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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Are folks still having problems with broken links?

    • palisades

      If I click on one of the topics from the top (restaurants for instance), and then scroll to one of the posts (Radici Italian Market for instance), then right click to open the comments in a new tab, it just opens up the same restaurants topic page, it doesn’t open the comments.

    • The links to “recent comments” on the right are almost always ahead of when those comments appear on the post – so clicking those links won’t take you to the comment (which isn’t visible) but just to the article. Any chance you could set some sort of delay on the “recent comments” section so comments don’t appear there until they’re actually posted?

  • Rave: Got an email from verizon saying they’ll install my internet at my apartment today instead of the 20th
    Rant: they told me at 6am, that they will be here from 8-9, and then no one showed up (I went to work and left it to my roomie who was going to be home), called and now they said 10-11
    Rave: It’s still (hopefully!) going to be installed today and I will have the sweet, sweet fios connection after years and years of the-other-service-who-shall-not-be-named
    Rave: new roomie is a sweetheart, and I”m adjusting pretty well to the new place. Definitely going to the gym today, I think I really need it.
    Rave: overnight oats. somehow heating up the oats that have been soaked in milk overnight tastes way better than regular cooked oatmeal?
    Rant: office is an icebox again today

    • If your “sweet, sweet fios connection” is anything like mine, then your optimism and excitement are going to be brutally crushed. The one thing I will say (as always) is at least the customer service reps are pleasant, if not effective.

      • ? do you experience slow speeds, drop outs, or what? I’ve used fios in different places in virginia and the connection was always great, but yeah I’d like to know what your connection is like if you don’t mind.

        All I wanted was not comcast because my last DC comcast connection was flakier than a croissant.

        And they had poor customer service

        • “flakier than a croissant.” – thank you for the laugh. I am going to steal that line…..

        • Generally, my internet speed is certainly adequate but not blazing fast. For example, I can usually stream Netflix without interruption as long as I’m not doing anything else in the house that uses up bandwidth. It’s certainly nothing to be excited about. I also don’t like their junky TV menus, but I suspect all the others are like that too.
          My specific FiOS misery was this: earlier this year, we experienced several days-long outages. Without getting into the long version of the story, they sent out several technicians (requiring me to take off work each time); the reps on the phone were giving me contradictory info to what the technicians were saying; after repeated interactions, I got a very good sense for what the problem was (the outside line to my house), but each time I spoke with one of their folks it was someone different, so they couldn’t put the pieces together even after I explained it to them. Eventually I told them I was just going to switch to Comcast if they didn’t send someone to check the outside line and OMG! that was the problem all along! So it got fixed but they never actually seemed to be able to identify the actual problem until I told them what it was and threatened to cancel. After that, they f***ed up my billing a couple times which was easily rectified by me calling them about 10 times.
          So all in all, my experience with FiOS has been worse that my experience with Comcast at my previous residence. I still plan to switch to someone else when my current discounted rate expires; not because I think I think other companies are better, but because I don’t think Verizon is good enough at “regular” price. My overarching point here is that all of these companies have the potential to suck really bad regardless of what you’ve seen or heard, so never get too excited about your internet provider.

        • ““flakier than a croissant.” Yep. I cannot count on actually having internet service through Comcast. About every three months it cuts out for days at a time and it takes me 4 calls just to get them to come out to look at it (and even then, I have to pay for it). At least twice the tech was going to leave without fixing it because he didn’t know what was wrong and I literally wouldn’t let him. Another time the guy left without fixing it and they still charged me, then it took another week to get someone else out. Nightmare.

        • Thank you for the “flakier than a croissant” comment. It has totally made my day! 😀 And I, too, plan to steal it!

      • +1… when i had FIOS out in annapolis, it was scary fast. In my DC apt, not so fast.

  • For those of you who continue to seek scientific data on the basic b-tch, look no further than this study: http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/09/important-new-harvard-research-on-basic-bitches.html

    Note: Isn’t the ur-basic b-tch move is to call others are basic without examining one’s own basicness? Or to think that only other people are basic while we are, of course, special and unique?

