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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant – NFL Edition
    Rant: John Harbaugh, you are a POS. “The video changed things” – are you freakin’ kidding me? They walked into the elevator, then he dragged her out and cut a deal to avoid the possibility of prison time and accepted 2 years probation and anger management counseling. Unless you have been living under a particularly large rock, and bereft of all internet access, you (and we all) knew exactly what happened in the elevator. The video didn’t change a damn thing.
    Rant: Does anyone believe that the NFL and the Ravens either (i) didn’t already have the video, or (ii) couldn’t have easily gotten it if they’d wanted to? Of course not.
    Rant: The NFL and Ravens’ leadership (with a special mention of Roger Goodell, Ozzie Newsome, and Steve Bisciotti) – see above re Harbaugh, x10 for each of you.
    Rant: Anyone even remotely praising the Ravens or the NFL for their actions yesterday. This is damage control, pure and simple.
    Rant: The entire reason for this outcry was the video. Innumerable professional athletes have been charged/pled out/convicted of domestic violence, and I’d bet much of it has been worse than the Rice incident. But the NFL, other sports leagues and all of us just go on our merry way. It’s appalling.

    • I second all of your rants. The league’s long demonstrated history of not caring about women is horrible.

      I saw a statement on twitter last night which is sticking with me: Remember, its not the video’s existence that changed things. Its the NFL **knowing you saw** the video that changed things.

      • Last time I checked, Michael “The Dog Killer” Vick is still playing in the NFL. Forget ethics and decency- this is about the bottom line. Money is what guides the NFL’s decisions.

        • Michael Vick went to jail. I’m not saying it’s okay, but I am saying that the circumstances are different and in the eyes of the justice system, he’s served his time.
          I believe that if you’re convicted and you serve your time that you’ve paid your penance and you should be able to be a member of society again, especially in terms of voting and employment. I still haven’t made my mind up on how professional sports plays into this whole employment, morals, role model, and so on thing, but I actually think they got Vick right.

          • +1 I definitely agree Jeslett.

          • Should a bank robber who served his time and paid his debt be guaranteed the right to work as a bank teller? What about a security clearance? Up to what level?
            How about teachers? Should a school be required to extend equal opportunity employment to persons convicted of child abuse or sexual assault on a minor, provided they served the sentence?
            How about football players? Should a person who has a record of committing violent assault be permitted to re-enter an environment where violence and adrenaline and hyper-“masculine” behavior are not just the norm, but glorified?

          • None of the examples that you provide are particularly parallel. As terrible as a (for all we know, isolated) incident of domestic violence is, it is hardly on the same plane as sexual abuse of a child. Nor is anyone suggesting that Rice should be “guaranteed” the right to work. The question: “Should a person who has a record of committing violent assault be permitted to re-enter an environment where violence and adrenaline and hyper-”masculine” behavior are not just the norm, but glorified?” seems a little loaded. no? What if we asked: “should a highly trained and extremely talented professional be allowed to practice his trade after accepting an appropriate penalty?” If a plumber punched his wife, would you suspend them from earning a living for the rest of his days? What would that accomplish?

          • Let’s slow down. I didn’t get into specifics for a reason. Background checks are used in employment all of the time and for the most part I think that’s reasonable. Employers can use their judgement to decide in cases where there isn’t existing law, but there are laws regarding child sex offenders and working in environments with children and I agree with that for the most part. I also don’t think anyone who has committed a violent act with a gun should be allowed to have one.
            Aside from those items, I’m not going to go down a list of offenses and note what I think former convicts should and should not be allowed to do.

          • Well, in the eyes of the criminal justice system, Ray Rice is in the same position as Vick. He has “served his time” – although there was no time in prison, he has accepted probation. The circumstances aren’t different at all.

          • dcd, did he finish all of the requirements already? I guess I’m not clear on that. I also think the Vick case looks better because Vick went to jail and that’s a more clear boundary between time served and re-entering the work force than community service, anger management classes, and the like.

          • He is still on probation, and I doubt he’s completed the anger management counseling yet. But the whole point of probation is that the authorities didn’t believe this offense was worthy of prison time (which is a whole other discussion). There’s no reason a person on probation can’t be gainfully employed – he’s not suposed to be segregated from society. In fact, when Vick was released, I believe he was on parole. Though different from probation, parole means that the offender wasn’t “done” with his sentence either.

          • I believe in forgiveness, but giving a vicious dog killer another chance to make millions while working in a capacity that might make him a “role model” is unbelievable. With his actions, he proved he was one evil and sick (person), and society should not allow him another chance to be on our screens and on our football fields. Animal abuse is one of those things you don’t come back from, in my opinion. However, I guess the market doesn’t agree with me. The Jets and the Eagles took him back in spite of his atrocious behavior. I’m not as forgiving as Wayne Pascarelle of the Humane Society. I think Vick is only sorry he got caught. He is too warped and wrapped up in a violent culture to truly understand how barbaric he is. His recent commenting on the Rice case (that takes chutzpah) is crazy ironic.

          • to anonymous 1:57, it actually sounds like you do not believe in forgiveness at all.

