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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Cops that double park on Park Road… The road is tight enough without 5 cars double parked ,and especially when there are empty spaces they could have parked in, and they do nothing about all the neighbourhood block parties that people who don’t live here throw in my neighbourhood.

    Rant: I have switched jobs a lot lately, I dread when people ask for my references because it can be bothersome to have to get calls every 6 months for a friend. At least I’m a good friend to my references.

    Rave: Found a pretty nice fixer upper house, it is in extreme distress, but great otherwise, contemplating whether it’s worth the risk and the time to rebuild, but excited to start a new project if I can find a good General Contractor. The last one won’t return my calls.

    Rant: I hate typing on my phone, it’s really beginning to affect my dating life, but I hate the process of correcting my spelling due to a keyboard that’s too damn small despite my phone already being too big.

    • Andie302

      Do you have a phone that does talk to text? My roommate is constantly texting me with ridiculous stuff because she relies on talk to text and it’s hardly perfect. But it might be a good break (especially if it’s impacting your dating).

      • Yep, I have it on my android phone, but It’s too hard to privately send messages to ppl, I usually have nosy people standing around me when I want to send a text ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Try swiftkey for android, it has a lot better autocorrect and notices frequent mistakes you make. It’s so much more enjoyable than the stock keyboard. It cost a few dollars but you can a trial version to see if you like it

  • Accountering

    Rave: Starting to feel like a famous person. I am now being recognized on the streets of Mt P while getting dinner. This is amazing. Thanks anon!
    Rave2: Current AirBNB tenants are in until Saturday. Next people that check in are there until 10/18. The whole summer has been 2-5 day rentals, not having to do anything for the house for a month is going to be a nice break!
    Rave3: Dropped off a table yesterday in Park View, and then was able to sell the junky dog crate that has been sitting in my car for the last couple of weeks. It was literally on my way home. So convenient, and happy to be rid of it!
    Rave4: Waiting period OFFICIALLY ends on 9/30, so just need to get the final paperwork signed and then off to file. So happy to be moving onward and upward!
    Rant: Haven’t gotten a good run in lately. Going to have to rectify that tomorrow. Really need to put in some more miles before my Tough Mudder on 9/27.

    • Accountering

      Rave5: Today is my first day as an Assistant Controller. First thing I accomplished this morning was changing my signature. Great success!

    • Congratulations on all your raves (particularly 4 and 5)

    • Having recently done this myself, if you both are in agreement, the process for getting a hearing and a final decree is much faster if you file the complaint, answer, and waiver of appeal together.

      • Accountering

        Yup, we are both 100% in agreement. Finalized the last (admittedly very small) issue about a month ago. The big stuff was hammered out very quickly. I am utilizing the process you mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I might be a super recognizer. I often notice a person that I’ve seen in a different part of town earlier in the day (e.g. I’ll go to a meeting for work and see someone I noticed while walking my dog that morning, a stranger) but usually keep it to myself so as not to be a creeper. Funny enough, I’m really bad at remembering where I know people from. Next time I see you I will say hi.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Egg foo young. I’d never had it before but on yelp there were multiple mentions of the specific dish at this place and I wasn’t feeling picky. When I picked it up it looked less than appetizing – but luckily it tasted really good!
    Rave: The person that recognized accountering on Friday – so funny. Sometimes I run into people and wonder if they read popville…but I’ve never asked or met anyone so far (except at the HH’s).
    Rave: Seeing the parents tonight, catching up with a friend tomorrow, then off to NOLA first thing Thursday morning. So excited to spend a long weekend with my close girlfriends and explore a new city for the first time. Emilie, can you tell me the name of the place with the pepper rings again? That’s totally on my list ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: The boyfriend
    Rant: Missed Snallygaster for a wedding
    Rave: but the wedding was a great time and the couple are so perfect for one another…a lovely celebration!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Franky and Johnnies (also spelled Frankie and Johnnys), at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Arabella. It’s Uptown, so may be out of your way (I’m assuming you will be in the Quarter). For late night snacks go to the Verti Mart. Their grilled shrimp poboy is to die for. If you aren’t too tired Thursday go to One Eyed Jack’s for 80s night. It’s super fun. If you want a nice dining experience (spendy): Galatoire’s or Mr B’s Bisto are my faves.
      That’s all I can think of right now.

      • Andie302

        Pasting this into my iphone notes now ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 99% sure we’ll be at 80’s night! Thanks!!!

        • Emmaleigh504

          oh and don’t go to Galatoire’s on Friday, you’ll never get a seat, all the 3 martini business lunches turn into happy hour and beyond.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Go to Good Friends for um, how do I put this delicately? illegal substances, all the dealers hang out there. dont go to the 9th circle, it really is Hell. and there’s some place called Aunt something or other that a lot of my pals go to, but I’ve never been. Don’t go to Mollys, everyone always wants to go to Mollys and Mollys sucks so much ass. And for the love of your taste buds, don’t eat at Frank’s it is vile and always has been.

          • Andie302

            Thanks again!

          • I really liked the seafood place above Apple Barrel on Frenchman Street. I also love going to the music clubs on Frenchman St for live music, Maison, DBA, Spotted Cat, Blue Nile. They’re all on the same block and of course, you can take your drink with you. If you see Kermit Ruffins or Meschiya Lake are playing, I suggest checking them out.
            I once got stuck in a brass band battle on Frenchman, it was amazing. You’ll have fun no matter what you do!

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 to Frenchman, I always forget about the Marigny.

          • Andie302

            You guys are awesome! Thanks to you both ๐Ÿ™‚

          • saf

            Jeslett – That’s Adolfo’s, and it is delicious.
            And let me add Beth Patterson, the Pfister sisters, Washboard Chaz, and Sophie Lee to the list of folks to listen to.

