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  • A beautiful photo by Victoria Pickering.

  • I was out of town this weekend. Did anyone attend Art all Night – North Capitol? I’m curious how that went.

    • Despite some disorganization from North Capitol Main Streets it was pretty good. The silent disco was really fun, though they didn’t have enough headphones. Pretty busy.

    • We did Art All Night (North Cap) and (Shaw). We watched the silent disco, from afar, but people seemed to be having a good time. Lots of quiet jumping around. We spent most of our time in the area with a band and watched a live mural go up. We also went to the “fairy garden” and enjoyed film being projected on the wall. That area seemed less put-together, and the crowd was less diverse, which was strange.
      Overall, the venues we visited were pretty cool, people were enthusiastic, and it was really neat to see such a diverse crowd participating together – all races, ages, orientations, etc. Pretty awesome.

    • Thanks for the info! Sounds like fun, I’ll be sure to check it out next year.

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