  • Rant: My sleep patterns are still so messed up from travel. I slept about 12 hours last night.
    Rave: Getting back into the gym. Sometimes aching muscles feel great because it means you used them.
    Rave: Lunch with a dear friend today.

  • skj84

    Rant: Woke up really anxious this morning. Hoping my nerves calm down as the day goes on.

    Rave: Did some freelance work yesterday. I played stylist for a friend. Wondering if I can turn this into a part time gig.

    Rave: Fall is coming! Broke out the boots yesterday. Ready to bring my scarves out of storgage. Fall is my favorite season of all.

  • Rant: Solarizing was pretty much a disaster for me this year. It was rainy and not very hot for most of the summer. Weeds are now pushing the plastic up. However, it did seem to work where I had overlapping plastic. To all of those that try to solarize, my advice for you is to at least have two layers of plastic. What are my next steps? When is it a good time to put seed down?
    Rave: At 16 months, my daughter is getting so big and is really coming into her own.
    Does anyone else watch Utopia? I don’t watch TV like that but I am interested in this show so far but there are a few crazies on there and I don’t mean Dave and Red. That survivalist woman is OFF and not to be trusted, ella es muy loca.

    • I watched the premier of Utopia but not the episode that aired earlier this week (yet). The premiere was crazy entertaining, and I’ve heard from people who watch the live feeds that the crazy is continuing…so I’ll probably stick around for a while. But I’m not sure it will hold my interest for long.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Another awesome meal at Masala Art last night. Took a good friend and he agrees.
    Revel: Persuaded best bud #2 to join us for Columbus Day weekend and THE FESTIVAL. Thank you Southwest for cheap nonstop flights! One more friend to go…
    Revel: consult appointment last night with tattoo artist for my next two tattoos, one of which is the DC flag. She was cool and we were totally on the same page with how the art should look so I’m excited.
    Revel: After writing email to friend who offered me a job, with clear questions about the position, salary numbers, etc. I feel like I’ll have a better grasp on the job and think it’s viable. There’s some comfort in the familiar processes of interviewing, offering, and hiring. Fingers crossed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Where are you getting your tattoo? I’m looking for a good place to get my flag done.

      • GiantSquid

        Inside of my right forearm, just below the elbow.

      • GiantSquid

        And now I realize you were perhaps talking about a studio as opposed to a body location. I’m getting it done at Cirque du Rouge on H St. NE. Their apprentice, Cas Loll, is really cool and bonus, slightly cheaper.

        • Ooh, thanks for mentioning the studio. I might have to see about going there for my next tattoo.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Thanks! That’s what I was asking. I knew you had mentioned them before, but I couldn’t remember the name.
          I do like your placement, too. I’m thinking of getting mine on my shoulder or back, but I’m waffling. I’ve also decided I want a map of Switzerland (not Sweden) on my right inner wrist. Then there’s the mermaid… I want so many tattoos!

        • Did I recommend Cirque to you? If so, YAY! Cyn did my back cover up and it’s fabulous. She’s so great. Seriously love them.

          • GiantSquid

            Cirque’s been recommended by many folks! Cyn did my tattoo last summer, so I already knew I’d have a good experience going back there.

    • KSB

      Ooo, I have a consult for my next tattoo tomorrow! Hope the flag turns out wonderfully!

  • Rave: Had an amazing time with old friends in Vegas and Sedona. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
    Rant: Post vacation blues. I miss them so much already.
    Rant: Totaled one of our rental cars.
    Rave: Everyone is ok! The people who hit us admitted fault immediately and insurance should cover everything.
    Rant-ish: Saw “the one that got away.” Rekindled things last year, decided it was a bad idea to start LDR. Wish we lived in the same city.

