is lucky I’m not in my night gown. Luckily it’s a casual place. And I just realized I’m the only person that wears makeup in my little suite.

  • Revel: Received a slight pay bump at my job
    Revel: Pumpkin spice season is upon us!
    Rant: Noticed a weird rash/discoloration on my shoulder. 🙁 Do you guys usually go straight to a dermatologist or would you see your primary care physician first?

    • Emmaleigh504

      congrats on the pay bump!
      I would go to my primary care person first, since I don’t have a dermatologist. My doctor’s office has lists of doctors they like to work with in different specialties.

    • Depends on your PCP. If you have an old school GP with a lot of experience, it’s worth a try. If you have a more-recently-trained doctor or an internal medicine specialist for a PCP, and your insurance allows it, straight to the derm.

    • I go to the internet first. So far it’s been right about everything I’ve diagnosed myself with.

      Then I would go to the dermatologist. If you don’t need a referral, then skip the primary.

      Is it oozing? If not, you probably don’t have to worry- yet.

    • Congratulations!
      If you know a good dermatologist and your insurance company allows you to see specialist without a referral, why not go right to a dermatologist?

      • There may be a much longer wait for a derm appointment than with your GP.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Also it might not be anything that requires a specialist.

        • This is what I was going to say — last time I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist, the wait was two months.

        • Very good point, and now that you mention it, I’ve had the same experience. Although the wait times have been considerably shorter if I’m willing to see my dermatology practice’s RN, who is wonderful.

        • Thanks for your feedback everyone. I made the appointment with the dermatologist but it’s not until next month. I may see my PCP in the mean time and if she thinks it’s not necessary to see the derm then I’ll just cancel the appointment.

      • Co-pays are usually higher for specialists.

  • Rant: I forgot to put coffee in my coffee this morning. I didn’t notice until I was half way to work, sipping watery, hot, foamy milk.
    Rave: Additional supplies to round out the brewing kit have been ordered. I’m going to 3 Stars home brew store for my kit (extract). Has anyone been? I’ve only been to the store in Columbia, which is extremely comprehensive. 3 Stars doesn’t really have a good website, so other than what I can see staring at FB pictures, it’s hard to tell what they offer.

    • Your first rant made me smile because that is something I’ve done and definitely will do again. Sometimes I think I need to -have- coffee in order to properly -make- coffee.

    • skj84

      I’ve totally made coffee without pouring the grounds into the filter. And then was confused why there was brown water in the pot.

      • French Press fixes everything. (Better coffee, smaller footprint, much harder to forget the coffee!)

        • I have a Nespresso machine, which I love, but I’d say about once a quarter I zone out and forget to put a pod in. I moved the machine last night to clean that area and I used it in a different spot this morning for the first time ever, so that must have thrown off my game. Luckily we have free coffee, so I poured some watery milk in there and sucked it up.

    • They have a pretty good selection of brewing supplies at 3 Stars, though not quite as extensive as some of the other homebrew-only shops I’ve visited. I mainly used them to pick up odds and ends when I needed something on brew day and didn’t feel like trekking out to the burbs.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work. Why is everyone so f*cking stupid?! All the ppl who talk to our customers first are unable to remember the simplest information and instructions. And they are clearly too stupid to take notes to refer to.
    Rant: I have no idea what kind of job I would rather be in right now. Job announcements don’t normally specify that no stupid people work there.
    Rave: hot tea when I have a sore throat.

  • Question: Neighbor/Friend has been experiencing very bad tooth pain. She finally got an appointment with Howard, and the xrays confirmed her wisdom tooth is drilling a hole into the molar. She is in extreme pain, but Howard’s oral surgery and dentistry departments couldn’t fit her in for two weeks. She is of limited means, and has an Obamacare plan “for poor people” (her words). Does she have any other options? Would she be better off calling other places? Is this really how it is?
    Selfish Question: I have very good insurance and enough savings to pay for something outright if something like this happened to me. However, I wonder if the 2-week delay applies only to the indigent or would it possibly apply to a regular insurance-carrying, money-to-spend person? I find what she is going through extreme, and it is concerning that the same could just as easily happen to me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had to have surgery last year for something that had me in pain and I had to wait a month and a 1/2. They just couldn’t fit me in and it wasn’t an emergency. Good insurance couldn’t change that.

    • Have your friend try one of the low-cost places maybe? Unity Healthcare/Upper Cardozo offers dental care. There are also chains (I went to one- I’m blanking on the name- Shine? Smile? It was on the corner of Columbia Road and 14th.) I only had a cleaning so I can’t speak for how reputable they are with more serious issues. But it’s better than nothing I guess.

