PAUL bakery opens by Metro Center this Monday

555 13th Street, NW entrance on F Street Photo Credit: Jason Colston for PAUL USA

From a press release:

“On Monday, September 15th, PAUL will open its sixth bakery café in the Washington, DC area, just two blocks from the White House – located in the Columbia Square Building on F St. NW in the Metro Center neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Jason Colston for PAUL USA

The 2200 sq.ft. store is opulently decorated so as to transport you to Paris… with its antique fixtures, authentic French artwork, and elegant tufted velvet, suede and fabric chairs and banquettes. The café is illuminated by a full wall of windows, and will accommodate approximately 30 guests inside. The outdoor covered portico of the Columbia Square building accommodates table seating for 20 guests who wish to dine al fresco year-round.”

Photo Credit: Jason Colston for PAUL USA

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  • brookland_rez

    That building is such a great place to ride my skateboard. The gold rail over by the Metro entrance, nice smooth granite. I’m sure the patron dining on that sidewalk will love skaters skating through there.

  • Did the McDonald’s move ?

  • What, exactly, do people see in this chain?

    • I don’t get it. Walked into the one by the Navy Memorial in June. It was sweltering inside, and the cooler was full of warm beverages. I avoided the room temperature sandwiches and walked out.

    • I can only tell you what I see in it: the bread is good. I have never tried the sandwiches.

    • Maybe the fact that it actually comes from France and has real French pastries and sandwiches as opposed to Americanized stuff?

      • Nothing in American Paul restaurants “comes from France” — it’s all “made in the USA” and the prices are about 50-100% more expensive than Paul charges in France.

    • the baguettes are the best in this city, hands down.

    • @Florista,

      In France, the sandwiches — and bread — are actually delicious and cost about 4/5 euros (some cost less than 4 euros) — tax included. I agree with you, though, that for the $10+ prices present in DC, it’s a joke.

    • It’s decent quality and about as authentic as you’re gonna get in the US when it comes to French sandwiches and baked goods.

    • Two words: Mini. Gourmandise.

      The tomato/mozzarella sandwich is pretty good, too.

    • It is high quality, like what you’ll get at a true French bakery. THere is no substitute in this town, except for Sofitel’s bread, which isn’t sold to the public. And it’s far better than Au Bon Pain and Pret.

  • Anon 5:48am
    The food doesn’t come from France, they make it in a commissary kitchen probably in VA.

    I don’t get the fascination of this chain. It’s no better (or worse) than Au Bon Pain or Pret.

  • skj84

    Of course it would open after I stopped working around Metro Center. I waited in anticipation for months, I love Paul’s smoked salmon croissants and sandwiches. This location would’ve been a 5 minute walk from work for me.

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