      • ….but but but they now have slim-cut, pink Tony Romo jerseys. And they wear pink cleats throughout October. I thought that meant the NFL cared about women? 🙁

      • but…but…but during October the NFL changes its uniforms to incorporate pink “for the cure.” obviously this shows how deeply they care about women!!

    • I’ve said for years that professional sports leagues should have a code of conduct that is tied to the criminal code. That is, a felony conviction (or proof of felonious acts even if your wife declines to bring charges) renders you officially ineligible to play professional ball, for any team, ever, period. The various leagues like to talk about their players being role models for kids, but that’s bullshit when you have the likes of Michael Vick happily pulling down millions.
      What do you sports followers think the likelihood is of that happening? Are we moving in the right direction, or is Rice’s firing just PR? Will he get picked up by another team when his suspension is over?

      • Unfortunately, it’s just PR.

      • “That is, a felony conviction (or proof of felonious acts even if your wife declines to bring charges) renders you officially ineligible to play professional ball, for any team, ever, period.”
        Huh? That’s a bit ludicrous. Unless, of course, you believe anyone ever convicted of a felony should never hold a job for the rest of their lives. Because, vengeance.

        • Not at all. If they’re going to claim the role model cred (and they do, every chance they get) then then ought to back it up with meaningful standards. Most jobs that involve children, or money, or any kind of security are unavailable to people with felony convictions. Why shouldn’t role model be another one of those jobs?

        • I agree. If someone has served their time and paid their debt to society (e.g. Vick), I’m not sure they should be banned for life. I believe in and value forgiveness, and actually think he’s been a fairly decent example of someone making positive changes in their lives . However, many of the allegations levied against professional athletes never lead to charges, much less to convictions. Ray Rice was not found guilty of committing a felony, so he wouldn’t fall into your standard. I think that loophole is the significant one that needs to be addressed: why aren’t these allegations pursued more consistently?

        • Accountering

          Go get convicted of a felony, and good luck finding a good job. Sure, you can work in McDonalds, but with a felony on your record, your job prospects dimish many times over.

      • “Will he get picked up by another team when his suspension is over?”
        Ray Rice is a value acquisition right now – one of the best flex backs in the league can be acquired for pennies on the dollar. Someone will scoop him up, guaranteed. That said, he’s getting older and his production dropped significantly in 2013 from 2012.

        • He’s suspended indefinitely now, and the PR hit would be astronomical – no one is picking him up this season, even if he was eligible to play. That said, I expect someone will pick him up some time in the future.

    • I feel like I saw the video from TMZ before this week (as in, when the assault first became public knowledge), so I highly doubt that no one in the league/the Raven’s staff knew about it. I avoid TMZ at almost all costs, so really…

    • The casino / hotel is private entity. Obviously the police / prosecutor can demand the video. Why would the NFL, a private business, be able to force another private business or the prosecutor’s office to provide them with a copy of the video? TMZ I assume is not above shady dealings to acquire their content. I also assume TMZ timed the release of the video to have maximum impact right between the big opening Sunday and the Monday Night Football double header.

      ‘Innumerable professional athletes have been charged/pled out/convicted of domestic violence…’ Innumerable? Sounds good on a blog for impact but I am not sure it is true their cases just get a lot of attention. I don’t think there are numbers that support the domestic violence rate is higher in the NFL vs the population at large. I think the numbers support athletes get off easier when charged with crimes like any other individual w/ fame and resources. I am sure there are a lot of Ted Kennedy lovers around who found a way to forgive.

    • justinbc

      “Rant: Anyone even remotely praising the Ravens or the NFL for their actions yesterday. This is damage control, pure and simple.”
      No matter the reason or timing, you shouldn’t be upset at other people for being happy they actually took some action here. Unless of course you don’t believe he deserved those repercussions.

      • I disagree (obviously). When a person or an entity botches something from inception, due to either incompetence or a blinkered devotion to image protection, I don’t think they deserve praise for fixing the mistake. Of course it’s better that they fixed it, but doing what you should have done in the first place deserves an, “it’s about damn time,” not paeans about social responsibility.
        I may feel differently in other circumstances – but here, after seeing the Ravens and NFL apologists talk about how wonderful they’ve done now that the truth was out, I am just disgusted. If they hadn’t seen the video, it’s only because they didn’t want to. As someone else said, they aren’t upset about the contents of the video, they are upset that the general public has seen the video. The result is important, yes, but motives matter.

        • justinbc

          You’re missing a key distinction between what you said originally and what you’re saying now. If you want to be upset with the organization I completely agree with your anger, but it seems odd to then transfer that over to the people who are glad they did what they should have done (in your mind) to begin with.

    • Honestly, I’m surprised that even the video got this much of a reaction. If Rihanna’s ordeal showed us anything, it is that even the most brutal, cut and dried evidence of DV will be greeted with apathy and hollow justifications before it is swept under the rug. The general public does not give a damn about the well being of DV survivors, doubly so if the abuser was an athlete or entertainer.

      • Doesn’t the fact that the video is getting a reaction suggest that DV is no longer greeting these charges with apathy and hollow justifications?

        • Okay, I combined two sentences and then it didn’t make sense. This is my point: doesn’t the fact that the video is getting a reaction suggest that DV is no longer being greeted by apathy and hollow justifications?