    • I have great insurance and had been in pain for months with an injury that the doc wanted to try to rehab (because insurance requires you to try rehab before surgery to pay for surgery). When it got bad enough that I couldn’t put weight on it without using a cane, it still took about 2 months to schedule the surgery because it wasn’t something that was going to kill me or make me lose my leg.

      • Wow, so based on your and Emilie’s responses, you can have health insurance and still remain in pain for weeks or months based on a surgeon’s schedule. In my neighbor’s case, she has a wisdom tooth drilling into her molar. I’d be very worried about infection. I read in the Post a few years ago about children with Medicaid having an almost impossible time finding a dentist willing to take Medicaid. In one case, a child died when an infection got out of control after months of not receiving treatment. When he finally made it to the ER, the infection had traveled to his brain, and he died at the age of 8. Totally preventable.
        The long wait would concern me. If you are in so much pain that you can’t work, I would imagine people becoming unemployed or using up all their leave (if they had it), while they just waited for surgery. Doesn’t seem right.
        Anonymous at 10:58, I’ll pass those suggestions along to her. Thank you.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend/neighbor. I’m guessing that Obamacare for poor people refers to medicare? Anyway, your friend can also call around to other oral surgeons and see if they accept her insurance, whether it’s medicare or one of the plans bought thru the exchange. There may be someone who will fit her in. I haven’t had surgery there yet, but had a consult at Maryland Oral Surgery Associates in Silver Spring and liked the doc and office. They have a bunch of locations.

    • Adventure Dental (formerly Small Smiles) on Georgia Ave takes Medicaid and provides quality care.

    • saf

      Have her give Mary’s Center a call.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: I’m the world’s worst dog dad. I yelled for the dogs to come downstairs and shortly afterwards heard a horrible crash. One of the dogs had slipped coming down the stairs and tumbled down the last few steps. Oh wait, I forgot to mention this wasn’t the fat dog but the skinny crazy dog that had viciously shoved me down from the top of the steps in January and only due to my cat-like agility did I narrowly miss the group of orphans in the hallway who were there to bake cookies and make macramé plant hangers. There is a good chance that I said something like “There now you know how it feels.”

    Then I noticed the blood on the floor.

    She’s fine, I think her tooth hit her cheek but I felt like a jerk and was glad that there were no witnesses except the cat and quite frankly he doesn’t like any of us.

    Rave: I hate to boast but if parallel parking were an Olympic sport, I’d be dripping in bling.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oh god, I laughed. Then I read your sentence about the blood. I’m a terrible human being. I’ll go hang out with the cat now.

    • I love your rave. I too feel that way about parallel parking and running down stairs (I’m really fast!)

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Sometimes when I see someone with out-of-state plates going in at a 90 degree angle I pull up behind, put on my turn signal and just wait for them to give up in humiliation. Yeah, I’m nice like that!

    • “was glad that there were no witnesses except the cat and quite frankly he doesn’t like any of us.”

      I thought your whole rant was hilarious (minus the dog hurting herself), but that last line was too much. 🙂

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      People don’t make me stop this website and dole out some virtual justice. Stop your fussin’ under my rant/rave and turn your attention back to me!

  • Is there any hope for a bad hookup? I met someone who’s really fantastic….we click. Same interests, humor, outlook on life. However…..the hooking up is. so. bad. I don’t know what to do. At this point in life (30s!!) I really don’t want to teach someone how to kiss me, touch me, ahem…..you know the rest. It’s become a turn-off and I find myself making excuses not to hookup at this point. But I feel like I could be missing out on a great person. Has anyone been in a similar situation and turned a bad situation into an awesome one? Any thoughts on how to approach this? Ughhhh.

    • Life’s too short for bad sex, IMHO.
      Does this person just not have much experience in the bedroom? If so, you might need to do some serious training sessions. They might actually really appreciate it.

      • I’m kind of leaning towards “life’s too short” too….and I really, really don’t want to give training sessions. I know they’ve been in long-term relationships, and I wonder if the other partner just never said anything (which is what I’m doing at this point, so not too hard to imagine). I just feel like “teaching” this person would be embarrassing and slightly demoralizing for them….right?