    • Ally

      How far away does the potential S.O. live? Is it East Coast at least? My boyfriend and I only hang out a couple of times a week (we’re both busy and have lots of hobbies), so it’s not different from how it might go if he lived in NYC, for example. As is, he lives in Bethesda directly across from an &pizza. One of the reasons I keep him around 😉

      • He lives in Minneapolis. We went to HS together, dated in college, post-college, and then against last year. Parts of it were LDR (once between Japan and NY) so it’s more of an “are we sure we want to do this AGAIN?” than a logistics thing.

  • Rant: I have a flat tire and I have to go to the inspection station tomorrow.
    Rant: We’re about to get sucked into another forever conflict fighting the Sunni-Shia civil war.
    Rave: My diet seems to slowly be working.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: THANK YOU (and yes I am shouting) to whoever recommended Meat in a Box in the Favorite Carryout post. I’m already addicted to the beef skewers box—so tender and juicy! Yum!

    Rave-ish?: I didn’t obsess over 9/11 coverage this year.

    Rant: None of my petty rants today!

    • Did you have a major meeting at work yesterday? If so, I’m glad that your survived it!

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        It was all a big misunderstanding. I thought my job was to partner with my assigned customer groups to find technical solutions to solve business problems. Instead it is to keep updated in real-time, our four different flavors of status reports instead of you know, actually working.

  • Rant: Domestic abuse
    Rant: Anyone that believed Roger Goodell. If you truly believe(ed) that the NFL didn’t know then I have some things I need to talk to you about. Listen, willful negligence and ignorance are not excuses. Of course the NFL we are talking about a multibillion dollar business, they know EVERYTHING via NFL security. Goodell won’t last the weekend but he is stubborn so who knows. But all I know is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander right? I am sure the Saints would agree.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 I hope people are at least learning about domestic abuse because of all this. But I have my doubts.

      • skj84

        I’m also hoping people are becoming better educated on domestic violence as well. Cause I’m still seeing some increadbly ignorant comments on my Facebook.

    • Goodell isn’t going anywhere. He will ride this out. I am more interested in Mrs. Rice, watching that video it looked as if his behavior was a common occurrence. Notice, he didn’t stand over her trying to figure out what to do, how to revive her, he has done this before. Why did she go flying at the man is another question I have. He stops men for a living. Finally, he will do it again.

    • Yes, the whole thing is very fishy. I don’t buy the “we only accept evidence from credible sources” claim either, it’s such a flimsy excuse. Granted, TMZ’s source was a cell-phone video of the security footage playing on a screen; so sure, that doesn’t sound credible enough for these specific circumstances. But security footage directly from the hotel, imho, is a credible source that should have been pursued. Or even from his lawyer.
      Related rant: I don’t much care for the usage of “domestic” to describe these types of acts (violence or abuse). It makes it sound, you know, “domestic,” and somewhat tamer and more mild than what it is/can be. I can’t think of any other suggestions, but even the terminology belies the seriousness of the act.

    • Ally

      I have a friend who is getting beaten to a pulp regularly by her husband. I’ve recommended all of the usual resources and have even let her stay indefinitely at my place. She’s just not there yet, and I sure hope she gets there before he gets worse. It’s horrifying that so many women (and men) have to go through this.

  • epric002

    rant: hectic, frustrating morning. had ADT and an electrician scheduled. ADT guy couldn’t upgrade our system b/c there wasn’t an outlet close enough to the alarm panel, which of course no one mentioned i needed when i set the appt up. electrician can’t install a new outlet w/o running a wire which would defeat the whole purpose. while trying to get ready for work, busted the zipper on my skirt and subsequently got stuck IN the skirt, with an open gaping zipper in the back.
    rave: nice brother and his GF are at the house dealing with the electrician and ADT guy. GF helped me extricate myself from my busted skirt.
    rave? the zipper didn’t bust after i’d already left the house.
    rave: was so rushed/flustered that i didn’t have time to blowdry my hair, but discovered that i can still style it w/o blowdrying. score 10 for pixies 😛

  • GiantSquid

    Hey Irving Streete, did you go to Masala Art? If yes, did you like it or do I need to start marinading my shoe?