          • If Rice was suspended immediately-sure. But he was not, and would not have been if the video were not leaked. It was only after the outrage was expressed by women’s groups that the rules were changed, and that still didn’t affect Rice’s situation. The victim was made to apologize for being beaten, because Rice making money for the team was more of a priority. I don;t believe that has changed or will change.

  • Rant: Ray Rice/domestic violence situation. Why did it take the video being shown by TMZ in order for them to boot Rice? I think the NFL and Ravens had the video for a while and were sitting on it and TMZ forced their hand.
    Rave: Got the inspiration to go back to writing fiction again. My depression left be without the motivation to write. Now that my antidepressants are working and my therapist finally go through to me (I can’t keep sitting around doing the same stuff expecting a different result), i’m turning back towards an old hobby and feeling pretty good about it.
    Rant: Made a mistake eating breakfast. I got some Shredded Wheat to help me lower my blood pressure but I may have inadvertently raised my blood sugar. I don’t know what to do. Maybe try breakfast sandwiches with egg whites and low sodium bacon?

    • Probably better to skip the bacon completely.

    • What about just eggs (or egg whites) and a piece of fruit for breakfast? It might be good to get away from processed food if possible. Great for you that you’re getting back to writing…congrats!

    • Steel cut oatmeal with nuts and a little fruit? A veggie omelet for protein?

    • Overnight oats! Usually one part oats to one part liquid (milk/water). Mix it in some container and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, heat it up and add some fruit/honey/maple syrup. Super easy and healthy, with no extra sugar/sodium.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 you can also do a cold version. Add some greek yogurt for protein and chia seeds for Omega 3s plus fruit for a hint of sweet. It’s my fave summer breakfast.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad your meds are working. It’s great you are getting back to things you like to do!

    • Thanks to all of you for your breakfast suggestions. Oatmeal huh? I’ll try it. Thanks

      • Yup. I’ve even done oatmeal with a dollop of almond or peanut butter and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. High fiber, low sodium and way yum.

      • I’ve also stirred an egg or egg whites into oatmeal – which adds a bit more protein and a fluffier texture. You can do savory and sweet versions of this.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I highly recommend oatmeal, blueberries and coconut oil for breakfast!

    • What’s the coconut oil for? Does it make it taste like suntan lotion? (I think most coconut flavored things taste like Hawaiian Tropic.)

    • You can also make savory oatmeal- kind of like risotto – if you don’t like sweet stuff (I don’t)

      Sautee some chopped onions in olive oil then stir in the raw oatmeal. Stir it until the oats are toasty, then gradually (and carefully – the first addition will steam up!) add hot liquid like low-sodium stock, zapped for a minute in the microwave.

  • Mild annoyance: why don’t people realize there are still two lanes during rush hour on street sweeping days? It is like the wild west driving on my street on Tuesdays. Most people don’t don’t stay in the middle lane because they don’t think that the curb lane is a driving lane during rush hour – so they take up both lanes. It kind of drives me nuts.

    Rant: My shoes squeak. It is really annoying (to me, but also probably to my coworkers).

  • Rant: Manager is the worst at figuring out scheduling, resulting in an annoying day for everyone.
    Rave: Manager is away all week, so at least we don’t have to see her!
    Revel: Making chicken piccata and spaghetti tonight for dinner, which for some reason sounds really good to me today.

  • Andie302

    Rave: I ran just over 5 miles yesterday in about 60 minutes. My pace was nice and slow (and I stopped for crosswalks when they weren’t in my favor) but I’m feeling great about the distance, and I’m not very sore today at all.
    Rant: When I run any time of day other than first thing in the morning I have trouble getting to sleep. Compound that with plenty of rest the night before and I couldn’t get to sleep for the life of me.
    Rant: I had to drink coffee this morning to stay awake. I’m not a coffee drinker because it makes me jittery. I made it through law school without coffee…I should be able to make it through one day in the office. This will be one of my 1-4 cups per year. I have the shakes!
    Rave: Buying and selling on craigslist. I bought a stainless trash can for far less than retail that fits perfectly in my kitchen space, and sold an old round broken electronic one. Win/win!
    Rave: Assistance in picking up the occassional craigslist purchase 🙂
    Rave: Feeling very blessed these days!

  • janie4

    Rant – Another $1,000 in car repairs. This will drain my car sinking fund, and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to put money back into it.

    Rave – cats are in good health, as am I relatively speaking.

    Rant – Work is exhausting this week.
    Rave – up for a promotion.

  • Rave: I MOVED!! My bf was an amazing help, my truck buddy (thanks popville people for the rec) were fantastic and nice, my new place is gorgeous, my new roommate is so sweet and miles better than the last one, and everything fit in my room which was a big relief. And the lease transfer went through at my old place so now I am f-r-e–e. Such a huge weight lifted, all in all

    Rant: job that said they would let me know last week their decision, has not yet responded to me, not feeling too optimistic, but now that my moving craziness has passed I can focus a lot more on finding a new opportunity. Just soon, I hope.

    Rave: kitkats from england! It seems like the whole world has better kitkats than america.