        • a person worth their salt and pepper should (in my mind) be appreciative of being treated honestly in respect to your intimate times. Reciprocation is really important and ignorance shouldn’t be tolerated as an excuse for both of you not having a good time. It can be embarrassing for them at first but I think the follow up emotion would be ‘well I’m better for that and now this person is being honest with me”. …. someone who is demoralized by getting tips and/or being told what they are doing wrong is someone with too much pride. If they don’t want to take your advice then as anon said, life is too short.

        • Can you phrase it less in a “you’re doing this wrong” way and more of a “this is how I like it” way?

    • skj84

      Talk it out. Honestly communication is your best friend in this situation, no matter how awkward it may be. Your partner may appreciate your candor. And everyone loves learning new things! 😉 And like Anoymous said, life is too short for bad sex. If you don’t click move on.

    • I broke up with someone (after three or four months) for this and other reasons. If I thought we had been a complete match otherwise, I might’ve been willing to bring it up and work on it. But since there were other issues, it made sense to just break up.

    • Ally

      Without getting into too many details, my S.O. had some very atypical issues in that area that concerned me at the beginning of our relationship. However, after staying mum on my concern for a couple of months, I finally brought the issue up with him. He worked on it, and there are no longer any issues. It’s fantastic now, in fact. So, I think it really depends on how comfortable you feel talking with him/her and how willing he/she is to change things. But, I don’t buy that people are inherently good or bad in bed. I’ve been both, depending on who I was with and how I was feeling. I think it depends on experience, willingness to change for the person you’re with, and what you had for lunch that day 😉

    • If you both approach it as learning to please each other and learning what you each like and don’t like that likely will have a better chance of working out than approaching it as a resentful teacher. If all you want is a hookup, I’d say move on — it’s better than feeling/ being unsatisfied and blaming someone else’s lack of skills and experience for your dissatisfaction. If you’re both looking at this as potentially more than a hookup, it could be worth it to approach it as you’d hopefully approach any problem: determining how to make it better for both of you.

    • I wonder if the old “I really love it when…” or “I’d really love it if…” strategy might work?
      There’s also something to be said for the idea that someone who doesn’t want to improve in this area (who doesn’t want to improve in this area?) might be annoyingly averse to change in other areas.
      Also, maybe there’s a YouTube video out there that would help. 🙂

      • I’d really like for this to be more than just a hook-up….I do see long-term potential, bad bedroom action aside. If I was interested only in the physical, I’d have moved on long ago for sure! I guess I just need to grow a pair and find the nicest way possible to suggest different ways of doing……everything. 🙂 I’ll see if that sticks and take it from there…

        Thanks for the advice!

    • Why’d you sign out, Andie?
      Joke. It’s a JOKE!

  • I know that the topic of therapy has come up on here before but I don’t think I’ve seen specific suggestions for marriage counselors. I’ve been researching online, but it’s daunting! We need someone that accepts insurance copays (Blue Cross) and has evening hours in DC – bonus if it’s close to Petworth… Thank you for any suggestions!

    • Ally

      I don’t have a recommendation (the one person I used was great, or least I thought so)…but was way out in Alexandria. However, I do have a suggestion. If your spouse is in any way against therapy in the first place, let him/her pick the therapist and, if you both don’t like him/her, be okay with picking a new one after a session or two. My former spouse hated our therapist (granted, she did once say to him “I’ve never met anyone who had no empathy!?”) and he stopped going to sessions completely as a result. All worked fine for me in the long run (not missing that situation one bit and adore my S.O. of 9 months). That being said, good luck to you both and good for you both for working on things! I hope it all works out!

    • I haven’t seen a marriage counselor, but can recommend the Women’s Center in downtown DC and know they offer marriage counseling there, have some evening hours, and accepted my BlueCross insurance when I had it. It’s a bit of a bare-bones place — somewhat sterile and in a downtown office building — but the counselors I’ve seen there have been really great.

    • Have you contacted your insurance company? Most would have lists of providers that accept their insurance — and often the lists will indicate things like areas of specialization, hours, and if they’re accepting new patients. If you have a primary care provider that you like, you might consider asking them for recommendations — as good professionals often have other good professionals that they consult and share referrals with.

    • Thanks, guys!

  • Rave: Planning to go to a free jazz performance tomorrow at the American Art Museum. I love being in a city with so many free things to do! I’m really looking forward to this!
    Rave: Read through my emails and saw one about a networking opportunity. I’m nudging myself to go. I need something like this to begin to structure my job searching — particularly if I’m going to switch careers.
    Rant: Making decisions about things that I didn’t plan to be responsible for. Muttering that if it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger is so not reassuring.
    Rave: Ranting. It’s a way to confront my fears, get some feedback, and, eventually, grow forward.
    Rave: Had a yummy saag and corn dish awhile back — but can’t remember which restaurant I got it from. So I’ll try it at multiple places nearby and see which one I like the best.