    • It’s planned for Friday. We hit up the Tenleytown location pretty regularly, so I’m confident your footwear is safe, but that’s why I was wondering if there was some new and “adventurous” that I’d overlooked.

      • Yeah, unfortunately for us Southwesters, there’s been nothing new and adventurous in this neighborhood for a long time. Restaurateurs, come while the pickins are good!!

  • Rant: some rude dog owner consistently allows their pet to piss on my motorcycle every morning. Why the F would they think that’s ever ok? I’m plotting my revenge.

    • Not that it makes it better, but it might not be a rude dog owner… We were sitting on our porch the other night and saw a woman abruptly stop walking down the sidewalk to drop her pants and pee next to/on a car parked on our street. Either way… bleach or vinegar are your friends!

    • That is rude. I make every effort not to let my dog pee on motorcycles or bicycles.

  • Rant: PoPville appears all wonky on my work computer. I can’t see any of the pictures, and the formatting is all messed up. Any thoughts on how to correct this? Tried it with different browsers, but nothing seems to work.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Your workplace probably has some “nanny” software running that prevents you from bringing down pictures. I have the same issue at work. Working from home today and PoPville looks fine.

  • JRPenguin

    Rave: Finally going to Thai X-Ing this week. I know, it’s so last year but it always takes me awhile to get to the popular new spots. At this rate, I’ll be trying Rose’s Luxury in 2017.
    Rave: Went on a few dates this week; some were fun, others weren’t better than cooking at home alone. Still, I’ll keep going out!

  • Rant: The Apple store used to have DC flag cases for iphones. When I finally went to get one, they said that they were a limited time item and they’d had to send them all back a few weeks before. 🙁

  • Rave: picking up a home brew kit off Craig’s List tonight. I’ll be able to brew on my own, whatever I want, whenever I want. I think a pumpkin beer is in order. I think I’ll add some squash and maaaaybe a sweet potato too. I’m thinking about roasting and broiling the orange items in question, not just roasting, which is the norm.
    Rant: I made a bad design decision and now I have to bring a very large lamp shade back to West Elm. Is it sad that I would rather drive out to Tyson’s than deal with Georgetown?
    Rant: why are design decisions so hard? What color bathroom vanity should I get? I don’t, how about a total melt down instead?
    Rave: I found some nice ones in my small size range to choose from. It looks like I’ll be shelling out a lot to get something better than builder grade, but unlike some earlier comments this week, I don’t consider fixtures or furniture substitutable. If I did it would save me a lot of money, but I love home decor and seem to have heightened aesthetic awareness, so I consider it investing in my enjoyment of my home. I did get a lot of my stuff from Craig’s List, though.

    • I wonder how do people figure out all this design stuff for their homes? I’m a renter so a lot of that is out of my hands, but I’m still clueless on little things like how to arrange the furniture in my living and where to put my houseplants. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for me to pick out countertops, sinks, paint color, flooring, hardware, etc. I don’t know how you homeowners figure all that stuff out. Buying property won’t automatically turn me into a skilled interior designer!

      • Some people actually think the design stuff is kind of fun! When I move to a new place, I like to live in/with it for awhile before decorating. The plants go where the sun suits them — and if they need planters or stands to look nicer — then I get them. Usually there are only a few places for the bed of the sofa — so then lighting follows how I use the furniture. Do I need a table for lamps.books, glasses…., a rug to pull it all together. If you think about it as adjusting an environment to suit your particular needs and tastes, it’s possible that buying property might turn you into a skilled interior designer — it just won’t be automatic. 😉

        • When I moved in my current apartment it took me 4 months to decide on a rug for my bedroom. It was not fun. Now, 2 years later, I hate that rug! I am just not skilled at figuring out what colors and finishes “go” together. Ideally I’d hire someone to do that all stuff for me! But you’re right, it might be different if I owned a place. One room I do like decorating is the bathroom, because it’s small and usually a blank slate (all white everything in rental apartment bathrooms) so I can pick out whatever color shower curtain, rug and towels I want.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 I love decorating! I had so much fun when my parents redid their kitchen. I gave them lots of ideas and they actually used quite a few. I’m always redecorating places in my head. I’ve totally redesigned my sister’s house in my head for her (she doesn’t like my ideas nearly as much as she should). It’s fun!
          It also helps to have pretty firm idea of what you like: colors, finishes, etc. I know exactly how I would redo my bathroom if I owned and had an unlimited budget. Unlimited budget really helps.