  • Rave: I’ll have more friends to hang out with on Sundays now that folks are getting tired of the NFL.
    Rant: seeing all these Popville shirts across the US. I’ll be in four states (WV, KY, TN, OK) in the next three weeks and haven’t managed to pick up a shirt yet.
    Rant/rave: lining up all of my ducks in a row for the purposes of transferring jobs. I figure I have an 80% chance of landing a transfer, but only a 30% chance of landing a transfer to where I really want to go.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: Went to the AB-Y and found no reportable violations so I actually had to, you know, work out.

    Rave: My micromanaging boss wants to review my status report with me tomorrow. Oh wait this probably isn’t a rave. Stay tuned!

  • If a homeowner posts a no parking sign on their garage door but the city hasn’t posted no parking signs, can you still park there? I was trying to find a Zone 2 spot in Georgetown last night on 30th Street NW, right at the corner by Olive. The city has Zone 2 parking signs covering the whole half block but none of the no parking (P crossed out) signs that they usually put in front of the driveways. The owner did, however, have a no parking sign posted on his garage door that said cars will be towed at owners expense. I just had to run to a quick meeting so I parked and he started pounding on the window and came out to yell at me. I had no problem moving but mentioned that he may want to talk to the city about getting them to post no parking signs since others may just think the owner posted the sign to be a jerk and it’s not enforceable. He was incredibly agitated by this and said he’s never had a problem before, which I highly doubt since he also said he’s had people towed before. Granted, they do have garage doors (street view 1232 30th street will show it) so I’m not really sure what the deal was? Does anyone know if these signs are enforceable? How would one recommend to the city that they should put the parking signs up for the common good? I normally wouldn’t bother but this guy was so rude about it.

    • It would never occur to me to park blocking someone’s garage/ driveway, even for “a quick meeting”, regardless of city signs.

    • Seriously? You blocked someone’s driveway and you’re complaining about that it angered the homeowner? And then you insinuated that their “No Parking” sign is meaningless because it wasn’t provided by the city? Good luck with that…

    • saf

      It is illegal to block a driveway.

    • Um, ahem – exactly what entitles YOU to block a citizen’s driveway for a “quick meeting?” Obnoxious.

    • I thought it was already a rule/law – that there is no parking in front of garage doors? We shouldn’t need posted signs to realize that blocking people from entering and exiting their garages isn’t right. And maybe the guy was agitated – but that’s more than understandable.

    • Accountering

      There doesn’t need to be a sign, where there is a curb, you can park, where there isn’t a curb (curb-cut) you cannot park. You were parked illegally, regardless of the sign being there or not. Now to the wisdom of the city giving out curb-cuts, that is a whole different story, but I assume this thing has been there forever, hence he gets to keep it.

    • are you freaking kidding us?
      do you really think its okay to park there?

    • Wow. I can’t believe that anyone would actually believe it’s ok to block someone’s driveway.

    • binpetworth

      This reminds me of some of the folks who drive to my ‘hood. We have several private condo/apt residences with deeded parking and “private parking–no parking–you will be towed” signs and yet people still seem to think they have the right to park there just to quickly pop in to an office building next door. And then have the gall to act surprised when they get ticketed and towed.

    • So you parked in front of a dude’s garage and driveway, and you think that’s ok? I can’t think of anywhere where that would be legal and OK.

    • You can’t park in front of curb cuts that are driveways or that lead to alleys. Sometimes the city puts up “No Parking” signs; more often, it doesn’t.
      Amazed that the OP actually thought he/she was in the right and that the homeowner was being “rude.”

    • Of course you can’t park there. This is driver’s ed 101 stuff. Stick to bicycles. Jeez.

    • Come to think of it, this HAS to be a troll. I’d ignore this one.

      • Agreed. It was fairly obvious. I’m a bit disappoint that the denizens of PoP fell for this one.
        2/10 for troll style. But 8/10 for troll effectiveness.

      • +1 – just ignore

      • I dunno, it was pretty specific (he has an address and everything…). I think PoPville is quick to assume others are too conscientious to actually act/think this way, when experiences in this city should have proven otherwise by now.

        • gotryit

          People frequently park blocking part of my driveway when going to church on Sunday. My favorite, was a kind gentleman who told me to go F myself when I asked him to move his car. He then went off to church.

          • You know, I frequently kick myself for not buying a house I really liked a few years ago, a bit before I was really financially ready, but which would now have a ton of equity, but now I reassure myself that I would have died of a severely premature coronary if I lived between two churches.

          • Lol jes, I just imagined you slashing car tires screaming “PEACE BE UPON YOU! AND UPON YOU!”

          • gotryit

            We specifically didn’t pursue a couple of houses that were directly adjacent to and directly across from churches. This one is about 3 blocks away from us. I’m not smart enough to map out places in DC that are >5 blocks from a church, school, etc. but they are probably pretty hard to find.
            I just need to find a way to auction my driveway to them for use during church events.

          • Three blocks? Ugh, no, that could not have been accounted for.
            I don’t like that church goers park wherever, but I HATE that the city basically sanctions it by never enforcing anything near a church.

          • gotryit

            You know what sucks even more? The tickets are only $20 and the city will not tow (trust me – I tried).

    • gotryit

      I think the law is that you’re not allowed to park within 5 feet of a driveway (maybe 10 feet?). No sign needed.

      Recognize that you’re netiher the first nor last to try to impinge on his rights for your benefit. You were the jerk there.