    • Egg foo young is my super greasy chinese food guilty pleasure! Where’d you get yours from?

      • Andie302

        China Town Carryout in Mt. Pleasant. That’s interesting that you say it’s normally greasy – this was more gravy-y than anything…and it was tasty.

        • Yeah, “gravy-y” is the more apt description, just couldn’t think of the right word. Thanks for the tip; I’ll def try that place.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    All Raves due to the nice weather!

    Rave: Once again my recycle bin is the only one overflowing on my block. My neighbors donโ€™t have to raise the lid to judge me!
    Rave: The grinning mannequin that greets you as you enter the AB-Y of Duke Ellington (known for his rockinโ€™ six pack) sitting at a grand piano. The yellow caution tape around it is a nice touch!
    Rave: My โ€œMore for Youโ€ on PoPville announcing Annette Funicelloโ€™s untimely April 2013 death! Mickey Mouse Club 4 ever!
    Rave: Did I mention the weather?

  • Rant: Tried a very popular local burger joint (not a chain, I believe) for lunch yesterday, and was thoroughly unimpressed. Of the approximately 10 burgers they had on the menu, only two were available. Painted walls were chipping, place looked like it had seen better days. I’ll stick with 5 Guys until I see better!
    Rave: Trying new places, good or bad.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: The Groundskeeper/Janitor at Truesdell Elementary. I see that dude out there every morning at the crack of dawn cleaning up the incredible amount of trash people leave on the playground or around the fence. He could probably half-ass it and leave the parts not used by the kids dirty, but he doesn’t, which is great for the neighborhood. Also, I don’t know if its the same guy, but they don’t allow their grass to get overgrown and unseemly, unlike other DCPS properties I’ve lived near.

    Rant: I saw on facebook last night that someone is trying to rent their 3 bedroom, 2 bath rowhouse around 9th and R NW for $6,500 per month! I don’t live in Shaw, but I have to believe that that’s an absolutely delusional price to live within spitting distance of Lincoln-Westmoreland. If not, then I have a rowhouse in north Petworth I’ll rent to you for the absolute steal of $4,000 per month, and I’ll even cover utilities.

    • If they recently bought it (in the last 3 years) AND it’s a unique high end renovation, I can easily imagine someone’s PITI being that high for that location.

      • Yeah, but you can’t charge a lot just because your mortgage payment happens to be high — you have to charge something that’s in line with what comparable rental properties are going for.

        • Accountering

          Bingo. Some people don’t understand free markets in the least. Have seen ads where someone says they need to sell for a certain amount because they paid X. Even when it comes to people reselling tickets.

          Just because you overpaid for Caps tickets (substitute many other things) doesn’t mean that is what they are worth!

    • Three cheers for the groundskeeper! When I have an efficient morning and manage to pick up breakfast pastries for the office (this happens about twice a year), I get a couple extra for the gentlemen who manage morning arrival at my kid’s school; they also do all the grounds maintenance, and they’re so pleasant and enthusiastic.

    • Accountering

      $4,000 for a rowhouse in north Petworth is high, but my estimate for what I could get for my rowhouse is ~$3200 or so, perhaps a bit more.

      • jim_ed

        I was being facetious for emphasis. If I was actually planning on renting out our house, I think it would be in the $2500 range at the moment.

  • Rant: Job hunting is so stressful. I’ve had my sights set on Chicago but it’s not going so well. Sigh.
    Rave/Rant: I’ve finally decided to learn how to drive/get my driver’s license (I know, I know…). I’m terrified!

    • I just took my own driver’s license road test about 10 days ago and found that the test itself was amazingly easy. No parallel parking (or much parking at all, for that matter). It was just a quick trip around the neighborhood. I was -shocked-. The most unpleasant part of the experience was just spending a half day at the road test facility waiting in the line despite having an appointment. Bring a book! And I’m sure you’ll pass the test if you’ve spent any time at all preparing.

      • I’m surprised you didn’t have to parallel park for your road test. Did you take the test in DC?

        • DC doesn’t require the things that other states do in driving tests. Hence why no one here knows how to use a blinker or park!

        • I was surprised too, and yes, at the Brentwood office. The only “parking” you had to do was to pull over and stop the car to pick up the test administrator.

          • I actually asked if there would be a parallel parking test and there just isn’t one — it wasn’t just an exception for me. The administrator said they couldn’t test parallel parking because they didn’t have a dedicated space to do the test and that regular road conditions were so unpredictable that they couldn’t include it in every test. So they just removed it entirely.

      • I still have a long way to go! As in, I’ve been behind the wheel exactly twice, both over 5 years ago and in empty parking lots. So I’ll have to have someone teach me first. But it does make me feel better that I won’t have to parallel park!

        • For whatever it’s worth, the payoff is pretty great. I hadn’t driven in about 10 years and had let my license lapse. Now that I can drive again, I probably won’t do so very much in the district, but I was away this weekend and drove and it was wonderful. And the fact that I can now rent my own ZipCar, etc. feels amazing. I sort of feel like I became a “real adult” (again).

        • For the record, just because you won’t be tested on parallel parking doesn’t mean you should learn it. You absolutely need to learn how to parallel park. It is an essential skill and worth practicing while you are calm and in an empty parking lot versus in the middle of a crowded street.

    • My mother is taking her test after years of procrastination. She’s a scaredy cat, so if she can do it, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

      • My mom didn’t get her license until she was 40, which is what I’m trying to avoid by taking care of it now!

    • skj84

      Good luck with your driving test! I’m also a non driver. I’ve gone back and forth on getting my license. I currently have a learners permit, but I live in MoCo where drivers ed is required to get a license. Which is not in my budget right now. It always thrills me when I hear about other adult non drivers. I have at least two other friends who don’t drive either. Honestly I don’t really want to drive, deal with traffic, deal with car insurance and parking. But I guess it would be good to have a license for emergency reasons.