  • skj84

    Rave: I really enjoyed the Ken Burns/Beau Willimon talk last night at the Warner theatre. They discussed The Roosevelts and House of Cards and power in DC. Beau Willimon in particular had some insightful thoughts on politics, power and ideology. So glad I was able to get a ticket.

    Rant: So much to do in very little time. I’m going to be out of town for a week, but I feel like i’ve picked the wrong time to go. I need to double down on the job search and networking. I’m going to miss a few good networking opportunities while I’m away.

  • Rant: Two-career households are just hard. Husband has some great grad school opportunities, but I love my job and it really limits the cities I can be in. Any potential solution (commuting, short-term long distance, etc.) is negated by the fact that we are dying to start a family soon. I don’t know how to manage it all! We want everything!

    Rave: In the scheme of things that rant is a pretty lucky one. We’re lucky for the opportunities – academic, career, and family. And, I’d rather have to juggle my husband’s career than not have him in my life at all so honestly even my rants are just huge RAVES that I have a wonderful person in my life with opportunities to consider.

  • Rave: Sharing late-day outrage with DCNative, after a little sword clashing that somehow failed to devolve into name calling and bitterness. DCN: I’d be honored to disagree with you any time, and even more honored to agree.
    Rave: Fundraiser last night with Carol King, who is just one of the coolest people ever and the only member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I’ve ever conversed with (years ago). She was a huge morale boost on my first campaign during a long, lonely, broke, frigid Iowa winter. Last night, 30 years later, she was just as energetic, sincere and effective as she was then. She even got a couple of monied Upper Northwesterners to sing along (and tear up) during “You’ve got a Friend.”
    Rant: how freaking expensive do prescription sunglasses have to be? Good lord, I just spent half the mortgage trying to look cool.
    Rave: I’m gonna look cool as hell when I get off the plane in Marseilles next week.

    • Dawg, all the cool kids are doing the whole Warby Parker thing these days. Give it a try.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I rode an elevator with Carole King once and then ended up hanging out and playing cards with her daughter, Lousie Goffin. It’s a long story…

      • Emmaleigh504

        If I bribe you with tasty beverages in cool cocktail glasses will you tell the story?

        • I’ll by the second round and add my story of how I learned to be a better advance man by almost killing Carol on the Schuylkill Expressway.

    • skj84

      Zenni Optical is a good source. Cool frames and cheap. However they do take longer to produce.

    • Awwww! It really is a pleasure sharing outrage with someone as erudite and as charming as you, Irving Streete. And your penchant for 12 y.o. humor is a nice bonus! 😀

    • My solution to the expensive sunglasses conundrum has been to wear contacts — which I usually use mostly for stuff like yoga class — which allows me to buy non-prescription shades, for a wider array of cooler options than I could get with extremely expensive prescription sunglasses. The downside of that is that with my current contacts, I need reading glasses. 🙁 So being cool means either not reading anything that has small print, or whipping out my granny glasses, thus totally blowing any strivings I had for actually achieving Cool. Soooo, applause for your last Rave: expensive but likely worth it!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Bous Rave: I just read the most amazing story on Storify about how this group of 15 or so well dressed gay bashers (beat the crap out of two guys in Philadelphia center city) was tracked down by crowd sourcing through Twitter and Facebook. They are coming in today to talk to police. Probably you shouldn’t take group pics at the fancy restaurant you are eating at if you plan on hate crimes afterwards. Oh and a former, albeit minor, cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey had a role in cracking the case.

  • RAVE: I’m progressing through this bag of trail mix that I ranted about last week and just hit the MOTHERLODE of M&M’s buried deep inside the bag. Weirdly, they are all red M&Ms.

  • Random question for SparklyKittyTacos, if she’s here: Do you have a Japanese middle name that begins with a T?

    • This is kind of late but no, I don’t. My first name is Japanese and my middle name is American! (My name is not actually Leah).

      • Ahhh, OK. I saw a listserve posting from someone whose user ID was a combination of “Leah” and a Japanese female name, and wondered if it was you.

  • Bear

    Rant: Supremely frustrated with work lately, but not the right time to look for something else.
    Rave: The rest of my life is pretty damn good.

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