    • skj84

      So I didn’t misread the post, this person actually thought it was ok to block a person’s driveway?!?! Holy Hell, what is wrong with people? I actually had someone park in my driveway once. I guess they were at a party on my street and decided instead of parking the next block over that my driveway was perfectly fine. I was ready to raise hell, but my parents, who were visiting told me to let it go. I still wish I had that persons car towed. On general principle.

    • First you park in front of somebody’s garage -potentially trapping them in their house, then you decide to post their home address on a public website. I’m wondering if you’re using this site for some sort of nefarious personal agenda.

  • Rant: Logistics of moving back to the United States – hours upon hours on the phone closing accounts, dealing with deposits, dealing with doctors and old bills….

    Rave: Back in the US (phew) and customer service is SO much better. At least you can talk to supervisors and they care about getting you off the line….

    Rave: In Cape May!! And it’s rainy and cloudy – perfect weather to hang out with the windows open, tea, and work through my to-do list.

    Rave: Wedding season coming up – Ithaca, Philly, Mexico, Jersey – should be tons of fun and SO busy.

  • Rant: Called the police about the guy in my neighborhood who has been harassing/bullying me.
    Rave: The police took my distress seriously and came to my assistance when I saw the guy again.
    Rant: Still shaken by the experience, embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it better on my own, and paranoid that I overreacted or that it was somehow partly my fault. Basically I’m having very visceral flashbacks to the terrible bullying I experienced in school—20 years ago, but that shit sticks with you.
    Rave: Supportive friends.
    Rave: Finding the original Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio broadcasts online.

    • Accountering

      Crazy people harrassing you deserve to speak with the police, full stop. You did nothing wrong, and shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. You did the right thing here – you didn’t overreact, and this isn’t your fault.

      • Thanks for the support. *Sigh* The guy never seemed dangerous, but I dreaded running into him while walking my dog in the park near my house. Quite literally, as it happens—every time I saw him while walking on the sidewalk, he’d plow into me and yell at me to get out of his way, insisting that he cannot deviate from his path. Reasoning with him was, of course, impossible. The experiences elicited the exact same feelings of powerlessness and anger and anxiety as being bullied.

    • How is he harassing you? Is he just a random street urchin or one of your neighbors?

      • Why does it matter to you? Would yunkstahn’s justification of her distress change something? For me, it’s enough to know that she was distressed by what she called bullying/ harassing.

        • Because perhaps the person asking had a similar experience, but can’t tell based on the scant details. People here tend to be helpful on these sorts of incidents.

        • Why does anything posted on here matter to any of us? What’s wrong with asking two simple questions? If someone posts a vague rant you shouldn’t be surprised if someone asks for more detail – and you shouldn’t assume you know the motives of the person asking the questions. And the cool thing is that yunkstahn doesn’t have to answer it if she doesn’t want to.

      • He’s an old guy (still quite robust and spry) who lives in my neighborhood—for 46 years, he likes to remind me—and frequents the park. Sometimes he has his three big border collies with him, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen them.

    • skj84

      I understand how the incident would be triggering. I was bullied throughout high school as well and I’ve had moments that nearly set me off. You did the right thing in calling the cops. Stay strong, you do not deserve to be harassed by anyone!

      • Thanks so much for the support and encouragement! It really means a lot. Hugs and high fives to PoPville! (Aren’t bullies the worst, skj84? It’s scarring stuff, doesn’t matter how long ago. You, too, stand strong!)

        • skj84

          Hugs to you! Never underestimate the power of bullying. I’ve been out of high school for over a decade and it still haunts me. Screwed with my self esteem for years. Its only been in the last five years that i’ve really been able to move on.

          • I had a horrible, horrible, horrible junior high experience. To this day (nearly 25 years later), when go to to my hometown, I will drive 5 miles out of the way to avoid passing that place and having flashbacks.

          • Ugh, terrible experiences. I hate that bullying happens at all, but it’s a comfort to know that I’m not the only one who still wrestles with its aftermath, even years later. Sending positive thoughts for continuing to work through it, and hugs to both of you, skj84 and Anonymous!

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s not your fault and you didn’t overreact. Hopefully he stops bullying you. sending you some virtual hugs for having to deal with that.

  • skj84

    Rave: Did a staged reading last night that went very well. I need to get out and audition more. I miss acting and I fell out of it for a long time. But I really love performing and being on stage. Just need to conquer me fear of auditions.

    Rant: Random crush on of the other actors. I don’t date actors. I just don’t need the stress and drama in my life. But I can’t stop thinking about this guy. I just don’t know why I find the most inappropriate people to crush on?

    • If I were an actress, I would be the one who appears in the magazines snuggled up to her co-star, totally in love, talking about marriage, etc. Then I’d probably have public breakups. Then I’d fall in love with my next co-star. Every time, over and over.
      It’s good I’m not an actress.

      • skj84

        Lol. Yeah, i’ve always fantasized about hitting it big. Then I realized that my business would be fair game to the entire world and decided it would not be worth it.

      • This reminds me of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut called “Who Am I This Time?” It’s in Welcome to the Monkey House.