      • As a fellow MoCo non-driver this makes me feel so much better.

      • I have a driver’s license but am basically a non-driver at this point, with just an occasional, fraught drive in a borrowed vehicle to keep my skills up so I don’t become one of those old ladies who can’t drive at all. The writer Katha Pollitt has a great essay called “Learning to Drive” with learning to drive as a metaphor for so much more.

        • I’m similar, but worry that I’m developing a fear of driving. I basically only drive when I visit family twice a year.

      • Thanks! I also have my learner’s permit and have done absolutely nothing with it since I got it. So I’ll have to have someone teach me how to drive first. Yikes. It does makes me feel better knowing that I’m not alone in this! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • binpetworth

        Also a non-driver! Good to hear there are a few of us out there.

  • epric002

    rant: i know that in the historical long view, things in the world today are really pretty good, but holy isht there is a lot of terrible stuff going on right now. it’s pretty depressing.
    rave: the weather.

    • skj84

      agree with your rant. I keep reminding myself that there has been worse issues in the world. These problems are not unique to society today. I do think with internet, social media and all day news cycles we are getting inundated with bad news in an unprecedented manner.

      • epric002

        i agree, and purposely don’t watch the news to try and insulate myself from it. but apparently my wapo and internet habits are currently too much. whamp, whamp.

  • Rant: Confronted again with the fact that I’m a shallow, insensitive and possibly sociopathic individual. First, I had to admit that I hated all Robin Williams movies — the more heartwarming, the more I hated them — and I was no more moved by his unfortunate demise than some random stranger’s sudden suicide. Then, yesterday, I confronted my detached amusement at wilding black youths on ATVs marauding through town and scaring respectable folk (though I stopped short of advocating actually running over pedestrians). And, today, I have to admit that I find the “blood-spattered” Kent State sweatshirt pretty freakin’ funny, and wish my younger self had had one to wear to that Dead Kennedy’s show I saw at WUST Radio Hall (ever wonder why the 9:30 club has a radio tower on top?) back in the day. I should probably be sent away to a savage and lonely tropical island to wrestle carnivorous fauna for carrion until I reform. Or — same difference — exiled to Wall Street.
    Rave: Glorious sunrise over the Anacostia.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol Robin Williams movies where he doesn’t play a psychopath suck, and I too liked the Kent State shirt. I’m also a “cold hearted bitch” b/c I laughed through that terrible movie The Notebook. I thought the audience was going to murder me and my friend during the swan scene.

    • The Kent State shirt sickened me, literally. I’m a big fan of the slaughter of sacred cows, but there are lines that decent people don’t cross. The cold blooded murder of innocent people is one of those lines. How about a Ferguson High School Class of ’14 tshirt with holes and bloodstains? Funny, right? Ima make a million dollars.

      • Kent State wasn’t about “cold-blood murder.” You need to read about decision theory, mob mentality, fear, etc. The guardsmen that day (young people themselves) did not set out to viciously mow down the student protesters. Sorry, but it had to be said. You’re misrepresenting history.

        • I don’t *need* to read shit to know that soldiers firing guns resulting in dead students is a very bad thing that must be denounced in every age and every forum, and certainly must not become trendy apparel.

          • skj84

            You should read about the history of Kent State shooting. It really is much more complicated than people realize. The only reason the National Guard was on campus was because students were rioting. They burned down the ROTC building on campus as well. Apparently the day the shooting happened was pretty chaotic. Protesters were pelting the guardsmen with rocks and tear gas pellets when the actual shooting started. Not excusing the actions of the guards men of course.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          What you saw at Kent

          • anonymouse_dianne

            State was not much different than what you saw in Ferguson. For a good account read Michener’s book. It was not a mob of unruly students who were fired on. They were walking quietly. Okay, they did not have their hands up over their heads. But this representation of an angry mob is just not true. I lived this …

      • Not to go all Inigio Montoya on you, but you keep using that word [literally] – I do not think it means what you think it means. If you barfed after seeing the sweatshirt, I retract, with apologies.

    • Your rant should’ve been the beginning of your pitch to work for Northrop.

    • Almost worse, I feel as if I’m missing out on the zeitgeist — outrage is America’s greatest growth industry and when I can’t get outraged over a sweatshirt or Obamacare or some senior executive’s personal campaign contributions, I feel as though I’m not really experiencing America as it is now. It’s like sleeping through the British Invasion and the sexual revolution, or not eating from food trucks and watching high-quality cable-TV miniseries.
      I think I’m going to have to go through my Facebook feed and find two or three things to get up in arms about so I feel better about myself. Let’s see….actress asked for her ID…Palin family in brawl…and Obama deporting illegals…
      I am outraged! And I feel better.
      Next step: boycotting something.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Boycott rhino horn. It’s not medicine! And easy to boycott here.
        BTW September 22 is World Rhino Day, what is everyone doing? I’m making rhino shaped cookies for the office (if I don’t burn them) and boring people with rhino facts ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Irving Street — you are, indeed, experiencing America as it is now — just from the comfort of your own background, demographics, and experience. While the “actress asked for her ID” might seem trivial, for me it’s just one more reminder of the inevitable slights and harassment that things like driving while black, shopping while black, walking down the street while black, and, yes, kissing your white guy boyfriend while black can garner in America as it is now. If you’d like to add your outrage to mine, I’d welcome your company. Ya know — in the spirit of growing great oaks from little acorns…. On the other hand, if you’d like to boycott something more in line with your own, perhaps more specialized interests, I’ll look forward to your future rants.

