Mt. Pleasant Car Fire – “guy calling 911 said someone threw “something on fire” through the drivers window”


A reader reports:

“Car on fire at Mt. P street and Newton. Walked up to it just starting to burn. A guy calling 911 said someone threw “something on fire” through the drivers window. Burned pretty bad for a few minutes before cops and Fire engine came. Around 11:20pm”

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  • Was this last night?

    Last Saturday night, around 8:30, we were walking home from Right Proper (approximately at 9th & T) and saw a sedan parked on the street on fire. A bystander said something similar, that they had seen someone walk up to the car before it was on fire. We couldn’t figure out if the person they were referencing was responsible for the fire, or if they had seen the car smoking and checked to make sure no one was inside. But overall, eerily similar. And holy cow, that car burned fast and hot.

  • The car on fire last Saturday night was in the 1800 block of 9th Street, NW, a few houses down from my house. It was a taxi that was set on fire. While I do not know if last week’s and the event above were related (was the one above a taxi?), we have to wonder what is going on. Talking to a friend, I was informed that last week’s event may be a labor dispute with one of the taxi companies. An alternative opinion is that it may be something tied to the renegade Ethiopian group that drinks in the area.

    • This car was not a taxi, it was a silver Audi. Another guy who lives close said he had seen it sitting there with someone sitting in it for about an hour before the fire started.


        • Yeah. WE GOT IT. And Chris was obviously saying that THIS car LAST NIGHT was NOT A TAXI. He was not implying that your car fire car was not a taxi. Merely stating for the record that this particular car fire car was an Audi. Not a taxi. Especially because YOU ASKED IN YOUR FIRST COMMENT WHETHER THE ABOVE CAR WAS A TAXI. Jesus.

  • I’m the guy who called 911 last night. I was standing outside my building on the corner of 17th and Newton talking on the phone, and the car was parked illegally up the block near the corner of Newton and Mt Pleasant. I saw a guy in a bright yellow jacket quickly get out of the driver side door, close it, and throw something burning into the window. He then took of running south down Mt Pleasant St. I think it was probably some kind of fireworks, because there were some pops and one big boom shortly thereafter – possibly a mortar? Anyway, the car was pouring smoke almost immediately, and within a minute was blazing. I called 911 immediately as soon as I saw there was no one in the car, and the police and fire response time was impressive. There were still some police in the area at 2am when I went to bed.

    I’ve had my car broken into twice in the past year and half within a one block radius of this, but this was a new level. The one police officer I spoke to at the scene said it was “probably an ex-boyfriend,” but my first thought was that it might be a stolen car someone was getting rid of. It was a pretty crazy sight overall, and glad no one was hurt.

  • Thanks for the info. Another car was burned on Newton St. NW a few months ago in the 1800 block. My presumption is also theft, perhaps then used to commit additional crimes. Can’t be that many ex-boyfriends looking to burn cars in our neighborhood…

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