  • epric002

    rave: foster puppy is back after his hydrotherapy! his foot looks great!
    rant: he’s using the leg more now, but still not as much as he should be.
    rave: short week; leaving friday for a long weekend in scottsville.
    rant: long weekend will be spent with family, which is always stressful.
    rant: lots to do before friday…

  • Accountering

    Rave: Ran wayyyy too far yesterday, but a $4 muscle milk and a huge Gatorade later, and I am feeling pretty good today!
    Rave2: $1800 Crate and Barrel Alfresco Patio set acquired on CL. Paid $300 for it. Includes four chairs, square table, umbrella and umbrella stand. Such a cool set!
    Rave3: Also picked up a new Ikea Hemnes Black-Brown coffee table for the rental. Huge upgrade over whats currently there, but should be able to sell the current table for at least 2.5 Chipotle bowls.

    • Nice. Only suckers pay retail prices for C&B, R&B, and RH furniture. You can get great stuff on CL for a massive discount, especially for patio furniture.

      • Accountering

        That was my thinking! It sits outside anyways, so in a year it is going to look like it has been outside. Much like how you don’t buy a brand new car, don’t buy brand new patio furniture! Let someone else depreciate it 85%!
        I got the table for $50, and it is in nearly perfect shape. It is a $120 table at Ikea, but that doesn’t include the time to drive to CP and back, wander through the whole store to find it, and then locate in the warehouse. Nor does it include all of the meatballs and other junk I will likely buy at IKEA, nor the hour to assemble it!

        • I got $1500 worth of practically new Ikea and CB2 furniture for $250 last month from a girl who was moving to NYC in less than 24 hours. Instead of moving her perfectly nice furniture to NYC, her daddy said he would buy her new stuff for her West Village apartment. I was dumbfounded for about 10 seconds and then I haggled the sh*t out of her.
          The irony is that I went to her place to buy a $50 book shelf and ended up also taking her couch, coffee table, side tables, a piece of art, lamp, and unused carpet for another $200. She was pretty annoyed that I cleaned her out for so cheap, but it was 9pm and I had a pick-up truck (no one else stopping by even had a car, let alone a truck to move this stuff).

        • Only an accountant would decorate his home based on the principles of depreciation.

          • Accountering

            Haha! Some of us just think in different terms! Many people would think, “I don’t want to pay $1800 for that patio set!” – I think “Hey, this Patio set is nice, but will only be worth $300 a year after I pay $1800 for it. May as well just buy it for $300.” Same general concept, just a different way to get there! 🙂

          • That’s just smart buying. Furniture is a highly substitutable good for most buyers. It’s rare that people say “I MUST BUY THIS SPECIFIC PIECE AND ONLY THIS PIECE.” So it makes sense to factor in the instant depreciation once a piece of furniture leaves the showroom floor. Furniture is probably the “big purchase” with the most rapid depreciation. There’s no way in hell you’ll get more than $2K for a couch you bought for $4K one year earlier. That’s over a 50% decline in value.

          • justinbc

            Many people also don’t buy furniture with the express concern of how much it will resell for 5 years down the road. If you want something you want then you don’t really care what it’s worth to someone else at some indeterminate amount of time later.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have never heard of people buying furniture based on resale value. I thought people bought furniture to use it. Besides, if you keep it long enough it will regain it’s value and more. Just gotta keep in the family for 150 or so years.

          • Accountering

            Where are we saying that I am buying based on re-sale value? I am buying based on the fact I can get something it is almost new, for an 83% discount.

          • Emmaleigh504

            That was directed at the other person. But yeah, I get it, buy used save the difference. I don’t think that way b/c I have family hand-me-downs that were free. But I did have to pay to move it to other cities. I guess it all depends on where you want to invest more: comfort and style or saving the difference or time (not mutually exclusive). Heck some people like the hunt just as much as or more than the furniture, and have different preferred hunting grounds.

          • justinbc

            Accountering, this quote “There’s no way in hell you’ll get more than $2K for a couch you bought for $4K one year earlier.”

      • justinbc

        “Only suckers pay retail prices for C&B, R&B, and RH furniture.”
        Or, you know, people who actually want their furniture when they want it, rather than waiting who knows how long for the one piece they want to show up on Craigslist only to be bought by someone else before they ever see it.

        • Accountering

          Meh, I looked for a patio set on two different occasions on Craigslist. Yesterday was the second day I looked, and I found this set. Sent them an e-mail, and they responded quickly. I then went and picked up last night. I suppose if you wanted a very specific piece, and you wanted it immediately, then the store is certainly your best bet. In this case, I was semi-ambivalent about what I got, and was just excited to get something very nice that looks great.

          • justinbc

            Yeah I’m not saying that you can’t get a great deal from Craigslist, I’ve gotten many myself. But the concept that “only suckers” buy things from those stores ignores the fact that much of what’s offered on CL is not from those places, and when it is it’s highly contested for. It’s a silly premise. One can be great without knocking the other.

          • “In this case, I was semi-ambivalent about what I got, and was just excited to get something very nice that looks great.”
            This is how I feel about most furniture purchases, and definitely how I feel about patio sets. It is rare that people need to furnish everything immediately. When we need a new couch or a new dining set, most of us plod around for a few weeks checking out stuff in the stores and online, comparing shopping. We can make do with what we have an upgrade certain pieces slowly. So it totally makes sense to keep your eye on CL regularly and snag a bargain for a high-end piece when it becomes available.