        • Somebody called the cops and and the cop did what every cop does, is allowed to do and and is supposed to do in that situation — ask for an ID. Like he asked the husband — who provided the ID — was asked and like I, white and privileged though I may be, have been asked in a harassing manner several times (despite being on each occasion innocent). (I recognize that my situation isn’t exactly analogous, but it’s not irrelevant, either). Cops and vigilantes are shooting young black men at an alarming rate — I’ll join your outrage over that. And I’m not to keen on the other harassment you mention. I’ll join you there, too. An actress throwing a fit because she was asked for ID after someone else (possibly a more legitimate target for her ire) called the cops on her — I’m not persuaded.

          • Cool! It’s late in the day for optional outrage. And I do realize that there are times — likely far too many times — when everybody gets asked for ID. I do empathize with the actress though — mostly because of the many, many times I’ve been asked for ID, or to otherwise prove my right to be somewhere, when the people around me, and even with me aren’t expected to do the same things. When I saw the picture of her crying, it really reminded me of some of my own ‘straw that broke the camel’s back” moments.
            Perhaps we can join in mutual outrage tomorrow? And fwiw – I don’t think your experiences are irrelevant. I’m striving to be at least somewhat ecumenical and inclusive in my outrage. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was also at that DK’s show at WUST Radio Music Hall (’85? “86?) and I would have laughed if I had run into you there with the Kent State shirt on.

  • Rave: Saw some great wildlife on the walk to work this morningโ€”a big spider sitting in the middle of a lovely web and a hummingbird checking out my neighbors’ flowers.
    Rave: Really liking the new season of Doctor Who. (Did not much care for the last few.)
    Rave: The garbage and recycling bins have finally been relocated away from my front door and window, and the last few evenings I’ve been able to have the window open without smelling garbage.

    • This weekend’s DW was not good. It could have been great. It had the potential to be a creepfest on the level of Blink. But then they went off the rails and got mired in sentimental horseshit and by the end I had a headache from all the eye-rolling.

  • Rant: Last friday while riding my bike down Piney Branch from Arkansas to Rock Creek, I was pulled over by DC police officer “Mauricio”. He informed me I was not allowed to ride my bike on that road. Say what? It was around noon and there were no cars, just me on my bike, with Mauricio yelling at me through a bull horn from his vehicle. Now I’m reading about the 100’s of ATV riders who are threatening public safety, without being stopped/ticketed, etc and I’m thinking there is something seriously wrong with this picture.

    • He was from MPD, not the Park Police? I thought that was their turf?

    • Is that even true? Sounds like BS to me.

      • Yeah, cops don’t identify themselves without their title. (your title is a big deal in police/military circles). People get a little weird about first names – it’s to keep things from being personal, a bit of privacy protection and maintain some air of authority. He’d have said he was Officer Jones . Even if his last name was Maurico, he’d have given his title.

        • Interesting — maybe it was someone impersonating an officer? (Was it an unmarked car?)

          • It was a clearly marked MPD car. I asked him what his name was…He said “Mauricio Something” . I didn’t get his last name.

          • Also, I should point out that he didn’t give me a ticket. He pulled me over (with bull horn), we had a discussion, I told him he was wrong, and I went on my way.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Maybe he didn’t identify himself and she read it off his name tag, or maybe he identified himself with his title and she just didn’t include the exact quote. Why does Julia not saying his title mean she’s making it up?

  • For the (soon-to-be-formed) PoPville Gin and Gardening group, there’s a free class on Music in Gardens tomorrow (Wed) pm from 6:30 – 8:30 at Girard St Community Garden. Follow the sounds of the xylophone.
    More info & registeration info on this and other urban gardening classes here http://tinyurl.com/mrwg9xg

    • Thanks for posting this! (Unfortunately, I can’t make make it.)
      Looking forward to the Gin and Gardening group getting launched!

  • Rant:
    Spent a few hours cooling my heels courtesy of MPDC following altercation with waiter at a restaurant. He asked me if I was familiar with the small plates concept. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to punch him.

    • God I hope this story is true. ^^ Do you need bail $$?

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      No jury of your peers would convict you.

    • skj84

      am I the only one who doesn’t find this story funny. I mean it’s probably fake, but I’m not getting any humor. Oh hey its ok to abuse service employees! They are just servants for us to treat like dirt! Hardy har! Except not.

      • Pretty sure this isn’t about the server. It could have been an audio recording coming out of the menu and Mr. Woodley still would have lost his shi-.

        • skj84

          but he claims he hit someone. Not cool. I’ve worked in hospitality for years and have dealt with some crazy people who would think this is ok. I’ve been threatened and cussed out. So have many of my coworkers. So I’m not finding anything in this post funny. At all.

          • So what? Just ignore it. Everything posted on her doesn’t need a response from you.

          • skj84

            Anon at 11:56. Are you kidding me?! I can respond to whatever if damn well please. Maybe not me the post police. And maybe post with your real name if you’re going to make such a claim. I stand by my post. Grow some balls and do the same.

          • “Real name” – really? While I’m all for the multitude of anons selecting usernames, if only to make things less confusing, what you’re really saying is, “Grow some balls and post under a pseudonym that masks your real identity just like everyone else.” As righteous indignation goes, that’s weak sauce.

        • +1

          While I didn’t laugh, I did smirk and grin.

      • It’s a bad joke, nothing more.

      • Lighten up, Francis.

      • I just thought it was a lame attempt at a joke.
        There ought to be some humor to mine in the topic of small plates, but this joke is not a successful example.

