New Marvin Gaye Mural on S Street in Shaw


Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about the new Marvin mural in Shaw replacing the one recently covered up by new construction. One reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Marvin is Back! Aneikan Udofo is painting Marvin Gaye on S St., NW, between 7th & 8th.”

Ed. Note: I’ll revisit and post when the mural is finished. So happy to see it happening!

Photo by PoPville flickr user [email protected]

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  • TBH, this one looks better (and bigger!) than the old one. Excellent addition.

  • I like the weeds growing on roof and trash most likely thrown from the adjacent apartment building.

    This is Log Cabin Liquors, right? I have lived in the neighborhood a decade and still afraid to set foot in that place. Gives me the chills. Also 1 block away from where that cyclist was run down last weekend.

    • Must be. I realized I saw some outline sketches on the wall over the weekend. I’ll have to check out the finished product.

    • I like the new mural- and yes it is on Log Cabin. You need to do Log Cabin at least once for the experience, and their prices are pretty cheap – assuming you can find what you want through the glass and shout your order to the owners. I bought a sixer there a couple weeks back and some dude walking by looked in and saw what I was buying and knew I would get exactly 25 cents in change, and immediately came flying in and asked me for a quarter. It is all part of the Log Cabin Experience. Watch out for the roof leaks, the water that lands on you smells pretty bad.

  • Wonderful! Now that one I love.

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