          • +1 to Justin’s comment of 12:42 pm.

    • I love the chipotle bowl currency. I used to convert most prices into how many CDs it was (dating myself).

    • justinbc

      Muscle Milk is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever drank. I tried doing that stuff several years ago when I was training for a marathon but just couldn’t stomach the taste. It’s like drinking liquid chalk.

      • Accountering

        To each their own. I don’t mind the taste in the least, and feel like I am doing something good for myself after a work-out. Went overboard on the run last night, and am confident that the 25 grams of protein I drank at 11:30pm helped me from being completely sore today. Actually feel pretty good!

        • justinbc

          I switched to one of those “5x the protein” almond or soy or some sort of alternative milks and use it to make shakes with powder that tastes much less artificial (to me).

  • Andie302

    Random question: Does anyone know if “old” grass seed will still grow? I have a bag that I didn’t use last season and I was thinking of seeding the bare spots in my yard and the tree box in the coming weeks. Any additional advice on what’s best to make this work? The last quote I got for completely reworking the back yard was over $2K (taking out six inches of top soil and replacing it, grading, then adding sod back). I’m thinking the “work with what you have” approach can tide me over for another season – since it isn’t 100% ruined and might fill in with some seed. Thanks!

    • Since you have the seed already you can do the experiment to see how it does! Worst case is that it doesn’t grow and you have the same options as now, but in the future.

    • justinbc

      Grass seed will last up to 5 years, if stored properly.

      • Andie302

        If by property you mean in a dark closet, next to my water heater, out of sight and out of mind – then woot woot my grass seed is going to grow! (Ironically it probably is a pretty ideal condition: moderate temperature and fairly dry.)

  • Rave: Gieco paid my entire rental car repair bill, even though I had already sent in my deductible. The rental agency is sending me the deductible back!
    Rant: I’m sure Geico will realize the issue and ask me to send them the deductible, but it will be nice to be briefly reunited with my money.
    Rave: I used a belt sander last night and it was awesome! It was also exhausting taking 1/8″ off of two doors, but I conquered and I feel good.
    Rant: I now understand DIY time line creep. I was too tired to hang the doors after I returned the sander (Annie’s is awesome!) and I thought the doors were going to have ball catches pre-installed, but they don’t. So that’s another thing I have to buy and install and I’ll need larger drill bits. I’m not even sure if I can use my cordless drill for this.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Wylie Wagg on Connecticut helped me spoil Donna some more. New toy she loves and new diet cat food.
    Interesting: Formerly Broken Jaw was the star of my dream last night. His real name was Loc, and he had a fab condo in the Pentagon at LSU 😀

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I had weird dreams also. I dreamed I was watching Oprah give a speech on income inequality and remember saying “She almost makes you forget she’s a billionaire.” Did I look like Anderson Cooper’s taller, younger more buff brother?

      • Emmaleigh504

        No you looked like my college bestie, so like 20 with a beard. You also rescued me and my shoe from an attack schnauzer. Then it turned into a dream about college. There were many bros in the Pentagon which was really weird. I guess you brought them.

    • I love the new Wylie Wagg! I went in a few weeks ago and they said business has been slow but its to be expected in the summer. I hope they do well.

    • skj84

      I had this inception like dream about PoPville last night. I was having a dream within a dream and was posting about it.

  • Rant: The NFL mess. Yay that there was finally justice, boo that 1) it looked like he was going to get away with it for so long and 2) the victim was dragged through the mud and made to apologize for her own victimization. It is depressing that so few apparently see women as actual people, deserving of rights and protection from their abusers.
    Rave: There is a farm stand on my morning commute. Tuesdays are good days..
    Rave: Yoga tonight. Things just seem to go so much better when I can get on the mat on a regular basis.

    • skj84

      There could be so many reasons why she stayed with him, it could be fear of leaving, she might not have anywhere else to go, insecurity, or blinding love. Victim blaming is not ok in domestic situations. I hear so many people say that they would leave if they’re significant other hit them. But it isn’t that easy. Thankfully i’ve never been in that kind of situation, but I know it’s hard.

      • Agreed, it is nowhere near as cut and dried as the victim-blaming simpletons would have you believe. For many DV victims, the threats to kill them if they leave are not idle ones. Many don’t survive the attempt. And given how worthless the police are at protecting the victims or preventing these situations from boiling over, it is not such a stretch to imagine a victim feeling like they had no option but to stay. And that’s before you factor in that most abusers make a point of controlling their victim’s access to transportation, resources, money, family, friends and anything else that might help break the cycle. Anyone who says leaving is easy has no idea what they’re talking about.

      • It really isn’t that easy to leave. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship – I thought I was aware of the warning signs and wouldn’t ever get in one, and then… It started off slow, he made me think that I deserved it when he got angry at me and that I was doing things wrong, and then he would frequently fight with me until 3 in the morning on work nights. I was always exhausted, walking on egg shells, and never given any time alone to collect myself. It took a long time of friends and family telling me it wasn’t normal before I was able to get out.

        • <3 <3 <3 I'm so sorry. No, abusers never start with big impositions, because then you would just leave before getting attached. It's always little encroachments that escalate into huge ones before you know what happened. I'm so glad for you that you were able to get out.