          • I rethink floorplans in my head all the time! My current project is how I would change the layout of my apartment if I could attach it to the studio apartment next door or (preferred option) the 1-bedroom directly below.

          • True, if I had an unlimited budget I’d hire someone else do everything for me!

          • Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. Choosing colors and finishes for something “permanent” is tough though. I never know what the future will bring and whether I will still like it. Should I get the white vanity because I’m probably going to paint the bathroom black? Or should I get the dark vanity because it looks sleek and resembles my kitchen cabinets, but probably wouldn’t look great with a black bathroom?
            Also, why is the 22″ vanity $200 more than the 23″ vanity that is exactly the same? Ugh.

          • Formerly Broken Jaw

            Oh then we are definitely not related. I don’t have that gene.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My dad’s side of the family doesn’t either. I get it from my mom’s side. There’s still hope!

          • Pixie — I can’t speak for Emilie, but I”d bet that if you’d like some help decorating, and/or shopping for whatever you need to decorate to your tastes, you’d find some willing PoPvillagers that would be eager to help you. Decorating / shopping on someone else’s dime, using someone else’s budget, and someone else’s tastes is kind of a treat — as long as there aren’t serious deadlines or time constraints.
            What do you hate about the rug? The color? The texture? The quality? The shape, size or pattern? Might you like it better if something else in the room picked up a color or something from the rug?
            I realize that the likelihood of your coming back to read these comments so late in the day is small — but, well, like I said, some of us actually find this sort of thing fun!

    • skj84

      Have fun with the homebrewing! I’ve always wanted to try myself, but a bit leary of the commitment. And the fear I’ll blow my basement up or something. Pumpkin beer sounds amazing, especially when it’s spicier rather than sweet.

      • It’s true, you do need a good amount of stuff and some space (I’m pretty much closing my eyes and ignoring my inner monologue on that one). But, I have done it before, so at least I know what I’m getting into….cleaning. Lots of cleaning.

  • Rant: Tough week or so back in the family – been far away while they’ve dealt with health scares and stresses and now back here to see how the health scares have increased stress and tension and dysfunction amongst the family. PLUS my immediate family all work together so…that makes it professional and personal. No idea how to deal.

    Rave: Husband comes back from work trip tomorrow and we get to explore Ithaca for a wonderful couples wedding. PLUS we’re luxury camping/”glamping” at a friend’s new venture. Should be awesome.

    Rant: China’s restrictions on everything we use to communicate – Whatsapp, google hangouts, skype, gmail, etc. – making it tough to bridge the 12 hour gap.

    Rave: We’ve made it through a year living across oceans from each (with frequent visits) and get to be in DC together, in our home, alone, soon!!

    • palisades

      Can always use a proxy service to bypass China’s restrictions. Some do free trials which I assume would be long enough for a business trip.

      • Good call – the issue too was his internet sucked…could only get it in the lobby of the hotel and then no privacy and a bird saying hello in Chinese any time someone walked in…

  • Rant: Giant cockroaching just chilling on the living room celing last night, only the second we’ve ever had in this house.

    Rave: Valiant husband climbed up on the couch and — even after the thing flew right in his face — managed not to fall off the couch and get the thing in a grocery bag for prompt disposal. Ew.

    Rave: Before we spotted the invader, we were talking about how our favorite singer Youssou N’Dour never seems to come to DC anymore. This morning I spotted an announcement that’s at Lisner this Sunday and scored great tix. The universe provides!