  • Rave-ish: Saw someone lying balled up in a very strange position in the grass near Meridian Hill park at 10 PM last night. Asked them several times if they were OK. Got a muddled response. Seemed vulnerable. Happened to see a cop 1 minute later stopped at a red light. He said he’d check it out and thanked me for saying something.
    Rant: I’m a biker who is getting fed up with other bikers. Just one example. The safest route home for me requires riding on 25 feet of sidewalk. This is not in the business district. Some know-it-all biker incorrectly admonished me for riding on the sidewalk the other day way. Best of all, as he was lecturing me, he was illegally blowing through the crosswalk to sneak up closer to the front of traffic. I guess he felt like he could cut me off and nearly hit pedestrians, because he didn’t think I should be on the sidewalk. Let’s all just follow the rules. It will be a lot better that way. (And yes, I generally think bikes should never be on the sidewalk, but there are instances where it is the best of many bad alternatives)

    • The other day I almost got plowed down by a cyclist who ran a red light as I was about to ride through the intersection at 15th and H NW. He was all decked out in his biking gear- obviously not a tourist or a newbie. And he was FLYING. Why does it seem like the worst offenders are usually the people who should know better?? Seems to me they have an awful lot to lose given their passion for cycling- I assume if you’re a pro biker and you get run over, you probably won’t be biking much after that.

  • Rant: Americans and Australians telling the Scottish that they shouldn’t seek independence from Britain. Er, maybe I’m missing something….

  • RAVE: Doing an oyster shuck and crab boil this weekend in my backyard!
    Related: what’s the best spot at the Maine Avenue Fish Market for live crabs and oysters? I need to get enough for about 20 people, so I’m buying bulk. They’re willing to haggle?

    • Don’t know who haggles but –given the quality of the fish, which varies greatly — I’ve always been a little nervous about how long those Maine Avenue bivalves (whose age you can’t easily judge) have been sitting in the ice. The sellers are required to have a tag on the bags in which oysters are delivered — you might want to ask to see the tag before you haggle. They’re allowed to be sold up to two weeks after they are harvested, but I’d draw the line at 7 days. Props for shucking your own oysters.

    • The place on the right when you walk into the market has been the most willing to haggle with me.

  • Rave: hooked up with a funny and cute guy Saturday night
    Rant: hoping said funny and cute guy wants to see me again and waiting for him to call/text. I hate how insecure I can get over these things. And yes, I could reach out to him, and maybe I will. But I’d much prefer to be pursued, especially when it’s more of a physical connection.

  • Rant: splitting headache and possible mild food poisoning (not sure if the two are directly related, or if the headache is a result of not getting enough sleep because my stomach was bothering me all night).
    Rant: I suspect the food I ordered from Salt and Pepper Grill II may be the culprit. I don’t want it to be so, but this is the second time I’ve felt queasy after eating food from there. Has anyone else felt weird after eating their food?

    • Get food from there all the time and never had a problem. Could be you have a mild allergy to an ingrediant they use though, especially since you also have a headache.

      • Yeah, I order from them frequently. At least once every two weeks. I’ve had reactions to their food the last two times I’ve eaten from there (including this most recent time). It’s always a really upset stomach… nothing too dramatic in the grand scheme of things. I hope it’s not their food, and just everything else going on with me (stress, anxiety, etc.) I know that sounds weird…. but I really love that place and would be upset if I found out other people were getting sickened by their food, too.

  • skj84

    Rant: I lost a favorite pair of shoes this weekend. I switched from my heels to flip flops for dancing and forgot to grab the heels when I left. I had them strapped to my wrist for a good part of the party, I’m kicking myself for putting them down. I guess I should’ve married my shoes that night.

    Rave: Sister is coming to visit tomorrow! We are going to spend the week at my parents house and have a belated birthday party together.

    Just a reminder that PoPville brunch is on September 27th at Bar Pilar. Let me know if you’d like to join! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

    • Andie302

      I once lost a heel like this on New Year’s Eve a few years back (along with having my coat stolen that night…which had my keys in it). Ironically I miss the shoes more than anything else that was lost. Plus I only techncally lost one of them…it hurt to throw that other one away.

  • Rave: Organized some very important events over the weekend and they rocked. Such a relief.
    Rave: My boyfriend is amazing and put in an incredible amount of effort to make sure my weekend went well. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.
    Rant: Took a bolt to the tire sometime Saturday night. Good luck finding a tire shop open on a Sunday morning.
    Rave Walmart’s tire shop was open and it was only a $10 fix!
    Rant: It is a good 30 below in my office today. Might duck out and buy a blanket. And slippers…..And gloves.

  • Rant: The waiting game. It’s now week … 3? of waiting to hear back from a job I interviewed at, day 2 of waiting to get called back by a recruiter (the one who called me on Sunday and haven’t heard from since. tried calling him already too). and basically I’m just jumping every time my phone buzzes
    Rave: Honey crisp apples. Orgasmic. I have an oral allergy as well so I can only eat apples right after they’ve been picked which is now.
    Rant: they are 2.89/lb. The late frost apparently killed a bunch of apple trees and so this season the prices are pretty whack. Then again, I don’t have a good baseline since I’ve never bought seasonal apples here in DC before.
    ???: I’ll probably have to cancel my housewarming party (there wasn’t much planned) and take time off work (unpaid unfortunately) to go to my uncle’s funeral. There isn’t a date yet, but the hospice said he only had a matter of days. It’s really hard on my mom right now and I wish I were able to help her more.

  • Rant: Man do I hate my job these days. Thinking about stealing the screen name “Need New Job,” since I believe that the original Need New Job has found a new job. Maybe “Need New Job 2”?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m sick and very, very whiny.
    Rave: “Hasten forward quickly there!” Teddy Roosevelt. He sure knew how to cowboy, had a sterling silver bowie knife from Tiffany. I am so amused by TR.

