Props to the Cops – Stolen Scooter Arrest also Possibly Stolen Vespa Found in Mt. Pleasant

From MPD:

“On today’s date [Wed.], at approx. 6:00 pm, members of your 3rd District Crime Suppression Team
observed an adult male subject operating a stolen white colored scooter recklessly through rush hour traffic in the 500 block of Florida Avenue, NW. The subject was subsequently stopped, arrested and charged with “Unlawful Use of a Vehicle”, Receiving Stolen Property”, “Operating without a Drivers Permit” and “Illegal Possession of Narcotics.”

“If you See Something, Say Something.”

Please report suspicious VICE related activity to the 3-D VICE Tip Line (202) 673-6925.”


And a reader sends the photo above:

“Abandoned/dumped Vespa

This scooter has been in the alley between Newton and Ingleside Streets NW for over a week. I think it was stolen and dumped here. Could you post this to see if it’s owner claims it?”

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  • There’s a dumped scooter in the alley behindy house between 16th and Mt Pleasant. It’s been there for over two weeks and I’ve made several 311 submissions. Pretty sure it’s stolen.

  • Another dumped, stolen scooter is in the 600 block of the alley between Harvard and Hobart in the yard of the abandoned house next door to the bright purple house. Also, I have a bike (a Mongoose, set up for doing tricks) in my house that was dumped there previously and is so far unclaimed. Check the picture in a post in the forums if it might be yours.

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