  • Rant: A couple of days ago, was in the (ungated) parking spot behind my house, getting something from my car, when a young man comes speeding in on a bike, stops, looks at me, gets off the bike, and starts walking toward me and the car. I say, “Can I help you?” Silence. Me: “Do you need something?” Him: “I’m gonna take a piss.” “No you’re not!” “Why not?” “Because it’s private property.” Him, as he starts to leave: “Do you own this building?” Me (wondering why the hell that matters): “Yes, I do.” With that, he leaves, and I move my car to the street to avoid the potential retaliatory vandalism.
    Question: What possesses someong to think it’s OK to walk onto someone else’s concrete parking spot and taker a leak?

    • I can’t answer your question about the peeing — but I will say that people who haven’t had the experience of owning real estate don’t necessarily have the same kind of awareness about it as people who do. Just as I’ve noticed that people who aren’t used to private cars don’t. The stuff I’ve noticed doesn’t seem deliberate — more careless.

      • This doesn’t seem about owning vs renting (though I can’t even begin to speculate why the guy even asked that). What normal human goes right up to where another person is to piss in the alley?

      • It’s similar to spitting while walking on the sidewalk without making sure you’re not going to hit anyone.

    • Drugs, mental illness, or both.

    • I blame 7-11. Those big gulps pack a lot of fluids.

    • i was sitting out in my (fenced) back patio reading last summer in the middle of the afternoon when i noticed someone peeing in the alleyway against my fence. i popped my head over and yelled at them to find a bathroom. THEY proceeded to yell at me for interrupting them and being a pervert for watching!! WTF? i guess some people think it’s OK to piss anywhere.

  • Rant: Lots of things breaking down over the past two weeks, and it’s not just me. I’m hoping something astrological is retrograde or something, and we’re done with that.
    Rave: I got a new guitar and a wonderful case, and had a wonderful experience with the House of Musical Traditions. Major Bliss! Life is good!
    Rave: The sunshine! I’m hoping to get in one more day at the pool before it closes for the year.
    Rave: New boots! I have a new pair of Frye boots to break in — and they’re not black. It’s my Autumn treat.
    Rave: Taylor Ham omelets. wicked yum.

  • Rant: Catheter trash on my street. That’s right, thanks to the packaging which was also discarded, catheters. Along with the dirty diapers courtesy of zoo patrons, some of the most disgusting litter in DC.

  • Ally

    Rave: Seeing old friends today who I haven’t seen in close to a year.
    Rant: Stuck finding a meal in or just surrounding Pentagon City Mall (my friend can’t walk far). Any recommendations?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: anxiety dreams last night. My anxiety dreams are always driving and having breaks that don’t work.
    Rave: Just finished a good Swedish crime novel called Silenced by Kirsitan Ohlsson. Now I can start my Stephen Blackmoore books!
    Rave: French Market Coffee after a night of bad dreams and insomnia.

  • RAVE: Some derogatories were removed from my credit report and my credit score shot up by 67 points yesterday. Hellz yeah!

  • RANT: this Trader Joe trail mix has a low M&M-to-raisin ratio. Way too many raisins! :-/

  • Becks

    Rant: Couldn’t sleep last night so I took a pill. The side effects were still holding on and I was late to work this morning!
    Rant: The squirrels have found the backyard but…
    Rave: The tomatoes were still intact when I got home yesterday.
    Rant: Last night I heard Lady Carlotta playing with a Chinese Scroll painting in the hall. I had heard her in the hall playing with it a few days ago but didn’t see any damage. Last night, I walked into the hall to discover that she had literally shredded the silk and rice paper painting. She doesn’t realize how important it was to me. She is a cat, and I wasn’t angry with her since I know with pet ownership, some things must be sacrificed. But I am heart broken.

    • I’m sorry about your painting. But thanks to your description, and an earlier comment by Emilie, I’m now destined to have bad dreams about bugs jumping up to chew on my eyeballs and cats scaling the walls for the sole purpose of desecrating art. Right up there with my evil baby chick dreams (my older brother’s fault.)

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