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  • I see they figured out that the baby pool is more suited for dogs. Last year, they wouldn’t let us use the baby pool, and many of the dogs (mine included) didn’t want to take the plunge into the big pool. I skipped it this year because of that.

  • Question: is there a “no toys” rule for this event?
    The toys problem unfortunately keeps me from going to any dog parks in D.C. (my dog is friendly, but all too often the toy-bringing person’s dog is NOT). Curious about whether they’ve opted to be a bit more cautious about this event given its popularity.

    • There were mostly tennis balls. A few people brought other water toys.

      It’d be difficult to make a no-toys rule for doggie swim days since most dogs’ raison d’etre when they’re around water is to fetch things…

    • I have not seen this problem at all. At the 5th and P dog park there are tennis balls all over the place and owners sometimes bring outside toys. I have not seen any dogs fight over them. In fact, usually, they all ignore the toys completely and just chase each other. If you want toy free, I think the S Street park in Dupont is toy free (but small).

      • Thanks for the tip on the S Street park.
        You’re very lucky not to have encountered resource guarding issues at dog parks – the problem is ubiquitous enough that every “doggie daycare” and cageless boarding facilities of which I’m aware prohibits toys in communal areas. If it is a known problem in facilities where experienced dog handlers are present among dogs who often spend time together regularly, I can’t be the only one that has observed it at dog parks (where frequently there seems to be one clueless owner). I have always thought that the reason for dog parks is for dogs to play/socialize with other dogs, especially since it’s easy enough to play a game of fetch elsewhere.

        • justinbc

          “especially since it’s easy enough to play a game of fetch elsewhere”
          Well one of the perks of dog parks is that you can do it off leash, which you’re not supposed to “elsewhere” in DC. If you’ve got a big fenced in yard or something then sure it’s easy, but that doesn’t apply to most of the folks living downtown.

  • We went to the Upshur pool and had a blast. We were there for almost three hours! We want to say “Thank you” to the staff and the lifeguards. They had some great tips on coaxing your dog into the water. (They also seemed to be having as much fun as the dogs.). Thanks again and see you next year.

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