      • Agreed. They also have a child — which would likely make any decisions much more complex.

  • houseintherear

    Going anon on this one to ask a few questions of my fellow DC residents…
    1. I have some new neighbors who store their trash cans outside of their fence in the alley. This is not legal in DC, though it is pretty much not enforced. The kicker is that I live in a carriage house that sits an alley-width away from their back fence, and their cans are the view out of my front door. So basically, they don’t want to look at their trash cans… and think I should have to. I ballsed up and texted the wife a couple weeks ago, a respectful and nice text explaining my view (pun intended) of the situation, and she responded with an apology and pulled her cans in the next day. But that was the only time… about 5 days… that the cans have been in their yard. The husband obviously wants to store them outside the fence and will continue to do so. And for some reason this is absoultely *infuriating* me, and I can’t seem to let it go. If anyone has any advice, I’m open to it and desperate for it at this point…
    2. Any input/advice on fire pits? I asked a police officer once whether they’re allowed, and he said there’s a law on ye olde books that fires outside will incur a $5 fine from the city (not necessarily the cops). He also said if someone called to report a fire pit, the cops would most likely not respond to that call since there isn’t a clear law about the issue. But I’m still scared to get one, even though I’ve wanted one for forever. I’d get one that sits above the ground in a protected shell, and my back yard space is clear of other buildings, trees, etc.

    • Your usual username is still showing up in the avatar space — I think you have to delete cookies for the system to “forget” that info.

    • No fire pits! They produce SO MUCH particulate matter, you don’t want to be breathing that and your neighbors don’t want to be breathing that either.
      As for the cans, I’d recommend finding a zen place and letting it go. Especially if it’s just the visual of the cans, and they aren’t producing a stink that makes it unpleasant for you to be outdoors.

    • You can report them to DPW for keeping their trash cans in the alley, and DPW can ticket them for the offense… but since you interacted with them directly first, they’ll likely assume it was you who reported them.
      Maybe you could try asking the wife again, going on the assumption that she forgot to discuss the issue with her husband (and that he was leaving the cans out unaware that it was bothering you)? Even if that’s not actually the case, it would give them a face-saving option.

      • Or discuss it with the husband directly, then you know for sure they both know about your request. Especially if he’s the one she sees dealing with the cans.

    • This happened to a neighbor of mine, and he ended up moving the trash cans and placing them on the other neighbor’s front stoop, completely blocking their front door. I don’t recommend this approach, as it started a passive aggressive note war between the neighbors. Maybe you could ask the husband and wife again, in person? Or if they keep doing it you can report them to 311/DPW who can give them a ticket… although they will probably suspect you for reporting them.
      I understand that it’s frustrating. I live in a first floor apartment on the corner and people ALWAYS dump loose trash bags or just leave their bins on on the corner in front of my living room windows. I rant about it frequently on this site!

    • My feeling with neighbors is give them the benefit of the doubt. You texted the wife, but she may have forgotten to tell her husband or he may have forgotten. Can you go over and ask them again, making sure that the husband is there? I could totally see a similar situation happening with my husband and me; he just forgets these things, especially if he gets requests second hand.

      • houseintherear

        I probably will, as uncomfortable as it makes me. Wish they would just take a few seconds to think about other people… but that’s asking too much of humanity, sadly.

  • Rave: Amazing, beautiful weekend in Chicago. Ate some awesome food.
    Rant: Got home around midnight last night so exhausted. Also feel like I gained 100 lbs.

  • Rave: A little girl running and skipping to school the morning – her many baubled braids looked like fireworks.

    • Cute! I sometimes wonder how one can get kids that young to sit still for as long as it takes to do some of the more intricate braided styles. I’ve seen kids as young as four and thought “gee, my mom couldn’t even get me to sit still long enough to brush my hair at that age!”

      • I give my daughter my phone, and she’ll sit still for hours. It’s the only time she ever gets to play with it. 🙂

      • skj84

        Tell me about it! I never got more than two braids when I was a kid. Granted I had a lot of hair and the mere act of brushing and detangling it took a very long time. Part of the reason I started cutting my hair when I turned 18.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My friend’s mom had a 2 braid maximum rule. Apparently she thought more than 2 braids looked low rent. My mom just refused to do anything fancy to my hair. I always wanted braided pig-tails but she refused. I guess she had a 2 rubber band maximum rule.

  • Rant: I hope the Trump bankruptcy doesn’t affect completion of the Old Post Office construction. That’s one of my favorite buildings in D.C. and I would not like to see it remain empty for years.

    • Trump goes bankrupt every few years. I’m amazed that he still continues to get lines of credit from major banks.
      Or was the hotel one of these developments where Trump was just licensing his “brand” to the real developer? If so, then there should be no delays.

  • I have a bunch of Graze Box referral codes if anyone wants to try it out. The referral code gets you your first and fifth boxes free, but I don’t think you have to commit to anything.
    They’re just piling up on my desk so I though I’d try to give them away.

  • Rant: Slacker neighbors who can’t be bothered to pick up litter in front of their houses, mow their lawns, mow their treeboxes, put out their trash properly, arrange for bulk trash pickup, pull weeds, etc.

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