    • Squee! TR! Racism, imperialism, and fondness for shooting animals aside, it’s impossible to not be completely charmed and amazed by the man. (The PBS/Ken Burns series is pretty good, no?)

      • Emmaleigh504

        and his love of war, the man was kinda cray, but in an amusing way. I love that he ordered 12 pair of spectacles to go to war, that’s thinking ahead! This is the first Ken Burns show that I’ve actually enjoyed, probably b/c of the subject matter. I think his daughter Alice and I could be besties if, you know, I were alive and in DC back then. However, I find it a wee bit weird that TR has the voice of John Adams (same actor).

        • He sounds utterly captivating. Definitely some troubling issues — not to mention that he sounds like a megalomaniac — but it seems that he was extraordinarily charismatic and would have been a hoot to be around.

        • I also thought the very young TR (I think in his early Harvard days?) looked surprisingly hot — a bit like Heath Ledger. Very piercing eyes.

        • If he were President today, he’d have led the charge of the ATV brigade!

          The stories about his family in the Whitehouse were exactly the type of adolescent destructiveness that rouses the dander of Popvilleans.

          • Emmaleigh504

            nah, he’d be going to up to Sturgis or down to Bike Week in FL with his hog. His kids, on the other hand, would be leading the ATV brigade.
            I loved that his kids snuck a pony into the second floor (my grandfather used to let his pony in the house too) and thew spit balls at George Washington’s portrait. I def need to find out more about the Roosevelt kids’ shenanigans in the White House.

  • Is anyone interested in two tickets for the sold out Paulo Nutini show at the Lincoln Theater tomorrow evening?

    Let me know – I have them available at face value…Thanks!

  • Rave: Planning my winter vacation. I haven’t taken one longer than a weekend for at least 5 years, so I am really excited.
    Rant: holiday airfares. I’m debating whether flying out of BWI and getting a hotel (for an early morning flight) is worth it, or whether I should just pay more to fly out of National. I’m not sure if I need to book any good options that I see now or if something better might pop up later. Decisions, decisions…

    • re: BWI vs. DCA: Do the math – will transport to/from BWI (if it is on weekends, the cheap MARC trains don’t run) + the hotel added on to the airfare really save you money over a flight out of DCA? For me, it usually doesn’t. The only time I do it is to avoid a terrible connecting flight.

      • The MARC trains are so convenient, but Amtrak runs the same route for not much more $. I’m on the fence because the BWI flight is a very good deal on a direct flight, which seem to be getting rarer and much more expensive lately. So a) it’s cheaper and b) it will save me about 2 hours of flight time. But like you say, there’s travel time and potential hotel costs, so the more expensive DCA flight will probably win out. Unless I’m saving a bundle, I usually won’t even consider flying from anywhere but National.

        • tonyr

          MARC trains (Penn line at least which goes to BWI) do run on Sat/Sun since ~a few months back. Don’t think that they have particulary early service though.

        • “Amtrak runs the same route for not much more $. ”
          Depends on what you mean by “not much more $.” Best case is $6 for MARC vs $15 for Amtrak. But that’s assuming you book ahead. Day of the usual Amtrak fare is typically more like $40, and I would call that a heckuva lot more than $6.

      • FYI–The MARC trains run on the weekend now; I just took it on Sunday to get back to D.C after a wedding. They dont run as frequently but they run!

  • Rave: I’m getting shiznits done this week! Dentist appt booked (thanks to recommendations from PoPville I’m going to Modern Dentistry), eye appt booked, flexible spending account receipts faxed, on and on.
    Rave: nice happy hour with a friend at Petworth Citizen last night. Seriously, all day HH on Mondays with $4 classic cocktails. My daiquiri and old fashioned were lovely and cheap.
    Rave: I love my TV mount. I had extra time this morning, so I turned my awesome tv mount 45 degrees and watched last night’s Daily Show from the kitchen.

    • “[A]ll day HH on Mondays with $4 classic cocktails”?? I must check this out!

      • Yes indeed! Daiquiris, martinis, Manhattans, old fashioneds, Moscow mules, and gimlets. I really like Petworth Citizen. I know a number of people here do not, but I think it’s a homey, casual, friendly, neighborhood place.
        You can follow them on FB to hear about their happy hours and such.

  • Rantish: Posting anonymously here: My BFF was in a relationship 12 years ago that ended badly two years later. The Former Partner was the one who was a jerk about it (there were some disputed financial items). In the meantime my BFF has moved on and now is in an 8 year old relationship and they are talking about marriage. Former Partner works for the same large organization as I do and we run into each other about once a month. Lately Iโ€™ve been getting some late night texts from Former Partner hinting at hooking up. No way would I want to ever date Former Partner but Former Partner is very attractive and a hook-up or three would be nice. However, is this breaking BFF rules? Itโ€™s been 10 years!

    • Andie302

      For me it would be hard to separate the former partner being a jerk and wanting to hook up with that person. Isn’t there enough other attractive people that you could hook up with that haven’t treated someone that you care about badly? I’m all for hooking up, but do you want to already know the person in your bed has the potential to be a jerk? What if that potential turns into something that impacts your career, directly or indirectly?

      I would probably still avoid a friends ex. There are too many fish in the sea and too much potential for drama…no matter how long. One of my closest friends encouraged me to hook up with one of her ex’s when I found myself single years later – no way!!!

    • Be prepared for the FP to try to talk to you about your BFF; be prepared for attempts to bring you around to FP’s side, or worse, attempts to get information on BFF’s current life. If you are absolutely sure that you can remain emotionally unengaged from FP, keep BFF’s business to yourself, remain rock solidly in BFF’s camp on the breakup no matter what “new” information comes to light, then I call no violation of BFF rules. If you were to enter into a relationship with FP, or even bring FP out in public, that would be a violation.
      If it were any less than six years since the breakup, btw, even scratching an itch with FP would be out.

    • This can’t end well. If it comes out, the best you can hope for is that your BFF will think less of you (“really? You slept with THAT?” and since it’s per-meditated, you don’t get “I was drunk” as a mitigating circumstance), the worst is that they’ll never speak to you again. Ex’s are like scars — sometimes it was worth it, but no one likes to have them poked. On the other hand, either the sex will be so mediocre that you’ll regret risking your friendship for something so meh (and being stuck with someone who will likely bother you for weeks afterwards for a rematch, and who you may see around the job site for years), or it will be so great that you’ll keep doing it until it comes out (see above).

    • My opinion: you really can’t find someone else to hook up with? I mean it ought to be fine, but a) you know this guy is (or was) a jerk, b) you both work at the same place, and c) there’s potential for some real unpleasantness between you and BFF. There are tons of men out there who’d be happy to just hook up once or three times – no idea why you would pick one with so much potential for a mess.

      • That’s what I’m saying! Seriously, if you’re just looking for a booty call, join a kickball team or go find someone at the bar.

    • It was a long time ago. Does your BFF still give a crap? And maybe FP has changed and isn’t a total jerk anymore; but maybe not. I’d simply go the direct route and ask your BFF how they would feel if you hooked up and go from there. Some may say better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

      • I agree that asking would be the BFF thing to do. I replied above saying “no violation”, but asking is never wrong.
        I have a exes about whom, if asked for hookup clearance, I would say “Do it!! That person is a pathological liar, but a great lay.” And others, “This is not the hookup you’re looking for.” (said with a meaningfully cocked eyebrow.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 It’s good to have the scoop pre-hookup.

          • +2
            It’s always advantageous to have the inside information. Why waste your time if the BFF tells you he’s terrible & selfish in bed?!?
            I hooked up with one girl about a year ago and she proceeded to give the inside scoop to a few of her girlfriends about my, ahem, size and technique. Two of them now hit on me ALL THE TIME whenever I run into them. It’s just ridiculous.

    • There seem to be a lot of red flags in this situation. a) the work thing has the potential to be a huge mess. b) the potential for friend drama/break up. Unless you know for sure that this would be OK with her, you are taking a huge risk. c) He sounds like he has no respect for appropriate boundaries. Is this guy really hot enough to justify the potential fallout? Unless he’s a Jon Hamm doppelganger, I would pass.

      • Why are people assuming the Former Partner is a guy? The OP was very gender neutral in the post…maybe to hide his/her identity if it is a regular poster?

        • Only guys are this sleazy. Sorry, it’s true.

          • +50000000000000 BWG, so true. For Anonymous 4:35, (to continue the Mad Men theme) you can replace Jon Hamm with Christina Hendricks if that makes you feel better.

        • I’m assuming it because Former Partner’s behavior resembles that most typically attributed (rightly or wrongly) to males. And the assumption is safe enough since the answer doesn’t change if FP is female. Nor does it change based on OP’s gender, for that matter.

  • Rant: I have to get rid of some clothes that are nice and in good condition. I’ve been looking at places to sell them, but it just seems like a pain. Does anyone have recommendations for selling or consigning clothes that is not extremely labor intensive and pays reasonable prices?

    • skj84

      Have you tried Current Boutique? They have a location on 14th Street. Someone posted an online shop a few weeks ago and I’m blanking on the name. But they had nothing but raves about it.

    • I consign at Current Boutique on 14th and it’s super convenient. The whole process of consigning for the first time take about 30 minutes and after that it’s even faster. I haven’t compared prices with other places in town (and should). I usually get less for the clothes than I want or think I should get, but imagine I’d feel that way no matter where I consigned.

    • Twice Clothing is online and it’s pretty awesome/easy. They send you a bag and you send the clothes and they give you a fair price.

    • I’ve mentioned this on here before but I use Poshmark and Thread Flip. They’re apps on your phone and super easy to use. I prefer Poshmark because I tend to sell more stuff on there, they take less of a cut, and they take care of shipping/send you a prepaid shipping label.

      • Okay, that is good first hand info. I signed up for Poshmark and I was a little overwhelmed by the hybrid Pinterst/Facebook/but-it’s-a-place-to-sell-stuff set up. I’ll look into a few of these places, maybe even divide and conquer based on item and or brand.

    • houseintherear

      If you want to sell Banana Republic-y/Ann Taylor-y stuff, Buffalo Exchange on 14th would be good. The other Buffalo Exchanges I’ve been to in NYC and Philly have amazing vintage clothes, but the ones down here are very “DC” and only take brand name, boring cardigans and other such crap. So if that’s what you’re unloading, go there. If you’re unloading unique clothes, don’t bother.

      • I’ve had really bad experiences with the girls the

        • I’ve had really bad experiences with the girls there not taking my stuff and remarking how out of style it was and how “this will never sell”. All fairly classic work stuff that just didn’t fit anymore or I was sick of. And they will not give you much. We’re taking $2 for Nine West shoes that were never worn. Loft/Banana Republic/Limited stuff. I think they’re trying to go for a younger, hipper crowd (they absolutely will not take suits – which is silly because there’d be a huge seller). I’d try Current since they seem to cater to a more professional/slightly older crowd. Secondi is good for really high end stuff.

          • skj84

            I had the same experience. Brought a pair of never worn skinny jeans from Nordstrom Rack. Was told they were out of style. I think it depends on which location you go to and who’s doing the buying that day.

          • Current Boutique definitely buys more professional clothes, as well as nicer clothes for the weekend, but pretty much only takes brands that are either designer or designer-like. J Crew and some Anthropologie brands are probably on the lower end of what they take and I probably get 10-15% of retail price for the things I sell, on average.

            FWIW, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to sell jeans on consignment no matter what the brand. And I think I buy nice jeans!

    • These places are all too fancy to be interested in clothes from Target, I imagine? I have some unworn dresses from Target that I’d love to sell, but I suspect I am stuck either keeping them or giving them to Goodwill.

      • I saw some Target stuff on Poshmark.

      • skj84

        The Mustard Seed in Bethesda. I’ve been shopping there since I was a kid. They have a good mix of high and low brow stuff. It’s directly across from the metro as well.

      • If they are work appropriate (meaning for an interview – some Target dresses would be) and you’re donating them anyway, you might check with Dress for Success, where they’ll go to someone going through job training program.

  • Question for Popville : I have video of a DC garbage truck hitting the pole holding up my $10K Pooner garage door. What do I do.

    • E-mail the head of DPW (the Department of Public Works) and ask them to pay to fix your garage door? (I assume the garage door was damaged? Have you gotten an estimate for the repair?)

    • There’s a DC office of risk management that I think takes claims. Be ready for some bureaucracy. You can call 311 to get started on the path, but I’m guess it’s a form you fill out.

  • Rant: Lots and lots of tiny, itch blisters on my legs. At first I thought it might be some kind of bug bites, but then I remember using some Palmers cocoa butter formula — a good thing, I thought — so maybe it’s some sort of allergic reaction. Ick.
    Rant: I’m not being an apologist for the idiots on the ATVs terrorizing the streets. But I do wonder how many of the people commenting on how awful the people are — rather than the behaviors — spent their teenage years doing things like skiing, go cart racing jet skiing, horseback riding and other risky, high adrenaline types of activities. (Yes, I get that these things, ideally take place in “safe” environments, but I also get that they take resources that are not easily available to many of us.) So many of the discussions here move from disparaging behavior, to making cracks and assumptions about the people engaging in the behaviors, which then often veers into comments about race and class. I’ve been taking news vacations for awhile, and have started to include PoPville in the list of media experiences that I avoid.
    Rave: Gratitude to my parents who were able to provide me with enough educational and recreational options to enable me make it safely, and pretty much sanely to adulthood.

    • Accountering

      Is it possible its poisen ivy? If so, get to a doctor immediately. Steroids (prednizone?) should clear it up quickly. Avoid the woods between Beach Drive and Adams Mill road, that’s where I caught mine!

      • Thanks for the suggestion Accountering. Poison Ivy would be very unlikely — unless I’m very unlucky and highly allergic — since I haven’t been anywhere near bushes, vines, stuff like that. Thankfully, Allegra seems to have curbed the itching.

    • It might be contact dermatitis. It can be very painful and itchy. If it’s really pervasive and painful I suggest you go to your doctor or a walk in clinic, they may want to give you anti-itch cream and a topical antibiotic.
      I’ve had it a few times, but once so badly then even tip toeing around gently with no pants on was enough to cause extreme pain.

      • It’s not painful — just itchy. And because it’s entirely on my calves where I used the cocoa butter, I’m thinking that’s a likely culprit. I’ve had itchy reactions to things before — but the tiny blisters are a new one. Thanks for reminding me of the Minute Clinic option!

  • Rave: Spent all do yesterday ignoring my to-do list and just making our house our home again. Year-long tenant moved out, I cleaned and moved us back into the master bedroom. We slept so well last night in our own bed!!

    Rant: Tenant left so much shit in the fridge. Not looking forward to dealing with it. I

    Rant: Job search – either underqualified or overqualified. Ugh.

    Rave: Hit up Delaware outlets last week while in Cape May and revamped my work wardrobe (didn’t get much use last year in grad school) – plus no tax. Feeling put together and confident. Now to find that job..

  • Is it too late to rat? I’m having the most terrible day. My boss just keeps pilling up work on me and I can’t see the end of it.

    Trying hard to find a rave but I am so frustrated that I can’t think of one ๐Ÿ™

    • It’s NEVER too late to rant!!! But ranting earlier in the day is likely to get more responses. I hope your day gets better!!!! Would your boss be open to a conversation about prioritizing your work responsibilities realistically given your schedule?

    • Hang in there!
      A possible rave for you: It’s after lunchtime and your workday should be wrapping up relatively soon, depending on what hours you work.

    • Andie302

      Sorry you’re getting piled on!

    • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have told my boss repeatedly that I have too much going on but he does not seem to listen ๐Ÿ™

      Thanks again, the PoP community always makes me feel marginally better!

  • Found car keys to an Infiniti on Webster near NH Ave this morning, wonder if I can find the owner?? Figured I could walk around hitting the unlock or alarm button to see what house driveway lights up?

    • You’re a good soul. Someone did that when we lost our keys about 7 years ago. Of course, they also stole the car – I’m assuming that isn’t your intent?

  • Rant: just feeling crappy today. Having trouble not tearing up at work. I’m guessing that it’s mostly hormonal, but it’s still happening.
    Life is generally good, but the things that aren’t good really aren’t good. Job is dead end. Can’t seem to get pregnant no matter how much we try and the medical profession is basically useless for us. Time spent with family and friends this weekend is making me sad that I can’t spend more time with family and friends because of aforementioned dead-end job taking up 50+ hours a week. Wah wah wah.

  • RANT: The back entrance of 701 Pennsylvania Avenue faces D Street with a 701 on its awning making that look like the odd side of D Street when it fact it is the even side of D street, making it nearly impossible for me to help a Chinese man find his lawyer at 717 D Street which is now covered in scaffolding and hard to see because we kept looking for 717 on the same side as 701.

    RAVE: Crisp fall weather! I love it! Decline in tourists noticeable too.

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